Metal Detector Battle 2 | Dude Perfect


  1. Dude Perfect

    Dude Perfect年 前

    UPDATE: Garrett eventually found the ring after the trophy presentation... It was in the pool. Marriage = SAVED. haha

  2. Steve Elton

    Steve Eltonヶ月 前

    lol I thought he threw it on the grass

  3. aby mathew

    aby mathewヶ月 前


  4. Harold Demarest

    Harold Demarest2 ヶ月 前

    3:40 he was on top of it!.

  5. Will M

    Will M5 ヶ月 前


  6. Oliver Taylor

    Oliver Taylor6 ヶ月 前


  7. PaChan

    PaChan時間 前

    imagine finding GOLD and only getting SECOND place

  8. Mateo Kastrati

    Mateo Kastrati3 時間 前

    Man why don’t you go Italy Turkye or San Francisco

  9. Liza Loskon

    Liza Loskon3 時間 前

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  10. JM G

    JM G4 時間 前

    Well next time don’t throw it just up

  11. cal fam

    cal fam5 時間 前

    imagine how garretts wife felt when he thought he lost her wedding ring

  12. Berti Avenoso

    Berti Avenoso9 時間 前

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  13. Swine

    Swine10 時間 前

    Ty and chad must been in the plants garret was watering

  14. DaddySauce123 Yeet

    DaddySauce123 Yeet10 時間 前

    I went to that gold mine the Cory went to. Like I met the dude he was talking to.

  15. Emma Grant

    Emma Grant11 時間 前

    Ty: Finds well hears beep. His reaction: :0

  16. Matthew Cranmo

    Matthew Cranmo12 時間 前

    Legands say garret ring is still lost

  17. Stan Gosling

    Stan Gosling12 時間 前

    Stop all the shouting

  18. Tetrenex Extra

    Tetrenex Extra14 時間 前

    I think we know who won, Garret 😂🥇

  19. Ali Yousif

    Ali Yousif20 時間 前

    I feel bad for him

  20. Oscar Powell

    Oscar Powell21 時間 前

    I really like your video's

  21. Aida Guterres

    Aida Guterres22 時間 前

    I think you should do a trampoline battle. To DP

  22. Kingofcats

    Kingofcats日 前


  23. Kingofcats

    Kingofcats日 前


  24. Rebekah wilson

    Rebekah wilson日 前

    “And potentially the ring girl” She ain’t real

  25. Rebekah wilson

    Rebekah wilson日 前

    I remember when this was 5 mins ago 😖

  26. Rebekah wilson

    Rebekah wilson日 前

    And’s been 1 year

  27. Nicholas Natsvaladze

    Nicholas Natsvaladze日 前

    I wonder if Garret found the ring???



    6:30 if you hear closely you can hear him say the F word

  29. raynemikael rubian

    raynemikael rubian22 時間 前

    I heard it aswell

  30. HydroX

    HydroX日 前

    Who else is itching to find out what would have happened if Garrett would have really brought in his wife’s diamond ring!

  31. Graham Swartwood

    Graham Swartwood日 前

    “I don’t what it is, but I found it” -Cody Jones

  32. Clarissa White

    Clarissa White2 日 前

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  33. Pamela Angel

    Pamela Angel2 日 前

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  34. Archer Moreno

    Archer Moreno2 日 前

    why was garret only finding the ring. how about somewhere else

  35. Jpcoolness 9852

    Jpcoolness 98522 日 前


  36. pewdiepie 1976

    pewdiepie 19762 日 前

    I hate u Garet

  37. raynemikael rubian

    raynemikael rubian22 時間 前

    Why hate? Rude

  38. Noam Plough

    Noam Plough2 日 前

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  39. Gil Mayor

    Gil Mayor2 日 前

    When garret trow hin wifi wedding ring i said is in the pool and i wach this video in 2021

  40. Neave Chua

    Neave Chua3 日 前

    2:08 from wearing a cap to a helmet

  41. Aaditya A

    Aaditya A3 日 前

    Dude perfect is waste

  42. Aaditya A

    Aaditya A3 日 前

    @1 2 for everything

  43. 1 2

    1 23 日 前

    A waste of what?

