Merkules - ''Rockstar Remix'' (DaBaby & Roddy Ricch)


  1. Jared Hayes

    Jared Hayes3 時間 前

    I love your music! Whens the next usa tour haha

  2. Sunandan Dasgupta

    Sunandan Dasgupta8 時間 前

    Rockstar [Rock Remix] -

  3. Rene Seguin

    Rene Seguin12 時間 前


  4. dallas dodge

    dallas dodge15 時間 前

    1.4K people that don't know real rap, Fuck the haters!

  5. Kevin Oneil

    Kevin Oneil15 時間 前


  6. stephen nardone

    stephen nardone17 時間 前

    Always so fuckin RAW! Keep doin you homie

  7. Thomas Trichome

    Thomas Trichome19 時間 前

    You the fuckin man Merk. Congrats on all your success. May even more come to you homie.

  8. Redmario 743

    Redmario 74322 時間 前

    All of remix’s are better than original

  9. Susan Smith

    Susan Smith日 前

    I love this song




  11. gary welch

    gary welch日 前

    Makes me think of when I got busted in the trunk crossing the boarder into Van City. #Rockstar Lifestyle. Great song!!!

  12. tomakaze

    tomakaze2 日 前

    Happy belated Canada Day Young Merk!

  13. Armin Smith

    Armin Smith2 日 前

    Spittin like a llama

  14. Jeffrey Agans

    Jeffrey Agans2 日 前

    This man is the truth! I've said it since I heard him the first time! HE WILL GO DOWN IN HIP HOP HISTORY AS ONE OF THE GREATEST TO EVER DO IT!!!! what's up with a collaboration with Montana of 300 tho!

  15. Skittles but with chocolate inside

    Skittles but with chocolate inside2 日 前

    this is not bad actually great job man

  16. Cheyenne Becotte

    Cheyenne Becotte2 日 前

    This is this is nice music

  17. Prudencio Longoria

    Prudencio Longoria3 日 前


  18. Chris Wilhide

    Chris Wilhide3 日 前

    best rapper soooo much heat 🔥 positive vibes god bless!

  19. Brooklyn Downs

    Brooklyn Downs3 日 前

  20. damo newman

    damo newman3 日 前

    Love your music 🎶

  21. Lewis Jordanmtb

    Lewis Jordanmtb3 日 前

    Get this on your spotify broo

  22. tyler allen

    tyler allen3 日 前

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  23. dave n

    dave n3 日 前


  24. dave n

    dave n3 日 前


  25. Richard Frisby

    Richard Frisby3 日 前


  26. Bobby Dumouchelle

    Bobby Dumouchelle3 日 前


  27. Steven Belle

    Steven Belle4 日 前

    Oh cool you can bite the cap of a beer bottle LMFAO your definitely a gangsta huh 🤣🤣 this is terrible

  28. ꧁Beau Tessa꧂

    ꧁Beau Tessa꧂4 日 前

    Love this !

  29. Matty Marell

    Matty Marell4 日 前

    stuff kanye for president! merkules is a god,rollin an ryming like boss!

  30. Michael

    Michael2 日 前

    Merk for PM

  31. Jack Rau

    Jack Rau4 日 前

    One of my favs

  32. SWAHTY

    SWAHTY4 日 前

    i love this man !!!!!!

  33. Gabriel O'neal

    Gabriel O'neal4 日 前

    Yoo Merk if you need any CartoonArt Made or Graphics shoot ill even work on beats for ya drop a comment so i can shoot my email

  34. william church

    william church4 日 前

    Keep up the work man I listen to your music on a daily basis. Love your music keep it going

  35. Alex Taylor

    Alex Taylor4 日 前

    That fucking flow is fire frfr🔥💯

  36. Dominic Enness

    Dominic Enness4 日 前

    Bro your remix on every song is unreal!!! Keep it up brother, one love

  37. Tomas Fawcett

    Tomas Fawcett4 日 前

    Mans a fucken spitter, throws them smooth hooks too, boys going in again

  38. Kyle Jackson

    Kyle Jackson4 日 前


  39. karine moreau

    karine moreau4 日 前

    I love your song

  40. NoAim3000 Pipo

    NoAim3000 Pipo5 日 前


  41. Samuel James

    Samuel James5 日 前

    1000 rappers disliked it cause they know they couldn't compete with levels being set

  42. Nathan Jenkins

    Nathan Jenkins5 日 前

    Amazing Rapper Fp To Him 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  43. Anton Shagur

    Anton Shagur5 日 前

    on the grind like TONY

  44. Steven Kelhart

    Steven Kelhart5 日 前

    I'm so glad you made it Merk. I've been saying it since day one. You deserve it.

  45. Nate Spacek

    Nate Spacek5 日 前

    Been showing everyone I know that appreciates them bars $ir!! For 3 yrs I've been showing everyone I fuck with

  46. Lynds D

    Lynds D5 日 前


  47. Baby Silent

    Baby Silent5 日 前

  48. Reef Dogg

    Reef Dogg5 日 前

    Best hook on the year slayed the track

  49. Danny Bando

    Danny Bando5 日 前

    Merk is the man

  50. nugget man

    nugget man5 日 前

    Merkules is awesome

  51. JenJen Perle

    JenJen Perle5 日 前

    Love it! Makes me smile :-) 🔥

  52. Aura

    Aura5 日 前

    Came across you by chance. You are bad ass dude

  53. Teh1337Llama

    Teh1337Llama6 日 前

    Love your music bro, would be sick to have a smoke sesh with you for real! Much love

  54. David Autrey

    David Autrey6 日 前

    Shit that’s a nice hat!

  55. Rockelle

    Rockelle6 日 前

    white boy remix


    60CYCLEHUMM6 日 前


  57. Ashley Person

    Ashley Person6 日 前

    Thank you for redoing this.. I love the beat but the original rap wAs wack...😘😘

  58. Brian Longley

    Brian Longley6 日 前

    Yo merk bog fan here in MERICA ,love everytrack you get on Sdk 🤬👹💯🤟🤙

  59. Michael Marr

    Michael Marr6 日 前

    Bro you are the fucken 🐐 no doubt! You take every persons best song and make it better! Your a fucking genious fam! Much love from indiana 💯

  60. Alex __

    Alex __6 日 前

    better than the original

  61. Toudie 420

    Toudie 4206 日 前

    🇫🇷J’adore 🤩