[MV] 우주소녀 (WJSN) - 이루리 (As You Wish)


  1. strawberry chaeng

    strawberry chaeng3 時間 前

    It's unfair how underrated WJSN are :'')

  2. Makenna K.

    Makenna K.3 時間 前

    This is by far my favorite type of concept! It’s so beautiful and fresh. Star Wars should make a movie but hire whoever produces these, it would be ICONIC! LOVE MY GIRLS

  3. Sweety xYex

    Sweety xYex4 時間 前

    *I miss ot13...*

  4. ꨄ Jungkook ꨄ

    ꨄ Jungkook ꨄ6 時間 前

    يويلييي 🥺💔

  5. SL

    SL9 時間 前

    6 293

  6. V-JK

    V-JK13 時間 前

    whos the rapper..

  7. 棘千

    棘千13 時間 前


  8. du ane

    du ane14 時間 前

    this reminds of pristin.

  9. I stole your wig

    I stole your wig17 時間 前

    I hope Cheng Xiao, Xuan Yi and Mei Qi is safe from the wuhan virus TT

  10. Daniel C Treidene

    Daniel C Treidene21 時間 前

    now that I am thinking about it, I kinda know what inspired this song.^^;; so uh, get some cool trinkets or whatever.

  11. Daniel C Treidene

    Daniel C Treidene21 時間 前

    just please take care and such. Edit; no chance of getting to see some floating boats I hear they have made in korea?

  12. Daniel C Treidene

    Daniel C Treidene21 時間 前

    I suppose you are been wanting more of my cooking now I suppose. Please bring romantic setting stuff, that helps.

  13. Daniel C Treidene

    Daniel C Treidene21 時間 前

    if I remember correctly you were the gang that talked "trash talk" while doing me the deed.....I cant say I remember what you said but it was fruity

  14. seolbos

    seolbos日 前

    all of their title tracks are always so good.. this one is my favourite!!!!

  15. _Olenjimani_

    _Olenjimani_日 前


  16. WJSN X UJUNG Việt Nam

    WJSN X UJUNG Việt Nam日 前

    Ujung Việt Nam🇻🇳 Yêu Các Cậu ❤❤

  17. The Hantus

    The Hantus日 前

    We want more dawon Starship: as you wish

  18. 巧琳

    巧琳日 前

    Meiqi joined another Chinese group same with shuan Yi because the company are putting them the last one when they dance when they take photos that is what meiqi said

  19. Melody ARMYONCE

    Melody ARMYONCE2 日 前

    This is the second song by wjsn which I'm listening to (1st was save me save you) and I wasn't really interest in the group itself but know I think I've found a new group to stan + maybe even two biases! Luda and Yeoreum caught my eyes! *-*

  20. Esmie L

    Esmie L2 日 前

    This MV deserves more views it's a masterpiece, a beautiful song ♡😭

  21. suery etu

    suery etu2 日 前

    애들 가창력 꾸진거 숨기려고 기계음 오지게 넣어놔서 하이라이트 부분 존나 시끄러움.

  22. 이원기

    이원기2 日 前


  23. 이원기

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  24. ᴅɪʏᴀɴᴢ

    ᴅɪʏᴀɴᴢ2 日 前


  25. Anusorn Nakhonram

    Anusorn Nakhonram2 日 前

    1:31 I like this part😍❤❤❤

  26. Chae_Chim _Sumin_

    Chae_Chim _Sumin_3 日 前

    누군가가이 예술 작품을 어떻게 제공하는지 모르겠습니다. 축하합니다. 재능이 있습니다.

  27. 棘千

    棘千3 日 前

    this song really is an art

  28. Feel FANCY

    Feel FANCY3 日 前

    I trully love this song 😍😍😍



    Now i want wjsn to catch my lantern

  30. hannah m

    hannah m3 日 前

    i love wjsn doing magical concepts

  31. MiniMiniHearts Yeah!

    MiniMiniHearts Yeah!3 日 前

    Lol I was confused because soobin and yeonjung are lookalike

  32. maddybg

    maddybg日 前

    They do . Yeonjung has a lighter hair color

  33. - moonxstar -

    - moonxstar -3 日 前


  34. 棘千

    棘千3 日 前


  35. Army Bear

    Army Bear4 日 前

    My bias is the cat

  36. mica미카

    mica미카4 日 前


  37. Nico 06106

    Nico 061064 日 前

    The BEST kpop song of 2019

  38. Yuni Lestari

    Yuni Lestari4 日 前


  39. Mahiro Sora

    Mahiro Sora4 日 前

    Omg, this is the first song that I like from WJSN😍

  40. T Pink

    T Pink4 日 前

    This is definitely a headphone song. Like wow the chills I get when I crank this up. @_@

