Meek Mill - Pain Away feat. Lil Durk [Official Video]


  1. Meek Mill

    Meek Mill5 日 前

    QUARANTINE PACK! Leave a 💎💎💎

  2. BigSavv Thirty4

    BigSavv Thirty45 時間 前


  3. Chris Velasquez

    Chris Velasquez2 日 前

    💎 💎 💎 💎 💎 💎 this shit on reply. Damn man perfect timing ⏱

  4. Jason Mason

    Jason Mason2 日 前 😂

  5. Maine x Gaming

    Maine x Gaming2 日 前

    I like your your moive and music

  6. Christina

    Christina2 日 前

    This kid low key fire 👻🔥

  7. cozy tv

    cozy tv7 分 前

    tooo hard

  8. Charles Chege

    Charles Chege11 分 前

    Meek be the real Dwag

  9. john ryder

    john ryder28 分 前

    shyt hard@

  10. 869 Painy Beats

    869 Painy Beats38 分 前


  11. Jermy Ebanks

    Jermy Ebanks40 分 前

    Real ones 🇯🇲

  12. Gimmedemmtoess Bruh

    Gimmedemmtoess Bruh48 分 前

    Who lil durk

  13. Axcel Yahir Hernández Curiel

    Axcel Yahir Hernández Curiel52 分 前


  14. 23kc

    23kc53 分 前


  15. Goku Sayien

    Goku Sayien時間 前

    Durk destroyed this sh#%!!!!!

  16. Jay Tony

    Jay Tony時間 前

    Shout out Vanessa n Karina meek u know 🙌 aunt n neice

  17. Jay Tony

    Jay Tony時間 前

    Take the pain away 100% ll von n all my ppl on God

  18. TheOfficial D-Will4Real

    TheOfficial D-Will4Real時間 前

  19. Michael b

    Michael b時間 前

    A mill a day 🔥 🔥

  20. Chrissy Jai

    Chrissy Jai時間 前

    Happy holidays kings and queens may God bless you thru this hard time we all going thru CHEAP ps5 and xbox accessories

  21. Mukisa Zack

    Mukisa Zack時間 前

    meek thats abanger away

  22. Freestyle Flows

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  23. Prince Toowavy

    Prince Toowavy時間 前

    What was the ending song called

  24. Rodwell Gaskin

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  25. Boss with tha sauce

    Boss with tha sauce時間 前

    Shit hard bro

  26. cnmmd qiuoo

    cnmmd qiuoo2 時間 前

    Let’s all pray for durk he going threw sum shi

  27. cnmmd qiuoo

    cnmmd qiuoo2 時間 前

    The 3:01 beat 😭😭😭

  28. Arinze Odunukwe

    Arinze Odunukwe2 時間 前

    This is fire

  29. ouu you

    ouu you2 時間 前

    Washing blood with bleach dont wash the stain away ....

  30. Mr. Perfect

    Mr. Perfect2 時間 前

    Meek got on durk chain ????

  31. YouTube Jay Skreetz It’s Nothing

    YouTube Jay Skreetz It’s Nothing2 時間 前

    JPreporter Jay Skreetz it’s Nothing 🔥

  32. sinatracash

    sinatracash2 時間 前

    Got guns but cryin bout jail!

  33. sinatracash

    sinatracash2 時間 前

    But i like meek musik. But after his reform stance it dont make since..

