MORBIUS - Teaser Trailer


  1. Primadiuz

    Primadiuz9 時間 前

    Are we gonna meet Blade and Elsa Bloodstone ?

  2. Mohammad Hasnain

    Mohammad Hasnain9 時間 前


  3. Hasi

    Hasi9 時間 前

    What's this? Modern Dracula?

  4. WaZ x ViCiOuS

    WaZ x ViCiOuS10 時間 前

    DC: gives ryan renolds a role in one of the worst movies ever Marvel: gives Ryan Renolds an actuall role that his character fits in perfectly DC: gives Jared Leto a role in one of the worst movies ever Marvel: gives Jared Leto an actuall role that his character fits in perfectly

  5. Salam Le pro

    Salam Le pro10 時間 前

    Okay bur is this the Sony Universe? The MCU Universe? The concept of the multiverse becoming more important, which brought us to here, watching two company in the real lifetaking a movie of their two universe combined?

  6. AzzioK

    AzzioK10 時間 前

    Jared: HEHEHEHHEAAAA WELL HELLO BEAUTIFUL director: Wrong movie jared


    AZHAR SADAM RSA10 時間 前


  8. Wesley Fields

    Wesley Fields10 時間 前

    Enter Blade!

  9. Sith John

    Sith John10 時間 前

    Batman: am i a joke to you?

  10. The Autorocker

    The Autorocker10 時間 前

    David Tennant?

  11. Arohan sinha

    Arohan sinha10 時間 前

    Jared Leto and Jake Gyllenhaal look similar to each other.


    MOHAMED AKEEL10 時間 前

    Finally venom joker mobius Man bad guys are better than heroes know damn

  13. Alexei Sheldon

    Alexei Sheldon11 時間 前

    Hephaestion is that you?

  14. Stang_Thailand TV

    Stang_Thailand TV11 時間 前

    2:09 Spiderman (2002) on the wall




  16. G G

    G G11 時間 前

    This Autobiography of Jared Leto is great man!!

  17. Haarish Kannan

    Haarish Kannan11 時間 前

    what is the tune that Morbius humms at 0:33 ?

  18. Haarish Kannan

    Haarish Kannan9 時間 前

    found it - Fur elise by Beethoven

  19. Animated Rick

    Animated Rick11 時間 前

    Oh he's broken? How would we know that there's not a tattoo in his forehead saying broke or damage hmmm?

  20. Sammy 10

    Sammy 1011 時間 前

    Joker became vampire after he broke up with Harley Quinn

  21. farish_ trace

    farish_ trace11 時間 前

    yo is that tyrese?

  22. Arshad Rais

    Arshad Rais11 時間 前

    'blade enter the chat' 'morbius exit'

  23. Sem Boonstoppel

    Sem Boonstoppel11 時間 前

    Peter parker😮

  24. Elarisielle

    Elarisielle11 時間 前

    Why all movies are so dark these days? I can't see a damn thing

  25. P-DITCH

    P-DITCH11 時間 前

    2:10 Spiderman

  26. CreeperChaos 17

    CreeperChaos 1711 時間 前

    Anyone else notice the 11th doctor from doctor who

  27. Immortal Bpc

    Immortal Bpc11 時間 前

    So.. marvels Batman?

  28. Sougata Das

    Sougata Das11 時間 前

    please upload hindi trailer

  29. Spinoff Gaming

    Spinoff Gaming11 時間 前

    2:40 Finally Batman meets joker😂👍

  30. mmarchetti7997

    mmarchetti799711 時間 前


  31. Flamea

    Flamea12 時間 前

    2:11 Spidey teaser?

  32. i'm austin

    i'm austin12 時間 前

    Who came first? Morbius or Man-Bat?

  33. Phili Stein

    Phili Stein12 時間 前

    "Morpheus, Dorpheus, Orpheus..."

