[Morrowind VOD#6] Exploring MAINLAND Morrowind, welcome to Tamriel Rebuilt.


  1. Andre S

    Andre S7 日 前

    what do you mean they don't do repeats? they did with solstheim and all the other provinces since arena took place in all of tamriel. plus bethesda is going to milk the elder scrolls dry and since most people (myself included) have never played through daggerfall, not having a new elder scrolls game in daggerfall would be a missed opportunity. the only reason for them not to would be to "honor the tradition" but do you really think they care?

  2. Kushan Blackrazor

    Kushan Blackrazor5 ヶ月 前

    Just found this, its incredible.

  3. anthead art

    anthead art5 ヶ月 前

    hipster douche

  4. Wolf753

    Wolf7536 ヶ月 前

    Not gonna be in high rock or hammerfell sorry guys

  5. Myhandsspeak

    Myhandsspeak7 ヶ月 前

    Fireball lmao

  6. Minecraf Minecraft

    Minecraf Minecraft10 ヶ月 前

    You got really drunk

  7. Coffee Succubus

    Coffee Succubus年 前

    A suited gentleman whos an Elder Scrolls fan? Like a Middle Aged Skyrim Grandma!

  8. James Orth

    James Orth年 前

    When you kill a hot NPC and the loot is so good you have to hurt yourself <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1770">29:30</a>

  9. annuna

    annuna年 前

    Is Windows 10 not the ideal OS for OpenMW?

  10. I am Kazzam

    I am Kazzam年 前

    If Mel kiper was a nerd about games instead of football

  11. Kolodets1

    Kolodets1年 前

    I have 5 Years of Morrowind, 600 hrs of gameplay and today i did third mission of Main Quest (mission to talk to Ashlander guy in Ald-Ruhn). Also "Larrius tells little Story" incomplete. "Bloodbath" quest about Bad people incomplete. Death of Raalen Hlaalu incomplete. I just dont know how to do those Balmora quests xD

  12. MaztaPan

    MaztaPan年 前

    @Kolodets1 mhhh have you tried doing it without the mod...?

  13. Kolodets1

    Kolodets1年 前

    @MaztaPan thanks for reply, thats exactly what I already did. But it doesn not help me further. Or do I just need to kill them all? Btw i havemod installed that lets me arrest the Murder of Ralen and send him toprison in Fort Moomnoth, as I did. But it does not let me close the quest. The Journal entry is still active

  14. MaztaPan

    MaztaPan年 前

    Aight, for the first two ask around the Thieves Guild about "bad people" and you'll get some answers. For the murder, once you have dealt with the suspect (first the servant of Ralen Hlaalo will tell you what it looks like and then the thieves guild will give you its name) just report to Nileno Dorvayn in Balmora (the main quest giver for Hlaalu members, she's right at the entrance of the Hlaalu Council Manor). Both of these quests are somewhat related so finishing one might help you finish the other.

  15. JJ souls

    JJ souls年 前

    What the fuck 8 hours?

  16. annuna

    annuna年 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="348">5:48</a>:38 TR could make two actors for the same character; one with male clothes on over male body parts. And the second actor with a normal female body.

  17. Lefty Pistolero

    Lefty Pistolero年 前

    I, too, like all the pies.

  18. Void Harvest

    Void Harvest年 前

    At the end you say you'll continue this later. Is there a part 2?

  19. Void Harvest

    Void Harvest年 前

    Right around the 7.30, 8- hour mark, in Galseah, those Vermai that were modded in (the only game with them in it previously was battlespire) make the sound effect the imps make in Doom 3 xD

  20. Mark Ford

    Mark Ford年 前

    Zaric always looking sharp with a nice glass of wine yum!!

  21. TheRevan1337

    TheRevan1337年 前

    'Atleast i can get my restoration skill up by drowning..' - Zaric 2016

  22. St0rm Ranger

    St0rm Ranger年 前

    All he's missing is a fedora, and a fleshlight. Of course I could be wrong, we can only see from the chest up.

