1. mmmessi

    mmmessi4 時間 前

    stan mamamoo uwu.

  2. Estelle Kim

    Estelle Kim4 時間 前

    ?? environmental signs to tell people to stop focusing on their clothing choice and more on the earth??? i love

  3. -soft boy

    -soft boy5 時間 前


  4. hi hya

    hi hya5 時間 前

    ily guys

  5. hi hya

    hi hya5 時間 前


  6. Bwans_Art

    Bwans_Art5 時間 前

    Who is the woman with purple hair? I think I fell in love with her during their MAMA performance 😻

  7. hi hya

    hi hya5 時間 前

    Bwans_Art Her name is moonbyul!

  8. DP- 28

    DP- 285 時間 前

    日本人専用 コメント欄です。 お気軽にどうぞ

  9. min sunii

    min sunii5 時間 前

    Hwasa me volvió 100% lesbiana 😔👊🏼💕💕💕

  10. Brian R

    Brian R5 時間 前


  11. ;; Min Yoongi Official BTS

    ;; Min Yoongi Official BTS5 時間 前

    Good 👍

  12. Jenny Xin

    Jenny Xin5 時間 前

    yEs sIr

  13. Lucas' runny nose

    Lucas' runny nose5 時間 前

    Who choose Trump over Hwasa!?

  14. Nurul Azizah Haerul

    Nurul Azizah Haerul5 時間 前

    Love you more

  15. *Once you rapmon you cant rapoff

    *Once you rapmon you cant rapoff5 時間 前

    CONGRATULATIONS FOR ALL THE ACHIEVEMENTS MAMAMOO AND RADDISH EMPIRE!!! im not a moomoo but Im really proud!! I love seeing groups from smaller companies succeed crazily

  16. bloominq. gacнa.

    bloominq. gacнa.6 時間 前

    Hwasa spitting at us tho. Pluh

  17. Daiana Rose

    Daiana Rose6 時間 前

    Hwasa 🖤♥️ Moonbyul 🖤♥️ Solar 🖤♥️ Weehin 🖤♥️

  18. Mikayla Kim

    Mikayla Kim6 時間 前

    Hwasa has the badass look and I love it

  19. Caro Medina

    Caro Medina6 時間 前

    I know there's some controversy about Hwasa in Korea, but in the rest of the world love her, that means that WE are so many more people who loves her that the haters.

  20. Mirian Teixeira

    Mirian Teixeira6 時間 前


  21. Amy Saif

    Amy Saif6 時間 前

    I love mamamoo 😍 this video looks like 4minute hate in red clothes ❤

  22. Jei Sánchez

    Jei Sánchez6 時間 前

    As a Momoo ive seen people talk about mamamoo when they want to pick fanwars with ggs or bgs, don't drag other groups please because each one is different and mmm is far to look alike the idol community, they're very in their own world. If u want to make mamamoo big talk about their talent and achievements. In other hand, I'm so happy they got the #1 gg reputation. Hope they're healthy and happy rn

  23. Monserrat Rodriguez H

    Monserrat Rodriguez H6 時間 前

    Me gusta mucho💖💖💖

  24. Sara Cristina

    Sara Cristina6 時間 前

    Lixo bosta

  25. Betül Vural

    Betül Vural6 時間 前

    MAMAMOO bir tanedir gerisi boştur! 😀 Mxnx

  26. Bonnie Bell

    Bonnie Bell6 時間 前

    Like si eres uno de los unicos que hablan español y escuchamos mamamoo :'D

  27. Bianca Aletti

    Bianca Aletti6 時間 前


  28. lisa del lotto

    lisa del lotto6 時間 前

    Iré a hacer un nuevo álbum , jajaja lo ame ❤️

  29. Jojo Gamesss

    Jojo Gamesss6 時間 前

    Who is excited for (BTS) RM and hwasa’s collab???

