1. Bangtan Cyp

    Bangtan Cyp9 時間 前

    Im not your fan but this song is really good

  2. Caity

    Caity10 時間 前

    I'm new here so I don't know their names or anything but this song is 🔥🔥🔥

  3. Estela UwU

    Estela UwU10 時間 前


  4. uli bnayao

    uli bnayao10 時間 前

    The best. ..💞💞

  5. david trudler

    david trudler10 時間 前

    65M till 200M

  6. Yuqi Ys

    Yuqi Ys10 時間 前

    Eu amo tanto

  7. Yuqi Ys

    Yuqi Ys10 時間 前


  8. Yuqi Ys

    Yuqi Ys10 時間 前

    They rock too much

  9. Yuqi Ys

    Yuqi Ys10 時間 前


  10. فراشه فراشه

    فراشه فراشه10 時間 前


  11. Daily_ Chae

    Daily_ Chae11 時間 前


  12. iris piga

    iris piga11 時間 前

    Mamamo love you >:3


    KIM JENYE11 時間 前

    나는 그것을 좋아한다

  14. Málna Kiss

    Málna Kiss11 時間 前

    Weein is the do her best in this MV.

  15. Ngọc Lê Thị

    Ngọc Lê Thị12 時間 前


  16. loca por los chinos :3

    loca por los chinos :312 時間 前

    Quien quiere ramen? 👁3👁 \__🍜’\__/

  17. NickiDe Mg

    NickiDe Mg12 時間 前


  18. Yaretzi Rico

    Yaretzi Rico12 時間 前


  19. Aya magdy

    Aya magdy12 時間 前

    So hip

  20. какой-то там кореец

    какой-то там кореец13 時間 前


  21. какой-то там кореец

    какой-то там кореец12 時間 前

    @Yong :3 ну как сказать, русский) говорю на русском, а так не русский.

  22. Yong :3

    Yong :312 時間 前

    Прувет русский

  23. 『Lil Sophie』

    『Lil Sophie』13 時間 前

    Todos queremos a Hwasa como nuestra presidenta :)))

  24. Yeorum Han

    Yeorum Han13 時間 前

    Gosh, I just realized that i saw Bambi and Nana from NEON MILK on Solar's Rock Performance (?) Scene 😊😊 Keep it up ~

  25. P RABESS

    P RABESS13 時間 前

    UwU Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep Srry ;v;

  26. Gabriel Sanchez

    Gabriel Sanchez13 時間 前

    Copia barata de Blak pinc 🙅🙅🙅

  27. MJFN

    MJFN13 時間 前

    Jajaja qué buen chiste blonk ,te recuerdo quien debutó primero además si ves su música nunca se quedan con el mismo estilo musical reciclado que tiene YG pueden hacer jazz, bosanova,R&B, Hip hop,baladas Western entre otros ese es talento y variedad musical.


    FLORENCE14 時間 前

    _MooMoos please don't forget about:_ *Starry night, Gogobebe, Wind flower, Décalcomanie, Egotistic* _We should focus on these songs now_ _and $tream it all the time "on MAMAMOO_ _channel" we have to make it_ _reach 100M, please this is important,_ _let's be real MooMoo and support_ _MAMAMOO_

  29. Tania Suppa

    Tania Suppa14 時間 前

    Que temazo

  30. -ElDabber -

    -ElDabber -14 時間 前

    Wow Solar is ❤

  31. 포도공쥬

    포도공쥬15 時間 前

    포도ㅠㅠ화사자ㅠㅠ용리다ㅠㅠ정패용ㅠㅠ 사랑해ㅠㅠ🐰🐹🐶🦁

  32. YESHA Kushwah

    YESHA Kushwah16 時間 前

    Mamamoo is next best thing after BP, I dont get the hype around TWICE! this choreo is even better than "iconic" fancy you choreo!

