Mulatto - Muwop (Official Video) ft. Gucci Mane


  1. Chris56076

    Chris560762 時間 前 Click that link for youngin. His instagram is Papi_czz 🔥🔥🔥. Blicky talk . King louie and Chief keef influence

  2. Chris56076

    Chris560762 時間 前 Click that link for youngin. His instagram is Papi_czz 🔥🔥🔥. Blicky talk . King louie and Chief keef influence

  3. Queen Nee

    Queen Nee2 時間 前

    Love it!! It's the G you see!!

  4. josh el

    josh el2 時間 前

    She's original a Queen southern beauty

  5. WaitWhat

    WaitWhat5 時間 前

    “And boy is she freaky” = funniest thing I’ve heard.

  6. Haydee Dittmar

    Haydee Dittmar6 時間 前

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  7. foncarelli

    foncarelli8 時間 前

    she have came a long way since Jermaine Duprees show

  8. Fanny Delgado

    Fanny Delgado8 時間 前

    😳 New Artist Miami 🌴 @Biglive fuego 🔥 🔥 🔥

  9. Nessa Nessa

    Nessa Nessa12 時間 前

    Is that a remix to webbies song

  10. Baby Jeff

    Baby Jeff13 時間 前

    She killed this 🤣 my moma even like this and her old ass 35 🤣

  11. Simone Young

    Simone Young9 時間 前

    Your momma ain’t old !

  12. Queenz Proctor

    Queenz Proctor13 時間 前

    Course I’m a very smart girl get it from my mama I am with the gang and I am the smartest heading to the school bus with my computer and my mama walking to the top with my mama and my. Broth

  13. tetrahedronify

    tetrahedronify13 時間 前

    Disappointed with the lack of product placement in this video

  14. ali honeydeu

    ali honeydeu14 時間 前


  15. chaeyoons

    chaeyoons17 時間 前

    Ok bundle bandit

  16. Jack Straw

    Jack Straw17 時間 前

    She does not sound like how she looks lol

  17. layla Mcdonald

    layla Mcdonald19 時間 前

    Gucci smile! Yesss please lol

  18. Aalua Mujuru

    Aalua Mujuru20 時間 前

    You stealing hair sus?!.

  19. Sheena Taylor

    Sheena Taylor21 時間 前

    I normally don’t like songs of new artists sampling old artists songs but baby girl brought this one to the table all the way. Love it!🔥❤️

  20. ajax Paolini

    ajax Paolini日 前

    Who knows the name of the girl with the puff out hair

  21. Leia Nicole

    Leia Nicole日 前

    Yeeeeeeessssssw!!!! Lookin good !

  22. Fabrice Qvo

    Fabrice Qvo日 前

    “Mommy mommy woke up Gucci’s girlfriend is here” ..😭

  23. Joane Collins

    Joane Collins日 前


  24. Dere'ona Davenport

    Dere'ona Davenport日 前

    Purrr y’all did that 😩🥰

  25. Stan Winslow

    Stan Winslow日 前

    The video was sponsored definatly

  26. Harlan Yoder

    Harlan Yoder日 前


  27. Nancy Zheng

    Nancy Zheng日 前

    I'm usually disappointed in songs sampling a classic hit, but homegirl held her own.👍👍👍👍

  28. Elijah Thompson

    Elijah Thompson日 前

    Finally A Noice Christian Song I Can Play Around Perverts

  29. Robert Harts

    Robert Harts日 前

    A lot more people that have a

  30. Lvly

    Lvly日 前

    Trust your gut. This just inspires me to keep writing 💕💕 If she would’ve signed from the Rap game ... who knows how everything would’ve turned out.

  31. Jakaylei Wynn

    Jakaylei Wynn日 前


  32. Toca World

    Toca World日 前

    I love is song

  33. A.L. B

    A.L. B日 前

    Garbage, put that original Gucci

  34. ells oidase

    ells oidase日 前

    now this is all shades of black

  35. jennifer atwood

    jennifer atwood日 前

    If she not down w chocolate chics.. dead in the water 😎😉😘

  36. Tyasia Hilliard

    Tyasia Hilliard日 前


  37. N. Chambers

    N. Chambers日 前



    DKG BEATS2 日 前

    Look like asian doll and Bernice burgos in the background.

  39. Miss Dee

    Miss Dee2 日 前

    Let it be known that Gucci supports all the female rappers on their come up.

  40. Sofresh105 Monica

    Sofresh105 Monica2 日 前

    Monica’s new music video for her single ‘Trenches’ ft lil Baby out NOW‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️

  41. KenShayla Davis

    KenShayla Davis2 日 前

    Aye 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  42. army fam

    army fam2 日 前

    Oh gurl

  43. eric Qwabe

    eric Qwabe2 日 前

    Lol make em give me hem

  44. Lifewith Falyn

    Lifewith Falyn2 日 前

    boy she freak

  45. Strickly Breadwinner

    Strickly Breadwinner2 日 前


  46. Rene fernandez

    Rene fernandez2 日 前

    bro im reading the comments and i see nothing about gucci killing this shit

  47. Bridget Denise

    Bridget Denise2 日 前

    Mulatto/Gucci Mane Muwop

  48. Nicole Walker

    Nicole Walker2 日 前

    This song is my 2 fav song...

  49. Sharon Mckinnon

    Sharon Mckinnon2 日 前

    omgggg I love him 💯💯💯😘

  50. 23Films

    23Films2 日 前

    “I’m a legend like tookie” 🤣🤣

  51. Jzanm Perry

    Jzanm Perry2 日 前


  52. A Johnson

    A Johnson2 日 前

    When using your body to sell records works why not take full advantage and get paid the fast way, better than drug money.

