[MV] Hwa Sa(화사) _ Maria(마리아)


  1. Olivia Lima

    Olivia Lima分 前

    Cadê os br???

  2. Mariya k

    Mariya k2 分 前

    love you

  3. LsNalguitas DeJimin xdxd

    LsNalguitas DeJimin xdxd5 分 前

    kede azi ira O///-///O

  4. Maria Perez

    Maria Perez7 分 前

    All the people named Maria are quaking lol

  5. united cultureᄫᅀᅙᄔᅗᇙ ᅇ

    united cultureᄫᅀᅙᄔᅗᇙ ᅇ9 分 前

    The greatest Illuminati song

  6. Tamaki The Shy Boi

    Tamaki The Shy Boi9 分 前

    This song is a bop

  7. maro

    maro23 分 前

    ماريا ماريا انتي حلوة كتير وبتجنني بس بعدي عن ابو كحة 🙂

  8. Jackster

    Jackster27 分 前

    look at that simp. (@sarah) >:(

  9. Kai

    Kai30 分 前

    Omg I’m blushing. o(`//ω//´ )o

  10. Strange vibes

    Strange vibes32 分 前

    Hwasa and this song specially changed me into a better person and made me feel better with my self I'm so glad she exists and the other mamamoos☺️❤️

  11. Samela Vitoria

    Samela Vitoria43 分 前

    Viciei 😍😍bixa linda, totalmente diferente amei.


    DOLL BEAUTY49 分 前

    Today the doctor told me I'm.gonna have a girl 😍😍 For my love to hwasa her name well be Maria

  13. Alejandro Orona

    Alejandro Orona55 分 前

    Hola sí bueno me entiende porque Soriana pero yo por lo puedes transmitir a modo sentido hazlo luchi no lo puedes transmitir en modo chino bien o como sea pero póngase vampiro en serio

  14. ღ•galletita -chan•ღ

    ღ•galletita -chan•ღ時間 前

    a quien mas le recuerda a musica latina uwu/ perfec sing

  15. Layla Marin

    Layla Marin時間 前

    It sounds like Markiplier is singing in part of the video 😳

  16. RI YU JING

    RI YU JING時間 前


  17. Aa P

    Aa P時間 前

    WOW 🤩😱❤️🥰✨✌🏻

  18. Reni Lopez

    Reni Lopez時間 前


  19. Wipada Ning

    Wipada Ning時間 前


  20. Swatilekha Roy

    Swatilekha Roy時間 前

    Her voice is so good 😍

  21. flo borlone

    flo borlone時間 前


  22. BLUE

    BLUE時間 前

    very very beautiful song (ben türküm)

  23. Peanut Butter Jham

    Peanut Butter Jham時間 前

    This song is so beautiful... I can really relate to it because of the beautiful meaning of the lyrics. Plus my first name is Maria. The song really hit me hard...

  24. Raspberry

    Raspberry時間 前

    I'm not a fan of the k-pop music but this oh this I like

  25. I'm pure

    I'm pure時間 前

    check her other songs if you want: Be calm, Twit, LMM and Don't Hwasa is on an other level

  26. Kim Seokjin

    Kim Seokjin時間 前

    This is my very first time watching this MV and this girl is goddamn killing it!!! I stan!!!

  27. Cata Romero

    Cata Romero時間 前

    3:13 alguien sabe el ig de los bailarines?

  28. Marlene Veron

    Marlene Veron2 時間 前

    😍 me encanta

  29. Ikram Ikramo

    Ikram Ikramo2 時間 前

    ايها العرب أثبتوا وجودكم

  30. Yesariss Whalen

    Yesariss Whalen2 時間 前

    eres una diosa, no dejes que alguien te diga lo contrario

  31. don'tmindme

    don'tmindme2 時間 前

    Thank you for making me realize that I'm already beautiful as I am and I really envy your strong mind. I could feel or at some level relate to your emotions in this song.