  23. Ale S

    Ale S年 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="3180">53:00</a> "So no High Rock or Hammerfell, sorry guys!" Oooops! Lol

  24. Manky Man

    Manky Man年 前

    Fucking Weeb

  25. Mathew Nelson

    Mathew Nelson2 年 前


  26. GreyFensir Wulf

    GreyFensir Wulf2 年 前

    one piece is great.

  27. a frog

    a frog2 年 前

    morrowind is such an incredible game, i really wished there was an official remaster. I would buy it and play the shit out of it.

  28. Chi Sasa

    Chi Sasa4 ヶ月 前


  29. SamahLama

    SamahLama年 前

    Mathew Nelson but it's so far from being completed.. We don't know what it'll actually be like. I'm excited but..

  30. Mathew Nelson

    Mathew Nelson2 年 前

    a random 🐸 it's called skywind! It may not be official but is damn breathtaking! I would recommend checking that out!

  31. JT Sleazeball

    JT Sleazeball2 年 前


  32. hellomikie92

    hellomikie922 年 前

    This guy needs to do a 2018 stream of this. Lots changed since this stream.



    You are a class act, Mr. Zhakaron. Love watching your videos. I recently, and finally added Tamriel Rebuilt and am excited to explore. So far I have gotten caught up in Sadrith Mora doing menial task for my Telvanni lords/ladies. :/ I decided to make a Telvanni Mage char for the first time. Been a lot of fun so far!

  34. PixelNinja56

    PixelNinja562 年 前

    is it at all possible that you were wearing the ring on ineptitude when you were trying to give him the pie?

  35. Haha, funny haha

    Haha, funny haha2 年 前

    I love this man, he knows how to spend his time wisely, in-fact this video is getting played in the background and I will also enjoy some wine and Morrowind. Have a lovely life my friends.

  36. CDArchives

    CDArchives2 年 前

    After 3 months I finally finished this video.

  37. HighKing 9000

    HighKing 90002 年 前

    An ice cold beer works just as well.

  38. HighKing 9000

    HighKing 90002 年 前

    This man knows how to play games 👍👍 with lots of booze

  39. robert19758

    robert197582 年 前

    Morrowind is the best TES game ever. So much better then Oblivion or Skyrim.

  40. Chi Sasa

    Chi Sasa4 ヶ月 前

    Morrowwind has the best Story. Oblivion the best Combat. Skyrim the best Looks.

  41. Federal agent Holton

    Federal agent Holton2 年 前

    I'm pretty sure some those faces are just pictures of real people's face super-imposed onto the character's model..

  42. RodMyGod

    RodMyGod2 年 前

    A broken rock a the edge of the whole map is the least of your "problems". Look at all that landscape to explore and... lute!

  43. Lucas V

    Lucas V2 年 前

    How big is this tamriel reduilt?

  44. ualaelinlive

    ualaelinlive2 年 前

    about 2x the size of the orginal game world at this point, I think.

  45. MasterHarley

    MasterHarley2 年 前

    your the only one who understand that morrowind was great and new age game are weaker in rich content

  46. Dave O

    Dave O2 年 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="131">2:11</a>:13 A man in a suit plays 8 hours of Morrowind while drinking wine..."Is that poop?". This is what class is people. Live it, love it, learn it.

  47. BlueShit199

    BlueShit1992 年 前

    That's some pretty ugly NPCs.

  48. SUPERMATT5546

    SUPERMATT55463 年 前

    With the elemental destruction mod I could play as a Redguard stone wizard in Skyrim if I choose.

  49. SUPERMATT5546

    SUPERMATT55463 年 前

    Savior's hide seemed more like a plot device in Battlespire.

  50. SUPERMATT5546

    SUPERMATT55463 年 前

    I don't agree with everything in Skyrim being "broken" aside from the fact you only need to use a legendary staff to become archmage. As for the forts, I think it makes sense in Skyrim given the area & the time passage(although I still use Imperial Stone as they should be fixed up when they're taken during the civil war) but there's no excuse for it in Oblivion. You mean to tell me the empire takes better care of it's shit in Morrowind than in it's own province? That's absurd.

  51. daedrix

    daedrix3 年 前

    "I got wine, so... who cares?" Best quote

  52. Ellish Hed

    Ellish Hed3 年 前

    Your channel is the best.

