MS-13 Member Threatens to Kill Arresting Officers


  1. J Velez

    J Velez5 日 前

    “ I can’t breathe you fucking fagets” lmfaoooo

  2. Oldbatwit

    Oldbatwit11 日 前

    Do you have to use so many cuss words, Dude?

  3. D Brown

    D Brown13 日 前

    Yeah, we should just open the borders. We need more people like this here.

  4. Tom fair

    Tom fair13 日 前

    And this little darling is what the demorat libbys want to save, why ? Angry little bitch boy that can hurt little girls but when facing the mean and hurtful... handcuffs.. starts to whine and cry...

  5. M PM

    M PM15 日 前

    Our taxpayer money at work! 30 gang members in blue to arrest one punk off the street. Then to sit around swapping stories for the rest of their shift. Fkn pathetic thieves!!!

  6. Gc

    Gc15 日 前

    Could never be a cop thinking I would let bitches like these go when they could harm somebody else next time. Would love to see them getting tortured by one of them Sombra Military/police hitsquad and laugh about it. Sorry if I sound fucked but I can’t tolerate these absolute parasites..

  7. archisaurus

    archisaurus15 日 前

    Kill it like a disease.

  8. CANNIBAL. tv

    CANNIBAL. tv16 日 前

    People in other city's need to try our way of stoping these young mental defective gang members we simply have a gun line and if they cross it there is nothing left to say it only took too times for them and I mean all . Of them to respect what we say about coming down our street and now they don't for any reason our kids will not be put at risk anymore because other people didn't raise there kids right! Some might say we go overboard with the way we handle security on our blocks but nobody ask how you feel about it ! now we actually have a real community people outside kids playing it's a good feeling !!

  9. kyle brooks

    kyle brooks16 日 前

    If this was in California he’d be free with all charges dropped and given full support from the state

  10. chefdsal1

    chefdsal116 日 前

    A gangster telling cops they are pussies for ganging up on him and hiding behind a badge. HAHA Gangsters are the biggest pussies hiding within their group.

  11. John

    John17 日 前


  12. MotorcrossRacer1

    MotorcrossRacer117 日 前

    IF YOU CAN YELL AND CRY, guess what your breathing...............

  13. Gordon Barnes

    Gordon Barnes17 日 前

    They let them in let them deal with it pigs

  14. Mike Johnson

    Mike Johnson18 日 前

    Somebody gonna make this guy his woman in lockup.

  15. Mike Johnson

    Mike Johnson18 日 前

    Too bad ya can’t put one in his forehead.

  16. Sam Beers

    Sam Beers18 日 前

    They remind me of a pack of wild animals just ripping apart there prey.

  17. angel Vega

    angel Vega18 日 前

    I’m still recommend recording on my camera btw....

  18. Rodrick Evans

    Rodrick Evans19 日 前

    Just know this: Take any gang banger's weapon(s) away and they are left one on one......they are nothing. Why do you suppose they don't travel around by themselves?

  19. Nelson rodriguez

    Nelson rodriguez19 日 前

    What a disgrace, that he has the name of our lord and savier.

  20. Gabe Vibes

    Gabe Vibes20 日 前

    I really dislike it when people say nigga. It’s like people think that shit is cool for no reason.

  21. CommonClayoftheNewWest

    CommonClayoftheNewWest20 日 前

    If a potential serial killer ever crosses by this comment... Be a fckin champ & go methodically murder these gang members. You'll be remembered forsure if that's what you're looking for. And hey, u still get to kill ppl.

  22. John Bronx

    John Bronx20 日 前

    Twist the ear

  23. Jah Senor

    Jah Senor20 日 前

    He's getting sanctuary cuffs. Haha

  24. Jah Senor

    Jah Senor20 日 前

    Well he speaks english good.

  25. Jah Senor

    Jah Senor20 日 前

    Wait lemme get my popcorn. Is there a pt2

  26. RAM BOW

    RAM BOW20 日 前

    Its weird how everyone commenting are bunch of blue ISIS snowflakes. Open your eyes people this is not about 13 it's about the other blue gang. Bunch of cowards jumping on one kid. People open your eyes.

  27. Jas Ron

    Jas Ron21 日 前

    He only learned 8 English words.

  28. Anthony Bell

    Anthony Bell21 日 前

    He sounds exactly like the gangsters on GTA

  29. John Barney

    John Barney21 日 前

    Spray him for extra insurance ! Taze for electrical fun ! Bag it’s grape !