  32. theWay

    theWay2 時間 前

    This mv is so satanic. She is mocking Jesus with a nail crown. From start to the end, its show a satanic ritual process (sacrificing human/eat their heart). A lot of piramid (triangle shape). I realize that not only hollywood's music has an illuminati symbol, but now almost of all kpop mv. Wake up guys, Jesus is coming very soon.



    @theWay so, enjoy and pray for this world instead of wasting time inventing problems, there are much worse things in the world and you worrying about Satanism, whether they are Satanic or not, it doesn't matter to me, because it won't be mine that will be lost but theirs, go pray to end racism, wars, hunger and disease, instead of worrying about whether it’s Illuminati or not.

  34. theWay

    theWay2 時間 前

    Nah im only say the truth Illuminati is real. Katy perry, lady gaga, beyonce, etc are illuminati. You can see this in their mv, its not a "new thing". A lot people already knew this. What i want to say, kpop is started to become like that. You can search "satanic kpop" and see the video from "servants of christ". Its real



    😂my god,who is that idiot?

  36. ttte Kha

    ttte Kha2 時間 前

    Why are u so dumb ?

  37. Nicoli Dos Santos Leite Rodrigues Nicoli

    Nicoli Dos Santos Leite Rodrigues Nicoli2 時間 前

    Muito top adorei 👏😍

  38. Iz Me

    Iz Me2 時間 前

    I never love my name more than now, our Queen Maria is the reason.

  39. Sugandhi Saxena

    Sugandhi Saxena2 時間 前

    President, no doubt in it!! SHE'S THE QUEEN!! SAY LOUDER FOR THE PEOPLE IN THE BACK!!

  40. Ibtissem Beauty

    Ibtissem Beauty2 時間 前

    I love it

  41. kpop Soju

    kpop Soju3 時間 前

    لسة لحد دلوقتي كل ماسمعها بنبهر اكتر

  42. Neverland In the world

    Neverland In the world3 時間 前

    Ignore jerson, in every video gidle and mamamoo sabotage

  43. jerson ramires

    jerson ramires3 時間 前


  44. jerson ramires

    jerson ramires3 時間 前


  45. genesis romero

    genesis romero3 時間 前

    Chicos alguien que escuche redimidos la resistencia y se haya dado cuenta que la misma intro de esta canción 👀

  46. uhen y

    uhen y3 時間 前


  47. Susan

    Susan3 時間 前

    Six four four

  48. Jiminie aesthetic Jams

    Jiminie aesthetic Jams3 時間 前

    Yess queen your so beautiful

  49. 김승경

    김승경3 時間 前


  50. BangtanJK 7

    BangtanJK 74 時間 前

    Loveeee loveeee hwasa favv song i love choreography 💗💗💗💗

  51. 김뇌절

    김뇌절4 時間 前

    한국인을 찾은 당신 축하합니다!

  52. Valeria kun

    Valeria kun4 時間 前

    No soy fan de MAMAMOO, pero he escuchado un par de canciones de ellas y sinceramente la que más impone en el grupo es Hwasa, la verdad. Si me hiciera fan de ellas creo que mi favorita sería Hwasa porque me parece que es MUY guapa y tiene una voz hermosa

  53. Νίκος Δημητριάδης

    Νίκος Δημητριάδης4 時間 前


  54. aşil turanlı

    aşil turanlı4 時間 前


  55. Nurzulaikaka Nurdina

    Nurzulaikaka Nurdina4 時間 前

    Puas cari... Baru jumpaaa... Best song 2020...@

  56. Graziela Rodrigues

    Graziela Rodrigues4 時間 前

    Im in looooooveeeee

  57. We

    We4 時間 前


  58. 리야Riya

    리야Riya5 時間 前

    Haters says that Queen Hwasa just has Human fans like if you are an ALIEN

  59. Suman

    Suman5 時間 前

    This song is so dope. The only girl group in K-pop I've liked so far is Mamamoo and For me Hwasa is a true Queen, I love her for who she is👑🔥I'll never understand the butthead people who hate her🔪

  60. suga stole my wig .

