Messed up MYSTERY RIDDLES to Test Survival Skills w/ Gloom


  1. Raine Braxton

    Raine Braxton14 時間 前

    The mom

  2. Linh Tran

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  3. gaming pups

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  4. Victoria Boyd

    Victoria Boyd日 前

    and that was not a question sorry

  5. Victoria Boyd

    Victoria Boyd日 前

    also like if you totally agree with me

  6. Victoria Boyd

    Victoria Boyd日 前

    i got a question. so when they pulled up the ship the said there were you and 5 other survivors. there are 4 people with you, not 5. they should redo that riddle before i do

  7. It’s Roxy

    It’s Roxy日 前

    It was the Mum I new that when Interview with Mum

  8. K T

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  9. Rumini Mohd

    Rumini Mohd2 日 前

    2:02 i almost drowned in a contry name BALI

  10. TwT

    TwT3 日 前

    I did one with blowdrier on Johnny Test and did it

  11. Grace Maurer

    Grace Maurer3 日 前

    The MOM!!!!!

  12. abd rashid Nadiah

    abd rashid Nadiah4 日 前

    When Azzy say "Number A" I laught soo hard

  13. Julio Borjon

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  14. BlackJack_Jack

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  15. Izzy Jeffcoat

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  16. elijah montgomery

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  17. Brinlyn Cook

    Brinlyn Cook8 日 前

    AZZY CASSIE please notice me

  18. Jenni Trisic

    Jenni Trisic9 日 前

    The boy because the dad didn't scream

  19. alyza tenakoun

    alyza tenakoun10 日 前

    You and Gloom are so smart

  20. hardgame gr

    hardgame gr10 日 前

    1:48 its wrong becase you cant open the door becase its air in the car

  21. Rama And Farah

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  22. Rama And Farah

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  23. Ivy Prescott

    Ivy Prescott11 日 前

    Azzy you’ve been tricked Dun dun dun!!!

  24. Ivy Prescott

    Ivy Prescott11 日 前

    Kassie I love you but you already did this video before 🤣

  25. Sahra the Sims4 Gamer

    Sahra the Sims4 Gamer11 日 前

    On the who is the wizard riddle I like how Azzy said Number A

  26. Hi I'm Unknown

    Hi I'm Unknown12 日 前

    Either C or B

  27. Hi I'm Unknown

    Hi I'm Unknown12 日 前

    B, save your energy

  28. Em Dog

    Em Dog13 日 前

    Azzy! I’m not a murderer REEEEETTT

  29. Jennifer Adams

    Jennifer Adams13 日 前

    Da mother!

  30. Gena Inches

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  31. Gena Inches

    Gena Inches13 日 前

    What can you feed but can't give a drink

  32. Gena Inches

    Gena Inches13 日 前

    I have a riddle

  33. Jason Pollard

    Jason Pollard13 日 前

    I’m your favorite game in my game play for me I play this is a good win game play it was a win game

  34. Lakeiya Portia

    Lakeiya Portia13 日 前

    If they build a raft a shark will get them

  35. ·PowerFul Wolfie·

    ·PowerFul Wolfie·13 日 前

    I just can't stop watching these riddles!!😂😂😊😂😊

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  38. Fear Hunter 45x

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  39. mitsy boy gaming

    mitsy boy gaming14 日 前

    10:28 the answer is d becos mace is upsidedowm

  40. jonathan argosino

    jonathan argosino16 日 前

    The Mom

  41. Cookie Ticking

    Cookie Ticking16 日 前

    Free strong last weak

  42. Imacoto Pebbled

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  43. Janvi Patel

    Janvi Patel16 日 前

    You’re right she has done thesebefore

  44. Michayla Rinker

    Michayla Rinker16 日 前

    Emma the mother

  45. Plam Plam

    Plam Plam17 日 前

    Who realised Azzy siad number "A"

  46. Beau Mills

    Beau Mills17 日 前

    The mum

  47. Polla Smallwood

    Polla Smallwood17 日 前

    It's EMMA she could get a plat and hit her

  48. E Smith

    E Smith18 日 前

    You did some of these with Jay so you already know the answers

  49. Jermiah Williams

    Jermiah Williams19 日 前

    Jeremiah Williams DOpen the door right now

  50. Jeffery Harris

    Jeffery Harris19 日 前

    Hi i,m new here

  51. Oriana Attias

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  52. Oriana Attias

    Oriana Attias19 日 前

    4:52 cute snake :3

  53. Nikita Stuart

    Nikita Stuart20 日 前

    Azzy: Number D. Me: Letter D

  54. Valentina Flores

    Valentina Flores20 日 前

    i love your videos with gloom :)

  55. Itz_stphne_here

    Itz_stphne_here20 日 前

    In the first riddle I would’ve ordered pizza and told them it was under the bridge and live in de car

  56. Lhynne Hoshiyuki

    Lhynne Hoshiyuki20 日 前

    This is out of the riddle activity but I think that dress is Azzy's favorite outfit 🤔 in all her riddle videos

  57. Niandra Henry

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  58. Scott Lindman

    Scott Lindman21 日 前

    Tell mom show me prepared three plates

  59. Scott Lindman

    Scott Lindman21 日 前

    That guy at the restaurant that was charming he was with wanted on the picture

  60. Nora Moore

    Nora Moore21 日 前

    For the 1st riddle azzy chose a because that is the first letter of her name

  61. RJ Stark

    RJ Stark21 日 前

    i love your vids azzy

  62. Lillie’s Southern Sweets Lillie’s

    Lillie’s Southern Sweets Lillie’s22 日 前

    No you said my name twice