Meet the FIRST Recruit to One Percent...


  1. One Percent

    One Percentヶ月 前

    100,000 likes for another recruit...

  2. RaeRaeYoutube

    RaeRaeYoutube日 前

    Where is the recruit

  3. evolved cyflix

    evolved cyflix12 日 前

    @Dono ✔︎ i cant find it

  4. Vh sw3tty

    Vh sw3tty16 日 前

    how can I join?

  5. IQ FADE

    IQ FADEヶ月 前


  6. IQ FADE

    IQ FADEヶ月 前

    Ok say

  7. Bhflakzy

    Bhflakzy時間 前

    1:00 razz is like LETSSSS GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO FOR like a min

  8. Ian leonardo Romero ochoa

    Ian leonardo Romero ochoa15 時間 前

    You Deserved it Disc

  9. ChrisWasOn YK

    ChrisWasOn YK16 時間 前

    When ran dumb drinks bang

  10. Jack;fn Yo

    Jack;fn Yo16 時間 前

    I feel out of all the one percent members nick should have a girlfriend Like if agree

  11. Jeffrey Stark

    Jeffrey Stark17 時間 前

    1 mil subs!!!!!!

  12. Kenroy Bradshaw

    Kenroy Bradshaw22 時間 前

    Congratulation disc 😭😭😔🥳

  13. Alex Oneal

    Alex Oneal日 前

    Can I join please

  14. Vicious

    Vicious2 日 前

    *When ur mom says those games never get u anywhere*

  15. MRproNOscope

    MRproNOscope3 日 前


  16. Hi I’m here to comment on ppl post

    Hi I’m here to comment on ppl post3 日 前

    *at the end of the vid* everyone wearing the 1% merch: nick just vibing not giving a shit:

  17. Aqwwa FN

    Aqwwa FN3 日 前

    Nicks is short lol

  18. Colton R

    Colton R3 日 前

    Wasn’t that a epic movie

  19. Help me reach 1k for support a creator

    Help me reach 1k for support a creator3 日 前

    Formula i hate controller players so much like bro i hate them so much Also formula: hires disc

  20. Jennifer Eastin-Cox

    Jennifer Eastin-Cox4 日 前

    Yo 001% team could I tell u something

  21. la kermit 69

    la kermit 694 日 前

    form: meet our new recruit DISC!!! 3 weeks later form: CONTROLLER CONTROLLER

  22. Mario ssnips _YT

    Mario ssnips _YT4 日 前

    Can I try join 1% my epic:Barca-_-

  23. Fusion

    Fusion5 日 前

    Imagine disliking the vid

  24. Aayush Anandbahadoer

    Aayush Anandbahadoer5 日 前

    A can i join because i am a 🐐🐐 controller player Solo wins:4638 Duo wins:3749 Sqaud wins:3929 Level:262 How many times i beat SWAY:28 times (1v1)

  25. Dvy Anxiety

    Dvy Anxiety5 日 前

    Is he moving in

  26. Sam bob

    Sam bob6 日 前

    u changed his life so much and made it better for him

  27. Sam bob

    Sam bob6 日 前

    bro form u are such a good person to disc

  28. Stephanie Osborne

    Stephanie Osborne6 日 前


  29. Carlos Hanson

    Carlos Hanson6 日 前

    He glitched a lot

  30. FEARR Clan

    FEARR Clan6 日 前

    best team introduction

  31. Will Cotton

    Will Cotton6 日 前

    A bit of a over reaction

  32. vaffyyy

    vaffyyy7 日 前

    Recruit me:( I love yall

  33. Not XIV

    Not XIV7 日 前

    Can i join one percent? Actually i dont think i will be able to im 10. But i would like to tryout! :)

  34. Blue Henderikx

    Blue Henderikx8 日 前

    Best movie ever

  35. Phase Sam

    Phase Sam8 日 前

    Can I try and join I think I'm pretty good

  36. Saul F.

    Saul F.8 日 前

    When they started screaming it looked like a school fight scene always shaking the camera

