1. TentacleBoss

    TentacleBoss4 ヶ月 前

    AMAZING job, this is a piece of art not music video, i cant imagine the amount of time spent to edit. Amazing

  2. Simon de Jonge Psychokid

    Simon de Jonge Psychokid16 日 前

    Yes cool destroying destin?

  3. nihaal neelam

    nihaal neelam21 日 前

    Beamer :- which cartoon is this from ???

  4. Ria Bahal

    Ria Bahal23 日 前

    To ł ok h r ratchet. Rr ty t t t ty t t

  5. Vincent Minuz

    Vincent Minuzヶ月 前

    piece of art indeed!!! you HAVE to also listen to this one

  6. John Jardin

    John Jardin2 ヶ月 前


  7. Enzo del-duca

    Enzo del-duca3 時間 前

    Dans la morts vous fête aussi la fête . 😈

  8. DennisTheGamer

    DennisTheGamer20 時間 前

    From when are those cartoons?

  9. D'Art House

    D'Art House日 前

  10. KennyD

    KennyD日 前

    Consider putting a warning "The depiction of 'blackface' may be offensive to some. " m2c: Racially offensive images should not be promoted.

  11. Brayan GARCIA

    Brayan GARCIA2 日 前

  12. Brayan GARCIA

    Brayan GARCIA2 日 前



    Это трэш ... )))

  14. Harry McGee

    Harry McGee3 日 前

    Do you have playlist on spotify?

  15. Cilamin mix studio

    Cilamin mix studio3 日 前

    I freestyle to this.

  16. nanda kishore Rajkumar

    nanda kishore Rajkumar3 日 前

    i tripped this on mollies holly molly out of this world still trippin!!!

  17. RoSo

    RoSo3 日 前

    9:54 Birth of shuffling.

  18. Olu Hamilton

    Olu Hamilton3 日 前

    Like Fliesher cartoons aren't TRIPPY ENOUGH....,

  19. Robert Huffman

    Robert Huffman3 日 前

    A nice Butthole Surfers song might have been a better soundtrack but nice and trippy anyway, thanx. 1401

  20. Антон Пикулин

    Антон Пикулин4 日 前

    Не дай Бог под лсд посмотрю ---††††--- ---††††--- †††††††††††† † †††††††††††† † ---††††-- - ---††††-- - ---††††-- - ---††††-- - ---††††-- - ---††††---

  21. Saylur Rodriguez

    Saylur Rodriguez4 日 前

    This set got me through my work out. Thank you 🙌🔥💯

  22. Saylur Rodriguez

    Saylur Rodriguez5 日 前

    This is the kind of techno I've been trying to find. Big ups mate 🙏🔥💯

  23. Rudi Aslan

    Rudi Aslan5 日 前

    Jakob Mo

  24. Tim Robins

    Tim Robins5 日 前

    Jeeez, Disney's early cartoons were DARK! :-o Amazing techno mix, thank you sir! 2. Louis, Clark - Liquid Code (Original Mix) - WOWEEEE!!!!

  25. Nyjah Whisky World

    Nyjah Whisky World5 日 前

  26. Macho IsAwesome

    Macho IsAwesome6 日 前

    was TRYING to do some work to this, but goooooooooood damn youtube has put an ad in every 2 minutes

  27. Kerro

    Kerro6 日 前

    Music is good but what I can't really understand is how the fuck those betty cartoons are so trippy and delusional even they were made in early 19s..

  28. Aleksi Teräväinen

    Aleksi Teräväinen6 日 前

    This dancing bum on 1:01 is extra cool.

  29. Alejandro Vega

    Alejandro Vega6 日 前

    Hey guys! can someone name the movie?

  30. Sean Maher

    Sean Maher6 日 前

    Loving this. One of the best mixes on JPreporter. Keep at it mate.

  31. Tamas Netter

    Tamas Netter6 日 前

    b as f

  32. ShadowMachine00

    ShadowMachine007 日 前

    What cartoon/ combination of cartoons is this? i recognize Betty boop i presume That is. This is some trippy shit

  33. Fernando Carbajal

    Fernando Carbajal7 日 前

    De qué año son estos videos? en 9:43 de aquí sacó el paso de la luna Michael Jackson...

  34. Yatramusicstudio

    Yatramusicstudio7 日 前

    nice combo, always dancing

  35. SMFA

    SMFA7 日 前

    animals always dancing

  36. CHA

    CHA7 日 前

    yes sir

  37. Владимир Иванов

    Владимир Иванов7 日 前


  38. thedubL

    thedubL7 日 前

    chicken + dog + saw = ~chicdog; mad scientist proved it.