  34. PoorBoySin

    PoorBoySin2 時間 前


  35. Edward Parham

    Edward Parham2 時間 前 GG Megatron Nova Super empath generational X Scorpion 76 with the 🔔 another healing session real talk wear aware Beacon of Lights with the Ankh real talk real people real life real news north east west and south👑 first then the magnet happens faith faith faith BJ BJ BJ Legions of beings ancestors our people Enoch everybody here even the bad ones want to help make it right black dollar recession 2 and we know all these people have real names but I know who they stand for so I used names because that's what people know but they don't know the real names of these people the return of X


    HELLY GOYARD!2 時間 前


  37. Lou N!ce

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  38. JxshTv

    JxshTv2 時間 前

  39. Joe Rich

    Joe Rich2 時間 前

    Meek mill my Favorite rapper follow ig @richlifeforever

  40. betta depps

    betta depps2 時間 前

    yo that’s exactly wat i want to do save my mi eh for rainy day cuz i’m trying to be on city apartment looking out the window all the raining smoking my blunt and thinking i like when it rains and look out the window view make me think a lot of shit some nigga don’t like rainy days tho

  41. 99 Overall Inc.

    99 Overall Inc.2 時間 前

  42. Jay 6iix

    Jay 6iix2 時間 前


    ZVYNE ROCCO2 時間 前

    R.I.P Von

  44. Anthony La Rue

    Anthony La Rue2 時間 前

    We used our "get out jail" card for this brother? Do better homie. Stop using the "n" word.

  45. Mlamli Dakada

    Mlamli Dakada3 時間 前

    The 3:01 beat 😭😭😭

  46. Eric Deshields

    Eric Deshields3 時間 前

    im looking at lil durk and all i see is king von...never seen lil durk look like this.

  47. Untouched Me

    Untouched Me3 時間 前


  48. Underrated GamerJa

    Underrated GamerJa3 時間 前

  49. jflow jfleezy

    jflow jfleezy3 時間 前


  50. Prahlem Child

    Prahlem Child4 時間 前


  51. Keemuri Banks

    Keemuri Banks4 時間 前

    Anyone else rather the version with a boogie and roddy ricch?

  52. Lonnie Smith

    Lonnie Smith4 時間 前

    Hard as fuck

  53. Lonnie Smith

    Lonnie Smith4 時間 前


  54. Chopp-Abeat

    Chopp-Abeat4 時間 前

    Dis Hit Different

  55. Dereck

    Dereck4 時間 前

    Durk an meek 🔥🔥



    Who else got this song on loop? 🤝

  57. Avery Smith

    Avery Smith4 時間 前

  58. Juicy Monarch

    Juicy Monarch4 時間 前

    This shxt dumb hard

  59. tay burroughs

    tay burroughs4 時間 前

    All u needed to hear is von when da beat drop at the end wit a verse omg fire 🔥🔥🔥 song tho

  60. K7 21

    K7 214 時間 前

    My stomach turned when he put that bill on his face . Come on bruh. Them things dirty as ever



    Fck People You Been Show Love Babe Boy Tru Kings Stay Up Not Attracted Jst Real Pray For My Own Kings Stay Up #Teelady617 🙏🙏🙏❤️🌹®️💯😢🥰

  62. Tylee Darden

    Tylee Darden4 時間 前


  63. Jokes Wit Gredz

    Jokes Wit Gredz4 時間 前

    Hard Real Nigga Shit 👊🏽✊🏾🙏🏽💯



    BIGHOMIEJUICE on all platforms

  65. Music Plug 8D

    Music Plug 8D4 時間 前

    RIP von🖤

  66. Brooklyn Soulā

    Brooklyn Soulā4 時間 前

    Durk And Meek Some Glacier Boys That Ice Hit Yo

  67. Damn Man

    Damn Man4 時間 前

    Meek look like Shy Glizzy

  68. osama Bin laden

    osama Bin laden5 時間 前

    6ix9ine better lol

  69. YOUNGPATT 226

    YOUNGPATT 2265 時間 前

    Who went to this to check on durk

  70. Anthony Deshields

    Anthony Deshields5 時間 前

    This burning up the phones rite now 🔥🔥🔥

  71. Erik Jensen

    Erik Jensen5 時間 前

    If you’re wondering “where tf have I heard that sample from?” If you didn’t know the song you probably heard it on Rick and morty season 2 episode 9