  44. Alexandru Henegariu

    Alexandru Henegariu4 日 前

    That vhf radio is pretty water damaged and it would need its charger

  45. RomE Y.

    RomE Y.4 日 前

    2:02 im in danger 2:08 In his head "I'm spooked I think I need a helmet"

  46. LG BlaDe

    LG BlaDe4 日 前

    6:31 corry said the f word 😂

  47. raynemikael rubian

    raynemikael rubian22 時間 前


  48. Nasir Hassan

    Nasir Hassan4 日 前


  49. Abdullatif Ck

    Abdullatif Ck4 日 前


  50. Lethabo Ngwenya

    Lethabo Ngwenya4 日 前

    Funny how gerate does not care about the ring And as soon as it's like 1 hr left to detect he is in a hurry

  51. Pruthvi Gaming

    Pruthvi Gaming4 日 前

    Please make ghost challenge

  52. Caleb and Jacob YouTube Channel

    Caleb and Jacob YouTube Channel4 日 前


  53. Lee Hubert

    Lee Hubert4 日 前

    4:39 detects the filter and cuts the camera embarrassingly 🤣 btw ,great background music

  54. Tyler Sauverwald

    Tyler Sauverwald5 日 前

    at 3:29 and 3:30 South Park it’s comin right for us

  55. Tyler Sauverwald

    Tyler Sauverwald5 日 前

    I think he threw the ring over the fence

  56. Chris Truong

    Chris Truong5 日 前

    Tyler I think you found either a 9mm or a 45. ACP

  57. CheesyJoe Animations

    CheesyJoe Animations5 日 前


  58. George Roshan Noel

    George Roshan Noel5 日 前

    could you sell the gold?

  59. Nolan Huhn

    Nolan Huhn5 日 前

    "It might be gold, but I'm not a geologist." He says about what was declared as gold by a professional miner.

  60. Nolan Huhn

    Nolan Huhn5 日 前

    I know that Cody's finds were probably worth more, but COME ON Cory found fricking GOLD

  61. Naucho Taco

    Naucho Taco5 日 前

    Ty: I found a Bullet! Me: what if someone just shot the ground.

  62. Alondra Molina

    Alondra Molina5 日 前

    U went crazy! In the storm dude

  63. Faze_Yeniel

    Faze_Yeniel5 日 前

    3:40 ty was just finding something But there was lightning

  64. nettyoz

    nettyoz5 日 前

    Hi I’m Oscar to the store 🏬 to pick

  65. Pawit Ninnabodee

    Pawit Ninnabodee5 日 前

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  66. pc gaming wolf

    pc gaming wolf5 日 前

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  67. Suneel Munj Memes

    Suneel Munj Memes5 日 前

    Garr divorced 🤧😂

  68. Hanan Assaad

    Hanan Assaad5 日 前

    I am a fan

  69. JW Coasters

    JW Coasters6 日 前

    Did anyone else notice the standing stayed the same from battle 1&2????

  70. LightEmLuke

    LightEmLuke6 日 前

    lol such a great video

  71. Shaheer Zafar

    Shaheer Zafar6 日 前

    Tyler: So how long have you been a PMD? PMD: It was a calling since I was born Me: Then how do you not know what gold looks like?????

