My Dad And I Were Homeless and Had to Sleep in Our Car


  1. Tv Good

    Tv Good13 時間 前

    That is good good job hope you have a happy life if you’re Savage for you your mum is poop why won’t she leave you without food that’s good you got a house

  2. Da real name Is gacha

    Da real name Is gacha日 前

    That 1% yes multiple times is so blessed to even have a device

  3. Hector Montago

    Hector Montago日 前

    Poor girl this makes me cry :(

  4. john c

    john c日 前


  5. Μακαλα Σοσοπου

    Μακαλα Σοσοπου日 前

    Fvfylfhbxh?nxgkbnvjxhzaj?mbck.ndh?nxfk.mhvj? '"%*:?

  6. Gacha Kate

    Gacha Kate2 日 前

    That is the sane thing that happened to me

  7. Cammie Russell

    Cammie Russell2 日 前

    I HATE that whenever a mom *or a stepmom* says something and THEN a couple days later they forget and say “I Never Said That Your Lying!!!” 😡 LIKE UGHH I HATE IT WHENEVER THEY DP THAT!!

  8. ZuperWilmzz

    ZuperWilmzz2 日 前

    i hope this doesnt sound mean but this sounds like a sims 4 rags to riches challange irl

  9. Corinadanae Ca

    Corinadanae Ca3 日 前

    Thank God things worked out. I've had to do the hose shower. It's crazy!

  10. •Samantha •

    •Samantha •3 日 前

    0:46 that roll though

  11. Lil Clo Lil clo

    Lil Clo Lil clo3 日 前

    i live in australia too!

  12. Mia Brave

    Mia Brave4 日 前

    I want to stay where I live because my crush and my friends

  13. Gabby Har

    Gabby Har4 日 前

    When I say " I was homeless" I mean like times I've moved and had to sleep in the car

  14. Maly Chea

    Maly Chea4 日 前

    If some one stay in the car will die in the night

  15. Jaden Alston

    Jaden Alston5 日 前

    That thumb nail is inappropriate

  16. Destiny tran

    Destiny tran6 日 前

    What kind of step mom is that?

  17. Sheera 大豬

    Sheera 大豬6 日 前

    0:48 your Dads a ninja! XD lol

  18. Stella Madsen

    Stella Madsen6 日 前

    The mom is a little piece of shit for telling her husband that they could stay there and then kick them out.

  19. Maisie Rowe

    Maisie Rowe6 日 前

    I bet all the dislikes are just the mum with tons of different accounts

  20. Gia Fernandes

    Gia Fernandes6 日 前


  21. Jack Darby

    Jack Darby7 日 前

    Personally if I was completely homeless and living on the streets I would love to go to prison cause think about It food clothes water shower beds sometimes TV and sometimes liquor Depending on witch prison you get sentenced to but totally my Opinion and hopefully I would get sentenced for life but to do that I would have to do something really bad So yeah I'd be fine with 20 or 30 years but totally my opinion so calm down PC police

  22. Natile Playz

    Natile Playz7 日 前

    1:24 how did he get a hoe?

  23. Ugly Bitch

    Ugly Bitch7 日 前

    0:06 divorce the way she said it

  24. Ugly Bitch

    Ugly Bitch7 日 前


  25. Puddington Heritage Model Railway

    Puddington Heritage Model Railway7 日 前

    No offense, but that lifestyle actually sounds really fun!


    ELLA YAGIZ7 日 前


  27. Adam Tube

    Adam Tube8 日 前

    0:38 you can see the blanket is leaking through her hand

  28. alyshaberg2

    alyshaberg28 日 前

    Sound so fucking weird

  29. Fintaly Yolontan

    Fintaly Yolontan8 日 前

    So they upload stories like this... but don’t upload My stories like My mother died and it changed my life I have been fighting cancer since 9 years old I found my dad at a gay bar I have a fear of boys My whole family has PTSD I look like my mother’s twin My dad use to get involved in a lot of gang stuff

  30. Naomi okunbor O

    Naomi okunbor O8 日 前

    My dad and my step mom got a divooorceeee 😂 leave a like if you get what I mean

  31. Babyydogee

    Babyydogee9 日 前


  32. Joeta's creations

    Joeta's creations9 日 前

    My dad and my mum decided to get a divwose

  33. Samuel Lebronlee

    Samuel Lebronlee9 日 前

    So uhh.... Hows life?

