Multi-Agent Hide and Seek


  1. israx ;;

    israx ;;12 時間 前

    Omg I want to play this in class and trap the seekers in a room xD

  2. Jiloy YT

    Jiloy YT20 時間 前

    i want to play that in mobile

  3. Gustavo do Brasil

    Gustavo do Brasil日 前

    Who you dowdual?

  4. Adam Dayrit

    Adam Dayrit2 日 前

    One word: *Impressive.*

  5. Gustavo do Brasil

    Gustavo do Brasil3 日 前

    Good luck is mod apk?

  6. HMH

    HMH3 日 前

    how they block the door with boxes?

  7. Miles Shipley-Krueger

    Miles Shipley-Krueger3 日 前

    i wanna play this

  8. Chaos17 Bloody

    Chaos17 Bloody3 日 前

    Honestly i need this simulation as a game, its so satisfying

  9. 阿琴

    阿琴4 日 前

    讓人工智慧玩捉迷藏,最後居然發展出連人類都想不到的策略!? | 一探啾竟 第80集 | 啾啾鞋


    REAL GAMER4 日 前

    Then you will be enjoying while the AI feel like he is fighting for his own life.....

  11. itznoki _

    itznoki _5 日 前

    I want play this

  12. Veritas Deutsch

    Veritas Deutsch6 日 前

    300 IQ, Building an enclosure around the red seekers from which they can't get out

  13. Senjirou

    Senjirou6 日 前

    I'm disappointed they didn't put the clip where the agents abused the physics engine to yeet the box out of the map

  14. Ghostly

    Ghostly6 日 前

    The surf strategy is basically just an advanced tech skill

  15. Mahmoud Hazani

    Mahmoud Hazani7 日 前

    Humans : "AI is going to destroy us !" AI : _Plays hide&seak_

  16. mario-loving guy

    mario-loving guy7 日 前

    Please do stream with this game in 360°

  17. SerapHxPandora

    SerapHxPandora7 日 前

    Could you give us a link so that we could see these ourselves and make it that player vs ai

  18. Floof Doggo

    Floof Doggo8 日 前

    Reminds me of little big planet

  19. Momo Lomo

    Momo Lomo8 日 前

    This has to have a video game, with multi-player and one player mode with bots

  20. Abdo Gaming Zone

    Abdo Gaming Zone8 日 前

    I have an idea ..... . . . . . Just lock the seekers xD

  21. Yes I'm nobody

    Yes I'm nobody9 日 前

    This can be applied to school, for example, kids who get introduced to school dont know what to do but as they learn they adapt to school they start to listen, stay in order, and make choices to improve. But this process is not really that great because school does not provide much creativity for children. If you think hard enough the "learning" process isn't all that hard. First the student get introduced to new subjects or lessons (math, science, history, and other subjects) after that the student studies the subject then after sometime the test comes then the students regurgitate the information that they learned. Anyway I'm bad at English (because I'm 12)

  22. Yes I'm nobody

    Yes I'm nobody9 日 前

    If you get the highest score in the test you are considered a smart student ( :

  23. FortPt 003

    FortPt 0039 日 前

    it s this a game :/

  24. Rocket Dino

    Rocket Dino10 日 前

    Welp guys...... we are doomed

  25. Boba101

    Boba10110 日 前

    I really wanna play this

  26. i eat kids

    i eat kids10 日 前

    They look so happy that they’re playing hide and seek

  27. Joel Madden

    Joel Madden11 日 前

    Innocent video: Hide and seek Me: ah so lock downs in American schools

  28. Joel Madden

    Joel Madden11 日 前

    Sorry for anyone who may be offended by this joke.

  29. Mine Crafter5837

    Mine Crafter583711 日 前

    They are smarter then me xD

  30. Gbolagade Oluwadara

    Gbolagade Oluwadara11 日 前

    I just thought of this why not lock up the seekers instead

  31. Zavion

    Zavion12 日 前

    Would be cool to see how you made this

  32. Dexter Bermudez

    Dexter Bermudez12 日 前

    How about lock the seeker?

  33. Figo 3

    Figo 312 日 前

    When the AI finds exploits

  34. Toasty Animations

    Toasty Animations12 日 前

    this should be a game

  35. Jaylen Biggs

    Jaylen Biggs12 日 前

    Who else wants this to be a real game

  36. Znoobbit catspro

    Znoobbit catspro12 日 前

    Humans: we need 4 Ai: no 2

  37. Znoobbit catspro

    Znoobbit catspro13 日 前

    God these Artificial intelligences is smarter than human

  38. Surreal Snowman

    Surreal Snowman13 日 前

    Why didn't they just trap the seekers :/

  39. databbs

    databbs14 日 前

    T H I S M A D E M Y D A Y

  40. Efehan Demir

    Efehan Demir14 日 前

    It was harder to make the animation than the AI

  41. ArmoredLeaf

    ArmoredLeaf14 日 前

    is this a game? i woud LOVE to play this if it was a game

  42. Enchanted Pyro

    Enchanted Pyro15 日 前

    I want a game like this or something

  43. Help me I cant change my Name.

    Help me I cant change my Name.15 日 前

    How did they never get the idra of building a fort around the seekers?

