Mirecourt, Dominique Nicosia, making of a violin, Luthier


  1. ko jak

    ko jak18 時間 前

    Bad picture breakage about halfway and continues untill end.

  2. Thomas Groppi

    Thomas Groppi14 時間 前

    Try to fix it now tx

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  6. Thomas Groppi

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  7. Martin Chambers

    Martin Chambers2 日 前

    I think I held my breath the whole time he was cutting against the grain with that broad gouge! Amazing craftsmanship - it must take years to become so proficient.

  8. Pablo Espejo

    Pablo Espejo2 日 前

    Que oficio más maravilloso, mis felicitaciones y admiración por quienes crean piezas como estas, a mano y siguiendo la tradición antigua ... violines, cellos, guitarras .. es un arte increíble porque aúna la estética con una funcionalidad muy precisa. Ojalá nunca se pierda esta tradición, ojalá nunca desaparezcan los luthiers.

  9. Karol Op

    Karol Op2 日 前

    Muy interesante 👌👌

  10. Lalremruata Pachuau

    Lalremruata Pachuau2 日 前

    all that for just that 3 sec music...xD

  11. Thomas Groppi

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  12. Lalremruata Pachuau

    Lalremruata Pachuau2 日 前

    the wood curving was satisfying overload

  13. oriolun

    oriolun2 日 前

    Без крови жены скрипка не заиграет :D

  14. D.P Warry

    D.P Warry3 日 前

    His tools are sharper than my ex-wife's tongue !

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  16. Peter Cottingham

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  17. Thomas Groppi

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  18. Don Colbert

    Don Colbert3 日 前

    It's really interesting but the jumps and pixilation after about 22:15 makes it hard to watch to the end. There's lots of copies of this without the video problems though. www.google.com/search?client=firefox-b-1-d&q=Mirecourt%2C+Dominique+Nicosia+Violin+Maker%2C+Luthier theviolinchannel.com/dominique-nicosia-violin-maker-start-to-finish/

  19. Thomas Groppi

    Thomas Groppi3 日 前

    yes i m trying to fix them now

  20. Philip Wolf

    Philip Wolf3 日 前

    Skill& talent

  21. Wilmar Lozano

    Wilmar Lozano3 日 前

    Es fantástico el proceso de elaboración, se disfruta mucho la maestría y destreza a pesar de las fallas al final del video, sería maravilloso corregirlo.

  22. T P

    T P3 日 前

    I’m a little sad to see that this violin only goes for about $600, I was hoping for his sake it would be at least over $1,000...

  23. Thomas Groppi

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  24. Perktube1

    Perktube14 日 前

    Im getting unintentional asmr vibes here… 19:17 - end of asmr vibes.

  25. Kinomora

    Kinomora4 日 前

    Nice video and demonstration, but it becomes simply unwatchable after ~20 minutes

  26. Thomas Groppi

    Thomas Groppi3 日 前

    Sorry for that

  27. Moi Maton

    Moi Maton4 日 前

    J'habite le village à côté de mirecourt et sa fait plaisir de voir notre patrimoine et le savoir faire qui perdure merci

  28. Thomas Groppi

    Thomas Groppi4 日 前

    Mon rêve d allé un jour la bas !!!

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  31. Pol Drevo

    Pol Drevo4 日 前

    Звук Ютюб тут передал слабо....надеюсь это Ютюб ...

  32. Chelsea C

    Chelsea C5 日 前

    I just purchased a violin handmade it was very expensive . To see the process and work it takes to create it I now see I under paid

  33. Thomas Groppi

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  34. Андрей Панченко

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  36. Milaweak

    Milaweak6 日 前

    reupload with a decent quality maybe ?

  37. Thomas Groppi

    Thomas Groppi5 日 前

    link is in the description

  38. restituto rebucas

    restituto rebucas6 日 前

    nice ukelele

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  40. Deeken Dee

    Deeken Dee8 日 前

    Beautiful ... well done ... 👍

  41. Thomas Groppi

    Thomas Groppi8 日 前

    Thank you! Cheers!

  42. Hodie Cras

    Hodie Cras8 日 前

    Si un día dejasen de existir los maestros artesanos, ténganlo por seguro que la humanidad estaría perdida.

