Monsta X - SOMEONE'S SOMEONE (Audio)


  1. *الورده البيضاء*

    *الورده البيضاء*11 時間 前


  2. Turkish ikonic ikon

    Turkish ikonic ikon日 前

    I Love you Monsta x

  3. Mad Djwijd

    Mad Djwijd3 日 前


  4. Jazmin Estrada

    Jazmin Estrada7 日 前

    this is a perfect song to chill or at nigh or the beach/city

  5. Marc Kenneth

    Marc Kenneth10 日 前

    *I LIKE THAT ALL OF THEM SINGS IN THIS SONG MOST ESPECIALLY THE RAPPERS JOOHONEY AND I.M* This song is my favorite english song of monsta x

  6. shihui_sh

    shihui_sh11 日 前

    Omg. This song has such good vibes!! I thought it was from an American act when I first hear it. Didn't know it was from Monsta X! daebak!

  7. Virginia Austin

    Virginia Austin11 日 前

    i'm in love with this, such a talented group, loving them singing in english!!!

  8. yoonamjeon

    yoonamjeon12 日 前

    Wonho you're someone we can't live without [in mx] T__T

  9. Telitha Rose

    Telitha Rose13 日 前

    I stan this group now! They can sing in English that sounds good, Korean, Japanese and I’m Japanese so it makes me happy hearing my own language from a Kpop group.

  10. Joyce Smith

    Joyce Smith13 日 前

    fav song 🖤

  11. Chhihong Thep

    Chhihong Thep14 日 前





  13. Gabriela Ramon

    Gabriela Ramon14 日 前

    MONSTA X= 7

  14. Gabriela Ramon

    Gabriela Ramon14 日 前


  15. Carlin Shamoun

    Carlin Shamoun14 日 前

    Monsta X-"We all wanna be someones someone~~" Me screaming-BE MY SOMEONE!!!

  16. langga koh

    langga koh15 日 前

    Gogo monsta x many fans support you im her to. Monbebe road to english sng every single day

  17. ice2 icey4u

    ice2 icey4u15 日 前

    I was wondering when are they going to move and start dancing but then realised it was an image lol....

  18. rocio blanca3

    rocio blanca315 日 前

    Queremos verte España TV Hormiguero fanática te queremos ver cantando con Ana Mena, Melody Ruiz, Lola Indigo y Rosalia

  19. Franco alonso Oyarzún Valenzuela

    Franco alonso Oyarzún Valenzuela15 日 前

    l\ /l l \/ l l / \ l l/ \l MONSTA X ♥️

  20. love_myself

    love_myself15 日 前

    Hey monbebe, y'all know whatever is happening to our Wonho is just not fair. Nobody should be held wrong against the past mistakes that he did. Let's all remember that we all make "big and small mistakes" and idols are no exception, they are humans too! And Wonho is the perfect example of someone who has reflected on his past mistakes! He is not the same person and we all know that! Also we should remember who the hell is spreading all those rumours. She had destroyed a lot of idol's career and WE CANT LET THIS HAPPEN TO OUR WONHO! Let's bring him, bring our Wonho back. Please monbebe it's a request to all of you to sign this petition which is against Wonho's departure. I am sharing the link below. Please sign and share this petition, rn their goal is to reach 500,000 signatures! LETS SHOW THEM THE POWER OF MONBEBE! Here's the link:

  21. Inge Luz

    Inge Luz15 日 前

    💙Fighting babies 💎 #MonbebeSupportMonxtaX7 I'm so proud of you

  22. Marie Catanho

    Marie Catanho16 日 前

    :((( missing wonho hours 😭💙

  23. Autumn Nguyen

    Autumn Nguyen16 日 前

    who's here after learning about Wonho leaving TT

  24. J G

    J G16 日 前


  25. Haruna Otonashi

    Haruna Otonashi16 日 前

    The only thing I DON’T like about this song is that it’s TOO SHORT ㅠㅠ

  26. heARtMY

    heARtMY16 日 前

    Hang in there, guys! Monbebe don't want Wonho to have to leave for such a reason. We are trying our hardest to raise our voices enough that we cannot be ignored. We love all of you and it hurts to see you forced apart. Stay strong!