    suga stole my wig .5 時間 前

    *off topic but the part at **1:18** when shes dancing with the backup dancers...she should wear something different that makes her stand out from the backup dancers. her wearing the same clothes as them makes that scene seem a bit dull. ik shes wearing heels but u can baerly see it. Sorry yall i just wanted to point that out😭😭😭😭✋ hwasa queen*

  61. TeLeMea

    TeLeMea4 時間 前

    For me is the other way around. Wearing the same outfit as dancers do, implies that she doesn't want all the attention for herself but to show dancers' merit too. Also she has a verse saying the sky is blue or something and that we are all the same so maybe wearing the same outfit is like a metaphor for that verse. You can notice the outfits in that scene are simple, plain which can also mean "simplicity is beautiful too", no need for shiny things

  62. Paola Castillo

    Paola Castillo5 時間 前

    You are so beatiful and you have a great voice!! Come to COSTA RICA!! HERE WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!! PLEASE!! FIGHTING!!! NEVER GIVE UP!!

  63. diana

    diana5 時間 前


  64. Alex Harvey Orit

    Alex Harvey Orit5 時間 前

    Filipinos:Maria Maria Leonora Teresa ooh oh oooh

  65. TeLeMea

    TeLeMea5 時間 前

    If there is any Korean willing to respond to this comment in English, please do. So..why do you not consider her...enough?? Or beautiful...I saw her even without makeup...she is gorgeous. Face and body. She can sing and dance...she is by no means FAT and her skin tone is GOALS. Are European standards so different from Asian ones? 😅

  66. Park Mochi

    Park Mochi5 時間 前

    And the once out the that call hwasa ugly she is butiful her own way so don’t judge her thank you :)

  67. Cuenta Google

    Cuenta Google5 時間 前

    A tu grupito es feisino son delo peor mueransea y la que canta es es querosa su cara es como un guevo a y de tanto fumar tus pulmones van aser nogro negras



    Ella no fuma😂

  69. Jonathan James Estrella

    Jonathan James Estrella5 時間 前

    She sounds like Ariana Grande. When I first heard this song I though it was Ariana. I love this song.

  70. Arielly Maria

    Arielly Maria5 時間 前

    Algum BR na área??? Se tiver marquem sua presença Aqui! vamos lá dominar os comentários!! 👇🇧🇷❤ vamos lá marias😅

  71. Rose Biñas

    Rose Biñas5 時間 前

    Idk I really like her,,😍😍😍

  72. angela Lopes

    angela Lopes5 時間 前

    Adoro essa 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰👍👏🇰🇷🇰🇷 music Love

  73. Hacher Indemoniato

    Hacher Indemoniato5 時間 前


  74. jerson ramires

    jerson ramires5 時間 前

    Ir 😅😁😘🥰😘🤫😉😇😙🤩🤩😊🤫😚😇😉🤩🤫😙😘🤫😉😇😘🤫😙😇😘🤫😉🤫😘😉😙😇🤫😛😉😇🥰😉🤫😛🥰😛🙃😆🥰🤫😁😉🤫🥰😅🥰😅🤩😉😏😜😁😇😘😁😘🥰😜😏😜😉😇😜😉😇😜😜😆😜🥰😆😆🥰🤪😆🤣

  75. jerson ramires

    jerson ramires5 時間 前

    LClaudia 😍😍🤭🤔🤭😒😛😒🤔🤔🤩😒😘🤩😒😘🤩😄😒😘🤩😄😇😄😄🤩😄😇🤩😄😍🙃😇😄😒😙😄😄😍😙

  76. My rainbow&나의 무지개

    My rainbow&나의 무지개5 時間 前

    왜 내이야기 같아서 눈물이나지ㅜ 뭐하러 아등바등해 넌 이미 아름다운데 ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅡ흙흙 새벽갬성인가😭❤️

  77. Kurt Fernandez

    Kurt Fernandez5 時間 前

    Please tell me I'm not the only one hearing mark kiplier on the chorus 🥺

  78. ruth hobi_biased

    ruth hobi_biased5 時間 前

    Queen hwasa queen alv

  79. gabriela holguin

    gabriela holguin5 時間 前

    María la del barrio cuando vio esa novela creo que se le apego jajjajaja I love You hwasa 😘😘

  80. natascha chan

    natascha chan5 時間 前


  81. Puchai Punyavan

    Puchai Punyavan5 時間 前

    Beauty is in the eyes' of beholder. She's not pretty, she's not ugly too. She is just a human.


