Megan Thee Stallion Is A Hot Girl With “Girls In The Hood” & “Savage” Performance | BET Awards 20


  1. K mann

    K mann11 時間 前 gave me what i didnt know i needed. Thank you

  2. Nicole Starszii

    Nicole Starszii11 時間 前

    I just wish that she addressed BLM. She has a lot of youth listening to her... Silence isn't gonna pave the way for change.

  3. Amber Gaston

    Amber Gaston11 時間 前

    Mad Max: Fury Road vibezzz

  4. LoveCulture

    LoveCulture11 時間 前


  5. JayUnique *.*

    JayUnique *.*11 時間 前

    Boys in da hood are always hard

  6. PhatFatLife

    PhatFatLife12 時間 前

    Get it Meg! Very Mad Max

  7. Akos Obeng

    Akos Obeng12 時間 前

    where's beyonce 😂❤

  8. Aj Baugh

    Aj Baugh12 時間 前

    I like that video because it got freight trains inside.

  9. Aaron Manansala

    Aaron Manansala12 時間 前

    wow budget!!

  10. renragged

    renragged12 時間 前

    Ratchet is right...

  11. Glo Coolie

    Glo Coolie12 時間 前


  12. Keith Ayen

    Keith Ayen13 時間 前

    This song made me wish I had been born deaf.

  13. faatimah sha

    faatimah sha13 時間 前


  14. Dee Angi

    Dee Angi13 時間 前

    She sound like Missy in chorus. Classy/ratchet song.

  15. Chandler Chandler

    Chandler Chandler13 時間 前

    Im getting California love tupac vibes! Love it

  16. Stacy Njerj

    Stacy Njerj13 時間 前

    Whoever wrote the subtitles get help!

  17. Anita Maez

    Anita Maez13 時間 前

    You are hot

  18. Liss Sweet

    Liss Sweet13 時間 前

    love the EAZY E sample !! new fan as of today.

  19. cyn thia

    cyn thia13 時間 前

    Blahhhhhhhhhh... Why black women always gotta be shaking their big booties as if that's all that matters. Never saw Whitney Houston behave that way. Now that's Class. Need more Whitney Houstons and less bootie shaking. More talent!

  20. سیدمحمد مفتونی

    سیدمحمد مفتونی13 時間 前


  21. MayorOfMoetown

    MayorOfMoetown13 時間 前

    so many horses missing their tails :(

  22. drizzydrake902

    drizzydrake90213 時間 前

    BET never go back to normal format! This is way better!!!!!

  23. Gaby Pastrana

    Gaby Pastrana13 時間 前

    the new version is

  24. Doodle Doo Doo

    Doodle Doo Doo13 時間 前

    Was she using a corn cob as a mic? It looked like a corn cob ... Cause that's exactly how I'd want my daughter behave like..(not).. and that stupid fist pump sign... rofl...

  25. Tim Dietz

    Tim Dietz14 時間 前

    Wtf is this

  26. MJ Bashien

    MJ Bashien14 時間 前

    I missed the show and I wanted to see this video because my co-workers complained about Megan's performance. I don't know if they felt her outfit was "ratchet" or if the complaint was more about how "thick she is and dancing like that." They must be some old fogies because I didn't feel this was anywhere out of what we're normally seeing. What you want to see, some thin rail girl? I don't know, I guess to each his/her own. It's "modern day" burlesque. She was in the mad maxx costume doing her thing. It's entertainment folks. Relax and let the girl enjoy her youth while it's here. I enjoyed this video.

  27. Brooklyn Scott

    Brooklyn Scott14 時間 前

    GO MAGAN she my girl yassssss

  28. Rayssa Mello

    Rayssa Mello14 時間 前


  29. HefrysHardInMyPants

    HefrysHardInMyPants14 時間 前

    Imagine if Beyoncé came out

  30. Eat Mee

    Eat Mee14 時間 前

    2Pac forgives her for Effin up his beat because these youngins don’t know any better 🤦🏻‍♀️

  31. Bobby Hernandez

    Bobby Hernandez14 時間 前

    if you wonder why your daughter got pregnant early, look no further hahaha

  32. Ballygirl886

    Ballygirl88614 時間 前

    She did that.

  33. Cyberdemon Mike

    Cyberdemon Mike14 時間 前

    I'm the only one not impressed? With editing and post production everyone can look and sound great. I'll stick with live music and no playback help

  34. kristian richburg

    kristian richburg14 時間 前

    Megan looks so big compared to all the other girls 😭😭.

  35. DeAndre Evans

    DeAndre Evans14 時間 前

    That's eazy e song wtf 😂😂😂

  36. Jesie Manns

    Jesie Manns14 時間 前

    You did that better then Beyoncé

  37. Ken Prevatt

    Ken Prevatt14 時間 前

    Ohh my goodness

  38. Whit White

    Whit White14 時間 前

    Wow!!! Stepping out like A NUBIAN GODDESS, in which she is. This young lady makes me proud! She’s a beautiful sweetie pie savage. Shine on young soul!