  72. Casen's World

    Casen's World6 日 前


  73. Casen's World

    Casen's World6 日 前


  74. Aniaacw

    Aniaacw6 日 前

    Garrett wasn’t even trying

  75. james fredy

    james fredy6 日 前

    6:55 is the thumbnail of this video 100%

  76. james fredy

    james fredy6 日 前

    2:02 the rock correctly targeted the other rock

  77. Rishaan Ag

    Rishaan Ag6 日 前

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  78. Thang Ngô

    Thang Ngô6 日 前


  79. Sam Timblin

    Sam Timblin6 日 前

    Is dis riged

  80. Lewis FunPlay

    Lewis FunPlay6 日 前

    Poor garret lost his wife wedding ring XD

  81. Alex N.

    Alex N.6 日 前


  82. Sora Anderson

    Sora Anderson7 日 前

    Why Cody would you go looking for stuff on a "DESERTED ISLAND!"

  83. Ji Ling Ren

    Ji Ling Ren7 日 前

    Garrett just got one of the hardest hits of Karma.

  84. JUSTIN LE 2031 WCSC 2

    JUSTIN LE 2031 WCSC 27 日 前

    *ty* AAAaaAAAA *gary* so peaceful

  85. Gabe Murphy

    Gabe Murphy7 日 前


  86. ClarenceMcBean

    ClarenceMcBean7 日 前

    garret didn't throw it, he dropped it on the ground and then pretended to throw it, never the less a great vid!

  87. Lord Beastii

    Lord Beastii7 日 前

    And that is how garret became single!

  88. Abigail The Creative

    Abigail The Creative7 日 前

    its not gold its pyrite

  89. shamilavarner

    shamilavarner7 日 前


  90. Rickrish Sharma

    Rickrish Sharma7 日 前

    C'mon more metal detector videos

  91. Siddiq Patandeen

    Siddiq Patandeen7 日 前

    Did garret find his wedding ring yet

  92. Koluvyal

    Koluvyal7 日 前

    2:05 i loved that immediate transition to helmet

  93. Natasha Dcruz

    Natasha Dcruz7 日 前

    Sit by the lake and earn in gold

  94. Abyss Kix

    Abyss Kix7 日 前

    This has been on my recommended for too long I am finally watching it

  95. DeniAr

    DeniAr7 日 前

    The diamond was a non metal lol🤣🤣

  96. Hawk Gaming

    Hawk Gaming8 日 前

    Its Wasn't Gold

  97. Tilak Patel

    Tilak Patel8 日 前

    Can I have a phone

  98. owen

    owen8 日 前

    Everyone but Cory: I’m gonna say this is a guaranteed first place Also everyone but Cory: *finds garbage*

  99. Sophia Basil

    Sophia Basil8 日 前

    When Tyler said Maybe the ring girl I was laughing so hard😂

  100. Andrew Mohan

    Andrew Mohan8 日 前


  101. Andrew Mohan

    Andrew Mohan8 日 前

    Ty you're my favorite trick shot dude please I am one of your biggest friends too since I was small I always used to watch this when I first saw it

  102. Kimza

    Kimza8 日 前

    3:27 nononono

  103. Pratyush Buch

    Pratyush Buch8 日 前


  104. tanvi shendge

    tanvi shendge8 日 前

    That gold costs less than $5

  105. Allan Fuentes

    Allan Fuentes8 日 前

    Did you find the ring???

  106. Allan Fuentes

    Allan Fuentes8 日 前


  107. Jackson Sexton

    Jackson Sexton9 日 前

    “treasure hunters have to know when to pass and when to go” - Tyler Toney

  108. Aaron Andres

    Aaron Andres9 日 前


  109. boyblader forever

    boyblader forever9 日 前

    Dude you can not find gold with a metal detector

  110. why are you looking at this

    why are you looking at this9 日 前

    Tyler : sometimes the finds you don’t have to hide you just find them. Me : HOLY SH-

  111. Wendie Luong

    Wendie Luong9 日 前

    Garret would maybe win the trophy if he found the ring

  112. our fruit

    our fruit9 日 前

    Bro what happened with your wife

  113. Brit Brek

    Brit Brek9 日 前

    Garrett chilling vs ty ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh this was so dumb Lol