Melting Every Lipstick From The Drugstore Together


  1. Safiya Nygaard

    Safiya Nygaard12 時間 前

    HELLO FRIENDS!! yes, i have returned with a video that randomly took us a very long time to make!! this is the last video we have from before we took our asia trip so up next... japan content!! woohoo :) also, here is the link to the frankenlipstick giveaway entry form! - xoxo, saf

  2. Peaches and Cream

    Peaches and Cream時間 前

    I signed up for the giveaway! Hope I win!!

  3. Ellie Wilkinson

    Ellie Wilkinson8 時間 前

    Omg I love you 😁

  4. Thanujan Thavaratnam

    Thanujan Thavaratnam8 時間 前

    Have fun!!

  5. Naima Kamran

    Naima Kamran8 時間 前

    You are an amazing JPreporterr

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    What if we don't have Instagram

  7. GG the singer

    GG the singer53 分 前

    the orange. orange ya glad i made this

  8. victoria stephenson

    victoria stephenson53 分 前

    A good video idea would be mixing jeffree star lipsticks! That would make such an interesting color

  9. Jess Express

    Jess Express53 分 前

    The miscellaneous one should be named hammerhead Like a hammerhead shark

  10. coco

    coco53 分 前

    I’ll always here for Safiya’s makeup experiments 😂💕

  11. Angana Chakravarty

    Angana Chakravarty53 分 前

    I wish I could get the mini Red lipstick..the colour looks so pretty! 😍

  12. enyacoladas

    enyacoladas53 分 前

    Going off on the Augustus Gloop running gag: Red: Veruca Salt's Rage Pink: Bubblegum Purple: Willy Wonka/Violet Beauregard/A Blueberry For A Daughter Brown: Chocolate River Orange: Oompa Loompa Bluish Gray: The Tunnel Scene

  13. JustAn0ther Girl

    JustAn0ther Girl53 分 前

    YAY TYLER!!!

  14. Lucía Bernardino

    Lucía Bernardino53 分 前

    I love this type of video!♥ Sorry for my english -.-'

  15. Catherine Cooper

    Catherine Cooper53 分 前

    YAY TYLER!!!!

  16. Olivia Bragoli

    Olivia Bragoli53 分 前

    Saf should do a frankin lipstick with all jeffree star’s lipsticks

  17. Tanya Lee

    Tanya Lee53 分 前

    I love the colours 😍😍 the swatches are so smooth too Ooft

  18. Diana Martínez

    Diana Martínez53 分 前

    How many coupons did you got at cvs ?

  19. Louise Alliss

    Louise Alliss53 分 前

    The purple one should be called “Berry Good”! 🤗👏

  20. Kendall J

    Kendall J53 分 前

    Still managed to make a safer and better lipstick than Jaclyn hill 😂

  21. Sky Ratcliffe

    Sky Ratcliffe53 分 前

    [safiya touches lipstick with hand] still cleaner than jaclyn hill cosmetics

  22. Fun

    Fun53 分 前

    I scrolled through the comments for the whole duration of the video, and not one of them wasn’t about Jaclyn hill

  23. Grimmwolf25

    Grimmwolf2553 分 前

    Thank you for making sure to name certain allergens that may be in your product, a lot of people aren't as considerate. I enjoyed watching this video, but since I have a latex allergy, I won't be entering. However, I did subscribe to your Instagram account. I'd be interested to see what you would do with Besame Cosmetics brand of lipsticks. So far, they are the only ones I wear. They tend to stay on, except with meals, but then I also wear a gloss under them (most of the time) to keep my lips moist. The gloss is also Besame brand, as I managed to get one of their Snow White Trio balms. I usually only have to re-apply their long-lasting lipstick after eating, if I don't do the blotting that you're supposed to do after applying it. They also have a few Disney ones; my favorite is "Snow White Red." They tend to do more vintage colors by swatching old lipstick tubes from different eras and then replicating them with modern formulas. They don't do matte as they dry out the lips more. They really are into Vintage Style and Beauty and are based out of Southern California. Oddly enough, I found their website and get it shipped all the way to Iowa! Just thought I'd share. Have fun shopping and experimenting!

  24. yeaitsme2237

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  25. Amy Ellis

    Amy Ellis54 分 前

    Jaclyn could never 😩😩😂😂

  26. Claire Ward

    Claire Ward54 分 前

    no one: everyone in the comments: these lipsticks r better than jacklyn hills😂

  27. abigail eleanor

    abigail eleanor54 分 前

    safiya becomes more beautiful everytime I see her

  28. PeacefulMaelstrom

    PeacefulMaelstrom54 分 前

    Brown: Augustus Gloop Red: Strawberry Blood Pink: Barbara R Nude: Lightkissed Purple: Dazzleberry Orange: Tangerine Tango Misc: Stardust

  29. chyaa92

    chyaa9254 分 前

    I dont have Instagram so I cant win... :( if you would like to send me the Franken-orange I wouldn't mind lol

  30. Cheyenne Sands

    Cheyenne Sands54 分 前

    You extracted Bunnicula from the depths of my memory.