  33. Jeon Yerin

    Jeon Yerin14 時間 前

    Mamamoo are queens of vocals in kpop. All kpop fans know that

  34. Raya splendide

    Raya splendide15 時間 前

    yes it's obvious that mamamoo are the best girl grp out there their world class talents speak for them but i just hope they continue as grp coz this is their last year in the contract 😭

  35. María moo

    María moo15 時間 前

    I hope mamamoo gets bigger and bigger bc of their talent not only that but also there are more things but let's not bring down other groups bc they also work hard to get where they are RN and Tbh mmm dont like when other group gets dragged so let's respect all of them Even i used to dislike twice(doesn't mean i hate them) but i gave a try and their songs feels like i'm in a candy world(lololol) but it disstressed me out so let's hope best for gg

  36. Rin KEE

    Rin KEE16 時間 前

    Boring? Not for moomoo...

  37. María moo

    María moo15 時間 前

    Lmao they must be tasteless then huh

  38. Kpop Factory

    Kpop Factory16 時間 前

    I just fell in love with this song

  39. VKOOK for live

    VKOOK for live16 時間 前

    1 Wheein 39.7 2 solar 37.7 3 Hwasa 36.6 4 Moonbyul 31.4

  40. alice 4lice3

    alice 4lice316 時間 前


  41. rosen shabi

    rosen shabi17 時間 前

    HIP H - Hwasa I - Is P - Perfekt

  42. Ranjana Yadav

    Ranjana Yadav15 時間 前

    Not perfect (not saying that she isn't THO) President 😂

  43. Yoshiko Yoshimoto

    Yoshiko Yoshimoto17 時間 前

    Trust me I'm straight but I'm so gay for Solar and I want to marry her.

  44. orang baek

    orang baek17 時間 前


  45. Marianne

    Marianne17 時間 前

    Best music of mamamo 😘

  46. BTS ARMY

    BTS ARMY17 時間 前


  47. Kim nam joon

    Kim nam joon18 時間 前

    هواسا 1:36 خاتفو

  48. Manasvi Kashyap

    Manasvi Kashyap18 時間 前

    It has Hindi subtitles?? I can’t believe it.

  49. María moo

    María moo15 時間 前

    IKR!!! When it was released i was amazed

  50. Isuro Kun

    Isuro Kun18 時間 前

    01:17 Guys let’s wear black outfits and not tell hwasa

  51. forehead guy

    forehead guy18 時間 前

    i hate that this song is known for the “HIP meme” and not for the song and like some creators don’t even give credit too mamamoo and why aren’t they sued yet?? stan mamamoo

  52. •Lili Chan•

    •Lili Chan•18 時間 前

    HIP H: hwasa I: is P:pretty ♥️

  53. Su Thiri

    Su Thiri19 時間 前

    they look so cute dancing in those pink suits

  54. kamrun chowdhury

    kamrun chowdhury19 時間 前

    i love you mamoo

  55. Taegukktan

    Taegukktan19 時間 前

    Never get tired

  56. 鈴木由乃

    鈴木由乃19 時間 前


  57. RON MA

    RON MA19 時間 前


  58. Justin Seagull

    Justin Seagull20 時間 前

    Seriously they deserve more fan base! 😭💞🔥💕💕💕

  59. stylekrew

    stylekrew20 時間 前

    After 7 months this song is still one of my most favorite songs 😳

  60. 암것도몰러

    암것도몰러20 時間 前

    1억뷰 돌파 축하드려요

  61. francisca mbutitia

    francisca mbutitia21 時間 前

    HIP: *exits* Animators: *our content*

  62. forehead guy

    forehead guy10 時間 前

    @María moo you can just type in “HIP meme” and a lot of videos will pop up example of people who are using this song : gacha life, furry, and just animations in general

  63. María moo

    María moo15 時間 前

    @forehead guy Can you please tell me who are using it? Or can you drop down the key word?

  64. francisca mbutitia

    francisca mbutitia18 時間 前

    @forehead guy Yeah

  65. forehead guy

    forehead guy19 時間 前

    ikr and i hate that they don’t give a lot of credit too mamamoo

  66. ykbk_2youngirls

    ykbk_2youngirls21 時間 前

    Wheein wheeein wheein I miss wheein


    MISTY GLOW22 時間 前

    Moomoos can you help ARMY str3am for BTS MV on 15th July? Please we wil Be very grateful!! We will return that favour to you! Thanks in advance! We purple you!

