Minecraft, But Your Inventory Multiplies Every Time You Take Damage...


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    I love your videos

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    i love yo tapl

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    Bro ur so underrated you should have like 10 million subs


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    When u add the book and diamonds ik what is it and im a girl😓

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    Curst immentory: 0:13



    how to download these mods ??????????

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    Good God

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    (Begining of video)Every fat kid: "you took my only food now im going to starve" ~Patrick

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    The strongest thing in the world is TapL's PC

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    u could of had neatherite armor

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    Кто от [CakaMaster] Nikita2017

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    How did he manage to work that mod in! I want it to mess around with😂



    speed bridge time AAAAAAAAAAAAA



    wait what

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    I hate how he doesn't burn his stuff when they drop

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    We gonna ignore the fact he needed clay at 7:18 and 4 blocks of clay were right next to him

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    15:03 *Bro his impression of the dream speedrun music* 😂

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    So when there are stacks of armor and tools, would they be stronger or stay the same Idea: whatever is in your hand or off hand is unlimited

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    Get get armor diamond armor or Island take damage turn all your armor

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    2:08 He kills a mother of 2😂😭

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    normal people: Get hurt..Bleed out blood Tapl: Get hurt...Bleed out inventory NOOOOOOO

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    Like it works with like flame books and like fortune infinity power punch knock back sharp and like anything

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    its alreadt been a min and youve already got bassicly inf wood

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    whats the mod can someone give me the mod??

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    Can you make more Modes videos pls

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    Should of got netherite

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    You dont have to have netherite to beat the game

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    Netherite is hard to get

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    TapL: omg we have this much stuff and it’s only been about 30 minutes Dream: you know it’s alright I only killed the ender dragon and the wither in 20 mins it’s alright Btw this is a joke TapL you make amazing content keep it up and don’t stop

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    I thought he would get more inventory slots lol

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    Nice JPreporter 👌.

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    Creepypasta the wooden blood player

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    i have creativ in minecraft update to 1.17

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    Dude there was clay in the villagers house



    pls give link to the datapack

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    17:28 thank me later and look at the time



    It’s funny how he only does challenges that makes the game easier for him

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    You made my favorite wood duplicate... I SUBBED TO YOU!!!

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    Anyone else get so triggered when the unstackable items stack

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    You: finds ancient debris, jumps in lava. Stonks

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    please for the love of pete burn some unused items

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    If he duplicate his Armour and wear a Armour of 127.. And one breaks.. Would break all 127 or just one and the amount Chance to 126..

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    plugin free?

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    How is he get 127 stack

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    The chickens that you killed at the start were Chad‘s children

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    Minecraft but eggs are bombs

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    Woah, never knew 15fps was so smooth! Im usually playing around 7

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    What mod is this?

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    this video made me subscribe. you are amazing, keep doing what you are doing

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    Bro you have some serious madness xD

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    He didn't go for _Enchanted Golden Apples_ Reeeeeeee!

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    It would probaly take too long

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    "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger." And TapL.... This guy is stronger than Notch at this point. Heck, he is stronger than creative mode. Can a guy in creative mode wear 127 layers of diamond armor? Thought so.

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    69 logs!?! I think I did a pretty nice job there...

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    128 armor = unbraking8999222921

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    I dont know which mod do u use in which everything stack on 127 items and have armour in stacks too 🤔🤔

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    I died when i said " its so laggy its powerpoint simulator"

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    Can you change your “pause” to “za warudo” in one episode pls

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    Imagine the max was legit sextillion and when it gose to 2000 to sextillion

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    Wiat he could of used gold blocks booom a enchanted golden 🍏 🍎 apple

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    Your dum the iron you got make it iron thne block iron then block its way not better but useful

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    15:00 how do you do that?

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    You know your rich when you craft 16 crafting tables at once

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    Ignore the fact he sounds like sypher pk

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    Clearly this mode is horrible it's no fun and you beat the Ender Dragon very easily

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    12:59 I finally found myself in chat

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    13:20 as well

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    You should’ve probably made 127 TNT 👏🏻 then you would be like ppppph

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    Tapl:does these challenges Also tapl: never made a house

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