MrBeast gave me $70,000 to do this...


  1. JackSucksAtLife

    JackSucksAtLifeヶ月 前

    subscribe to don't subscribe!

  2. Austin Caldwell

    Austin Caldwell18 日 前

    I just did

  3. William jones

    William jones26 日 前

    Not gonna lie but pink looks good on your heaf

  4. Galaxy Gamers

    Galaxy Gamers28 日 前

    You forgot to dye your eyebrows...... Challenge FAILED!

  5. suhayb sherif

    suhayb sherif29 日 前

    im the 200th reply

  6. The Koopa Kings

    The Koopa Kings29 日 前


  7. LaunchPad

    LaunchPad20 時間 前

    Don’t worry I have purple hair

  8. TheLoneWolfVi

    TheLoneWolfVi日 前

    LOL, he looks like ed sheeran when he bleached his head XD

  9. Taylor Francis

    Taylor Francis日 前

    Looks good?

  10. TechGamerYay

    TechGamerYay2 日 前


  11. EX0TIX Reeper

    EX0TIX Reeper3 日 前

    can you shout me out please

  12. David Leonard

    David Leonard3 日 前

    can we talk about how this was made in janurary 2021 and he had 700000 subs and now he has 57Mil subs

  13. N0t Swift

    N0t Swift4 日 前

    Is it just me or does he look like ninja

  14. Max Robinson

    Max Robinson4 日 前

    hey i mean hey you pull it off better than most people would so dont hate it to much its normal to see bright coloured hair going round tescos doing your shop :)

  15. TechGamerYay

    TechGamerYay4 日 前

    Yay I just got a shoutout from jack ( shoutout to the 700k people who subbed to don’t subscribe) (read the first reply btw)

  16. TechGamerYay

    TechGamerYay8 時間 前

    Oof I think it was a joke…

  17. Armando Dominguez

    Armando Dominguez5 日 前

    Oh no this video has 666k views

  18. zllie

    zllie5 日 前

    it doesn't look too bad tbh

  19. Radstorm Animations

    Radstorm Animations5 日 前

    The hell with that hair do not ever do that again got it buddy

  20. Juliette Tobin

    Juliette Tobin6 日 前

    Jack with pink hair: Ninja Jack with blond hair: Malfoy

  21. Oliwier Matthews

    Oliwier Matthews6 日 前

    at 3:54 he looks like Draco Malfoy

  22. Tina Davis

    Tina Davis7 日 前

    The honorable sky wailly shade because kayak undeniably entertain into a gorgeous helium. necessary, helpless dietician

  23. XainWasTaken

    XainWasTaken7 日 前

    4:45 He looks like jimin from bts kpop. Hahahahhaa

  24. Mr. Gibberish

    Mr. Gibberish8 日 前

    Looks pretty good actually

  25. Fatima Rahman

    Fatima Rahman8 日 前

    You locked like Liam Thomson in the bath

  26. Karikku bloopers

    Karikku bloopers8 日 前

    Bro can you give me one channel please...............................

  27. Cat Studios Productions

    Cat Studios Productions8 日 前

    He probably hates the channel Don’t subscribe, he clearly gave it the finger. 1:04

  28. H Permutation

    H Permutation9 日 前

    3:29 jack turns old

  29. Sarah Cooper

    Sarah Cooper9 日 前

    5:52 hisoka vibes.

  30. James Angdika

    James Angdika9 日 前

    it looks poggers man. i don't see why ur embarrassed

  31. Fred Kennedy

    Fred Kennedy9 日 前

    Why do i actually like it-

  32. Jj Vins

    Jj Vins10 日 前

    Is He Brother Of Ninja?

  33. Qwertyuiop Lkjhgfdsa

    Qwertyuiop Lkjhgfdsa11 日 前

    I cant be the only one to think he vaguely resembles Kazuichi Soda now

  34. blownlightbulb

    blownlightbulb11 日 前

    every one should unsub to dont subscribe now lol

  35. Mikan Tsumiki

    Mikan Tsumiki11 日 前

    10:11 I think I've found Souda in real life.

