1. papapapattaramon ñ

    papapapattaramon ñ時間 前

    I miss wonho;-;

  2. Black Sheep

    Black Sheep時間 前

    SHOWNU : Let me be your fantasy ME : Boy, u don't have to ask... 😍😍😍

  3. Adora ora

    Adora ora2 時間 前

    Let’s interact which part of this song is your fav ?! (mine is IM part)

  4. HoHanonnona

    HoHanonnona時間 前

    All of it ^^

  5. Hannah Soriano

    Hannah Soriano2 時間 前

    Di jud ko kapoyon segig kita ani kada adlaw FAN TA SI A !

  6. Fantasia X

    Fantasia X2 時間 前

    We're getting slow:>!! Waahhhh let's keep watching juseyooooo

  7. Monbebe Turkish

    Monbebe Turkish3 時間 前

    I want Fantasia eng. version pls

  8. hio hio

    hio hio3 時間 前

    отвал всего

  9. Jamila A.

    Jamila A.3 時間 前

    I dance Moroccan style ☺️♥️✨💎

  10. Aisha Love

    Aisha Love3 時間 前


  11. Jamila A.

    Jamila A.3 時間 前

    O.M.G I watch all the time The video I have the Pressure that I’m in Thank you

  12. Leticia Campelo

    Leticia Campelo3 時間 前

    Internationals fans views for 30 M in fantasia and follow please

  13. • Unique World

    • Unique World3 時間 前

    *I'm sad for that people who don't know them... :(*

  14. Bruna Beatriz

    Bruna Beatriz4 時間 前

    Views for 30 M please all fans internationals

  15. Ilayda Yavuz

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  16. Ilayda Yavuz

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  17. Ilayda Yavuz

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  18. Ilayda Yavuz

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  19. Ilayda Yavuz

    Ilayda Yavuz4 時間 前

  20. Ilayda Yavuz

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  21. Ilayda Yavuz

    Ilayda Yavuz4 時間 前


  22. Amina Firdose

    Amina Firdose4 時間 前

    I am in love with this song like specially the part where it goes Fantasia

  23. Vitória Ribeiro

    Vitória Ribeiro4 時間 前

    27 milhões, 326 mil, 280 visualizações

  24. Farfari Mghmi

    Farfari Mghmi4 時間 前

    Let me be your fantasy...

  25. Hend Taher

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  26. Aruzhan Rakhimova

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  27. Aruzhan Rakhimova

    Aruzhan Rakhimova4 時間 前

    straight line: _________ doted line: _._._._._._._. iconic line: let me give you what you need ⊂(・ω・*⊂)

  28. Exo L

    Exo L4 時間 前

    Why the hell do people sleep on this group!! They gave one of the best songs of every genra and people don't know this masterpiece! I pity on them 🤧

  29. heshw mhamad

    heshw mhamad4 時間 前

    Why we are slowing down 🤔 please stream properly guys

  30. HoHanonnona

    HoHanonnona4 時間 前

    @Aruzhan Rakhimova it wont

  31. Aruzhan Rakhimova

    Aruzhan Rakhimova4 時間 前

    pls hide word str#$m it might froze the vi#ws

  32. Fabiana Ivanova

    Fabiana Ivanova4 時間 前

    0:53 PLS SOMEONE TELL ME WHO'S THIS *-* I LUV HIM (im new into the fandom, i entered a few seconds ago lol)

  33. Fabiana Ivanova

    Fabiana Ivanova2 時間 前

    @Shine Forever thx so much UwU

  34. Shine Forever

    Shine Forever3 時間 前

    Hello :-) 0:13 Jooheon - main rapper, awesome vocal, dancer, producer,song writer, producer, arranger, plays on drums, scary cat, aegyo king, very intense and charismatic personality, beast on stage but baby behind 0:27 Kihyun - VOCAL KING (main vocal, one of the best in Korea),dancer, Mom in the group,strong personality, shy but confident, perfectionist, cook chef 0:34 Shownu - dance king (main dancer), lead vocal, choreographer, visual, dad in the group, loves to eat, the best and very supportive leader, little awkward, super sense of humor 0:44 Minhyuk- vocal, dancer, visual, mood maker, puppy, sunshine vitamin, loud, artistic soul, talkative 0:52 Hyungwon - dancer, sub vocal, visual, choreographer, model, dj H.One, smart, little shy, calm, born comedian, meme king 1:14 Changkyun/ I.M - maknae, rapper,vocal, song writer, producer, dancer, savage, from another dimension, romantic with deep voice, cute weirdo