    ANKARA DA5 時間 前

    Şu güzelliğe bir bakmazmi insan 😘😍 jpreporter.net/v/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-iLIbvsw6svg.html

  83. Joshua Camama

    Joshua Camama5 時間 前

    I came here because of the tiktok that Markiplier singing this song 😂😂

  84. Mah Du

    Mah Du5 時間 前


  85. Jamal Amghar

    Jamal Amghar5 時間 前

    Looooooooove you 🤩🤩🤩🥰🥰🥰🥰👼🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺

  86. Roses for rose

    Roses for rose5 時間 前

    Bruh she hot. Hsjahshsh

  87. Juli Simarmata

    Juli Simarmata5 時間 前

    Kesini krn tiktok

  88. Y

    Y5 時間 前

    She is so beautiful

  89. Gacha Mary Tudor

    Gacha Mary Tudor5 時間 前

    That is the most Catholic intro I've ever seen

  90. ゴゴ

    ゴゴ5 時間 前

    1:12 The Beat is fire🔥🔥🔥 and so is the rest of the mv

  91. Maret Ngo

    Maret Ngo5 時間 前

    In korean: maria maria maria maria bigian ng mammy an In philipines: maria maria maria maria bigyan ng mami yan

  92. Salma Salima

    Salma Salima6 時間 前

    This is queen hwasa

  93. Pika Mochi

    Pika Mochi6 時間 前

    Me trying to understand why Mamamoo's channel mv has different subtitles and is 3 seconds shorter.

  94. Ebuka Orji

    Ebuka Orji6 時間 前

    they hated her because she refused plastic surgery and choose to be natural wow south korea really yall beauty standard are too toxic

  95. Renāte Skujiņa

    Renāte Skujiņa5 時間 前

    Not everyone use plastic surgery in korea same withbother countrys!Hwasa is just problemtic thats why people hate her

  96. Bebeline Pw

    Bebeline Pw6 時間 前

    Rainha do mundo. Maravilhosa demais socorro.

  97. Lilac Rae

    Lilac Rae6 時間 前

    The way she's telling herself not to change herself because she's already beautiful. Queen Hwasa doesn't only say it to herself but this goes out for anyone dealing with being called ugly and being body shamed. "Don't torture yourself, why are you struggling? Your already beautiful" -Queen Hwasa Stay safe guys and those who are being judged, don't listen to them, your already beautiful don't even change a thing your perfect your own way.

  98. Maars

    Maars6 時間 前

    Hey that's my name 😀

  99. InSomnia

    InSomnia6 時間 前

    Hwasa is such a queen like she and her dancers are all wearing thee same outfit yet she stands out so much!

  100. Mona Mano

    Mona Mano6 時間 前


  101. Nguyên Đán Lê

    Nguyên Đán Lê6 時間 前

    Nhìn kinh dị quá

  102. South Korean

    South Korean6 時間 前

    She wore Skims by KKW

  103. Thùy Linh Đỗ Thị

    Thùy Linh Đỗ Thị6 時間 前


  104. Paul yonathan Mamani Jiménez

    Paul yonathan Mamani Jiménez6 時間 前

    Hwasa María

  105. jeon jinju

    jeon jinju6 時間 前

    oh gawd how can someone be so comforting i loved the song AND my hwasa she was lockey bad ass😘

  106. ᄆᄋ

    ᄆᄋ6 時間 前

    화사도 미치도록 좋고 노래도 진짜 미치도록 좋다


    Λ THIƆƆ BΔИΔИΛ6 時間 前


  108. BBI BBI

    BBI BBI7 時間 前