My Greyhound Tries Fruits And Vegetables


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    Mop balls was walking in the background being a lil weirdo

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    I love how marble is just doing his own thing

  4. nicolewukber12

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    I love that you adopted a greyhound. I have two retired racers of my own and love them.

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  6. haley barrett

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    Be carful when you give your dogs ice cause it can lower there body temperature and could harm them if they are in hot climates! just wanted to let you know cause I wouldn’t want anything to happen to peach,kerm,Marbles, or my new fav bunny😘

  7. Nichole Gohl

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    AaaaaHHHHHHHH I Love updates on Bunny!!!!! She looks so good!!!



    June 2019 P.S I used to not want bunny content but now me wand 1 month update

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    I'm a superfan of all your dog vids. Keep em comin'!

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    Nooo! I love this content

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    I am now subbed for high quality dog content.

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    They should feed Peach a Peach to see what happens

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    I ❤️ 🐰

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    peach feels very attacked

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    I love the bunnu content do what you are invested in and i will atleast enjoy all of it because of how much you guys care about i.

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    Btw broccoli and grapes are bad for dogs

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    Best youtuber. Quality content. A collection of long doggos.

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    It's adorable that Peach and Kermit are sharing a chair

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    How could you be sick of Jenna’s dogs? Are you mentally ill?

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    People: it’s like taking candy from a baby Bunny, an intellectual: it’s like taking watermelon from a Kermit

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    Please more

  24. dottislame

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    I love videos like this

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    I want to see ALL THE DOG VIDEOS

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    Paesh hitting the table is a mood honestly

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    Love the vid but is it safe? Or you're not going to incorporate these into the diets right?

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    9:31 awe :’))

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    Don’t worry I love bunny ☺️

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    I love the bunny videos! Shes so cute

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    6:00 🥺🥺

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    You may be at this point, but I'd definitely start working in the tripods and all that for videos including her and make it a rewarding thing so she can make that association and hopefully do better with the equipment setup. I love these videos~ She's so cute

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    Hi I screamed through this entire video Bunny is so cute Istg I would hug and kiss her everyday.

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    Stahppp apologizing! This is the content i want omg yesshhh ♡ the ideal video to put on whilst doing every day things. My opinion tho

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    I love bunny videos

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    Bunny is such a gorgeous baby. Her lady manners are so adorable and wholesome.☺☺

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    jenna: "I know that many of you are not excited to see bunny videos" me: smashes that like button for bunny

  39. Emily Calvert

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    Peach at 9:54 is like, “Bitch I sat down where tf is my treat?” 😂

  40. Number Zero

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    So why can’t dogs eat grapes?

  41. Rikavari

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    Have you tried Adaptil? It's supposed to be great for anxiety. Oh and No cherries or raisins.

  42. Dasa F.

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    I was just shaking from the: wholesome

  43. ᗰ I ᑎ ᑎ T ᑕ ᗩ ᑕ T I

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    *p e a c h* i t ' s g o n n a b e o k a y

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    Of course we love bunny videos!! She’s a cutie 😁

  45. A E

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    i think it's sad that in every single video you had do mention, that many of the people may dont like this content. it should be not about the people. it should be about you two and the dogs. no matter what people say or want to see. i find this videos so sweet and real. please go on with these!

  46. Samantha Thuesen

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    I love these dogs so much. You and Julien are poster child dog owners. Beware of giving dogs ice, because if they chew really fast or hard it could break their teeth! It happened to my German Shorthaired Pointer.

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    Sick of bunny content????? I WANT MORE BUNNY CONTENT

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    Lmfao this was great! Fuck the people who don’t wana see bunny. Lmfao the hug was freaking hilarious!

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    JENNA!! Get your dogs CROCS!!

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    *jenna gives bunny carrot* *Bunny smooshes face against the floor*

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    I love bunny so much! She’s adorable horse😘

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    She's so beautiful and pure I'm CRYING

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    Her eating style looks like chop sticks 🤣

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    Bunny is just SO CUTE I CAN DIE- I love the Bunny videos, the dog videos are great in general! Training dogs will be hard, but it’ll be worth it.