  68. Angela Shinner

    Angela Shinner22 時間 前

    -Are you reading the subtitles? +No! I’m too distracted by the clothes!

  69. ورد الشمري

    ورد الشمري22 時間 前


  70. nerdgant

    nerdgant23 時間 前

    I really did not expect this when I stumbled onto this group, but I'm living for Hwasa!

  71. Nisha Sharma

    Nisha Sharma23 時間 前

    Hwasa: *spits* Me: 😍 Dopee~ Once more~! (Like, Am I the only one whipped for Hwasa like that?)

  72. MEE6

    MEE623 時間 前

    I feel lonely now

  73. No One

    No One23 時間 前

    Love them!!!

  74. Bea

    Bea23 時間 前

    Still iconic

  75. luv kpoppies

    luv kpoppies日 前

    i'm going to tell my future kids that this was "head, shoulders, knees and toes" song

  76. Kinaryosih Anatanaya

    Kinaryosih Anatanaya20 時間 前

    Head shoulders knee and toes song but better and cooler

  77. SNSD my first love

    SNSD my first love日 前

    Hip aeeeee

  78. María moo

    María moo15 時間 前

    I don't wanna sound creppy but i see you everywhere and i want to be friends with you lol

  79. Rehena Debbarma

    Rehena Debbarma日 前

    Hi guys! I'm a BTS ARMY 💜 But I like most MAMAMOO😘 Girls you're all rock's🤟🏻🤟🏻

  80. army fofa games

    army fofa games日 前

    Amei esse é o comentario BR q vc espera eu vou ficar viciada nessa música

  81. Luis Fernando Silva

    Luis Fernando Silva日 前

    I have no words to say how much I love this girls.

  82. NeOZero

    NeOZero日 前

    Came from the meme, stayed for the good music

  83. NeOZero

    NeOZero12 時間 前

    María moo i have!! I now love this group

  84. María moo

    María moo15 時間 前

    Checkout other songs too!!

  85. Okami ッ

    Okami ッ23 時間 前

    Nvm lmao, I just figured it out

  86. Okami ッ

    Okami ッ23 時間 前

    Wait what meme, sorry I live under a rock

  87. Agustina Martinez

    Agustina Martinez日 前


  88. E L L E

    E L L E日 前

    1:52 uhm period queen

  89. Joa Jiminah

    Joa Jiminah日 前

    Adiós heterosexualidad

  90. Joa Jiminah

    Joa Jiminah日 前

    Ay no puedo con esto.... ellas me conquistaron 💕

  91. Joa Jiminah

    Joa Jiminah日 前


  92. Trash person with 11 subs

    Trash person with 11 subs日 前

    hwasa can call me names anyday :)

  93. Giancarlo Salas Santa Ana

    Giancarlo Salas Santa Ana日 前

    Me gusta mucho

  94. Yumlembam Lata

    Yumlembam Lata日 前

    I love this app this app to much and I will share my friend

  95. Lisbeth Garmendia

    Lisbeth Garmendia日 前

    150m !!!

  96. Yumlembam Lata

    Yumlembam Lata日 前

    I love mamamoo

  97. legow moonstar

    legow moonstar日 前

    well? we need mmm comeback soon

  98. Agustina Reinoso

    Agustina Reinoso日 前

    This song deserve a billion

  99. Sofía González

    Sofía González日 前


  100. Jeon Yerin

    Jeon Yerin14 時間 前

    Now you should be proud that you have known them. Stan mamamoo❤😊

  101. MoomooGodCult Sudario

    MoomooGodCult Sudario日 前

    Stan MAMAMOO ❤️

  102. Jimena Chávez

    Jimena Chávez日 前

    Hay moomoos que hablen español? Ninguno? Ok... :'v