  34. Jaxsondabeast 123

    Jaxsondabeast 1239 日 前

    This is so sad bless you

  35. ItzMD

    ItzMD10 日 前

    Fuck your mom shes a Bitch

  36. Emily Mason

    Emily Mason8 日 前

    And why didn't they just to his first wife

  37. Emily Mason

    Emily Mason8 日 前


  38. Emily Mason

    Emily Mason8 日 前


  39. Treven Fischer

    Treven Fischer10 日 前

    Now that is what I call a bitch mom

  40. September Talents

    September Talents10 日 前

    0:05 the way she said divorce😄😄😄😄

  41. pink cupcake

    pink cupcake10 日 前

    How were they homeless and they had a car

  42. Teudoongi Nayeon

    Teudoongi Nayeon11 日 前

    Srsly? You wear glasses to bed?

  43. XxxGthegirl_209xxX lol

    XxxGthegirl_209xxX lol11 日 前

    Who ever said yes that there still homeless how do you get a phone?

  44. Missy More

    Missy More11 日 前

    She has people sopport her I have no one that support me they do bad they say mean like u dum u idiot shove me it's sad so levee a like to y'all me have people sopport me plz I swear

  45. Alyssa Wooddell

    Alyssa Wooddell11 日 前

    That mom is a bitch what kind of mother lets her daughter go homeless

  46. Ariel Ramos

    Ariel Ramos11 日 前

    Hit or miss

  47. U Perm

    U Perm11 日 前

    her mom is a bitch of a mother

  48. Fern’s Channel

    Fern’s Channel11 日 前

    shes aussie :O yay 😁

  49. cute gamer

    cute gamer11 日 前

    I’m really happy for you! We will always support you all your life!☺️🙂

  50. My World

    My World11 日 前

    What a witch??? Never said it befire ooff

  51. Rodris27 7

    Rodris27 711 日 前

    Bless your heart

  52. KinglyCommie

    KinglyCommie11 日 前

    Can I kick your stepmother's ass

  53. Ryan Krosnoff

    Ryan Krosnoff11 日 前

    These are really good ideas

  54. Infires Boiii

    Infires Boiii11 日 前

    She basically lives in Australia

  55. DAT_0NE_B0Y 11

    DAT_0NE_B0Y 1111 日 前

    I'm australian

  56. Angel Gutierrez

    Angel Gutierrez12 日 前

    Ylou guy saisd a fjaucking abnad saword sass holy shit get baible

  57. vRaz Lighting

    vRaz Lighting12 日 前

    How do you have the guts to kick your KID out of the house

  58. YassKi TB

    YassKi TB12 日 前

    Homeless had a car wtf

  59. Lalalalalai suck fortnite Lala

    Lalalalalai suck fortnite Lala12 日 前

    Do everyone rent houses or it is just me that buy a house

  60. Donut Gaming

    Donut Gaming13 日 前

    0:06 divorceeeeeee

  61. Jreilly

    Jreilly13 日 前

    If you are home less than you don’t have a car I don’t buy it

  62. Ur normal Raccoon

    Ur normal Raccoon13 日 前

    Me:*reads title* SWEET HOME ALABAMA

  63. Guy does Random things

    Guy does Random things13 日 前

    0:53 how are your friends suposed to know

  64. Heather Nassiri

    Heather Nassiri13 日 前

    The step mom is a bitch

  65. sleeepy -.

    sleeepy -.13 日 前

    My dad and my step mom decided to get a divooorce

  66. Redy Stony

    Redy Stony13 日 前

    One of the most heartbreaking stories even

  67. Leighton Deguzman

    Leighton Deguzman14 日 前

    Whoever said they are still homeless has to be lying because you could have saved the money from the phone you bought and rent an apartment

  68. Subhaan is here

    Subhaan is here14 日 前

    What is it with these bitch mums

  69. Kat Dog

    Kat Dog14 日 前

    We learned about Australia a couple days ago I was like NORTHERN TERRITORY NEW SOUTHWHALES

  70. Tarox

    Tarox6 日 前

    Kat Dog i live there

  71. Heart Spades

    Heart Spades14 日 前

    I think its fun to sleep in a car with a a flat wide trunk

  72. Fernanda Fechner

    Fernanda Fechner14 日 前

    0:04 My dad and my step mom decided to get a DivoOOooOoOoOorce.