  53. rayn

    rayn3 年 前

    >They don't do repeats >Arena took place in the whole continent mkay

  54. Chi Sasa

    Chi Sasa4 ヶ月 前

    Can we go to Lyg in TES6?

  55. Mr Bennett

    Mr Bennett2 年 前

    And Daggerfall was even bigger. Maps even bigger than France iirc

  56. Bob_Bobington _

    Bob_Bobington _2 年 前

    Lwiri but arena was proceduraly generated so it was just random stuff

  57. Matthew Fiermonti

    Matthew Fiermonti3 年 前

    I have really enjoyed your Morrowind/Oblivion videos today. So great! Subscribed and thank you.

  58. David Johnson

    David Johnson3 年 前

    also quick tip if you drop the item you stole, drop the item, pay the fine and pick it up.

  59. David Johnson

    David Johnson3 年 前

    that fireball looks pretty diluted

  60. Iconoclasm_

    Iconoclasm_3 年 前

    "They don't do repeats" **looks at Solstheim** Yeah, my High Rock hopes are going to hold out for now.

  61. Dave O

    Dave O4 ヶ月 前

    That one guy That does that one thing elder scrolls 6 takes place in Hammerfell. Basically the exact opposite of what Zaric was thinking haha

  62. That one guy That does that one thing

    That one guy That does that one thing年 前

    MaztaPan huh

  63. MaztaPan

    MaztaPan年 前

    @That one guy That does that one thing Todd Howard Scrolls 6 has been anounced

  64. That one guy That does that one thing

    That one guy That does that one thing年 前

    MaztaPan sure

  65. MaztaPan

    MaztaPan年 前

    wanna hear a joke?

  66. Rivery Jerald

    Rivery Jerald3 年 前

    Is the suit necessary?

  67. 2cwldys

    2cwldys年 前

    @Ethan Steel Some hard shit, to forget the humor in this 9month~ bump. Apparently you have to be on drugs to enjoy nice clothes, based

  68. Ethan Steel

    Ethan Steel年 前

    @2cwldys Suits are the opposite of comfortable. What kind of drugs are you on?

  69. Spooky Wizard

    Spooky Wizard年 前


  70. 2cwldys

    2cwldys年 前

    Also alot of people prefer the comfortableness of wearing clothing nice as a Suit and Tie, or well.. I surely do - it depends if it's not too tight but overall it's very fashionable and very much of a gentleman to wear and overall it must be comfortable. CHARISMA +100

  71. Federal agent Holton

    Federal agent Holton2 年 前

    what suit?

  72. Montastuma

    Montastuma3 年 前

    hahaha this guy is the shit.

  73. Kommi

    Kommi3 年 前

    I need help. when I downloaded this mod, a large part of the southern mainland was missing, there weren't any creatures/people, and none of the doors would have a loading screen that led me to a new area, they just opened and nothing was behind them.

  74. ualaelinlive

    ualaelinlive2 年 前

    that's cause they haven't finished building it yet. They've been releasing the content in chunks every 6 months. Everything East and North of where you found nothing should be finished. They are working on the Western part still

  75. Le tron d'arbre Qui parle

    Le tron d'arbre Qui parle3 年 前

    8 hours and 30 minutes... DAMN!

  76. Joseph Stalin

    Joseph Stalin3 年 前

    Nice slo there bud.

  77. troy brown

    troy brown3 年 前

    your awesome dude

  78. robert19758

    robert197583 年 前

    What version of TR do you play? I dont understand. I play with the latest version. 16.12 and i dont have such a huge map. Only to the south and south east. Not to the west or the south.

  79. NickTBrick

    NickTBrick3 年 前

    C0DA makes it canon hahaha

  80. annuna

    annuna3 年 前

    Zaric, why don't you use ENB series?

  81. tim van rijn

    tim van rijn3 年 前

    puppet follower?

  82. Nicolasievich

    Nicolasievich3 年 前

    I hate when you use all your stamina everything gets dark. Is that some mod? "I said open door spell, there we go, uh goodbye sir" lol!

