My Dad And I Were Homeless and Had to Sleep in Our Car


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    When I found out that she was Australian, I full on jumped up and down yelling OMG SHES AUSTRALIAN 😂 she lived in my state too

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    Ok JPreporter I watched the video stop recommending it to me now

  3. OneJay

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    Why didn't the mom take the child?

  4. Talon Gaming

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    I was in my house and my mom got in a fight with my aunt so we were kicked out of the house,for days we lived in my car too and now we have an apartment with three cats.

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    Nice best

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    You live in Wales? My grandparents live there! I visit them often!

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    Look at my name!❤️

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    Why is this story reminding me of making my sims homeless until they die?

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    Bro we got to give props yo her dad he's fucking amazing he never have up

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    This any Aussie's here😌🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺

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    She’s Aussie! I’m not the only one yay!

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    wait then how can the girl survive with her period?

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    Your step mom is a she demon/thot and we all know it

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    Her mom have amnesia

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    Omg Why Would You Put Your Belongings In A Restroom Stall I Mean What If They Have A Spare Key?!

  18. Ryan Keshner

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    That’s a pretty good life but u don’t have a lot of money

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    𝔸𝕥 𝕝𝕖𝕒𝕤𝕥 𝕪𝕠𝕦 𝕘𝕦𝕪𝕤 𝕨𝕖𝕣𝕖 𝕟𝕠𝕥 𝕔𝕒𝕣𝕝𝕖𝕤𝕤 ƪ(˘ᴗ˘)┐

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    ᴡʜʏ ᴅᴏɴ'ᴛ ᴛʜᴇʏ sᴇʟʟ ᴛʜᴇ ᴄᴀʀ?

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    I think this girl is Mia khalifa

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    Your mama is a hoe

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    So did my parents

  25. The T Gamer Guy

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    1:43 Jogging in the night??!!

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    Hello fello Australian.

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    Dovish???? XD

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    I hope she still talks to her friends

  29. goku dragneel

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    She has good friends

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  32. 1k subs with some videos challenge

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    Happened to me one time

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    Your dad is amazing

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    Her moms a fucking hoe like period

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    Did she say bawl my a** out?

  36. blob fish

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    if anyone’s wondering she’s the step mom, she still a jerk move but the wife wasn’t her mom

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    0:34 Who Sleeps With Glasses?

  38. Evelyn Rosales

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    A divols 😂😂😂😂

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    Did she live by cardiff

  40. ronshaku lones musume ronshaku

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    why cant your dad find another girl???

  41. Phøenix_kalø

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    That’s what she said 0:08

  42. Dylan Matthew Aquilet

    Dylan Matthew Aquilet2 日 前

    Mom and Dad are separated so our choice is during classes I stay at Moms house at weekends I stay at Dads house and sometimes vication is not like that for me we just do it like Monday to thursday I stay at moms house and Fri-sat dads house so we do like that sometimes in vication and also sometimes I stay at dads house only in vication

  43. Dylan Matthew Aquilet

    Dylan Matthew Aquilet2 日 前

    I already experienced this since I was 3 yrs old I am now 8 yrs old and near my birthday so i,ll be 9 yrs old so im used to it

  44. Berry PH

    Berry PH2 日 前

    Here in philippines if you have car you are rich

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    I think you live in australia

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    I’ve seen you before

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    good ol straya

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    I’m Australian too , girl and don’t worry it’ll all turn out ok

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    Sharingan mode: 1:10 i saw dapnhes face on the key chain

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    WaitOnly iphone users get to use that app-

  51. Tauavae Ta’afi

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    No one deserves to be homeless and live in a car!!!!

  52. StandardAlex

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    That sounds like my friend

  53. Princess Manie

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    Me and you have the same story

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    I find that hilarious



    Why did u sleep with ur glasses on?

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    The moms a thot

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    oof i live in South Wales. shook.