  34. John K

    John K12 時間 前

    Jared leto lulW

  35. Ranjith Gowda

    Ranjith Gowda12 時間 前

    Who hears fur elise in background

  36. Rahul..

    Rahul..12 時間 前

    Für Elise as a background music.. Its something!

  37. Crystal Ball

    Crystal Ball12 時間 前

    It would be awesome if Deadpool starts to explain this marvel Sony thing in the future

  38. Hemo Glob in

    Hemo Glob in12 時間 前

    Midnight Sons?

  39. Rupali Sinha

    Rupali Sinha12 時間 前

    Fans(to MARVEL) : We want Morbius!!! Sony:YES

  40. xx Chronicle

    xx Chronicle12 時間 前

    Yo the instrumental is so dope


    NOOB GAMING12 時間 前

    I think the background music is inspired by an old pinao theme and I liked it very much. I think we will see something different in summers. And i am very excited for this movie

  42. Engr. George John Quo

    Engr. George John Quo12 時間 前

    How does an RBMK reactor works, comrade?

  43. Rebel Malge

    Rebel Malge13 時間 前

    Release date?? in India

  44. Blavood

    Blavood13 時間 前

    How the hell did a MORBIUS movie get made before..idk...Lobo? Carnage? Ffs this looks like a decent ManBat adaptation but...MORBIUS? Ask 99% of people and they'll tell you it's the black guy from Matrix.

  45. GokuOP

    GokuOP13 時間 前

    Who Wants Morbius *V/S* Blade 😾

  46. Fox In Bush

    Fox In Bush13 時間 前

    *JARED* ❤️❤️❤️❤️ *JARED*

  47. Real Hip-Hop

    Real Hip-Hop13 時間 前

    Why is Spiderman underaged? Kindly explain.

  48. Winner Laishram

    Winner Laishram13 時間 前

    I don't understand what superpower he have🙄

  49. Uddhav Patil

    Uddhav Patil11 時間 前

    @Winner Laishram hey dude where are you from???

  50. Uddhav Patil

    Uddhav Patil12 時間 前

    @Winner Laishram I agree because this is serious movie

  51. Winner Laishram

    Winner Laishram12 時間 前

    @Uddhav Patil I like venom characters Thrilling fun terrifying like every other marvel characters does But I don't expect that much fun terrifying from this character

  52. Uddhav Patil

    Uddhav Patil12 時間 前

    @Winner Laishram some what story similar to venom but it is connected TO MCU

  53. Winner Laishram

    Winner Laishram12 時間 前

    @Uddhav Patil didn't expect that kind of vampire characters from Marvel's Kinda boring

  54. LarryThe 2nd

    LarryThe 2nd13 時間 前

    Why are Prince Philip and King George VI acting? The Crown of England has awesome passions tbh.

  55. Adhy Hrc

    Adhy Hrc13 時間 前

    Gara gara joker ini. Sampe musuh spiderman disiarin juga hahaha

  56. Kamal Raj

    Kamal Raj13 時間 前

    Hey guys please tell me which Beethoven symphony is playing in this trailer



    This character seem to suit him better..

  58. danish irfan

    danish irfan13 時間 前

    so vulture is what

  59. ZOMBI TV

    ZOMBI TV13 時間 前



    GAME DROID13 時間 前

    JOKER + (SONY + MCU) = BATMAN + VAMPIRE. Highly exothermic reaction.

  61. Alexandru Amuza

    Alexandru Amuza13 時間 前

    2:08 Spider-Man PS4 Raimi's suit

  62. Mai Sakurajima

    Mai Sakurajima13 時間 前

    anybody heard the plant vs zombie theme? just me? okay....

  63. Tushar Masud

    Tushar Masud13 時間 前

    Ganja khan

  64. BigTrev Tv

    BigTrev Tv14 時間 前

    Klaus would kill him

  65. Agent Of Vengeance

    Agent Of Vengeance14 時間 前

    I am obsessed with the soundtrack in the trailer.

  66. superblonde

    superblonde14 時間 前

    Hello mister, meet my friend Buffy