  36. Mikan Tsumiki

    Mikan Tsumiki10 日 前

    @Qwertyuiop Lkjhgfdsa Y ES

  37. Qwertyuiop Lkjhgfdsa

    Qwertyuiop Lkjhgfdsa11 日 前


  38. Ava The Ginger

    Ava The Ginger11 日 前

    Just going to say you went from a malfoy to a weasley

  39. Ultraviolet Morgan Tarot

    Ultraviolet Morgan Tarot14 日 前

    I want my hair just like that!!💕💕💕💕💕

  40. Ultraviolet Morgan Tarot

    Ultraviolet Morgan Tarot14 日 前

    U are cute as a blonde!

  41. Sarah Sami

    Sarah Sami14 日 前

    Idk why but the bleached version reminds me of Donald Trump 😂

  42. Sultan Ahmed

    Sultan Ahmed14 日 前

    What have you done with your life

  43. Arthur Glascott

    Arthur Glascott14 日 前

    Don’t worry jack I looks nice good luck on don’t subscribe

  44. Alfvedo

    Alfvedo14 日 前

    He walked in looking like ichigo

  45. SprinkleBun 13

    SprinkleBun 1314 日 前

    Omg it looks beautiful! I showed this to my best friend and she instantly subscribed to Don’t Subscribe because her favourite colour is pink. 😘

  46. ღDesireღ

    ღDesireღ14 日 前

    Magenta is better than pink. But Magenta Pink is also loved.

  47. Juliana Daigle

    Juliana Daigle15 日 前

    0:27 :) :D

  48. Nathan Doyle

    Nathan Doyle15 日 前

    Just because you told us to say this It looks good

  49. Zach Dobson

    Zach Dobson15 日 前


  50. Simarpreet Singh

    Simarpreet Singh15 日 前

    4:30 it looks good



    Your looking genos of one punch man

  52. Katiethehuman 12

    Katiethehuman 1216 日 前

    Rip jacks brown hair 😔

  53. Yono Lono

    Yono Lono16 日 前

    Omg i would dye my hair for 70,000 grand im a 13yr old ftm and havent started t yet top surgery can cost around 10,000 and bottom all the way up to 10,000 to150,000 and egg frezzing 10,000 and 500 per year to store. I havnt got my haur short yet as of lockdown but out household isnt the richest and have no clue where ima get all this money from 🤣😂😳🥺🥲😢😩😫😭

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  55. Ethan Consoles

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    CLIXS EVANDO16 日 前

    New Video Idea for 2 MIL Subscribers. "*I dyed my Eyebrows Pink to match my hair*

  57. Austin brady

    Austin brady16 日 前

    Me glove!!!

  58. Stub Plays!

    Stub Plays!16 日 前

    0:00 all my pain in 1 second.

  59. CJ Sucks at Life and Gaming

    CJ Sucks at Life and Gaming16 日 前


  60. Robin Hall

    Robin Hall16 日 前

    He went from Jack to Draco Malfoy to Ron Weasley To pink jack

  61. A Dog

    A Dog16 日 前

    ok jakc

  62. Christians Super Channel

    Christians Super Channel16 日 前

    I like Jack’s hair in any colo(u)r.

  63. Ritam Mallick

    Ritam Mallick16 日 前

    Actually he looks good

  64. Liverpool FC Sendit

    Liverpool FC Sendit17 日 前

    All I can say is Ha and you gotta sub to me cuz you know what that’s meant to mean 😝 (👇)

  65. Crnxz

    Crnxz17 日 前

    u look like poppy from trolls

  66. KingJake2511

    KingJake251117 日 前

    Your bleached hair looked gold in the light Not that it looked incredible, it just looked like it was made of gold It was very yellow and shiny

  67. Srikanth Subramani

    Srikanth Subramani17 日 前

    Jacksuxatlife and my internet sux as well

  68. Daniel Norton

    Daniel Norton17 日 前

    Now change your icon so that it's you with pink hair!

  69. Tonkify Playz

    Tonkify Playz17 日 前

    I really wanna see his tesla in pink colour lol

  70. Funne Gamer

    Funne Gamer18 日 前

    The blonde doesnt look to bad actually

  71. BenS210

    BenS21018 日 前

    Jack what happened to willz the king

  72. Thomas Antony

    Thomas Antony18 日 前

    When I see you to with jack hair yellow it's look like mommy and son Don't hate me pls for saying this



    I subbed I like your content.. The video is funny you look cool with pink hair!