  59. Duaa Khalid

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    1 like=1 respect to the dad 👨

  60. Moe FTW

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    That’s were I live 2:40

  61. bluz bluz world

    bluz bluz world4 日 前

    I am so glad that they have a home so happy for them and so sorry they had to live thier car so sad for them. >_

  62. Alexis Crawford

    Alexis Crawford4 日 前

    I was homeless just a month ago I feel you

  63. WrkSeb

    WrkSeb4 日 前

    I was homeless for 2 hours because my house and cousins went down in a fire, but they found a medium size apartment, while they told us about the attic, we had no choise (one fact, my family of 3 likes to or is used to living in attics, so it was fine). After the fire we did get a quite of help with the essentials we needed. To keep foods that needed a refrigerator, we put them close to the window because it was the winter of 2018 when this happened. The first 2 months I was just thinking about it so much, but nothing drastical happen. My grades were fine, friends cared about me (one even gave me $50 dollars, thanks). In all, now I am sitting on my bed, with one room next to my parents because we only have a little one. For some people it was a big deal, but yeah... this was _my_ story.

  64. coffeemug101

    coffeemug1014 日 前

    I love how she says " obviously ally freinds knew " like I would keep that in and not tell a soul

  65. Ema L

    Ema L4 日 前

    if i was her friend i would of tried to help as much as i can (inviting her gor sleepover, lunch, shower, anything she needs)

  66. Ema L

    Ema L4 日 前

    1:12 daphne!!

  67. Equestrian Ella

    Equestrian Ella5 日 前

    She is an AUSSIE YASSS

  68. The T Gamer Guy

    The T Gamer Guy5 日 前

    1:54 He had more than 10 dollars. Can’t afford a house for 4 dollars JOKE

  69. Wolf Comics 101

    Wolf Comics 1015 日 前

    Why would a mum do that to her kid Jesus

  70. Aimee’s World

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    Wolf Comics 101 it was her stepmum

  71. Niliin Nelson

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    Feel bad for them like my comment

  72. F B I

    F B I5 日 前

    Imagine if he did something in the car

  73. Best friends candy and Kiki Also with family

    Best friends candy and Kiki Also with family5 日 前

    I have a story to share and I’m angry what he did

  74. Galaxy Girlz plays

    Galaxy Girlz plays5 日 前

    I feel bad for you and your dad.

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    I’m from australia

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    Are these story’s real cause and one of these videos I hear the same voice

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    Frankie from bizaardvark

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    Amazing story!

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    Ha jokes on you you were kicked out *thinking in my mind* fucking lucky my trailer was taken from us because we forgot to pay it and to get it back is 90,000 dollars me and my dad and sister are living with my grandma it was sad go to my channle to see me freaking out crying that was sad for me 😟

  82. Gacha Kitkat

    Gacha Kitkat6 日 前

    It asked if we were homeless before but 1 person said they were still homeless but if they were homeless they wouldn’t be watching this

  83. dfrom theden

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    You were crying over your friends??? Ok nevermind I shouldn't be rude.

  84. Cassandra Torres

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    Your dad dad is a true hero

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    Ya moms a bitch

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    Go start a go fund me page I’ll donate :D

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    I wish I can do like this a story I have one

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    My house burned I think cause the stove was left? But that was a long time ago! I think when I was still a baby! But! If I hadn't moved to this apartment then I wouldn't have met one of my friends but I have a bff though! This apartment has a top part and a bottom part! I live on the top part and my friend lives on the bottom part a few days ago new neighbors moved in? But I've not been hurt as a baby! All my stuff is here with me! None of my family members were hurt! If they've probably recovered!!!

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    If u were the one who liked my comment! Then reply and I'll awnser! Then we can have a full on chat!

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    god is good for you if you pray

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    2:31 did you hear it?! Did you hear it?! She said a bad word Uh huh Oh yeah

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    +Shows with Savvy donkey? Wdym

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    CelstiaPlayz Games Don’t be so confident she said eyes not donkey. 🤣

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    She said EYES 🤣🤣🤣

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    Karen didn’t take the kids

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    your dad is good because he really love you

  98. Kiann Eslit

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    Dis is so sadddd awww the good things will happen if you wait and be positive

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    Wait she only has 4 fingers

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    F ur mom 😼

  101. Alma Garcia

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    I love story booth but seriously 😐 sleeping in a car is not a big deal lots of college students do that and other people are suffering that one fu ckin pieces of bread 🍞 is for one whole family

  102. Alma Garcia

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    Don’t get me wrong I love story booth

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    I fuckt a gril

  104. EloPoyo pat

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    What a beautiful story you have! And I'm so glad that you are ok and living a happier life now with your father

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    the voice tho wtf

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    I have a really really similar story

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    I saw the thumbnail and think of something else

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    +Miss Moo too late, already did

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    XD don't get to far