  55. Jades Day

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    She takes all of the foods she likes to the carpet. 😂😍

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    I love the bunny content

  57. Aiko Kaizen

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    Jenna, I have unfortunate news for you... I don't like watermelon that much- Also, I love brocolli.

  58. Atakus Taners

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    Me: likes apples and carrots but not broccoli Bunny: likes apples and carrots but not broccoli ME FINALLY I HAVE SOMETHING IN COMMON WITH A DUGGO

  59. Lexie Kidd

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    1:48 marbles’ hop in the background😭

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    Girl I want to say how awesome it is to watch you patiently and lovingly integrate this baby bunny boo into your family in a safe and healthy way. I can’t wait for the next vid so I’m posting on a month old post *sorry.* But still I wanted to say it cuz you should know it, I love you and I love the doggy content

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    sweet potato!

  63. Christa Maribel

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    Can someone link the two gold necklace she always wears ?? 🙏🏼

  64. Olivia W

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    My greyhound won't eat any fruits or vegetables 😂 Also FYI she should not be wearing a martingale collar in the house. those should only be reserved for walks as they can catch on things in the house and choke the dog.

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    Who isn’t enjoying the bunny videos??? I love these so much she’s so cute 😭

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    Kermit and peach: am jealous

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    Awhh marble at 1:47

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    I love Bunny videos1

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    I thought the watermelon was a tomato cut up 😂 love u Jenna love u Julian

  70. Bina Lakinah

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    9:29 When Julien says "look at my girls" and steps back to take in the moment with Jenna, Peach, and Bunny all in one frame and just appreciate how happy he is with his life. 😭😭

  71. Kuro Katamari

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    Kermit wasn't a Greyhound? Nah, He was too small! What is he? I think he's just.. a Kermit

  72. Syd Perkins

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    Jenna: I know y’all are sick of this content and it’s not exciting Me: bih where??? I stan???? Bunbun?????? I’m living?????????

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    1:40 what was marbel doing in the fireplace

  74. Macie Jones

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    Omg so cute how peach and Kermit are sitting on the chair together

  75. Katie Bauza

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    It's crazy to me that people complain about the dog videos. They're my favorite videos from you!

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  77. yoongi’s icy black bratz doll

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    julien: look at my girls U MOTHERFUCKING WU BITCH

  78. yoongi’s icy black bratz doll

    yoongi’s icy black bratz doll4 日 前

    jenna: ew bunny: *small flinch* holy fuuucckkkk my heart

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    Bunny is a beautiful girl!

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    I love all of your videos, especially the ones including you're adorable fur babies

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    my favsss

  82. Katie Newswanger

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    this is soooo cuteeeeee

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    Kermit and peach just sitting on the chair 💀

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    now you have bunny you need to do another “what are this” video with her and the cermet

  85. Kira Homeyer

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    cErMeT always looks like he is about to cry and u relate to that

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    I always wanna see dogos!!!! So glad Bunny is settling in. She is such a sweet girl.

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    1:39 **smiles despite my allergy to the fruit** yep! I’m not surprised that they do!

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    My greyhound's favorite fruits are marshmallows lmaoo

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    Watermelon is ABSOLUTLEY fantastic!

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    Jenna does whatever the hell she wants for a video and I really respect that.

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    and julien is vegan now!? :(( i miss watching the cooking videos !!

  92. Yassmine Reda

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    i am excited to see BUNNY VIDEOS

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    A whole year of Bunnie content? sIGN ME UP JENNA

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    Do another reading mean comments

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    When bunny was pressing her nose on the floor to get the carrots 😂😂😂

  96. Jackie isn’t cool

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    did anyone else go and watch the video she did where she fed the dogs fruit and vegetables after she mentioned it or was that just me

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    I love the videos of Bunny she is so adorable, greyhounds are such amazing dogs. And I'm so happy she got lucky with you and Julien, she is a lucky girl!

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  99. Madeleine Rimer

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    I gave my greyhound carrot once and he held it in his mouth for a second then spat it out...I don’t think he likes carrot

  100. Maseia Brewer

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    I thought she got a new dog bc marble actually died 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