  35. Aruzhan Rakhimova

    Aruzhan Rakhimova4 時間 前

    it's Hyungwon :) our lovely meme king

  36. kim Sun

    kim Sun5 時間 前

    عرب وينكم. ترا الفرقهه تستاهل مشاهدات اكثر .! كيبوبية تحب اكثر من 15 فرقة مرت من هناا خير شتبي انقلع امزحح

  37. Mikey Im

    Mikey Im5 時間 前

    @ Universe, please be gentle with monsta x

  38. anupa abhyankar

    anupa abhyankar6 時間 前

    Why this song is not in English version. It's awesome 🙆

  39. Anna Soporan

    Anna Soporan6 時間 前

    I love You Monsta x 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

  40. Anna Soporan

    Anna Soporan6 時間 前

    I love You Monsta x

  41. Saleth kass CI

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  42. Christine Joy Tugay

    Christine Joy Tugay6 時間 前


  43. Julia Kruszakin

    Julia Kruszakin6 時間 前

    nobody: me at 2 am: OoOoO let me be your fantasy

  44. Monbebe Sunshine

    Monbebe Sunshine6 時間 前

    Truly talented group!!!

  45. Amy Dela Cruz

    Amy Dela Cruz7 時間 前

    Let me be your fantasy

  46. •PARK SORN•

    •PARK SORN•7 時間 前


  47. t o x i c b l o s s o m

    t o x i c b l o s s o m7 時間 前

    I think I'm ready to be a Monbebe low-key 😳 I'ma need y'all's help tho. I have so much NCT and BTS knowledge in my brain I'm shutting down. But these guys are way to talented, hilarious, and sweet to not Stan! I.M. already my bias tho ngl, his rap is too fire.

  48. t o x i c b l o s s o m

    t o x i c b l o s s o m6 時間 前

    @bunny is back!! Thank you so much! I'm totally checking them out! Thank you! ♥️ This fandom seems wonderful, can't believe I didn't join sooner!

  49. bunny is back!!

    bunny is back!!6 時間 前

    hello! here are some of the shows you could watch if you're looking for some! 1. Monsta X Ray 2. Twotuckgom 3. Monsta X Right Now 4. Monsta X Weekly Idol Episodes 5. Monsta X MMTG Episode 6. Monsta X I Log-U i also recommend watching No Mercy (their survival show) but prepare tissues! welcome to the monbebe family! ^_^

  50. Ang MX

    Ang MX7 時間 前

    A +++++++++++ level song

  51. Chaerry Pie

    Chaerry Pie8 時間 前

    Your daily friendly reminder to keep voting on Choeaedol and Starplay for Soba, and on the new Idol Champ poll for the first half of 2020. You're doing great, Monbebe! Love you!!

  52. Kana Adrielle De Leon

    Kana Adrielle De Leon8 時間 前

    Hello! Please support v*ting and str3aming projects, Monbebes! More information are posted on twitter! We need more power as much as possible!

  53. Lisa Andrews

    Lisa Andrews8 時間 前

    The black and gold outfits really be poppin off. The boys look really good

  54. Jacqueline Moreno

    Jacqueline Moreno8 時間 前

    All of Monsta X music should be more recognized by people! Their music is a boom! I love their music



    It's goes like Bang

  56. Fany Baltodano

    Fany Baltodano9 時間 前

    vamos monbebe apoyen a los chicos en las app starplay, choeaedol, para premios soba, y en idol champ app, y en billboard para hot 100

  57. curiousdef

    curiousdef9 時間 前

    from one pic between jaebeom got7 and monstax johooney now i'm curious about the group :) nice song !

  58. Monbebe Sunshine

    Monbebe Sunshine9 時間 前

    curiousdef I’m glad you like it!!

  59. Karen Mendez

    Karen Mendez9 時間 前


  60. Mikey Im

    Mikey Im9 時間 前

    something about minhyuk this era ...