  27. Mary Hansi 한시

    Mary Hansi 한시17 日 前

    Monbebes will not stop until we bring back our dear & beloved Wonho back to Monsta X. Monsta X was meant to be seven and so will always be. Monbebes stand to defend & support Wonho and Monsta X UNCONDITIONALLY NO MATTER WHAT 💕⭐ Fight For Wonho. 이호석을 위해 싸우다 🙌🏻

  28. qien noora

    qien noora17 日 前

    Wish this song longer

  29. Golden Kookie

    Golden Kookie17 日 前 Sign the petition please. Let's save WONHO💜🥺

  30. Mary Hansi 한시

    Mary Hansi 한시17 日 前

    Please don't leave Monsta X, Wonho 🥺😢😭💔 We will defend you... we've got your back... Monbebes need you 💕 God's with you, we'll always support you unconditionally no matter what. You're our star ⭐🥺😢😭😓😔😞🤒

  31. Shorna Kyungsoo

    Shorna Kyungsoo17 日 前

    Wonho I'm already missing you a lot💔

  32. The untamed

    The untamed17 日 前

    Who's after wonho left monsta x. Because this is so unfair And how many monbebe want wonho back? 👇😭😢

  33. solange

    solange18 日 前


  34. 13 oct

    13 oct18 日 前


  35. Kim L

    Kim L18 日 前

    Wonho... allow us monbebes to be your SOMEONE. ❤️We love you and we will always support you. If you want to leave, please let it be temporary, if you wnt to rest, take your time BUT PLEASE DON'T FORGET TO COME BACK TO US! 😔❤️

  36. Светлана Панченкова

    Светлана Панченкова18 日 前

    Wonho return to Monsta x

  37. C M

    C M18 日 前

    Please don’t leave Wonho 😭

  38. faith

    faith18 日 前

    wonho :(

  39. Katya Egorowa

    Katya Egorowa18 日 前


  40. SnowBunny Loves taetae

    SnowBunny Loves taetae18 日 前

    Wonho You can't back off now It's only been weeks that i get to know all of you and have fallen head over heels for you You need to be strong Your fans believe in you one stupid rumour won't change our view for you And who the hell that cunt is to tell world abt you You are a musician a hardworking one an incredible artist with the most amazing voice a great composer, producer and maker of masterpiece Believe in yourself believe in your fans trust us and hold our hand woonie we are there to hold you please baby stay strong

  41. 97kookie bts

    97kookie bts18 日 前

    and wonho left monsta x-

  42. kwongsang to

    kwongsang to18 日 前

    Maybe this is crazy Crazy just to wonder, Wonder if there's someone meant for you Sunshine when it's raining, Raining over lovers, Lovers in the shade of color blue Is there someone to give it all We all wanna be someone's Wanna be someone's someone With somebody we can't live without We all wanna be someone's Wanna be someone's someone With someone we can't live without So completely perfect Perfect with no reasons Reasons are for people you meant to lose Someone full of secrets Secrets in the shadows Shadows with excuses breaking through But is there someone to give it all We all wanna be someone's Wanna be someone's someone With somebody we can't live without We all wanna be someone's Wanna be someone's someone With someone we can't live without Someone we can't live without (Somebody we can't live without) Someone we can't live without

  43. Multifandom Gal

    Multifandom Gal18 日 前

    HAHA, i stan them now!

  44. Mark Lee

    Mark Lee19 日 前

    cute MOSTA X

  45. eunicorn eunice

    eunicorn eunice20 日 前

    I honestly don't really like Monsta X's songs bc its too heavy for me but THIS and 'Shine Forever' is BOMB

  46. ronoel

    ronoel20 日 前

    Fan since their rooftop song.

  47. Menuka Karki

    Menuka Karki21 日 前

    Minhyuk's lines are really touching 💙💙

  48. Megha Shastry

    Megha Shastry21 日 前

    Please make more chill and laid back songs like this!!! Although i love the other songs this vibeee is so nice

  49. Morkelisa

    Morkelisa21 日 前


  50. Tomy Cantaloupe

    Tomy Cantaloupe21 日 前

    Meu essa música é tão perfeita que me da vontade de chorar.



    The beginning reminded me of "same mistakes" by one direction

  52. Adriá Vieira

    Adriá Vieira22 日 前

    Perfect ❤

  53. Aurora Torres

    Aurora Torres22 日 前

    1.007.928 121 k

  54. Alexander Ramirez

    Alexander Ramirez22 日 前

    I love monsta x

  55. Keisha Meifrina

    Keisha Meifrina22 日 前

    You guys are ment for us monbebes, monsta x

  56. canadianmbb

    canadianmbb23 日 前

    You will always be my Someone's Someone. I'll be there when you look back


    Watch MONSTA X 'ALLIGATOR' MV!23 日 前

    Happy 1M ❤️

  58. Diana Bazan

    Diana Bazan23 日 前

    1M 👏

  59. jennie

    jennie24 日 前

    Is it just me or does the beat sounds a tad bit like the song see you again? Nevertheless, I wanna see them perform this at the awards show!

  60. Hilal Kılınç

    Hilal Kılınç24 日 前

    Last 6k to 1 mn let's go monbebes!! Also st&eam find you and follow too!