Meanwhile... Navy Confirms Existence Of UFOs


  1. TheyFly TV

    TheyFly TV2 日 前

    Why didn't they tell you about the UFO prophecies about US civil war coming in...2020:

  2. Travis Brownie

    Travis Brownie3 日 前

    Why didn’t they shoot it down so we get answers

  3. DandyManDan

    DandyManDan4 日 前

    If they confirm that UFOs are real,then Roswell is real and everything else in the X-Files is real. The real question is what are you doing to do now?

  4. Lola Solaru

    Lola Solaru6 日 前

    US navy: *tells us aliens are real* People: y’all hear something

  5. Dan Jonsson

    Dan Jonsson7 日 前

    The worlds largest military superpower admits there are flying objects outmaneuver their top of the line aircraft inside their own airspace. And they have no idea what they are. Never mind ufo´s are for crackpots. ridicule anyway.

  6. Austin 123

    Austin 1237 日 前

    U know the world is fked when trump jokes are more important than a actual fking UFO

  7. Valery Nicolle Lemus Sandoval

    Valery Nicolle Lemus Sandoval7 日 前

    Guys don’t worry it’s just X Æ A-12

  8. Dd Dd

    Dd Dd7 日 前


  9. Jeremy Holt

    Jeremy Holt8 日 前

    Never thought I'd give Colbert a downvote

  10. Tom Riddle

    Tom Riddle9 日 前

    And all of the people that work for Tom Delonge are ex US government personnel and scientists but he doesn't talk about that. They are extremely creditable look into it!

  11. baits

    baits9 日 前

    there your own lol , usa have been flying them since the 60s . If you haven't worked that out yet your dumb

  12. Linda is nice

    Linda is nice10 日 前

    Everyone Please da government is trying to decorate us 4rm something so dey made a UFO 2 make us talk about it

  13. Trevor Delaney

    Trevor Delaney11 日 前

    I would love if it was an Alien race but when I see the US military coming clean on this I get very sceptical. They would rather everyone believe that its aliens rather than their own black covert projects...I think everyone can agree on that? But then again it could be aliens...let's hope it is.

  14. passthatsmoke

    passthatsmoke12 日 前

    Sy but f this guy, he made me laugh years ago, but he not taking this serially.

  15. jennifer hahn frix

    jennifer hahn frix12 日 前

    I am really disappointed in this-this is not a joke, nor is it to be taken lightly. I assumed that Stephen Was smarter than this, but, oh well...meanwhile......

  16. Robert Lust

    Robert Lust12 日 前

    That equipment calibrated?

  17. 11DNA11

    11DNA1113 日 前

    Colbert's ear is an alien ear.

  18. Mike Chin

    Mike Chin15 日 前

    notice how they cover these topics on comedy talk shows and gov officials dont speak about it.

  19. revolutionpm

    revolutionpm15 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="154">2:34</a>-As if he would know what a real man would do.....LOL.!

  20. Allamuylejos

    Allamuylejos15 日 前

    Laugh all you want about UFO now... eventually we will see who is going to get the last laugh!

  21. M Karalis

    M Karalis16 日 前

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  22. Audio Lemon

    Audio Lemon17 日 前

    Watching this you can see how much Colbert needs and misses his audience. He’s good with a live audience and pretty terrible so far at home.


    THE COUSINS17 日 前

    I saw one too

  24. Ricky BlitZ

    Ricky BlitZ18 日 前

    He’s really not funny....



    Ufo sightings in india

  26. Michael Gagnon

    Michael Gagnon19 日 前

    Of course Steven plays this down considering it threatens his precious religion!

  27. Raven Snyder

    Raven Snyder19 日 前

    Then damn aliens like yup have fun wit corona

  28. griplimit

    griplimit19 日 前

    Damn! Now illegal aliens are coming from outer space too.

  29. Nobody No One

    Nobody No One20 日 前

    maybe since we're not freaking out about this the government/ pentagon will be able to trust the public with more videos like this

  30. Mind Your English

    Mind Your English21 日 前

    Making fun of those actual facts make the show host and the audience look ridiculous. That's some serious business we have here. Are they stupid or what?