  37. YT Sky

    YT Sky8 日 前

    i will join in one percent online intill my mom improves

  38. Jaellen Ravi

    Jaellen Ravi9 日 前

    Can I join ur clan

  39. coconut roblox

    coconut roblox10 日 前

    Who else feared up

  40. Fadezz

    Fadezz10 日 前

    0:48 that cameraman

  41. heron pedraza

    heron pedraza10 日 前

    Ya should do living videos

  42. Kylo Fn

    Kylo Fn10 日 前

    You that should be the o e percent handy sighing thing

  43. 009 Hansell

    009 Hansell10 日 前

    I rlly want to join

  44. Apach

    Apach11 日 前

    im not crying ur crying

  45. Bryan is qt

    Bryan is qt11 日 前

    1:10 when I get a girl friend

  46. King Blake

    King Blake11 日 前

    Congrats man

  47. T3eam corrupt

    T3eam corrupt11 日 前

    Randumb jumping in the pool tho 😂😂😂😂

  48. Leah Dean

    Leah Dean11 日 前

    Congratulations disc

  49. viperneon

    viperneon12 日 前

    image if disc said he didn’t wanna join

  50. RTBreazy Gaming

    RTBreazy Gaming12 日 前

    Congrats man

  51. Olivia Aguilar

    Olivia Aguilar12 日 前

    Lol jordan jumped in the pool 😂🤣😂🤣😂

  52. Logan and Noah

    Logan and Noah12 日 前

    You Dop

  53. Chaos_clix YT

    Chaos_clix YT12 日 前

    Bro I’m about to cry

  54. Chaos_clix YT

    Chaos_clix YT12 日 前

    Let’s go

  55. Crabjuju

    Crabjuju12 日 前

    I'm grinding 😂

  56. Hello 123

    Hello 12312 日 前

    Ur ttrash

  57. Doughnut 562

    Doughnut 56212 日 前

    Imagine he just said no 😂

  58. aura_ sweat

    aura_ sweat12 日 前

    😥my dream is to join one percent pls formula see this and randumb you guys are my favorite

  59. Yo_alf_bro 2020

    Yo_alf_bro 202012 日 前

    Letsssss gooooo boyyysssss

  60. Adam Godfrey

    Adam Godfrey13 日 前


  61. 50k Subs with no videos challenge

    50k Subs with no videos challenge13 日 前

    1:37 akward moment LMAO

  62. Abbey Stace

    Abbey Stace13 日 前

    Man and I remember the day form met disc

  63. Qu1kZeNzY1201

    Qu1kZeNzY120113 日 前

    Disc: Stands in front of pool with back to the water Me: Getting anxiety that nobody has pushed him in

  64. NateJJ

    NateJJ2 日 前

    Best comment should at least have 100k likes

  65. Fanny Muniz

    Fanny Muniz13 日 前

    Can I be a member for the clan

  66. strear on dino nuggets

    strear on dino nuggets13 日 前


  67. Luqy

    Luqy14 日 前



    XXS1CK_D0GG3DXX GGs14 日 前

    I wish I was in one percent

  69. Icy Fl4mes

    Icy Fl4mes14 日 前

    Jordan:Let's gooood! His mind:Ima yeet myself in the pool for celebration Jordan 5s later:i regret doing this

  70. Qwickzy FN

    Qwickzy FN14 日 前

    No one Razz- on crack

  71. Refal Mohammed

    Refal Mohammed14 日 前

    I cried, Congratulations disc on joining 1% 🎂 🎊

  72. neeraj kahol sharma

    neeraj kahol sharma14 日 前


  73. RCG_ Clippxd

    RCG_ Clippxd15 日 前

    4:05 ramdumb😂

  74. RCG_ Clippxd

    RCG_ Clippxd10 日 前

    He jumped in the pool


    XJUICEXXX Uwu11 日 前

    Where is he

  76. EloxTriX

    EloxTriX15 日 前

    I wanna say I want to join your clan it s my dream but I know you will not recruit me it a worth a try I’m a grinder but mobile it will be good if you had a good mobile player love all bye

