Most Terrible Singer Ever!


  1. Christopher Landi

    Christopher Landi7 ヶ月 前

    Still better than nicki Minaj

  2. Nicole N.

    Nicole N.年 前

    Oh when the saints...hahaha... sings better than people I know

  3. Madhira Vagmi

    Madhira Vagmi5 年 前

    0 21 . r dey lovrs ?

  4. sunil kumar

    sunil kumar5 年 前

    Helllo ji

  5. MїĈhÃЭĹ ĴoЯđÃй

    MїĈhÃЭĹ ĴoЯđÃй7 年 前

    I said one more. But i have been stuck for too long SEND HELP PLEASE. Help me

  6. Shaun Nonis

    Shaun Nonis8 年 前

    He should try using Auto-Tune.

  7. Povilas Danielius

    Povilas Danielius8 年 前

    damn i clicked on jfl video, fml the vicious circle begins again...

  8. somebloody671

    somebloody6718 年 前

    that is an insult to the guy singing

  9. Senator1Zeth

    Senator1Zeth8 年 前

    if someone did that to me and I knew the song. I'd find their freeze button and sing it for them xD

  10. Nagix Seuhiris

    Nagix Seuhiris8 年 前

    Reasons I like the Canadian singer Avril Lavigne (April Vieneyvey)

  11. Angus MacGuffin

    Angus MacGuffin8 年 前

    Bieber's long lost older brother. The two brothers got separated when their mother shocked how terrible their voices are so she gave justin's older brother to their neighbour

  12. akrasia

    akrasia8 年 前

    what's wrong with it?

  13. Buddhika Liyanage

    Buddhika Liyanage8 年 前

    please stop the laughing voices. so we can hear his singing clearly

  14. Alejandro Dalla Riva

    Alejandro Dalla Riva8 年 前

    @2eyre Yes! the Sims language!

  15. sara jay

    sara jay8 年 前

    oh so they do speak!

  16. Glyptic SEA

    Glyptic SEA8 年 前

    he is better then Rebecca black.

  17. The dude

    The dude8 年 前

    i was expecting rebecca black..

  18. Tino SA de CV Company

    Tino SA de CV Company8 年 前

    justin bieber dad´s

  19. Jeep Cherokee

    Jeep Cherokee8 年 前

    @peppyers This guy still sings better than jb.

  20. peppyers

    peppyers8 年 前

    The next Justin Bieber!!

  21. Joshua Lloyd

    Joshua Lloyd8 年 前

    A video a day keeps the Anger away :D

  22. TrippyMagic95

    TrippyMagic958 年 前

    OMG he's singing STKILDA's team song. ANY AUSSIE"S OUT THERE!!! Like if you're an aussie

  23. Bendecir Ben

    Bendecir Ben8 年 前

    The worst is justin bieber. No worries

  24. Bobthekiwi100

    Bobthekiwi1008 年 前

    nickle back should have done it instead

  25. kotosqopos

    kotosqopos8 年 前

    How do you think that JB's career started?

  26. kiddingme01

    kiddingme018 年 前

    @ 0:42 He has the X-factor

  27. Hyder Ali

    Hyder Ali9 年 前

    Canada got Talent ......P

  28. Vibes

    Vibes9 年 前

    lmao i would have started to sing and dance too

  29. MyRaptor74

    MyRaptor749 年 前

    bieber's elder brother...

  30. aclock2

    aclock29 年 前

    @permatroll I can't believe you did your grandmother.

  31. aclock2

    aclock29 年 前

    Your voice damage my brain

  32. Dwayne

    Dwayne9 年 前

    public nuisance .

  33. Merlas Sakari

    Merlas Sakari9 年 前


  34. Taylor Wallace

    Taylor Wallace9 年 前