  53. DaBrina Davis

    DaBrina Davis2 日 前


  54. RX TV

    RX TV2 日 前

    turned OUT

  55. BiG JORGE863

    BiG JORGE8632 日 前

    Dope how they have that Hummer H2 like freaky girl video

  56. Aunestee Gandy

    Aunestee Gandy2 日 前

    Im literally always trying to listen to dis

  57. Roderick Harbin

    Roderick Harbin2 日 前


  58. Dj quagmire

    Dj quagmire2 日 前

    She looks like a white mixed girl

  59. Silverxdiamond

    Silverxdiamond2 日 前

    I’m here for “bitch I’m big Latto, not Suzie” 🤣

  60. Random Taco

    Random Taco2 日 前

    Rick James would’ve loved this song

  61. Harbinger sev-oh-wohne

    Harbinger sev-oh-wohne2 日 前

    0:25 DAAAAAANGGG OOH she got the Habesha girls in there tooooo!! Go girl

  62. Ashanti lee

    Ashanti lee3 日 前

    Omg the hell

  63. L P

    L P3 日 前


  64. Ashley Glorimar

    Ashley Glorimar3 日 前

    She’s not pretty but I like the song

  65. Pinky Julien

    Pinky Julien3 日 前

    “get it from my mama”

  66. Rekia Gaines

    Rekia Gaines3 日 前

    she at this up and left no crumbs preiodt

  67. Toya howard

    Toya howard3 日 前


  68. Manny Montana

    Manny Montana3 日 前

    Vet pass by strippers better then hoes

  69. Nein

    Nein3 日 前

    Shania owned this song 😭😭

  70. LiLo

    LiLo4 日 前

    You know Latto made it when she next to Megan and Moneybagg when you search “M”💪🏾💪🏾

  71. RoiAnubhav Chanchal

    RoiAnubhav Chanchal4 日 前

    Hammer H2 my love

  72. felisha bye

    felisha bye4 日 前


  73. D.Ayo Music

    D.Ayo Music4 日 前

    Gaahhhttdamn this some unoriginal hot garbage.

  74. Jaja Allen

    Jaja Allen4 日 前


  75. Michelle Martin

    Michelle Martin4 日 前

    I’m sorry but it’s a No for me I like the Original better 🤷🏽

  76. Crack head group LSHNp

    Crack head group LSHNp4 日 前

    Cute cute period

  77. Kimberly Sharpe

    Kimberly Sharpe4 日 前


  78. iblaze man

    iblaze man4 日 前

    0:38 - 0:41 im ded

  79. Anna's Life

    Anna's Life4 日 前

    She bodied this

  80. musicmojo100

    musicmojo1004 日 前

    after listening to the Lyrics it is trash... you literally saying you have no talent. and then the dude said: dont believe in no God and just shot up the club... thats nt cute at aLL yaLL (WE) need to demand more from the industry besides letting it ruin our standards. TF

  81. Erika Jones

    Erika Jones4 日 前

    That song is garbage

  82. Erika Jones

    Erika Jones4 日 前

    I HaTe ThAt SoNg

  83. Erika Jones

    Erika Jones4 日 前

    I hate that song

  84. waters world

    waters world4 日 前

    I song the whole song word for word I didnt even know I can 😭

  85. Rhonda Fenley

    Rhonda Fenley4 日 前

    I luv this song

  86. Tiah Robersom

    Tiah Robersom4 日 前

    bro don't lie dont gucci mane hot tho 👇

  87. A. T.

    A. T.4 日 前

    This 🔥🔥🔥🔥👌👌

  88. Lasandra Smith

    Lasandra Smith4 日 前

    On boss😜

  89. Lasandra Smith

    Lasandra Smith4 日 前

    She did her thang 🔥🔥

  90. cassandra soares

    cassandra soares4 日 前

    This song lives in my head rent free 🤣 Periodt on the justice for Breonna 💞

  91. sawdust1287

    sawdust12874 日 前

    That must be the laziest rap song I ever heard. It was lifeless

  92. Cedella Watson

    Cedella Watson4 日 前


  93. Cierra Taylor

    Cierra Taylor4 日 前

    gucci killed this

  94. mythoughtsarefreedom

    mythoughtsarefreedom5 日 前

    I like her

  95. New New414

    New New4145 日 前

    I love her! Go sis!

  96. Nastassia Anderson

    Nastassia Anderson5 日 前

    Go to sleep with my pistol go to walmart wit my sister

  97. Michelle harvin

    Michelle harvin5 日 前

    She is not the next Nicki or Cardi. She is in her own lane

  98. zIgGy Z

    zIgGy Z2 日 前

    nobody said she was stfu and stop comparing. y’all mad weird with that shit...

  99. It's me! AlyB0527!

    It's me! AlyB0527!4 日 前

    And she is damn good. Very talented.

  100. LanettaLa'Netta iaytyd Porterd if wkie

    LanettaLa'Netta iaytyd Porterd if wkie5 日 前

    My mom loves this song 😊

  101. Jessica Bumpers

    Jessica Bumpers5 日 前

    Loving The 🍫🍫🍫 Babygirl Representin In This Vid ShoutOut Big Latto💪💪💪

  102. Lorenzo Boschi

    Lorenzo Boschi5 日 前

    Gucci killed it

  103. Fancy Love

    Fancy Love5 日 前

    She did this 🤞🏽🔥🔥🔥