  77. Larpsy

    Larpsy15 日 前

    Cameras during fights in school 1:03

  78. x0c Tia

    x0c Tia15 日 前

    I would give the world to be part of one percent disc is so lucky

  79. Bxpe x

    Bxpe x15 日 前

    that was like a marriage proposal lmao! 😂😂

  80. Sky

    Sky15 日 前

    if i would be disc i would say immediately yes and run and jump in to the pool

  81. Nate Paterakis

    Nate Paterakis15 日 前

    Plot twist: says sike and pushes him in the water

  82. Dizzy Swirlz

    Dizzy Swirlz15 日 前

    Everyone going to disc channel but where’s the movie link

  83. Nebula_ KnownAsTom

    Nebula_ KnownAsTom5 時間 前


  84. bent jones

    bent jones15 日 前

    add me form and nicks i need to talk about something very important about the team my user is Holoboy claped u whith 1 p AND cap h

  85. Keinyn RawkStyle Le Gros

    Keinyn RawkStyle Le Gros15 日 前

    Let's soooooooo disc congrats

  86. Adler Givens

    Adler Givens15 日 前

    Disc inapiers me😥I cried

  87. Kizlox

    Kizlox15 日 前

    Most hype ever

  88. R. a.y.a.n

    R. a.y.a.n16 日 前

    Let’s be honest that isn’t the first time you’ve watched this

  89. Nathan Shoemaker

    Nathan Shoemaker16 日 前

    I know that mcreamy is the owner of XD clan but he should join one percent

  90. Ashton Janssen

    Ashton Janssen16 日 前

    Anyone see Nicks how short bro he like apex

  91. Vh sw3tty

    Vh sw3tty16 日 前

    I want to join

  92. Jayden Dhami

    Jayden Dhami17 日 前

    Can I join

  93. CanvAs R1fed

    CanvAs R1fed17 日 前


  94. SweatyyRed

    SweatyyRed17 日 前

    randums hair tho ;-;

  95. SweatyyRed

    SweatyyRed17 日 前


  96. harrison chapman

    harrison chapman17 日 前


  97. kliky

    kliky17 日 前

    Everyone celebrating and super happy 😁 Randumb: *literally yeets himself into the pool*

  98. Jean Carlo

    Jean Carlo8 日 前


  99. KO fishy

    KO fishy10 日 前

    Wait didnt know that was randumb

  100. Emma O'Neill

    Emma O'Neill12 日 前


  101. Reshma Lulla

    Reshma Lulla15 日 前

    Toaster Turner haha

  102. Rythm Luvs Charges

    Rythm Luvs Charges17 日 前

    when disc coughs corona

  103. Londani Tshigabe

    Londani Tshigabe17 日 前

    I just wanna know why he jumped in the pool

  104. When Did I ask

    When Did I ask18 日 前

    Me waiting for the kicking disc from one percent prank

  105. Mac Mccool

    Mac Mccool18 日 前

    It would be cool iff they did irl videos like hide and seek or lasertag tournaments

  106. ReaperMonk

    ReaperMonk18 日 前

    Imagine if he just screamed: *I WANNA WATCH MY MOVIE!!!*

  107. Haris Uman

    Haris Uman6 時間 前


  108. Diverse Clan

    Diverse Clan3 日 前


  109. Jiawen Chen

    Jiawen Chen3 日 前

    LOL XD

  110. Leahnna Lechuga

    Leahnna Lechuga9 日 前

    ReaperMonk IMAGINE

  111. pro psaila

    pro psaila18 日 前

    Lucky disc its my dream to join there team and be there friend

  112. Sophia Rose

    Sophia Rose18 日 前

    The fact that form and disc literally met just by playing duos fill and disc was not that popular and now he is joining one percent. Like that’s crazy how things can change so fast

  113. Harrison's Planet

    Harrison's Planet19 日 前

    Let’s go 1%

  114. cool silon3

    cool silon319 日 前

    Gg disc

  115. hisham mossadaq

    hisham mossadaq19 日 前

    How can people join one percent

  116. Eddie Da Goat

    Eddie Da Goat19 日 前


  117. invalid joka

    invalid joka19 日 前

    imagine disc said no?