Messed up MYSTERY RIDDLES to Test Survival Skills w/ Gloom


  1. Paul Richardson

    Paul Richardson3 日 前

    Emma the mother bid it

  2. Abdul Sani

    Abdul Sani3 日 前

    Love it 3:08

  3. Audrey XoX oof

    Audrey XoX oof4 日 前

    you and 5 other survivors *only shows 5 survivors*

  4. Amy Klucas

    Amy Klucas5 日 前


  5. chris duffield

    chris duffield6 日 前

    the mom

  6. covers 4u

    covers 4u6 日 前

    5:56 azzy: you and 5 other survivers Me: (counts the people) Me again: there r only 5 people Azzy: the problem is your stranded on an island Me : I PROBABLY DIED ALREADY!!!!!

  7. Lily Johnson

    Lily Johnson6 日 前

    Azzy: blurs knife. Gloom: f*** it. Let em see

  8. Janique Anderson

    Janique Anderson6 日 前

    The sisters bro

  9. Samaa Elmougy

    Samaa Elmougy7 日 前

    I love you Azzy

  10. Katherine Flores

    Katherine Flores9 日 前

    8:41 azzy said for people instead of three

  11. Amethyst Black

    Amethyst Black10 日 前

    did nobody notice that Azzy said number A also? lmao

  12. Freddie Mercury

    Freddie Mercury11 日 前

    10:44 why arent the armors all the same if the guards are in the same group?

  13. Freddie Mercury

    Freddie Mercury11 日 前

    7:10 also if they send only some people to call help how are those people going to know how to get back to the island with help?

  14. Reagan Mahoney

    Reagan Mahoney12 日 前

    you guys should react to a share your story togather

  15. Daisy Perkens

    Daisy Perkens13 日 前

    At 13:40 it was the mom because she set up for 3 people and they are a family of 4!

  16. George Collier

    George Collier13 日 前

    10:58 Azzy it’s called a Mace

  17. George Collier

    George Collier13 日 前

    Plot twist (Who killed George): Leo killed him!

  18. Michelle Williams

    Michelle Williams11 日 前


  19. William D. Piechotta

    William D. Piechotta14 日 前


  20. Niall Schutte

    Niall Schutte14 日 前


  21. carl razor

    carl razor15 日 前


  22. katelynn johnson

    katelynn johnson16 日 前

    it was the mom because she only set up 3 plates and cups

  23. Reyzo 092

    Reyzo 09216 日 前

    Who wantching this in 2020? Love kassy and azzy

  24. Emthara Cadet élève

    Emthara Cadet élève16 日 前

    #Titanic goals

  25. wandulinska D

    wandulinska D16 日 前

    Vu reno lu dar

  26. Lisa Cory

    Lisa Cory17 日 前

    The mom

  27. wandulinska D

    wandulinska D17 日 前

    Last Will, Free Will ,Strong Will, Weak Will

  28. Heather White

    Heather White18 日 前


  29. Kyle Aaron Cornelio

    Kyle Aaron Cornelio18 日 前

    10:28 azzy said number A

  30. Jillian Jarvel

    Jillian Jarvel18 日 前


  31. Amy Meyers

    Amy Meyers18 日 前

    Ask azzy have you ever ate 10 a bug before ask Cassie do you like azzyland as a friend

  32. Tiana Vasquez

    Tiana Vasquez19 日 前

    omg Kassie is so silly haha

  33. Emma Mandler

    Emma Mandler19 日 前

    my name is Emma

  34. Sophie Buran

    Sophie Buran19 日 前

    Mum: my son told me that my baby is dead! Son: I woke up hearing dad screaming!

  35. Trisan Sapple

    Trisan Sapple20 日 前

    Azzy: number debating Me: totally on John cenas side Josh Cena to Azzy: are u sure🤔🤔

  36. zimary toys and all Ortega

    zimary toys and all Ortega20 日 前

    I love ur vids azzy i always wach them in the moring and after my shower and on my freetime

  37. captian dorkdonut

    captian dorkdonut20 日 前

    tips: if you guys somehow get stuck underwater in a car, remove the headrest and stab the window until it breaks. Windows in cars were made to be easily broken on the inside, but difficult to break on the outside

  38. diego st catherine

    diego st catherine22 日 前

    Azzy don’t say that my nick name is lily!!!!!!

  39. CutePenguinLuvr

    CutePenguinLuvr23 日 前


  40. indiya reshell

    indiya reshell24 日 前

    The mom

  41. Savannah Penn

    Savannah Penn24 日 前

    1:49 that won’t happen

  42. Unicorn Music live

    Unicorn Music live25 日 前

    Did anyone else notice that the key the man was holding in the second riddle looked like FIRE! Or am I tripping?

  43. I am jeongguks best bro

    I am jeongguks best bro25 日 前

    10:27 “number A”

  44. Raghida Al Mais

    Raghida Al Mais26 日 前


  45. Ellie Azoulay

    Ellie Azoulay26 日 前

    Kassie: someone else did it to Azzy: Lilly!!!!! Me: The Lily I know is kind and sweet but funny

  46. Avril Hall-Andujar

    Avril Hall-Andujar27 日 前


  47. Edna Kristoffersen

    Edna Kristoffersen27 日 前

    0:41 look to 0:45 and 3:07

  48. sheepy lamb Buddys

    sheepy lamb Buddys27 日 前

    10:28 Azzy said number A

  49. Monserrat Santillan-Castro

    Monserrat Santillan-Castro28 日 前


  50. Yanick G

    Yanick Gヶ月 前

    7 16 AM 😂😂⬇oh no the. ⛵ i saw they were going some were well ihate it

  51. Abi McLaughlin

    Abi McLaughlinヶ月 前

    Mom done it I’m disappointed in her

  52. Shala Mahone

    Shala Mahoneヶ月 前

    I think it was Tom the brother

  53. lhou31081975

    lhou31081975ヶ月 前

    Azzy lives in 🇨🇦

  54. Andrej Barosevic

    Andrej Barosevicヶ月 前


  55. Sheppy :D

    Sheppy :Dヶ月 前

    if your car actually drove right into the water you should try to open your window right away, then quickly swim out before it gets fully underwater

  56. LEK Tech5

    LEK Tech5ヶ月 前

    At 8:34 why did it do th ta this g were we couldn't see the face

  57. Violet Fraser

    Violet Fraserヶ月 前

    People think

  58. Grace Lavella

    Grace Lavellaヶ月 前

    10:28 Azzi said number A😂lol

  59. Zombie Miner

    Zombie Minerヶ月 前


  60. Olivia Gonzales

    Olivia Gonzalesヶ月 前

    How are they both in different places

  61. Aaron Hawkins

    Aaron Hawkinsヶ月 前

    The mother