Mufasa Brainwashes Simba: Live Action Remake [ Lion King ]


  1. Edd VCR

    Edd VCR2 時間 前

    I want... NEED more of this.

  2. Alisson Gutierrez

    Alisson Gutierrez4 日 前



    MARIA HJ. MEHRY5 日 前


  4. mei aizawa

    mei aizawa5 日 前

    Simba :v

  5. CrazyManiac

    CrazyManiac6 日 前

    Wtf ?

  6. Débora melo

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  7. Pinkerton

    Pinkerton7 日 前

    ''Come on *Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimmmmmmbaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa* "

  8. 奴貓

    奴貓8 日 前


  9. olaf Khlo

    olaf Khlo9 日 前

    if this was real this would be called "The Lion Thing"

  10. mickey8

    mickey89 日 前

    I keep coming back to this video

  11. Rap Rap

    Rap Rap9 日 前

    Mufasa brainwashes 300k viewers to start nofap

  12. Peyton Clamp

    Peyton Clamp10 日 前

    This is definitely not the real lion King and he didn't even say bad words this is getting out of hand

  13. Sherly Garcia

    Sherly Garcia10 日 前

    Graabe aba may bagong dambohala

  14. Rya Villanueva

    Rya Villanueva11 日 前

    Wow that’s a weird face of Simba and Simbas dad that’s so funny😂😂😂😂

  15. Tayyab Azeem

    Tayyab Azeem11 日 前


  16. ライナー・ブラウン[ヒストリアの夫]

    ライナー・ブラウン[ヒストリアの夫]11 日 前


  17. Ax

    Ax12 日 前

    This content is something else man. I never know what you're gonna post and i love it.

  18. johnny zeolla Zeolla

    johnny zeolla Zeolla12 日 前

    MUFASA NEEDS TOO DIE YOYOYOUOLLLłdëwow A Alaska,silks,s S Sisley S Ossis Sos Sosa’s S So spider,slslsl

  19. Jabir Ahmed

    Jabir Ahmed12 日 前

    They look like animal plushies

  20. Gage Pederson

    Gage Pederson13 日 前

    Why is this so weird and funny

  21. hejka tu Zosia

    hejka tu Zosia13 日 前


  22. TheGacha Girl10 / bears pancake

    TheGacha Girl10 / bears pancake13 日 前

    How about umm hmm M a n T h a t O n e ' s F u c k e d

  23. Sarah Hansen

    Sarah Hansen14 日 前

    *Ah* *I* *see*

  24. Fred Anims

    Fred Anims14 日 前

    Wow mufasas a weaboo good to know :/

  25. Wahaj Syed

    Wahaj Syed14 日 前

    Could Simba talk?

  26. Farhan Mahmudi

    Farhan Mahmudi14 日 前

    Ya so dum boooo

  27. Askari

    Askari15 日 前

    TOP 10 Censored scenes from The Lion King 2019

  28. alexboss idk

    alexboss idk15 日 前

    The lion sounds like the gaming pelican just with outo toon

  29. PeterBeReal Indonesia

    PeterBeReal Indonesia15 日 前

    Im gonna report disney

  30. Wimpy Lion

    Wimpy Lion15 日 前

    Moral of the story: *don't have kids*

  31. Giselle Flores

    Giselle Flores16 日 前

    Lol he took a pic of Vegeta

  32. Rusty Shackleford

    Rusty Shackleford16 日 前


  33. Łüñåř The Kitsune Dragon

    Łüñåř The Kitsune Dragon16 日 前

    *sImBa iS cOnFuSeD wHaT iS dRaNk MuFaSa SaYiNg*

  34. parengaio Cookie

    parengaio Cookie16 日 前

    They look like hair balls 😂

  35. Ryan Jacob Cajucom

    Ryan Jacob Cajucom17 日 前

    This is funny video

  36. Yawning Graves

    Yawning Graves17 日 前

    I am genuinely disturbed.

  37. bendy the devil swing

    bendy the devil swing17 日 前

    Y Simba look like a hamster

  38. Miriana Silva

    Miriana Silva17 日 前


  39. Polybius Watt

    Polybius Watt17 日 前

    I love this animation style for some reason. It's very interesting to watch, in my opinion. If an other video like this one was uploaded by you, I'd definitely watch it. Also, I actually like Mufasa's voice in this. Just, everything about this video is amazing!

  40. Alayna Marie

    Alayna Marie17 日 前

    XD someone dropped a brick on them lollll

  41. Dallas&Trooper

    Dallas&Trooper17 日 前

    This is better than the actual remake.

  42. Electrotic Anims

    Electrotic Anims18 日 前

    "Like goku and vegeta" 😂

  43. няшка бонни аниматроник

    няшка бонни аниматроник18 日 前

    Hahahahahahahahaha 😂😂😂

  44. Mitchell Stucky

    Mitchell Stucky18 日 前

    Simba looks like a gerbil! 😂

  45. the flaming piston

    the flaming piston18 日 前

    Tar boy ?

  46. definitely a cow

    definitely a cow18 日 前

    *Man that ones fucked, that one makes me feel ichy, i dont even wanna think about it, can we stop looking at trees.*

  47. a very bad animation channel uwu

    a very bad animation channel uwu18 日 前

    I can't tell why this has more dislikes then likes

  48. Collaxel fortnite

    Collaxel fortnite18 日 前


  49. Liyan_ lah

    Liyan_ lah18 日 前

    😂 lol

  50. Abrielle Ruiz

    Abrielle Ruiz19 日 前

    Simba's face is cool >:]

  51. Glenn Hatch

    Glenn Hatch19 日 前

    Scar: maybe there’s more to life than just hate and anger, after all it wasn’t his fault that I got the scar, we had the same abusive father, and Sarabi made her choice with Mufasa, and I should respect that I should apologize to Mufasa and- 1:06 Die

  52. cheryl muhammad

    cheryl muhammad19 日 前

    It's different

  53. Rawman

    Rawman19 日 前

    It took me nearly 10 days but I finally get the joke. You remake your own animation video with an unsettling realistic look like Disney would have done. Genius. Just like me.

  54. Defender of lasagna

    Defender of lasagna19 日 前

    Better than the actual remake.

  55. Ember the hybrid 487

    Ember the hybrid 48719 日 前

    I’m scared now

  56. Disconntinued Account

    Disconntinued Account19 日 前

    Fappy the frog

  57. Jose Rivera

    Jose Rivera19 日 前


  58. Juariah Puspita

    Juariah Puspita19 日 前

    That what it means

  59. Kalomay Gaming

    Kalomay Gaming19 日 前

    He just dissed Taka

  60. President Gamer

    President Gamer19 日 前

    Did you get this video from area51