1. Brianna Works

    Brianna Works2 時間 前

    Wait no there two way here

  2. jcmninja 86953902

    jcmninja 869539022 時間 前


  3. Leiloni Underwood

    Leiloni Underwood2 時間 前

    When I just stared straight numbers in my eyeballs it stopped

  4. -*sour cookies gacha life -*

    -*sour cookies gacha life -*3 時間 前

    I saw 71

  5. thenameisjpjr26

    thenameisjpjr265 時間 前

    When the girl goes through the hoop your eyes cross so she moves

  6. Isaac Hamlin

    Isaac Hamlin7 時間 前


  7. Scarlet’s Time

    Scarlet’s Time8 時間 前


  8. Melissa Hollen

    Melissa Hollen8 時間 前

    i saw 157

  9. magicbacon790

    magicbacon7909 時間 前

    It’s moving very slowly... I’m stressed slightly?

  10. Ceasar Montoya

    Ceasar Montoya9 時間 前


  11. ThatNiceDragon

    ThatNiceDragon15 時間 前


  12. Bean Po

    Bean Po20 時間 前

    I saw 571

  13. Shaumeel Sewak

    Shaumeel Sewak日 前

    I saw 571

  14. The Little Farm in the Big Thicket

    The Little Farm in the Big Thicket日 前

    1:58 it didn’t move. Ok 1:59 it’s moving cuz I’m so stressed cuz it’s not moving!

  15. Sophia Tetour

    Sophia Tetour2 日 前


  16. Rhonisha Louis

    Rhonisha Louis2 日 前

    I can see the old lady and the young lady

  17. Geber Soto

    Geber Soto2 日 前

    Still 571

  18. Adam Vang

    Adam Vang2 日 前


  19. Kathy Jenks

    Kathy Jenks2 日 前

    I ended up on happy face

  20. ꧁Galaxy_Wolfie꧂

    ꧁Galaxy_Wolfie꧂2 日 前

    the number is 571

  21. Dios Ayo

    Dios Ayo2 日 前


  22. strangerrel

    strangerrel2 日 前

    the number i saw was 571

  23. Piper Smith

    Piper Smith2 日 前

    Where do u see a pyramid

  24. Piper Smith

    Piper Smith2 日 前

    I saw 571

  25. NXS Chillzz_ ttvttxhxard

    NXS Chillzz_ ttvttxhxard2 日 前

    I saw 571

  26. Aniyah's Outlet

    Aniyah's Outlet3 日 前

    It was 571 not 57

  27. CentreGacha

    CentreGacha3 日 前

    i just had to take my glasses off to see marilyn munroe.. lol

  28. Halee Gary

    Halee Gary3 日 前

    I see it now lol 😜😆😂😆 phone number 😂😂 it 😂 gdid and the other is a is a good time and I will be there at like a good time to come in and talk to you can 😊😊👍👍😊😊😁 TF 😂 gdid we it now I will have the irtu try to get some rest well and talk with me and the u can you can come to my house and the kids are doing great and I will be there in a few minutes 😊😊😊 the kids are doing great and I would think r we are going to tr

  29. Draco The animator

    Draco The animator3 日 前

    Erm it smells like dogs and hamburgers (NO I DONT EAT DOGS I HAVE A PET DOG) so I guess it don’t work for me XD

  30. Jessica Tweedy

    Jessica Tweedy3 日 前

    When you hold your breath and doesn’t move but when you do breathe it moves

  31. Cambree Bouton

    Cambree Bouton3 日 前

    The number is 571 it's going vary fast

  32. JosespamzzL2 GG

    JosespamzzL2 GG3 日 前


  33. Dylan 0987

    Dylan 09873 日 前


  34. Jayvon got game 1

    Jayvon got game 13 日 前


  35. Emma World

    Emma World3 日 前

    The number is 571

  36. Bernard 86916688

    Bernard 869166883 日 前

    it is moving slowly for me

  37. tehe !

    tehe !3 日 前

    On a and b blink continusly it will move

  38. tehe !

    tehe !3 日 前

    Omg the smell is the most mind blone

  39. Anthony Lira

    Anthony Lira4 日 前


  40. rairaukka

    rairaukka4 日 前

    I saw 571