  61. k HW

    k HW9 時間 前

    *This mv is soo beautiful* .... *I could pause this at any time and set it as my wallpaper* 😭💕

  62. Sopi Yana

    Sopi Yana9 時間 前

    Why they always put shownu in a sexy mode?

  63. Kiki Young Flexer

    Kiki Young Flexer9 時間 前

    Here everyday for our kings 💙

  64. ae-hyunie

    ae-hyunie9 時間 前

    1:20 i heard i'm bottom 👁👄👁

  65. Lizbeth Gomez

    Lizbeth Gomez10 時間 前

    Why are the views not going up 😫! MBB send me love so I can keep GOING!

  66. Kiki Young Flexer

    Kiki Young Flexer9 時間 前

    It's slowly increasing , keep fighting Monbebe 💙

  67. HoHanonnona

    HoHanonnona10 時間 前

    But they are going up. 😮 Last time I checked, they were around 27.270k.

  68. Mikey Im

    Mikey Im10 時間 前

    monsta x!! Ahh love them so much

  69. Эля Эля

    Эля Эля10 時間 前

    I miss

  70. 린찰

    린찰10 時間 前

    Xoooo talented

  71. MaryChan Bt21

    MaryChan Bt2110 時間 前

    hola! No se si alguien vaya a leer esto xd soy nueva en el fandom alguien sabe como puedo reconocer mejor a estos chicos? uwu

  72. MaryChan Bt21

    MaryChan Bt218 時間 前

    @Fany Baltodano okey eso hare gracias por contestar uwu

  73. Fany Baltodano

    Fany Baltodano9 時間 前

    @MaryChan puedes ver guias para conocer monsta x en youtube , puedes ver los programas que hicieron los chicos No mercy (en este pograma fueron elegidos como grupo) , Monsta x Ray temporada 1, 2 , 3 ....

  74. Elektric

    Elektric10 時間 前

    How many Monbebe and Wenee still str34ming? | | V

  75. 린찰

    린찰10 時間 前

    Joohoneys chubby cheeks^

  76. Liz L

    Liz L10 時間 前

    Missing my king Shownu. I hope that he is feeling better

  77. F. aw

    F. aw11 時間 前

    I'm still going fan-ta-sia~ fan-ta-sia~

  78. black pearl studs

    black pearl studs11 時間 前

    Fantasia is gorgeous

  79. MonstaX

    MonstaX11 時間 前

    Do your best Monbebe..♡ And don't be Ot6 or solo stan..pls:|

  80. MonstaX

    MonstaX11 時間 前

    Don't forget idol champ and choedol:')

  81. MonstaX

    MonstaX11 時間 前

    Monbebe we will show MonstaX we love support them and keep streaming in spotify and here..We must do our best for billboard and you now it's very important

  82. Wonho

    Wonho11 時間 前

    love you S2S2S2

  83. Lee Minsung

    Lee Minsung11 時間 前

    Bruh wtf shownu is aging like fine wine idk he popped out more to me this comeback :')

  84. Monbebe Sunshine

    Monbebe Sunshine9 時間 前

    Lee Minsung he did for me too!!

  85. Beyza Kayı

    Beyza Kayı12 時間 前

    I miss wonho :(

  86. MonstaX

    MonstaX11 時間 前

    We all miss him:)

  87. Fantasia X

    Fantasia X12 時間 前

    I miss this video from yt soooo much

  88. let's all skip the drama

    let's all skip the drama12 時間 前

    How are we monbebe?? have you eaten? breakfast lunch dinner?

  89. hoomixzien i

    hoomixzien i12 時間 前


  90. BEBE

    BEBE12 時間 前

    I missed my kings so much sorry that i didn’t have time to give you my support (i love you all)

  91. Michelle Belfort

    Michelle Belfort12 時間 前

    I love you

  92. skz in the building

    skz in the building12 時間 前

    sale estanear a monstaX

  93. Mikey Im

    Mikey Im12 時間 前

    So in love with this black and gold concept

  94. Busy Bee

    Busy Bee12 時間 前


  95. Katie Wood

    Katie Wood13 時間 前

    This song is such a Bop , I'm so happy there comeback is getting so much hype. I love monsta X and this music video is so visually interesting and my music core is hyped by this song.