  41. Minnie Chau

    Minnie Chau4 日 前

    glad you like it! i hope you can check out their other songs too! la la love is really good with headphones on

  42. abdul muhaimin

    abdul muhaimin5 日 前

    I love wjsn😍😍

  43. 구 구

    구 구5 日 前

    루다 귀엽당♡♡♡♡♡♡^^~

  44. Shiuan 0707

    Shiuan 07075 日 前

    Can't believe this song had been two months since release! But I still keep coming back non stop😍

  45. fernanda

    fernanda5 日 前

    who is seola?

  46. v i n

    v i n4 日 前

    another seola part 1:50 and the last center part 3:23

  47. Minnie Chau

    Minnie Chau4 日 前

    at 1:28

  48. spoopyjhope

    spoopyjhope6 日 前


  49. Nasrul Zaffrey

    Nasrul Zaffrey6 日 前

    SNSD: Tell Me Your Wish UJUNG: *WE WISH A WJSN OT13 COMEBACK THIS YEAR* WJSN: As You Wish BEG: Abracadabra RV: Zimzalabim

  50. julia paula

    julia paula6 日 前

    Meu deus esse grupo é muito bom!!!! 😍😍😍😍😍

  51. Augusto Lopes

    Augusto Lopes3 日 前

    Verdade ♡♡♡

  52. Satxllite

    Satxllite6 日 前

    Thanks for my new lockscreen miss Nam Dawon

  53. Kpopluvr94

    Kpopluvr947 日 前

    Some of the background sounds like spotlight, by pristin v

  54. OhGBAPDcOnDnOnf

    OhGBAPDcOnDnOnf7 日 前

    I'm not a fan (yet) but i keep coming back to this song like i did with save me save you. Their songs are so gorgeous

  55. stan twicepink

    stan twicepink7 日 前

    'As You Wish' peaks on Korean charts: MelOn: #4 Naver: #1 Mnet: #4 Genie: #4 BUGS!: #1 FLO: #2 Soribada: #?



    Wjsn owns aesthetic

  57. Gabriela Gimenez

    Gabriela Gimenez8 日 前

    Love you rap of exy love you exy

  58. Jacob's Cereal

    Jacob's Cereal8 日 前

    Their MV is always the most aesthetic EVER. Why am I not a fan yet?

  59. Cleyde 19

    Cleyde 198 日 前


  60. Yuni IV

    Yuni IV8 日 前

    Okay, but the MV aesthetics slap hard

  61. Yuni IV

    Yuni IV8 日 前


  62. juanjo fabiano

    juanjo fabiano8 日 前

    "As You Wish"

  63. juanjo fabiano

    juanjo fabiano8 日 前


  64. juanjo fabiano

    juanjo fabiano8 日 前

    6 126

  65. Katima Mulilo

    Katima Mulilo8 日 前

    What is the literal translation of 이루리 ?

  66. Augusto Lopes

    Augusto Lopes3 日 前

    This is from verb 이루다 (iluda) and mean 'make' , 'achieve'

  67. Lalalovejoonie

    Lalalovejoonie7 日 前

    it's a chant. but the meaning is "i will make it come true"

  68. Yuni IV

    Yuni IV8 日 前

    As you wish

  69. Jeremiah Conejos

    Jeremiah Conejos8 日 前

    This song makes me feel soo gooood

  70. studentbuddy ᴠɪ回

    studentbuddy ᴠɪ回8 日 前

    I'm a buddy and I love the songgg!😅

  71. Jenlisa Manoban

    Jenlisa Manoban9 日 前

    I wish to meet these wonderful ladies on stage 😍 (concert tour🙏)

  72. anna Rosli

    anna Rosli9 日 前

    luda's voice was really lovely🥺🌹 why cant she have a longer part? kenot brain