  43. SierzantYelonek

    SierzantYelonek8 日 前

    Come one... just make those parts on CNC

  44. Thomas Groppi

    Thomas Groppi8 日 前

    ah ah

  45. 5mnz7fg

    5mnz7fg8 日 前

    I very much appreciate the absence of any annoying music! :-)

  46. Thomas Groppi

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  47. cmryle

    cmryle8 日 前

    Remarkable video. Well lit, always filmed interestingly, fascination from beginning to end. Not one power tool used and he made everything, I believe, except for the bridge and the tuning pegs, and of course he could have made those off camera.

  48. Thomas Groppi

    Thomas Groppi8 日 前

    Great point!

  49. Jack Moler

    Jack Moler8 日 前

    Absolutely Beautiful

  50. Thomas Groppi

    Thomas Groppi8 日 前

    Thank you! 😊

  51. Yazan Al Shehri

    Yazan Al Shehri8 日 前

    هذي مشكله الاجانب اذا استخدموا ترجمه قوقل🤣

  52. Omar Mlhm

    Omar Mlhm8 日 前

    ماشاء الله دقة عالية في التصنيع 🤍

  53. LurifaxDK

    LurifaxDK8 日 前

    How is he working with only a single lamp??

  54. Thomas Groppi

    Thomas Groppi8 日 前

    better see the relief

  55. Timothy French

    Timothy French8 日 前

    This film is a treasure of history. Despite the chuck and the twist drill, these skills will one day be lost forever, and they bear living testimony to much more than instrument crafting. They take us back in time to a place where patience and practice were the norm, rather than machinery and instant gratification. Bravo!

  56. Thomas Groppi

    Thomas Groppi6 日 前

    yes i agree

  57. ミソニコミウドン

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  58. Benjamin Jackson

    Benjamin Jackson8 日 前

    I uh, gotta go resharpen my chisels after seeing this. I apparently didn't do a very good job last time... :)

  59. Sahe Ot

    Sahe Ot8 日 前

    We really have to be here forged with patience that makes you happy

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    ConVivo9 日 前

    All hand tools only - I salute you!

  64. Thomas Groppi

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  65. Marcia Regina

    Marcia Regina9 日 前

    This is the best ASMR video! Very relaxing!

  66. Thomas Groppi

    Thomas Groppi8 日 前

    Glad you think so!

  67. David s Lefort

    David s Lefort9 日 前

    It's so nice to see that knowledge and experience the determination of making a superb violin

  68. Thomas Groppi

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  69. Curtis Steenbruggen

    Curtis Steenbruggen9 日 前

    After 20 mins it become shit quality and unwatchable.

  70. خَلاله

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    ياخي ذا غبي يترجم في قوقل يالسببكك اصلن كلكم سبك اجانب ماتعرفون وش اقول

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    Large penis9 日 前

    23:42 must be the scariest part

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    Wahab Hazza9 日 前

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    Это потрясающе и завораживающее

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    بالفعل 😆😆

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  77. Forrest Kimmel

    Forrest Kimmel9 日 前

    One that can turn inert wood into a living instrument is indeed an artist. Excellent workmanship.

  78. Verspeek Philippe

    Verspeek Philippe9 日 前

    Splendide bravos

  79. Josh McEntosh

    Josh McEntosh9 日 前

    Мастер молодец, долго , нудно все это делал, смотрел как «Титаник» - на одном дыхании! Результат очевиден - скрипка заскрепит, Да и в конце мелодия , исполненная мастером для проверки схожа с мотивом , который исполнили те знаменитые музыканты

  80. n

    n9 日 前

    Could you tell me the name of the tool and it's function used at 14:04 ?

  81. Thomas Groppi

    Thomas Groppi8 日 前

    thickness caliper

  82. кукишь смаслом

    кукишь смаслом9 日 前

    АЛХИМИК !!! )))

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  84. Van Aquino

    Van Aquino9 日 前

    Truly hand crafted🥰

  85. LibertyIsDead

    LibertyIsDead10 日 前

    When I taught him how to do this, I didn’t think he’d end up with his own video.

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