1. Chcagofire Leilaabbas13!

    Chcagofire Leilaabbas13!2 分 前

    I love it

  2. Ana Kojnarska

    Ana Kojnarska5 時間 前


  3. Summer Williams

    Summer Williams7 時間 前

    Omg you rock girl, you look amazing no joke... LOVE YA GIRL X

  4. Karen Graciano

    Karen Graciano8 時間 前

    i love it

  5. Sara tv

    Sara tv11 時間 前

    U look so good whith short hair

  6. Khwezi Mgobo

    Khwezi Mgobo12 時間 前

    I didn't realise Colleen's hair was that long

  7. ELLA Phant

    ELLA Phant14 時間 前

    OMG she looks so good she looks so great like I’m not lien she legit looks so beutiful LOVE it Colleen.

  8. Reese Worthington

    Reese Worthington17 時間 前

    why is she complaining it’s actually the cutest what lmao

  9. Bridget Spicer

    Bridget Spicer22 時間 前

    Its so cute I love it and I love you 💜💜

  10. Precious Barce

    Precious Barce日 前

    It is nice cool and it look's like u are funny well u are funny

  11. Precious Barce

    Precious Barce日 前

    It is ok

  12. Amy Scoley

    Amy Scoley日 前

    You look very pretty with long hair and short hair and don’t listen to other people there are just being mean

  13. Janine Green

    Janine Green日 前

    I love it short

  14. Nikki Swenson

    Nikki Swenson2 日 前

    You rock short hair no joke

  15. Isabella Porto

    Isabella Porto2 日 前

    Did you donate the hair you cut?

  16. Midnight

    Midnight3 日 前

    It looks really cute tho. Thats also pretty long hair for short hair, if u know what I mean! Love you!

  17. Natallie Banda

    Natallie Banda3 日 前

    Slaying it girl I have long hair and I'm not planning to cut it but you are working it girl!

  18. Victoria Rose

    Victoria Rose4 日 前

    Make this blue if you think Colleen looks amazing with short hair 👇🏻👇🏻

  19. Lily Z

    Lily Z4 日 前


  20. Scout Crook

    Scout Crook5 日 前

    you look gorgeous long hair or short

  21. sara stack

    sara stack6 日 前

    i love it!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Miguel Vazquez

    Miguel Vazquez6 日 前

    That actually LOOKS GOOD😀

  23. Rachel O

    Rachel O6 日 前

    but like... the short hair is mad cute

  24. Kourtnee Roby

    Kourtnee Roby6 日 前

    You are perfect girl sleigh

  25. Orly Zara

    Orly Zara7 日 前

    Babe you look so good!! Did u ever consider donating? X

  26. # BFF

    # BFF7 日 前

    No joke you actually look amazing

  27. Afshan Khan

    Afshan Khan8 日 前

    It actually looks really good no joke

  28. sarahp maloney

    sarahp maloney8 日 前

    it looks nice

  29. QueeGeeSproggitt

    QueeGeeSproggitt8 日 前

    This is how many times Colleen screamed 👇🏻

  30. Angel Demon

    Angel Demon8 日 前

    With all them people saying ew it doesn’t really matter what you look like that isn’t why we all subscribed

  31. Nina Bruno

    Nina Bruno8 日 前

    Not kidding SO CUTE

  32. Lea Rooy

    Lea Rooy11 日 前

    Look's wired omg 😆😅😅😅😅wred

  33. Kurt Dombrowski

    Kurt Dombrowski15 日 前

    I think short hair will look cute on you

  34. Salmon Milk

    Salmon Milk15 日 前

    I got my hair cut that short recently and I was super nervous! But at the same time I was confident in having it that short

  35. Anna Scalise

    Anna Scalise16 日 前

    Colleen is slaying the short hair

  36. Zarah JOHNSON

    Zarah JOHNSON16 日 前

    This is not a lie but i just LOVE your new hair, my friend thinks it much healthier, it’s SO PRETTY

  37. game boy

    game boy17 日 前

    IT really cut for real👌👍

  38. Feride Maksimova

    Feride Maksimova17 日 前

    You are so beautiful i wish i have short hair

  39. tiarowley

    tiarowley17 日 前

    idk what u were worried about u look amazingggg

  40. Vicki Allen

    Vicki Allen18 日 前

    You look good and cute girl !!!!

  41. Nistha Sonkar

    Nistha Sonkar20 日 前

    How soft your hair are OMG

  42. Kaily Houle

    Kaily Houle20 日 前

    You look beautiful no matter what Colleen!😉

  43. Dove Hunter

    Dove Hunter20 日 前

    I’m not lie ing I think you look great 👍🏻

  44. Charlotte

    Charlotte21 日 前

    I just got a pixie. I wish my hair was as long as yours.

  45. Laura Squad

    Laura Squad21 日 前

    you look good with short hair

  46. Rtytanicj

    Rtytanicj21 日 前

    You look so gorgeous regardless of how long or short your hair is!!! I get the hair attachment though. I had to get get my hair that was almost to my butt hacked off after being in the hospital on life support for 10 or so days after serotonin syndrome almost killed me. Right after that traumatic experience of almost dying at 34, I had to hack off my hair to where you’re at as cut. So I truly feel you!!! But giiirlll, you look AMAZING!!!!! Rock that shorter hair, you are beautiful no matter what!!!! Lots of love 💜💜💜

  47. Alissa Cutting

    Alissa Cutting22 日 前

    Wait. ITS SOOOOO CUTE! Oh my god I'm actually obsessed! No joke!

  48. Jackson R

    Jackson R22 日 前

    Definetly colleen is miranda look at the back ground she just photo shop miranda couse she has two channel

  49. Sophia Burke

    Sophia Burke23 日 前

    Are you related to Rachel Ballinger

  50. Davinia Foster

    Davinia Foster23 日 前

    Your going to be stunning anyway

  51. Sheira Dovanie Nuriadi Nuriadi

    Sheira Dovanie Nuriadi Nuriadi24 日 前

    Me and my friend like to act like miranda nd colleen, NOW ITS EASIER TO ACT LIKE MIRANDA! i meant i have short hair miranda has short hair to so its easier.

  52. Lennie Smuth

    Lennie Smuth24 日 前

    Your hair is so beautiful, don’t listen to all the haters and only the good people 𓆉

  53. Chandice Brown

    Chandice Brown24 日 前


  54. Itsmehollyjo

    Itsmehollyjo26 日 前

    Not even just saying this because you said to say it 100 million times - IT LOOKS GREAT you rock all styles 100% gal x

  55. Jasmine Miranda

    Jasmine Miranda26 日 前

    I think your new haircut look amazing!!! I agree with you that it's a mom haircut but I love it!

  56. Lexi Pinon

    Lexi Pinon27 日 前

    It’s really cute I didn’t think it wasn’t going to be like that in a good way:)

  57. Roselis Mejia

    Roselis Mejia27 日 前

    You are going to look perfect and am not kidding I promise 😄😄😄 (hi from Dominican Republic 😙😙😙😚😘😗

  58. Sunflower

    Sunflower27 日 前

    And your strait hair is nice to :D

  59. Sunflower

    Sunflower27 日 前

    I think you will look good with short hair :D

  60. carlie harding

    carlie harding27 日 前

    I think you look good in both 😗