  31. ur mum

    ur mum54 分 前

    Mix halloween brand lipsticks!

  32. Viktor Nagy

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  33. I will keep uploading until 1k subs

    I will keep uploading until 1k subs54 分 前

    1 like = 1 like

  34. Alma Bulling

    Alma Bulling54 分 前

    I realey liked this vidio❤️ @almabulling

  35. Lynnae Bentley

    Lynnae Bentley54 分 前

    Misc: alien blood

  36. Kate Gillett

    Kate Gillett54 分 前

    Love it

  37. Kasia Peridot

    Kasia Peridot55 分 前

    Nude: Peach Beach Pink: Barbie's Soul Red: Cherry Pie Purple: Grape Juice Brown: Black Forest Gateau Orange: Tiger Stripe Misc: Foundry Disco Real talk though: I need the franken-brown lipstick in my life ASAP.

  38. Grisi Lopez

    Grisi Lopez55 分 前

    You're picking the winners on July 5th! Hmmmm that'll be a great birthday gift for me!! 😭💗💗

  39. Maria Victoria

    Maria Victoria55 分 前

    I want oneee

  40. Alla Anokhina

    Alla Anokhina55 分 前

    Was going to make a joke about Jaclyn Hill, but there’s already enough 😂

  41. Sophia V

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    #1 on trending! Yassss queen!

  42. Anastasia Croft

    Anastasia Croft55 分 前

    Love all of the colors! Especially the misc!

  43. Alma Hernandez

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    Love this video

  44. Laura Aisling

    Laura Aisling55 分 前

    I love u saf I really hoped u would be in escape the night this season

  45. Rachel Min Kimchi

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    Your videos are so organized that even after I’ve gotten over my “beauty” JPreporter phase I still come back to you ☺️

  46. Kassi Saechao

    Kassi Saechao55 分 前

    Nude: Flash u Red: Crikey! Pink: Daisy Dukes Purple: Goby Brown: Sweet tooth Orange: Newt Misc: Smokey

  47. Sock Monkey Arts

    Sock Monkey Arts55 分 前

    I'm pretty sure I saw an ice cream churn in the freezer, which makes me think that there will be a "I made lipstick ice cream" video in the near future.

  48. Midnight Shadows

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  49. faire

    faire55 分 前

    Always love your content saf!! Please continue making entertaining videos!!

  50. Grey Marie

    Grey Marie55 分 前

    I have a few names for the mini Franken Lippies: Orange: Halloweenie Pink: Barbie’s Ashes Misc: Midnight Hunt Red: Strawberry Blood Nude: Carnal Desire Brown: Count Chocula Purple: Tylers Favorite

  51. Julia

    Julia55 分 前

    so happy about the international shipping 🤩

  52. Srushti Bhosale

    Srushti Bhosale55 分 前

    her voice is so smooth like honey..❤️❤️

  53. Kelley Hubbard

    Kelley Hubbard55 分 前

    Burner Brown Orange=Tangy Pink=Barbie Nude= Nudey Sand

  54. Jennifer Davis

    Jennifer Davis55 分 前

    Pink - basic barbie Nude - spraytan Red - strawberry acai Orange - fanta Purple - grape bomb Brown - choco latte Mics - Saf

  55. Little Sparrow Cartoons

    Little Sparrow Cartoons55 分 前

    It's such a pretty colour, hope I can get one this time!

  56. May Baby28

    May Baby2855 分 前

    I’m not sure if you want names for the mini franken lipsticks but here are some i thought of! for the red franken lipstick you should name it Cherry Bomb or russian roulette red (for the blood from russian roulette mwahahah) for the Pink one you should name it Barbie Blood. for the orange one you should name it Orange Creme. for the miscellaneous one you should name it alien blood (i loved your idea for it and thought there couldn’t have a better name) for the nude one you should name it the Kylie Jenner of CVS 😂. for the purple one you should name it purple people eater (i also just loved that name you had). and for the brown one you should name it Augusta gloop’s Chocolate (i also loved that idea you said in the video 😂) and if you want a name for the main frankenlipstick you made, i think either the frankenphora doppelgänger or something like maybe Buried Myth 😂 (i couldn’t really come up with any for that one lol sorry) idk if you’ll use these names or if you’re even gonna use names but i hope you enjoyed these names i came up with lol. (i’m excited for the giveaway even if i don’t win!) and future congrats to the winners of the giveaway!

  57. Wilted Rose

    Wilted Rose55 分 前

    Jaclyn hills is quaking

  58. Maddy Starr

    Maddy Starr55 分 前

    Ahh hope I win

  59. Ds Bc

    Ds Bc56 分 前

    And the big question is... How much did this whole project cost ?