  30. Maria Ines Lopez

    Maria Ines Lopez7 時間 前

    the dislikes are only caused by people with tears in their eyes for how beautiful this is that missed the like button

  31. Jose Chavez

    Jose Chavez7 時間 前

    esta de buena

  32. Ka Ieng Lei

    Ka Ieng Lei7 時間 前

    Let’s reach 40 million views before Moon’s birthday❤️

  33. Danny Rodriguez

    Danny Rodriguez8 時間 前


  34. Boss Moonbyul

    Boss Moonbyul8 時間 前

    To everyone turning gay after watching this video. Welcome, everyone’s gay down here! Mamamoo does that to you!

  35. Gamer Trainer

    Gamer Trainer8 時間 前

    I love all the members I don’t even know who’s my bias ;-; I think I like Moonbyul or Solar but I still like Hwasa and Whein too ;~;

  36. Jess Kookie

    Jess Kookie8 時間 前

    I'm like obsessed with this song and the dance like... I wake up with it and listen to it before I go to bed lmao

  37. Lemon B.I.G Walker

    Lemon B.I.G Walker8 時間 前

    Is it late to stan?

  38. Jei Sánchez

    Jei Sánchez6 時間 前

    Never. Welcome :)

  39. Maria ivy Alejo

    Maria ivy Alejo8 時間 前

    never. thank you for giving a listen to MAMAMOO. They don't disappoint with their music.

  40. GOT7 Forever7

    GOT7 Forever78 時間 前

    I never really payed attention to MAMAMOO, but ever since I heard this song, I started listening to more of their songs and I realized that I love their style of music + their voices😍. I have to stan now😊🤗❤️

  41. EdeV

    EdeV6 時間 前

    GOT7 Forever7 welcome to the moomoo fandom aka radish empire

  42. Kikeo Otaku

    Kikeo Otaku9 時間 前

    i'm a BLINK but this is the Best kpop comeback for this year !

  43. Raheel Baig

    Raheel Baig9 時間 前

    I can see Hwasa's boyfriend from Twit mv 0:45

  44. a s h

    a s h9 時間 前

    Having a brain and not stanning mamamoo is a waste.

  45. khawl khali

    khawl khali9 時間 前

    so iconic

  46. BlackPink na quebrada

    BlackPink na quebrada9 時間 前

    Meu novo MV favorito

  47. sphinx san

    sphinx san9 時間 前


  48. renebaebae 안

    renebaebae 안9 時間 前

    *Im going to pray about the people dont Stan Mamamoo*

  49. renebaebae 안

    renebaebae 안9 時間 前

    *Nobody* *Literally Nobody* *Me at 3AM immitating this; **1:35*

  50. renebaebae 안

    renebaebae 안9 時間 前

    *STAN Mamamoo if you want to be blessed*

  51. Hellxplz

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  52. renebaebae 안

    renebaebae 안9 時間 前

    *mamamoo is getting the attention that they deserve*

  53. maknae x mamamoo

    maknae x mamamoo10 時間 前

    34 280 219 road to 35 m💪🏻 GAJA moomoos

  54. Ayesha Maee

    Ayesha Maee10 時間 前

    This song is a bopppp

  55. Юлианна Kim

    Юлианна Kim10 時間 前

    Королевы к-попа

  56. Valeria León

    Valeria León10 時間 前


  57. fudge_shot

    fudge_shot10 時間 前

    How does 1.25x sound so cool?

  58. Emmily kaillany

    Emmily kaillany10 時間 前

    ❤❤ Como amo essas meninas

  59. MOON XVI

    MOON XVI10 時間 前

    One word. ART.

  60. M k

    M k10 時間 前

    moonbyul reminds me of J Hope so much..

  61. Feel FANCY

    Feel FANCY10 時間 前

    No one : Not even moomoos: QUEEN Hwasa:KKAH TOOH

  62. 킴하나

    킴하나10 時間 前


  63. sirwa ma

    sirwa ma10 時間 前

    Isn't it hard for them to hold a whole industry on their small shoulders? 😭


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