  72. kiaraa

    kiaraa5 時間 前

    when i say durk never fails me NEVERRR

  73. That Kid J

    That Kid J5 時間 前

    Durkio different with it 🥶

  74. Ter selg

    Ter selg5 時間 前


  75. tommy gunz

    tommy gunz5 時間 前

    Yo wen durk start rappen that pain sound hit on a whole other level

  76. tommy gunz

    tommy gunz5 時間 前


  77. WAR Zylon

    WAR Zylon5 時間 前

    Damn they was pouring out for von at the beginning

  78. JayRo 2x

    JayRo 2x5 時間 前

    Puma cells 👀

  79. Uriel

    Uriel5 時間 前

    Lowkey they first song together so harder

  80. Zoe GottiBBM

    Zoe GottiBBM5 時間 前

    This shit deep 🔥♟💯

  81. TAUPOturnt uPPP

    TAUPOturnt uPPP5 時間 前

    Durk the only guy with big eyes that are good looking

  82. Go Bernie

    Go Bernie5 時間 前

    Soo we just gonna ignore meek rubbing his face with money while corona going on........yeah he wild for that 💀

  83. Daniel James

    Daniel James5 時間 前

    Wasn’t you just talking about no violence now you promoting guns make up yo mind

  84. Bob Kong

    Bob Kong5 時間 前

    no auto tune bro keep it raw

  85. Bernie Houston

    Bernie Houston6 時間 前

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  86. Thrift Hunters

    Thrift Hunters6 時間 前

    Pain 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  87. Natty Lee

    Natty Lee6 時間 前

    Meek 😩😩🥵🔥🔥🔥

  88. demo don

    demo don6 時間 前


  89. Jeda Rae

    Jeda Rae6 時間 前

    Durk so fine

  90. itsYourGirlFajr

    itsYourGirlFajr6 時間 前

    shit hardddd 🔥🔥🔥

  91. Nina Sessy

    Nina Sessy6 時間 前


  92. Chris Thomas

    Chris Thomas6 時間 前

    Meek ain’t gone never fall off 10 years consistent in the game consistent 💯

  93. Benny Hannas

    Benny Hannas6 時間 前


  94. Mike Davis

    Mike Davis6 時間 前

    Love the song but just not a big fan of lil dork. Durk or whatever his name is.....

  95. Colby M

    Colby M6 時間 前


  96. Trap vib3

    Trap vib36 時間 前

    We need more collabs like this. 🤞 🎶

  97. JZ Z

    JZ Z6 時間 前

    Meek mill got a death wish 😂

  98. Spice Entertainment

    Spice Entertainment6 時間 前

    Bruh meek mill fell off🤦🏽‍♂️💯

  99. G-yancy

    G-yancy6 時間 前


  100. Fine Voice

    Fine Voice6 時間 前

    Jamaica 🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲 Loyalty...

  101. Madison Lamb

    Madison Lamb7 時間 前

    One nigga tellin'll take the gang away...

  102. Fine Voice

    Fine Voice7 時間 前

    Two hardest rappers in the game right now..

  103. Babs & the wrecking crew

    Babs & the wrecking crew7 時間 前

    this song decent

  104. Je'Weezy Gods'Goon

    Je'Weezy Gods'Goon7 時間 前

    Meek a real startin 2 fw Durk now too...#Salute my brothaz

  105. Nina Webb

    Nina Webb7 時間 前

    That thang bang something different I feel that ish n my heart Meek ya did that n Durkio it couldn’t no harder than the real one I love it I love it I blast it 5 am bout 4x on my way to the jizzob 🦾🦾🦾🦾💯💯💯💯💯

  106. Skeelo aka Bugatti ThugZup

    Skeelo aka Bugatti ThugZup7 時間 前

    My nigga meek been in the gym I see the gains brother💪🏾 keep it up....mind body soul

  107. Lil Melly

    Lil Melly7 時間 前

    I just pray this Dollars take the pain away🙏🙏

  108. Je'Weezy Gods'Goon

    Je'Weezy Gods'Goon7 時間 前