  44. Fecó Drávecz

    Fecó Drávecz16 日 前

    That surfing seeker is no joke smarter than me.

  45. Zaar

    Zaar16 日 前


  46. Folarin Osibodu

    Folarin Osibodu16 日 前

    The end of the video reminds me of episodes of Black Mirror.

  47. why why

    why why16 日 前

    the little characters are so cute

  48. Katory takatory

    Katory takatory17 日 前

    How to install this?

  49. Eirikatana

    Eirikatana17 日 前

    Human: "Protect the humanity at all cost" AI: "It's more effective to protect two reproductive specimen than billions of them." Human: "Instant GF for me?" AI: "Yes."

  50. Louis Masclef

    Louis Masclef17 日 前

    "the only geniouly intelligence species known to date, humans". Hu, are you for real? Saying that seems to me a bit presumptuous dont you think?

  51. Travis Jack Bird

    Travis Jack Bird17 日 前

    Greg Brockman (Chairman & CTO), Ilya Sutskever (Chief Scientist), and Sam Altman (CEO), and non-employees Adam D'Angelo, Holden Karnofsky, Reid Hoffman, Sue Yoon, and Tasha McCauley

  52. Travis Jack Bird

    Travis Jack Bird17 日 前

    Wooowh . Sounds like a plan for child rape to me .. heard this company molests children. Yep

  53. Candace K

    Candace K18 日 前

    I wish this was a game.

  54. dumbcreaknuller

    dumbcreaknuller18 日 前

    i think we need some unity engine world with fancy graphics to give these agents some more entertaining playground and apperence.

  55. Vincent Chong

    Vincent Chong18 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="60">1:00</a> & <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="66">1:06</a>, how the hiders knows seekers use the slope? Are hiders equipped with sensors to know how seekers use the slope?

  56. G1regor

    G1regor19 日 前

    i actually want to play this game

  57. Random Internet

    Random Internet19 日 前

    When the robots learn cheat codes...

  58. Skywalkern1 RO

    Skywalkern1 RO19 日 前


  59. Russell Johnson

    Russell Johnson19 日 前

    It would be nuts if the blues learned to trap the reds behind walls from the start.

  60. DETEDO

    DETEDO20 日 前

    i feel like that AI smarter than me

  61. DylvilleHD

    DylvilleHD20 日 前

    This game looks fun

  62. Jack Septic

    Jack Septic20 日 前


  63. XtonGod

    XtonGod20 日 前

    how to download

  64. εηdιεss

    εηdιεss21 日 前

    im dumb, instead of reading "OpenAi" i read "Hentai" no joke

  65. Yoshi Junior

    Yoshi Junior21 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="115">1:55</a> The red team is taking advantage of an EXPLOIT.

  66. Dominick Boren

    Dominick Boren21 日 前

    Hider: Since they cant move the ramps, theyll never be able to come into my shelter! I've won! The Seeker that Just Invented Box-Surfing: *ayo wassup*

  67. kirb lol

    kirb lol21 日 前


  68. DurexDurpaneu2

    DurexDurpaneu221 日 前


  69. Benjamin Van Hout

    Benjamin Van Hout22 日 前


  70. Zipac Zhang

    Zipac Zhang22 日 前

    Fuck you, how about that

  71. Narin Uzakgiden

    Narin Uzakgiden22 日 前

    Ok but can this be a real game looks intresting and fun

  72. Vocaloid Fan 345

    Vocaloid Fan 34522 日 前

    This looks so wholesome Like: ":D :D :D haha u found me!"

  73. Moon VTM

    Moon VTM22 日 前

    I want this as a game

  74. doubbleyou

    doubbleyou23 日 前

    If we control A.I. something must be controlling us it only makes sense

  75. Tohfu

    Tohfu23 日 前

    those ai should have a world like human. they will learn from scratch

  76. Onyxle

    Onyxle23 日 前

    This would be a fun video game...

  77. Stan Smith

    Stan Smith23 日 前

    I keep getting recommended this video so I keep watching it. I think this is the 7th or 8th time that i’ve watched this

  78. Wolver

    Wolver23 日 前

    Let me guess, May

  79. Zorgenfr1

    Zorgenfr123 日 前

    this is so beutiful

  80. RealFreshDuke

    RealFreshDuke24 日 前

    Have the hiders tried to trap the seeker(s)?

  81. Harsh Kanumuri

    Harsh Kanumuri24 日 前

    did the hiders learns to use the objects to trap the seekers , that is the best solution

  82. holi man 2

    holi man 224 日 前

    Woooow uwu