  60. Dani Guzman

    Dani Guzman56 分 前

    I need to know how many extrA BUCKS SHE GOT FROM CVS

  61. Katie Setser

    Katie Setser56 分 前

    Love your vids

  62. venska

    venska56 分 前

    i love that shirt so much

  63. Brittney Garoby

    Brittney Garoby56 分 前

    Never seen a Walgreens with a suped up make up sections (i.e. PUR).... I need my local store to step up ASAP lol

  64. Photo Booth Start Up

    Photo Booth Start Up56 分 前

    She has the voice of a young boy trying to sound like a grown man lol

  65. Tina Nayak

    Tina Nayak56 分 前

    I knew the comment section was gonna come for jaclyn, and I'm not dissapointed

  66. LorieLynn

    LorieLynn56 分 前

    Did the misc lipstick remind anyone else of the Bruce color lipstick that Safiya mixed the one time when she was melting it?

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  68. Allyson N.

    Allyson N.56 分 前

    I wanna eat it

  69. simranpun

    simranpun56 分 前

    Nude: Creamy Dream Red: Surprise Pink: A Rosy Day Purple: Envy Brown: Chocolate Treat Orange: Orange You Glad I’m Here Gray: Alien Blood

  70. Lindsay Duplicki

    Lindsay Duplicki56 分 前

    Yasss Queen you get that #1 trenfing

  71. Jessica Wilkinson

    Jessica Wilkinson56 分 前

    Loce the pink red purple and the mystery color! They look good on you.

  72. Michelle Raudez

    Michelle Raudez56 分 前

    Nudes- monkey butt Reds- Strawberry daiquiri Pinks- barbie bubblegum Purples- Dark Lavender Browns- poop there it is Orange- Tyler Tiger Mic.- Night in Space

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    #1 video on trending and it's not even monetized (;-;)

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    This is #1 trending

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    pink: Pink Wednesdays purple: Not Very Violet or BOO!Berry Pie brown: Wonka’s Chocolate River nude: Nude Beach orange: Orange Ya Glad? or Oompa Loompa misc: Bat’s Night Out

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  77. marichat _lover

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    Safiya I accidentally wrote my wrong JPreporter name.i put marichatlover instead of marichat _lover and it won’t let me fix it😭I can’t enter now can I?

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  79. Hikari Hinagiku

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    Damn I wanted to name the franken cvs “berry shelley’s franken-shine”

  80. Ashley DeRose

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    I hopeeee I get one this time lmao

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    frankenlipstick giveaway! I have never try to win something in any giveaway, but i must try frankenlipstick !

  82. Klára Leblochová

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    *Look, I'm Meghan Markle* moment should go viral.

  83. Lenaisclueless

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    Am i the only one concerned about all the plastic packaging from these lipsticks going to the trash 🤦🏻‍♀️

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  86. MforMutiny

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    I definitely think the Blue/ Misc color should be called Alien Blood and the brown should be Chocolate Rain

  87. smileurBeautiful

    smileurBeautiful57 分 前

    I’m not usually a purple kind of gal, but I am really digging the purple as well!

  88. M-Lynn Wregget

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  89. Tabetha Judy

    Tabetha Judy57 分 前

    They grow up so fast, I can remember the days where they were just mere infants on a shelf in CVS, and now their ready to go to college and rebel against everything their mother ever taught them because she would not buy them a JUUL.

  90. Mariana Parrilla

    Mariana Parrilla57 分 前

    You should mix all the lipsticks from mac because they have more colors instead of the classic red, pink, and nude

  91. Vintage Hearts

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    This is unfair I don't even have an insta :-/

  92. Hillary Blankers

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    Call the grey one Steel Dragon Blood! STEEL DRAGON BLOOD!

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    Woot woot!!

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    Just took the survey! Gl everyone who entered

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    i died when she said “Burt’s bees are giving me... Burt’s balls” 😂

  96. uwu uwu

    uwu uwu58 分 前

    **Flashbacks** I am so proud of this community It’s Rewind Time! Kpop Marques Brown Tell me if I missed anything ;-;...


    BEAULIV58 分 前

    Name suggestion for the miscellaneous one: “hello darkness my old fiend” 👽

  98. Cecilia Rodriguez

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    Nudes: Nude Beach Red: Blood Cherry Pink: Malibu Barbara Orange: Finding Neon Purple: Dumbledore Brown: Coffee Grounds Misc: Shark Bait

  99. Alden Quinn

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    For the miscellaneous color I think the name should be alien blood

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    save the earth please

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    Nice Lipstick Colors. Awesome. Amazing. Your One Of My Favorite JPreporterrs of all time, tbh. TBH.

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    "What are you, an airline?"

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    Next will probably be mixing all the candles from the drug store or a shopping haul. :P

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    Why do I never get notifications? JPreporter fix that shit already...-.-" Jeez

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    I finished all the steps