  39. Benediht Fisher

    Benediht Fisher8 日 前

    Giza dope 😉🥳🤙🕺

  40. Ricardo Breddels

    Ricardo Breddels9 日 前

    1:44:24 Ladies gotta learn, no teeth. The aftermath results in beating our meat

  41. Sed love

    Sed love11 日 前

    49:22 ❤

  42. Василий Солопов

    Василий Солопов12 日 前

    dat old toons whole time have theme about death, skulls, skeletons and other creepy things

  43. Izaias Pereira

    Izaias Pereira12 日 前

    Jackson Sttauder - No Have Money (Original Mix) 1:23:00 Monstro 🙀


    PETROVVICH12 日 前

    27:45 - 33:45 Must have name plz!)

  45. christina-lee

    christina-lee12 日 前

    dub step that shit! love it. good times ...yeeeoooh!!

  46. christina-lee

    christina-lee12 日 前

    yeahh!! thats tha shit!




  48. tom trevor

    tom trevor12 日 前

    SATAN Diene oder werd Taub

  49. Devyn Bellamy

    Devyn Bellamy13 日 前

    This is my favorite video to work to.

  50. Exylant Xythor

    Exylant Xythor13 日 前

    this sound dropped more than a corona virus outbreak

  51. uiop uiop

    uiop uiop6 日 前

    1337 70 83 504357

  52. Lucien Schlut

    Lucien Schlut13 日 前

    Those cartoons are what nightmares are made of.

  53. Julia Chapelet

    Julia Chapelet14 日 前

    Super mix. Congrats!

  54. vinstual

    vinstual14 日 前

    after watching the whole thing: what did I just witness....

  55. Максим Шевчук

    Максим Шевчук14 日 前

    просто кайф для работы самое та музыка))

  56. Andrei Avelino

    Andrei Avelino14 日 前


  57. Renato Rossi

    Renato Rossi15 日 前


  58. Hells Bells

    Hells Bells16 日 前

    Why cartoons of that age are so creepy!!!!???

  59. Simon de Jonge Psychokid

    Simon de Jonge Psychokid16 日 前


  60. Tom Cooper

    Tom Cooper16 日 前

    WOW ! Masterpice ! Greets from Germany.

  61. Beamer

    Beamer10 日 前

    Thanks Tom!

  62. Dj Ap3x

    Dj Ap3x16 日 前

    This is the best minimal mix on youtube🔥

  63. Beamer

    Beamer10 日 前


  64. TopBun

    TopBun16 日 前

    Why can we have more cartoons like these today, like come on, this are lit.

  65. Christopher morris

    Christopher morris16 日 前

    Bloody Brilliant Thank you :-)

  66. War and War

    War and War17 日 前

    würd ja so nen knacks bekommen wenn ich high wär

  67. Tom Cooper

    Tom Cooper16 日 前

    Ich bin high OHNE Acid ! Nur vom Vid ...

  68. Guido Parco

    Guido Parco17 日 前

    This is fucking quality.

  69. Владислав Шаповал

    Владислав Шаповал17 日 前

    Time cods: 1. Enzo Tucci, Robot Sky - Carillon (Original Mix) 2. Louis, Clark - Liquid Code (Original Mix) 06:35 3. Markus Volker - Straving Nightmares (Original Mix) 11:44 4. Eolk - Dark Forest (Original Mix) 17:51 5. Marc DePulse - The Swarm (Original Mix) 22:40 6. Spiik - Fuck Reality (Original Mix) 27:45 7. Koen Groeneveld - Wake Turbulence (Kaiserdisco Remix) 33:05 8. Overloque - Poisoning (Original Mix) 36:55 9. Unclesand - Fragile (Original Mix) 43:32 10. Boris Brejcha - Sad But True (Original Mix) 48:21 11. Detuned - Transition (Original Mix) 55:16 12. TiM TASTE - Example (Trilingo Remix) 01:00:52 13. Boris Brejcha - Inside Myself (Original Mix) 01:05:40 14. Rosper - Cucumber (Original Mix) 01:11:30 15. Koen Groeneveld - Wake Turbulence (Extended Mix) 01:17:50 16. Jackson Sttauder - No Have Money (Original Mix) 01:23:02 17. Lex Digital - Close Emissions (Original Mix) 01:27:06 18. Koen Groeneveld - Wake Turbulence (Spektre Remix) 01:31:02 19. Koen Groeneveld - Wake Turbulence (Koen Groeneveld & Addy Van Der Zwan Remix) 01:37:26 20. Eolk - Stars in My Head (Original Mix) 01:42:15



    Top Work; Nice One ; )

  71. E SLP

    E SLP17 日 前

    What do you need to take/smoke/sniff/inject for this to become coloured?

  72. Rodrigo Sacks

    Rodrigo Sacks17 日 前

    50:00 UUUHHHHHHHHHH MMMMM . boris brajcha?