My First Kiss Was So Awkward


  1. jensi HD

    jensi HD4 時間 前

    This isn't akward i hade my first kiss since 12

  2. defne201114

    defne2011148 時間 前


  3. Ismail eliza hayati

    Ismail eliza hayati10 時間 前

    _the thumbail looks like shes gonna snatch the red weave_

  4. Nevaeh Mason

    Nevaeh Mason22 時間 前

    0:15 WhAt Am I dOiNg AgAiN

  5. Invalidtoon

    Invalidtoon22 時間 前

    1:30 My face when i see a cat.

  6. arch

    arch23 時間 前

    ugly niggas when they watched this and realized they never have had a first kiss: “guess what, i’ve never had a first kiss!”

  7. eclips

    eclips日 前

    Her: my first kiss was so awkward Proceeds to tell an epic story

  8. Iris De Vrije

    Iris De Vrije2 日 前

    my first kiss went well and my boyfriend didn't believe it was my first kiss because according to him I could kiss well😂😂😂

  9. Mini Slash

    Mini Slash2 日 前

    Imagine her grandma watching this😹

  10. Gacha Myah

    Gacha Myah2 日 前

    My first kiss was from my mum. We all love our mums.

  11. Sam Lozano

    Sam Lozano2 日 前

    hi I'm 8 year's old and my class meyt sed to me i♥️u his name is Russell

  12. Abby Turner

    Abby Turner2 日 前

    I haven’t had a first kiss

  13. Person Name

    Person Name3 日 前

    I bet her grandma had saw this vid

  14. -lenny- *oml 2*

    -lenny- *oml 2*3 日 前

    Well, shes lucky as hell bc *i dunno how to kiss-* *YET!*

  15. Zoe Osborne-smith

    Zoe Osborne-smith3 日 前

    The way she was laughing at herself tho 😂

  16. shimmy gabz

    shimmy gabz3 日 前

    She’s too white lmaoo

  17. The_Duker YT

    The_Duker YT3 日 前

    Well then why did you send him your grandmas address

  18. Mariana Bolanos

    Mariana Bolanos3 日 前

    Did you guys see in the beginning there was a pattern on the cow and it was a the girl that we see in every episode was the girl with braces

  19. Ricardo Castro

    Ricardo Castro4 日 前

    😳😳😏😏 yesssss ma ship

  20. •Frapp•

    •Frapp•4 日 前


  21. I.mogenx

    I.mogenx4 日 前

    I’ve been here since 114k 😎✌️💕

  22. Niharika

    Niharika4 日 前

    I accidentally had my first kiss when I was 10!😛

  23. Shadow Dude

    Shadow Dude4 日 前

    3:05 The cow: *watcha doing?* Them: *da fuq*

  24. Latiff Abdul

    Latiff Abdul4 日 前

    Still love it

  25. Renáta Kóti

    Renáta Kóti5 日 前

    the voice actor tells it soooo weirdly. it's so cringy to listen to

  26. BTS Lover

    BTS Lover5 日 前

    U had ur first kiss at 15! I had mine when I was 4 and again when I was 10 and 12 (I’m still 12) 😂😏

  27. Mimi Hunter

    Mimi Hunter5 日 前


  28. Lil Tommy

    Lil Tommy5 日 前


  29. Cynthia Castaneda

    Cynthia Castaneda5 日 前

    who had a good first kiss only me okay

  30. sugandh parnami

    sugandh parnami5 日 前

    Sinister 2 scary?? Okay

  31. ROBLOX_guy1236

    ROBLOX_guy12365 日 前


  32. Liyana Khatija

    Liyana Khatija5 日 前


  33. Emily Allyson Lease

    Emily Allyson Lease5 日 前

    Roses 4 red but what the heal is up here

  34. lps oka 2.0

    lps oka 2.06 日 前

    2:05 that cow is my spirit animal

  35. Artstuffs YT

    Artstuffs YT6 日 前

    1:19 dancing... the moonlight woah

  36. Lucy Palmerston

    Lucy Palmerston7 日 前


  37. Xsleepy DaysX

    Xsleepy DaysX7 日 前

    *so I learned that if guys are “mean” kinda they liked you I mean today at school my crush followed me soo I think he likes me.*