  75. XoV Jay

    XoV Jay18 日 前

    Mans hair Is red

  76. Camper Elf

    Camper Elf19 日 前

    becky every 10 seconds : WOW

  77. mha_fangirl

    mha_fangirl20 日 前

    Jack do u like anime if so, can u tell me mine is my hero acadimea

  78. Shocking RagesXD

    Shocking RagesXD20 日 前

    How do u like skeppy passing u 4million subscribe away

  79. Tacky Corgi

    Tacky Corgi20 日 前

    that shade looks sick! i love it!

  80. Bread Puppy

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  81. neko oc ha shipped with bakugo

    neko oc ha shipped with bakugo21 日 前

    You looking 👌

  82. Driplet GD

    Driplet GD21 日 前

    HoW tHe TaBlEs HaVe TuRnEd¡!¡!

  83. Mohammed Ali

    Mohammed Ali21 日 前

    Uhh you kinda didn't blur the name on the FaceTime call well when he answered it sayd Mini Muka

  84. hacker2943

    hacker294321 日 前

    Make 1m dollars

  85. Dimitar Froze

    Dimitar Froze21 日 前

    you look like a king jack i not kidding

  86. J0llYG0N

    J0llYG0N21 日 前

    WAT, i just did this a month ago

  87. Vipranshu Gupta

    Vipranshu Gupta21 日 前

    He looks like ninja

  88. noved

    noved22 日 前

    ninja's evil side

  89. Apolis Does Stuff

    Apolis Does Stuff22 日 前

    Jack pls change your pfp to pink hair as your hair

  90. Spirit

    Spirit23 日 前


  91. Renoshan Terrence

    Renoshan Terrence23 日 前

    You need to change your channel pictures to pink

  92. Xleeper_

    Xleeper_23 日 前

    it looks alreight

  93. Xleeper_

    Xleeper_23 日 前


  94. Pulse Talon

    Pulse Talon23 日 前

    647,000 watch someone dye their hair. Can’t get worse content

  95. Rehan Rahaman

    Rehan Rahaman15 日 前


  96. some person on planet earth

    some person on planet earth16 日 前

    @Pulse Talon yeah but generally you still give the person a hint that you mean the opposite, you didn't

  97. Pulse Talon

    Pulse Talon16 日 前

    some person on planet earth sarcasm is when say something and mean the opposite

  98. some person on planet earth

    some person on planet earth16 日 前

    @Pulse Talon i've heard of sarcasm but what you did isn't sarcasm. sarcasm is where you still give a hint that you're joking, but you didn't give any hint, therefore it isn't sarcasm

  99. Rehan Rahaman

    Rehan Rahaman19 日 前

    @Pulse Talon nope

  100. Todd Vander Weit

    Todd Vander Weit23 日 前

    Who gave ninja a Russian accent lol

  101. Donnach Callan

    Donnach Callan24 日 前

    Draco malfoy to weasly to nymphadora

  102. DaLilBeastYT

    DaLilBeastYT24 日 前

    5:31 you look like a karen

  103. Phantomz

    Phantomz24 日 前

    3:27 u look like loki

  104. Phantom Ninjo

    Phantom Ninjo24 日 前

    Could anyone else Smell the hair color???

  105. Carla 707

    Carla 70724 日 前

    I actually like the pink hair. It's not bad and it adds a flair I quite like to see. Wish I didnt have strict parents to do this👍

  106. Firenashon# cinema

    Firenashon# cinema24 日 前

    Nice hare

  107. Ameera Ghuneim

    Ameera Ghuneim24 日 前

    I’ve never clicked on a video so fast 😭🤚

  108. Floretti

    Floretti25 日 前

    pink hair looks shite on jack

  109. some person on planet earth

    some person on planet earth16 日 前

    it looks fine...

  110. Grain

    Grain25 日 前

    If mr beast gave me 70000 dollars to dye my hair I SO WOULD

  111. Mahir

    Mahir25 日 前

    Hey Guys

  112. Nhân Nguyễn

    Nhân Nguyễn25 日 前

    Hey the yellow hair good on you man

  113. Banana Ketchup

    Banana Ketchup26 日 前

    I can small paint

  114. ZzVibestationzZ

    ZzVibestationzZ26 日 前

    jack looks like 2019 ninja now

  115. Siddharth Sazzala

    Siddharth Sazzala26 日 前

    Why Is Not MrBeast Here Yet?

  116. 0o0liver

    0o0liver26 日 前

    3:36 what’s that face