Moneybagg Yo - Said Sum (Official Music Video)


  1. Jaiden

    Jaiden15 分 前

    what’s the girl Instagram ina beginning

  2. I'm A Meme

    I'm A Meme16 分 前


  3. Brisayda Garcia

    Brisayda Garcia時間 前


  4. Charlesetta Powell

    Charlesetta Powell時間 前

    When we go to

  5. Spacey Net

    Spacey Net時間 前

    Everyone stole but put something else like I thought blank said somethin🙈🥺

  6. K Platt Jr.

    K Platt Jr.2 時間 前

    He signed 2 former NBA PF Zach Randolph! 🔥

  7. Goon Lion

    Goon Lion2 時間 前

    Moneybag likez dat🔥🔥🔥

  8. Chorizo charqueno

    Chorizo charqueno3 時間 前

    10k people who dislike dis must said sum

  9. Betty Boop

    Betty Boop3 時間 前

    Aye÷e I5

  10. Reviews & News Maciel

    Reviews & News Maciel3 時間 前

    If you got subs in ya vehicle this ho bang! Music slapping Hope everyone get rich, hope everyone stay safe 🙏

  11. CaSandra

    CaSandra5 時間 前

    Well he said Megan made since. So they should have stay together, 🙌🏾

  12. KeMichael Cobbins

    KeMichael Cobbins5 時間 前

    Best song of 2020

  13. Bryant Edwards

    Bryant Edwards7 時間 前

    my nii

  14. Donita Jackson

    Donita Jackson8 時間 前


  15. Kappa Mezu

    Kappa Mezu10 時間 前

    Fucking snapped

  16. Lamont Kinloch

    Lamont Kinloch11 時間 前

    “Warranty good make sure I got her for refund when I gave her back to the streets”need I say more this man is tuff lyrically 🤧

  17. King Kapo

    King Kapo12 時間 前

    Tik tok stay ruinin trap

  18. Jasmyn Gardner

    Jasmyn Gardner12 時間 前

    this my ringtone and I be mad when I gotta answer the phone 😭😂

  19. sudan barbz

    sudan barbz13 時間 前

    Who came after NBA posted his collab with Nicki minaj on ig ?

  20. Pressure_Jr

    Pressure_Jr13 時間 前

    Who else here him say PERIODT 1:19

  21. Mos-ab Macaayao

    Mos-ab Macaayao14 時間 前

    fur elise

  22. Porscha Allen

    Porscha Allen15 時間 前


  23. ShotBy Dianand

    ShotBy Dianand16 時間 前

    This go hard 💯💯🔥🔥🙏🙏 🇹🇹

  24. Asia Johnson

    Asia Johnson16 時間 前

    memphis peeps know what its bout mane straightouttamtown


    BONDZ45NYG MOB17 時間 前

    On repeat which is my finger keep pulling it BACK

  26. Troy Butler

    Troy Butler17 時間 前

    I'm down wit bag 💯 these simps straight respect your music and the BOSS PLAYING IT! BIG TIME MONEYASS BOSS! MARIETTA BOSS KING T!

  27. Kamoll Mofford

    Kamoll Mofford17 時間 前

    Lotta shots at herbo yoo... but litty 🔥

  28. Emma Black

    Emma Black19 時間 前

    I bet the person who said that moneybag broke is probably thinking twice about saying that 😆😆😆🤣

  29. Shannon Gilbert

    Shannon Gilbert19 時間 前

    he is so daddyish 😍😂

  30. Wesley Brake

    Wesley Brake20 時間 前

    this nigga spittin

  31. Baymon Jackson

    Baymon Jackson20 時間 前

    Mane this my favorite song by 💰 Moneybag. Like this comment if you agree


    ICONIC ELI23 時間 前


  33. Billy Home

    Billy Home23 時間 前

    the last one to like this comment will most likely be a millionaire

  34. Owen Cofer

    Owen Cofer日 前


  35. Slime Gaming

    Slime Gaming日 前

    What’s the girl at the beginning @

  36. Terry Bolden ll

    Terry Bolden ll日 前

    I ain't go lie the song hard in the paint!

  37. matthew gurley

    matthew gurley日 前

    What he needa do is take care them kids 😂

  38. PinkGottix3

    PinkGottix3日 前

    Is he the one that started this? 😂

  39. Jay money Goodman

    Jay money Goodman日 前


  40. Krissy

    Krissy日 前

    WTHHHH i thought he really came thru the screen and touched me

  41. Perryn Ruth

    Perryn Ruth日 前

    I'm wondering why they mentioned lil baby and he has nothin to do with the song. but hey, 🤷🏾‍♂️ perfect example of how people just be talking out they necc

  42. Oscar Gonzales

    Oscar Gonzales26 分 前

    i think they said lil bag

  43. RockyStClaire

    RockyStClaire日 前

    She went out bad talkin shit in that tank top 😂

  44. The Delusion

    The Delusion日 前

    run it up run it up

  45. Kvng Pnut

    Kvng Pnut日 前

    Cut her off cause she spoke on the business💪🏾💯💙

  46. eddition the G

    eddition the G日 前

    who's here from tiktok im not goin to hate on tiktok

  47. Sondra Leuellyn

    Sondra Leuellyn日 前

    My workout song Just Fine and Talented!!

  48. Guns & Grub

    Guns & Grub日 前


  49. Kimberly Anderson

    Kimberly Anderson日 前


  50. Tms Clutxh

    Tms Clutxh日 前

    Who came here because of tik tok

  51. Hero Scott

    Hero Scott日 前

    He did say something

  52. Combat Gaming Flamez

    Combat Gaming Flamez日 前

    Put one airpod in, and then put full volume and bruh yo AirPod has the beat bass of all time💯😈

  53. Wing SW

    Wing SW11 時間 前

    aye ong twin 😂😂💯

  54. edwin valadez

    edwin valadez日 前

  55. Adam Levitzki

    Adam Levitzki日 前

    lol she said “Lil speaker”

  56. Kayugen

    Kayugen日 前

  57. Recee312 Cupz

    Recee312 Cupz日 前

    Only came here cause Ari. 😜 This slaps hard tho. She upgraded twice.

  58. Cuff Cuff日 前

    Meanwhile her grill crooked

  59. •Smore Gatcha•

    •Smore Gatcha•日 前

    Anyone else Love that part when she say I barely can’t Herm TURN IT UP DIN!

  60. Dagen Thompson

    Dagen Thompson日 前




    Beyoncé would eat that remix 🥵🤸🏾‍♀️

  62. Juancarlos Cervantes

    Juancarlos Cervantes日 前

    Banger after banger