Megan Thee Stallion & DaBaby In Fire Hot Girl Summer & Cash Shit Performance! | Hip Hop Awards ‘19


  1. beautyblogger ratchet

    beautyblogger ratchet18 時間 前

    I am so gay.


    LATONYA J18 時間 前

    I love her!!

  3. Jared Lewis

    Jared Lewis日 前

    She thick 💯💯💯

  4. youknowwhatflav

    youknowwhatflav日 前

    queen of the south

  5. Mary Jane

    Mary Jane日 前

    She gonna get a yeast infection with that leather down there.. still love her tho❣

  6. Mary Jane

    Mary Jane日 前

    Wtf is simp? The crowd all turnt down lol

  7. Xavier Basar

    Xavier Basar日 前

    Sexy asf

  8. Xavier Basar

    Xavier Basar日 前

    Not that all sexy she kill it 2019

  9. Tifanee Mcdaniel

    Tifanee Mcdaniel日 前

    Love you Megan thee stallion and your videos to

  10. Kayla Diangelo

    Kayla Diangelo日 前

    Megan is the queen of avoiding the censor She self censor and the bar still make a little bit of self.

  11. Willie D Whipp

    Willie D Whipp日 前

    😅stal·lion /ˈstalyən/ noun😱 an uncastrated adult male horse 🐎

  12. Phil Belvedere

    Phil Belvedere日 前

    I luv stallion

  13. Stephanie Mathis

    Stephanie Mathis2 日 前

    I need MTS knees

  14. John Robinson

    John Robinson2 日 前

    0:06 Dude behide chance the rapper was looking like dam she thicker in person 😄😄

  15. Lucy R

    Lucy R2 日 前

    It looks like she has a tight small

  16. Quincy Lockett

    Quincy Lockett2 日 前

    🤘🏿towns Finest 😎🔥🔥🔥👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿

  17. Star Mac

    Star Mac2 日 前

    First 5 rows row hatin.

  18. Max Weisman

    Max Weisman2 日 前

    It seemed like the crowd was really into it... I don't know what these comments are suggesting 🤔

  19. Queenly

    Queenly2 日 前

    Megan has the best body and face in the whole industry

  20. Queenly

    Queenly日 前

    I am MiizPinky she’s amaZing

  21. I am MiizPinky

    I am MiizPinky2 日 前

    yesssss and she's all natural ..

  22. Queenly

    Queenly2 日 前

    Beautiful Megan 😍😍😍😍

  23. babykakes

    babykakes2 日 前

    I wish i was there...i would've been suuuper hyyype!!!

  24. DareDevil

    DareDevil3 日 前

    WassuP with the crowd

  25. Phenita Gomes

    Phenita Gomes3 日 前

    Dancing is tacky.

  26. Larry Williams

    Larry Williams3 日 前

    They definitely watching you Megan the Stallion!

  27. Kiera Theresa

    Kiera Theresa3 日 前

    She’s so hot how is the audience not going crazy?! 😍🔥💕

  28. Chloe Murray

    Chloe Murray3 日 前


  29. Rod

    Rod3 日 前

    Is her body real or surguryed up?

  30. I am MiizPinky

    I am MiizPinky2 日 前


  31. nayakapalot

    nayakapalot3 日 前

    Dababy is sexy af 😍😍😍

  32. Ashly Dingle

    Ashly Dingle3 日 前

    Awww....her first lol was cute...

  33. rizeking

    rizeking3 日 前

    I pray my daughter grows up with more class than these hoes today.

  34. QueenCoCoaMocha

    QueenCoCoaMocha4 日 前

    Dont blame the crowd😏 They were told this was just a rehearsal and the real performance would happen after the commercial break😒

  35. Alissia Mccoy

    Alissia Mccoy4 日 前

    Megan 🔥🔥 😎

  36. Lashae Shae Jay

    Lashae Shae Jay4 日 前

    She’s a great performer. Edit on 💯

  37. j_oblo

    j_oblo4 日 前


  38. CirculateWealth

    CirculateWealth4 日 前

    Htine type

  39. Nick The Dude

    Nick The Dude4 日 前

    Bobby lyte the only lit one in the crowd💀🤣

  40. great vengeance

    great vengeance4 日 前


  41. Bakugou Milll

    Bakugou Milll4 日 前

    They should put the fans at the front and celebs at the back because they will hype up concert real quick

  42. Road Saviers

    Road Saviers4 日 前

    What the, I don't get it.these fans these days must be I don't know, what is this

  43. Shanika is Unpopular

    Shanika is Unpopular4 日 前

    2:09 I'm trying so hard to not laugh why does da baby look like kevin hart

  44. jay marie

    jay marie4 日 前

    3:21 idk why but I busted out laughing 😂

  45. Juice wrld Fan forever’19

    Juice wrld Fan forever’194 日 前

    Megan gots balls there were hanging at a concert

  46. Leilana Walker

    Leilana Walker4 日 前

    Go meg go meggg 🎵🎵🎵🎵 megann hot girl meggggg

  47. Ericanorwood44 Norwood

    Ericanorwood44 Norwood4 日 前

    Get it girl 😍😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄

  48. Rickey Richardo

    Rickey Richardo4 日 前

    One question what I’m the world does Juicy J got on?

  49. anayah anthony

    anayah anthony5 日 前

    No one is gonna talk abt how much 🎂 da baby got

  50. Derrick Ridley

    Derrick Ridley5 日 前

    She gone make it because shes to real keep goin⬆⬆ babygirl

  51. Patricia Good

    Patricia Good5 日 前

    i sent love to Megan. Way grace &mercy an protections upon her life an just doing what u do best stay bless up Sister Amen😁😜🤝😘.Holllaaa if they herd.😁🤝.

  52. Patricia Good

    Patricia Good5 日 前

    May be they can not handled the nice the sister how she looks..well thats MEGAN all natural an real Amen.😁🤝

  53. Patricia Good

    Patricia Good5 日 前

    All ic here is pure wickedness&pure jealousy they should be njoying. An dancing her stage show presence..she rap nice whats wrong wit this crowd hmmmm. 😁🤝.

  54. R.C. Green

    R.C. Green5 日 前

    Bad! ♥️🔥

  55. iiEmoney-

    iiEmoney-5 日 前

    Why dababy sound like mario?

  56. Vanna Vanna

    Vanna Vanna5 日 前

    They needa put bobby in the front 🙄TF he the only person hype

  57. Colin Longfellow

    Colin Longfellow5 日 前

    Offset and Cardi B in the audience

  58. Philencia Smith

    Philencia Smith6 日 前


  59. Lamar Jr

    Lamar Jr6 日 前

    i am glad nobody is supporting this like if i was there i would be saying boo

  60. Lamar Jr

    Lamar Jr6 日 前

    Everybody pay to go to this show and they are doing lame stuff sorry but this sucks

  61. SKYHomie

    SKYHomie6 日 前

    The crowd wack asf and don’t even know the lyrics😂

  62. Tyrese Ellis

    Tyrese Ellis6 日 前

    DaBaby is the funniest and realist as they get

  63. Angel Watson

    Angel Watson6 日 前

    this my boo