  39. Shumon Brown

    Shumon Brown14 時間 前

    Do da damn thang...Megan 4ever!!!!

  40. Maria B

    Maria B14 時間 前

    Racist video. Does not show white women who are also in the Hood.

  41. Voiceless Jackson

    Voiceless Jackson14 時間 前

    Busted a fat one

  42. Traping20

    Traping2015 時間 前

    Pop somke flow at the end Of hot girl. Song

  43. Matt Norton

    Matt Norton15 時間 前

    Megan Thee Stallion. That's actually a pretty badass name.

  44. krueger 666

    krueger 66615 時間 前

    "girls in the hood" in the desert....

  45. STONEY G

    STONEY G15 時間 前


  46. LUVLI 218

    LUVLI 21815 時間 前

    Beyonce should've been at the end at least....

  47. Jimmy

    Jimmy15 時間 前

    well that was a waste of my time

  48. Alexandra Haney

    Alexandra Haney15 時間 前

    Mad Max style, love it. Get it girl

  49. Istudder94

    Istudder9415 時間 前

    I had no idea the BET awards even happened lmao, who won most black this year?

  50. Alan Anthony

    Alan Anthony15 時間 前

    I know most of the people in this generation won't agree, but this is garbage.

  51. larissa nicolas

    larissa nicolas15 時間 前

    she definitely kilt it

  52. Tame Doggo

    Tame Doggo15 時間 前

    1:27 imagine how hot the seat is oml she is gonna burn her butt 💀💀

  53. Bytch Puddin

    Bytch Puddin15 時間 前

    Accidentally came across this. And I was like damn I love the outfits and background. This sounds familiar. Carole baskin tiktok omgosh 😳 but glad I got to hear the original. Very catchy

  54. 1st Tenor Acclaimed

    1st Tenor Acclaimed15 時間 前

    Meghan said don’t try to play me I’M HERE!!🕺🏽🎶🕺🏽

  55. Nicholas Scales

    Nicholas Scales15 時間 前

    If someone on her team is smart, she could market this into a Hotties ThunderDome virtual tour concept

  56. austin M

    austin M16 時間 前

    lmao thank you BET for all you do for black culture bahahahahah

  57. DarK StaR

    DarK StaR16 時間 前


  58. aknelle Zokufa

    aknelle Zokufa16 時間 前

    Thunder dome+Run the World=

  59. scott

    scott16 時間 前


  60. Pinche P

    Pinche P16 時間 前


  61. Krista

    Krista16 時間 前

    thats not classy at all...LOL you call that classy????

  62. db vfx

    db vfx16 時間 前

    Wait...She thinks she's a "stallion?" Lmao.....Aaaaaallrighty then...




  64. Jersey Boy

    Jersey Boy16 時間 前

    a chubby girl riding a quad doesn't do it for me.

  65. Xtal Andrea

    Xtal Andrea16 時間 前

    Damn I love Meg the 🐎!!! So much “California Love” and Black Power up in here!!! All here for the East-Z sample ✊🏾

  66. Flawda Princess

    Flawda Princess16 時間 前

    She killed it 🔥🔥🔥

  67. Gretta Lemabouchou

    Gretta Lemabouchou16 時間 前

    As a musician, this is not music...this is thug life....and frankly kinda are making yourselves objects by shaking those smelly asses. Grow up and act like a lady..............what is next....human sacrifice??

  68. clarinha animada

    clarinha animada16 時間 前


  69. Fer G.C

    Fer G.C16 時間 前

    She's 🔥🔥🔥 😍👑

  70. yayo jones

    yayo jones16 時間 前

    no just give the money

  71. Amaysin Fitness

    Amaysin Fitness16 時間 前

    Ok, let me go work on this kicking my leg up, to the splits and bouncing my azz...😆 Performance was hot like that desert!🔥

  72. Jasmine kuwonu

    Jasmine kuwonu17 時間 前


  73. Kangwa Chiyungi

    Kangwa Chiyungi17 時間 前

    Beyonce didnt show up because she wanted Megan to shine

  74. Lila Northlee

    Lila Northlee17 時間 前

    This is legit the 3rd time i've seen this video omg help


    IRREGULAR MAN17 時間 前

    I just can’t a woman that calls herself a “stallion” seriously.

  76. Blackrain7920

    Blackrain792017 時間 前

    This will never be a classic like California Love People please

  77. lazelle7

    lazelle717 時間 前

    I m i the only one notice the close captions on these videos all WRONG!!!

  78. Blackrain7920

    Blackrain792017 時間 前

    No tell this chick stop jacking classics first Pac now Easy its garbage go do a Mc lyte or Salt n Peppa song or something leave the men alone

  79. 陈爱琳Elen Martins

    陈爱琳Elen Martins17 時間 前

    Amazing performance. Although I still hear: “carole baskin, kill her husband, whacked him” instead of “I’m a savage....”

  80. Curtis Nolin

    Curtis Nolin17 時間 前

    GURRL! She ate this tf up! A fxcking performer😍🔥🔥🔥♥️