  30. David Soltai

    David Soltai21 日 前

    Mexico and South America sending their best

  31. JJ Mquade

    JJ Mquade22 日 前

    Only badasses when they're with 30 of their homies.

  32. Jay McKay

    Jay McKay22 日 前


  33. Alberto Portillo

    Alberto Portillo22 日 前

    Shut him in the mouth Before deport this piece of shiet

  34. Tammy Fearon

    Tammy Fearon23 日 前

    He got the “hooked on phonics” gang edition

  35. John Doe

    John Doe23 日 前

    You boys know what ya should've......

  36. CB1942EO

    CB1942EO23 日 前

    If i was President. Standing orders will be to execute all gang members.

  37. Brian Ramirez

    Brian Ramirez23 日 前

    He wanted to cry . He sounds so dumb

  38. Sara Gibson

    Sara Gibson23 日 前

    Shakespeare lives ....

  39. J man

    J man23 日 前

    Yep I know now I can't be an officer because I'd rolled that boy over and shot him in the face. Nahh I would have tazed him in the face. I would have shut him up somehow.

  40. claud riri

    claud riri24 日 前

    Lol what a cry baby thought he was tough guy lol

  41. Jack Henry Stelling

    Jack Henry Stelling24 日 前

    He just mad bc he got arrest and he can breath and ur a rat lol a mean one a ms13 🐀

  42. black/white cookie

    black/white cookie25 日 前

    How many citizens died because of this illegal piece of s*** 4 over 25 years illegal Invaders have been poisoning American citizens killing Millions! PLEASE deportation is desperately needed all over the USA of all illegal Invaders

  43. Jeff Heidel5

    Jeff Heidel525 日 前

    He shit his pants if he had to face anyone here one on one

  44. Jeff Heidel5

    Jeff Heidel525 日 前

    I commend you guys for your restraint

  45. robert Zimmerle

    robert Zimmerle25 日 前

    Nobody woulda cared if they killed him, just saying

  46. Raymond Krzywda

    Raymond Krzywda25 日 前

    I'll bet each one of these pigs have swallowed a bit of fat Donnies Cum.

  47. Raymond Krzywda

    Raymond Krzywda25 日 前

    I know this guy is probably scum but there's no reason for the pig to keep his knee on the guys neck when his family and or he gets killed by these guys oh well

  48. Andrea Thomas

    Andrea Thomas25 日 前

    Cops are gang members to they don't always protect people.

  49. T B

    T B26 日 前

    Bycle bad ass

  50. sweetBitterSedation

    sweetBitterSedation26 日 前

    Dude I would have to shut the fuck up at that point and be like yeah I am caught. Yeah I am not winning this fight. However, my IQ is probably just a few points higher on the low side of the IQ Bell Curve.

  51. Kory Kloth

    Kory Kloth26 日 前

    Threatening to kill anyone is another charge. They could all charge him with that because he threatened to kill them all.

  52. Steve Bordelon

    Steve Bordelon26 日 前

    And if this arrest occurred in a sanctuary city, this gentleman could be released and there would be no cooperation with ICE.

  53. ticker

    ticker22 日 前

    Unfortunately WA state is Sanctuary. I gaurantee you this police department was not in contact with Ice. Happens all the time. Absolutely ridiculous.

  54. Bernd Klüver

    Bernd Klüver26 日 前

    Maybe it's better to kill a rat like this bevore he does any further crime. At least i hope that he never ever gets out of jail for the rest of his entire poor wasted life. The day when he was crawling out of his mum's ass was a day of shame. Sorry for my rude language but i really hate people like this. God forgive me.

  55. Hiro Pazar

    Hiro Pazar26 日 前

    Assault x3 man that sounds stupid more like 3 assaulted one

  56. Street Visuals

    Street Visuals26 日 前

    2sec in and i like this guy lol

  57. lex mark

    lex mark26 日 前

    this is why we need too protect our borders this guys from Mexico?

  58. ed james

    ed james26 日 前

    lex mark el Salvador

  59. Tom Diamond

    Tom Diamond26 日 前

    Ms13? Sounds like a bitch to me

  60. Joel Louzy

    Joel Louzy26 日 前

    🎶 I fought the law and the law won.

  61. Lee Franklin

    Lee Franklin26 日 前

    Now he will get a Nice Comphie Bed And Some Pork sausage up His Ass

  62. Lee Franklin

    Lee Franklin26 日 前

    Yup. They should OFF. Him. But Kick the Everliven Fuck out of Him. First