  83. JPreciado

    JPreciado3 年 前

    I started playing the series backwards from skyrim to morrowind (though i did play morrowind first, i was very young and treated the game like GTA which became even more chaotic when i learned of the command console). But oh boy do I pray and pay respects to saint jiub in skyrim for eradicating those fucking piece of shit cliff racers. Like holy shit every 5-10 seconds in the ashlands ur getting attacked.

  84. David Halabi

    David Halabi2 年 前

    Man oh man was GTA fun back in the day!

  85. Will Porter

    Will Porter3 年 前

    Haha is "Enslave or die" kind of like "Skate or die"?

  86. Boldfacedbroom3

    Boldfacedbroom33 年 前

    Old ebonheart is located about the same place as it is in ESO wonderful the developers put much research into the mod.

  87. Judge_Dreddpool

    Judge_Dreddpool3 年 前

    This made me sub to you as I love Morrowind. You're (In my mind) the Nathan P Butler of The Elder Scrolls franchise.


    WORELOF3 年 前

    Man! You are the best JPreporterr out there! Keep up the excellent work.Love your videos :)

  89. Ethan Wachznuik

    Ethan Wachznuik3 年 前

    Holy jesus. Love this Mod. Which one is this, or is it the same as the one you've always been on? Sorry if I missed something : (

  90. xplusziefv

    xplusziefv3 年 前

    thats not how you hold a wineglass... lol

  91. ualaelinlive

    ualaelinlive2 年 前

    Nothing is wrong with wine being warm, so long as it's red. White wines like pinos, rieslings etc are supposed to be chilled. Red wines are drank at room temperature.

  92. willl676

    willl6763 年 前

    Well it's commonly thought that alcoholic beverages are better drank when cool (or very cool in case of beer). I tend to agree.

  93. B. A

    B. A3 年 前

    What's wrong with wine being warm? (i have never drinked wine in my life, so y'know)

  94. xplusziefv

    xplusziefv3 年 前

    Greeley Grey ikr

  95. Greeley Grey

    Greeley Grey3 年 前

    @xplusziefv lol cool bro

  96. Maciej Pieniążek

    Maciej Pieniążek3 年 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="70">1:10</a>:12 I like what you did there with daedric letters

  97. Chthonian

    Chthonian3 年 前

    So I'm curious, did you actually have to render this and upload it or when you stream on youtube does it automatically put a video version of the stream on your channel? I'd have to imagine rendering a 8+ hour video would take forever lol. Awesome video tho, enjoying what I've seen so far and thank you for keeping Morrowind alive as it is the best game ever

  98. Zaric Zhakaron

    Zaric Zhakaron3 年 前

    JPreporter auto-archives this, I don't edit or render these. As a result any countdown at the beginning is still there.

  99. Azrael Bokor

    Azrael Bokor3 年 前

    Don't me wrong the wyvern style of dragon has always been one of my favorites. It is a bit of a bummer that drakes, lindworms, and my personal favorite wyrm dragons won't be in elder scrolls. Drakes are the common 4 legged dragon, lindworms only have forearms and wings no hind legs and are generally stockier, and wyrms only have wings, and are the most snakelike. The lung style of dragon, or Asian dragon, would also have been nice to see in the scrolls games. I get they won't be added, but it would be nice to see them.

  100. Azrael Bokor

    Azrael Bokor3 年 前

    The way you wanna be buried reminds me of the Dalish Elves in Dragon Age.

  101. Good guy Eli

    Good guy Eli3 年 前

    this guy is really cringe

  102. chavezb bridgen

    chavezb bridgen3 年 前

    It true..... what true ? all of it

  103. Bogart

    Bogart3 年 前

    someone know how to reach the oblivion realm with this mod?

  104. michael russell

    michael russell3 年 前

    how sharp do you keep those blades??? damn!