  38. Dazzle and Razzle

    Dazzle and Razzle7 日 前

    Whaaaat? You got ur first kiss at 15? I’m not allowed to even tAlK to guys until I’m married :) Brown people struggles ;]

  39. iiiquirkyGxcha

    iiiquirkyGxcha7 日 前

    Her: I never told my parents Parents: *watches this video*



    *yeE YeE*

  41. Kellen Gardner

    Kellen Gardner7 日 前

    I'm freaking 21

  42. Kellen Gardner

    Kellen Gardner7 日 前


  43. Lovely unicorn Vibes

    Lovely unicorn Vibes7 日 前


  44. R.A.M Gaming

    R.A.M Gaming7 日 前

    Sinister 2 was good

  45. Juliet eve

    Juliet eve8 日 前

    15 year old relationships?!?! Lmao this is like a 6th grade relationship

  46. Dolly CCC

    Dolly CCC8 日 前

    Lol first kisses are always the worst.😩 Mine was last year when I was 14 and it was the worst😭💔

  47. I’mnot Human

    I’mnot Human8 日 前

    Wait what he 12 and I heard he stole his moms car 🧐

  48. ツIvy

    ツIvy8 日 前

    The cow makes everything better

  49. That Fat Cat

    That Fat Cat8 日 前

    His clothes are like Steve’s from Minecraft

  50. Lesley Kirk

    Lesley Kirk8 日 前

    Putput was sooooo random

  51. Sanatic Plays

    Sanatic Plays9 日 前

    My first kiss was on a couch when we was just messing around and accidentally kissed her… we broke up like 8 months ago

  52. gAby da dum

    gAby da dum9 日 前

    omg her voice 🥺🥺🥺

  53. Hufflepuff Badger

    Hufflepuff Badger9 日 前

    My first kiss doesn’t exist :/

  54. Roblox Roleplays

    Roblox Roleplays9 日 前

    I kissed my cousin on the lips but it was really short cause we’re not Muslim

  55. Roblox Roleplays

    Roblox Roleplays3 日 前

    Sangeeta Nagpal :p

  56. Sangeeta Nagpal

    Sangeeta Nagpal8 日 前

    Roblox Roleplays wtf😂😂

  57. Mansoor Rasheed

    Mansoor Rasheed9 日 前

    When I was in 5th grade (right now I am in 6th grade) I had a crush on a boy. But I was really confused about my feelings. I really couldn't tell if I like him or not. He was my best friend but then something terrible happend. Me and the boy loved to help each other,care for each other or even me and him would cheat with each other. Then my friends started teasing me and saying that you are so close. I actually didn't know what to say so I just ignored them. A week later my friend lied to the boy that I like him. Then my whole class started teasing me about me and him should get married and disgusting stuff (blah blah blah). I started to ignore the boy. Then we both did cheat in our 5th grade final exam He left school and I am free from stupid complements. But I still miss him a little bcz we would joke a lot. I guess future changes?♥

  58. Mansoor Rasheed

    Mansoor Rasheed9 日 前

    The reason why he left the school wasn't bcz of me, it was because he and his parents were shifting and he had to study in a school close to his house. I miss you sa**

  59. Leonor Bermea

    Leonor Bermea9 日 前

    I like her attitude lol

  60. Cami Arguello

    Cami Arguello9 日 前

    Why r people in the comments saying they’re like 15 and never done that, like I’m 13 and already make out with this boy the first day I met him, yeah maybe it’s not “”true love”” but it’s something

  61. Jennifer Hernandez

    Jennifer Hernandez9 日 前

    Ewwwwww why I am 4

  62. Night Memes

    Night Memes9 日 前

    your voice reminds me of melanie martinez especially 1:07

  63. blossom

    blossom10 日 前

    Who came here from Instagram where it said "I lost my Virginity at 15"?

  64. Marked One

    Marked One9 日 前

    Hey Brother