  73. Elivija Harris

    Elivija Harris15 日 前

    I live in Australia nsw

  74. Ong Junxun

    Ong Junxun15 日 前

    Welp this girl is lucky that she have a car if not ...

  75. Logan Mireles

    Logan Mireles15 日 前

    mom is evil. kill the mom.

  76. GalaxyXD

    GalaxyXD15 日 前

    I only remember when I was younger that me, my parents and I believe my brother slept in our old truck and I remember sleeping in the back with my brother and my parents slept in the front My father was in the driver seat and my mother was in the passenger seat and I remember waking up holding my teddy bear and looking out the window only seeing a empty dark parking lot and climbing to the front to my mom and waking her up saying “I can’t sleep” and she took me into her arms and rocked to sleep. This was a long time ago And I’m doubting that it was real or not but this happened when I was like...4 years old? But now we live in a better location now so worries my dudes😎👍

  77. XFade

    XFade15 日 前

    Is it true

  78. Free Samuel12

    Free Samuel1215 日 前

    This is probably stereotypical but did you wake up to a spider on you at all

  79. red eye

    red eye15 日 前

    My best friend commits self harm and that makes me feel really sad

  80. Hannah short

    Hannah short15 日 前

    sooo awsome

  81. Anastasia Jane

    Anastasia Jane15 日 前

    Gaby, I have been homeless with my dad after my mom got the house and we lived with my uncle for 1 year and then we ended up moving to my stepmoms house and I’m glad we all lived together ❤️❤️

  82. Ethar Key

    Ethar Key15 日 前

    When I was born we were homeless and we didn’t have anything to eat but know thank god now we r rich and have the big home and the latest phone all I just can say s thanks god

  83. Khyeian Calindas

    Khyeian Calindas15 日 前

    You are so much better if the best thing about it

  84. Beatrice Ocena

    Beatrice Ocena16 日 前

    Your dads nice

  85. *DianaTheAltean*

    *DianaTheAltean*16 日 前

    It’s not her stepmom’s fault she forgets things

  86. Dr PAiN is here

    Dr PAiN is here16 日 前

    kicking out your child and ex husband so they have to sleep in a car what kind of bs is this its probably a good thing you left that woman she sounds like an insensative asshole

  87. Timeo 222

    Timeo 22216 日 前


  88. MissPotatoButt

    MissPotatoButt16 日 前

    Omg she’s Australian too yay and from NSW

  89. Tarox

    Tarox6 日 前

    MissPotatoButt from vic

  90. Shanthi Knights

    Shanthi Knights17 日 前

    Hell,o my name is Rubi and I love your stoys and I live in New soth Wallis at forbers😍😊😁👩🇦🇺 But you rock !

  91. Bluver Gaming

    Bluver Gaming17 日 前

    Wow your dad is amazing!

  92. golden gacha

    golden gacha17 日 前

    I live in new south wales

  93. Pudds At midnight

    Pudds At midnight17 日 前

    You wear youe glasses to bed?

  94. Oliver Desjarlais

    Oliver Desjarlais17 日 前


  95. Oliver Desjarlais

    Oliver Desjarlais17 日 前

    They’re living in Australia

  96. Oliver Desjarlais

    Oliver Desjarlais17 日 前

    It’s Australia

  97. Everestgamer xx

    Everestgamer xx17 日 前

    Awww well at least you have food and your not lonely

  98. TheSoundOfEmma! Gaming, Lifestyle, and more!

    TheSoundOfEmma! Gaming, Lifestyle, and more!17 日 前

    The Norris Nuts live where she used too I mean I would be so sad if I moved away from there I mean IT’S THE NORRIS NUTS

  99. The Red Cupcake

    The Red Cupcake17 日 前

    2:30 What did she say??? THE *A* WORD???

  100. Henry Gerecke

    Henry Gerecke17 日 前

    Religious voice, religious school...

  101. Ezsian Lucero

    Ezsian Lucero17 日 前

    When is the animator gonna do one on himself

  102. storybooth

    storybooth17 日 前


  103. AnTi_ThUnDeR

    AnTi_ThUnDeR17 日 前

    Yo keep moving u got tis:)

  104. Jenni Griffin

    Jenni Griffin18 日 前

    I had to moov too

  105. FlameXNatsu

    FlameXNatsu18 日 前

    stupid mum I hate people like that

  106. jay_ 4o2

    jay_ 4o218 日 前

    In the begging her voice tho