  105. Warren Bobbitt

    Warren Bobbitt3 年 前

    Morrowind character faces looked better than oblivions

  106. Master Blaster

    Master Blasterヶ月 前

    @Yamé Iraavatee When I see people saying GENUINELY that Oblivion's faces look better than Morrowind's, I fall in disbelief. They not only have potato faces, but the elves literally look like humans except they have different skin color and pointy ears, and the Khajiit look almost as bad as the characters in The Cats movie, and Argonians look like overcolorful abominations with their mouths at the bottom of their face. I hate Oblivion's faces. I can't take characters seriously, the game's a meme. At least in Morrowind non-human races have some characterization. Khajiit look like actual cats, and Argonians look like actual lizards (though Argonians also look very happy which is kinda funny). And elves' face structure has a noticeable difference to the human face structure. My first game was Skyrim btw. I'm immune to the nostalgia effect, this is my neutral opinion.

  107. Yamé Iraavatee

    Yamé Iraavatee7 ヶ月 前

    Even Arena and Daggerfall character faces looked better than Oblivion's. The character faces in Oblivion belong on the People of Walmart site.

  108. Michael Graham

    Michael Graham年 前

    The people in Oblivion all have a creepy, backwoods inbred vibe with their faces. Morrowind has people with pointier faces and sharper, "non potato" features

  109. Wind of change

    Wind of change年 前

    I see I'm not the only one who thinks this, Oblivion is in this weird state of uncanny valley,

  110. Joseph Ellis

    Joseph Ellis年 前

    @Mr Bennett nah, they are varied, and unique. Defining the race that they are

  111. Branko Djordjevic

    Branko Djordjevic3 年 前

    how can you play this old game look like shit o_O

  112. Lancelot4Camelot

    Lancelot4Camelot3 年 前

    Branko Djordjevic stop being disabled.

  113. Maciej Pieniążek

    Maciej Pieniążek3 年 前

    +TR-8R And Beth remasters the kinda fresh game anyways. Tottaly not an cashgrab

  114. Maciej Pieniążek

    Maciej Pieniążek3 年 前

    I play it with only my little kinda crappy mod made by me that i made so i can buy myself a house (Its not Morrowind buy a house, and i don't plan on uploading it to nexus either) and both DLCs. Looks worse than his, but is still fun lol

  115. Deus Vult

    Deus Vult3 年 前

    +Branko Djordjevic It is completely unfair to compare Morrowind to a game that came out 14 YEARS after its release.

  116. Luka Boot

    Luka Boot3 年 前

    @Branko Djordjevic Ohhh your one of those fanboys who can't appreciate other games

  117. Mungo

    Mungo3 年 前

    A mans playing morrowind for 8 hours straight, while wearing a suit and drinking wine... I'm confused

  118. Chi Sasa

    Chi Sasa4 ヶ月 前

    Its called Sophistication. And Respect to the Fine Arts young man.

  119. Strong Independent Black Woman Who Need No Man

    Strong Independent Black Woman Who Need No Man年 前

    i did that when i started playing the first time....but not the wine part.

  120. eyebal

    eyebal3 年 前

    Yes, your choice of glASS is very defiant.

  121. Nick K

    Nick K3 年 前

    Zaric Zhakaron

  122. annuna

    annuna3 年 前

    Zaric looks great in his suit.

  123. Mikael Schwartz

    Mikael Schwartz4 年 前

    How far has Tamriel Rebuilt come now? I'd love to play Morrowind again, but I still remember almost every bit of it, except for maybe some side quests and whatnot I might have missed.

  124. 2WorldWar2

    2WorldWar24 年 前

    This guy has a terrible attention span. He'll be talking about something and because something happened in the game, he'll completely forget what he's talking about. Ex: "Morrowind needs more fixing than Skyrim? Well that's debatable because Skyrim....OOOH A BEATLE!" (never returns to the topic)

  125. Wind of change

    Wind of change年 前

    yeah I see I'm not the only one that noticed that part, annoyed me when he didn't finish his sentence.

  126. ZaB

    ZaB2 年 前

    Jacob Pickett Likely standard human behaviour.

  127. Jacob Pickett

    Jacob Pickett2 年 前

    Zaric Zhakaron Could you please, please explain that train of thought. This irked me so much, because I love to hear your theories and ideas.

  128. Rubsi

    Rubsi2 年 前

    yeah prob the wine

  129. Highmaster Otto, Prussian Stallion

    Highmaster Otto, Prussian Stallion3 年 前

    That may or may not be from the wine.