  31. Pete Miller

    Pete Miller21 日 前

    I do not believe Colbert about anything.

  32. John Moore

    John Moore21 日 前

    It wasn't a ufo it was Kim jong uns one seater stealth jet

  33. George Papps

    George Papps22 日 前

    Possibly the biggest discovery in human history met with shallow ridicule from a shallow show quite frankly absolutely pathetic people are more awake these days

  34. Nick Guariglia

    Nick Guariglia22 日 前

    I lol'd at "massive semen explosion."

  35. Claud Boulanger

    Claud Boulanger22 日 前

    Some ways: UFO's and Science =>

  36. CelestialxPanda

    CelestialxPanda23 日 前

    Totally not funny! Go learn some jokes from Trevor Noah! XD

  37. Nate Wold

    Nate Wold23 日 前

    i love how the only "official" news coverage of this story is given as a laughing matter

  38. Its just a ride 87

    Its just a ride 8723 日 前

    His piss taking tone! Yet he's a christian who expects us to buy that ancient mumbo jumbo. Haha, oh your convincing me lol.

  39. Kim Bergeron

    Kim Bergeron23 日 前

    Because a lot of people will panic. I've seen UFO's 2, 30 years apart. When people say UFO's it doesn't mean alien. Now its "unidentied aerial phenomena". A lot of strange things in this world.

  40. Black Magik

    Black Magik24 日 前

    I hope when they "come" people like this trashbag get judged first. HES NOT FUNNY!!!

  41. Xtra Terrestrial

    Xtra Terrestrial24 日 前

    What a douche. And to criticize Tom DeLonges foundation and research?! Stephens is literally minimizing and downplaying science. How pathetic. Does stephen really think we are the only life forms in a endless universe? with who knows how many galaxies and planets?! Is he truly that ignorant and then to bully that person for doing legitimate research and study?! Hats off to Tom, deep respect, doing what should be done and not hiding it, doing pretty much what the government should be. Shame on you stephen! Embarrassing.

  42. nitin pradhan

    nitin pradhan24 日 前

    this is how media misleads people. Just a ufo nothing else.

  43. Norma Jean

    Norma Jean25 日 前

    I believe that might be secret top military aircraft hidden from the public. Im sure they got lots of technology they are waiting to share with us.

  44. The Wrench Master

    The Wrench Master26 日 前

    The existence of aliens would bring all humanity closer to each other

  45. A normal and non-suspicious box

    A normal and non-suspicious box24 日 前

    Maybe aliens are just humans that have advanced. Maybe we’re not the first humans to step foot in this planet. This quarantine is making me insane

  46. Brian Welch

    Brian Welch26 日 前

    Steven cobert is a bum who's closest friends are some of the worst pedofiles in Hollywood. Yeah way to go make fun of some more people especially those who are bringing things to light that our own government admits is true. Go Steven you are our hero!!

  47. hero of pots

    hero of pots26 日 前

    So the pentagon confirmed that there are some things they haven’t yet identified...UFO does not equal spaceship people. Stop acting like this is smth huge.

  48. Anon

    Anon25 日 前

    They put out a broadly confusing statement...too many people have run with that statement and drawn their own conclusions. But so far the "official" story is: "We the US navy confirm that this footage is from our equipment, no this footage does not reveal to our opponents any of our weapons systems, the pilot heard on coms is who he says he is and the footage is real" The thing to do interview Chinese people.

  49. Tiffanee Bankston

    Tiffanee Bankston26 日 前

    We been knew just don't say cuz then we crazy.

  50. Sortex1

    Sortex127 日 前

    What's funny is he thinks he's funny!

  51. alex nguyen

    alex nguyen27 日 前

    Aliens: Quick! Turn on the cloaking mechanism so they can't see us! Alien commander: Its okay. These idiots are more interested in bull semen than us.

  52. Romeo O

    Romeo O27 日 前

    My new punt in my everyday convos with my friends. "MEANWHILE"

  53. Romeo O

    Romeo O27 日 前

    Meanwhile "My new punt"

  54. Boi _Khun

    Boi _Khun27 日 前

    Im here from 2020. My gosh. So much things r happenin and UFO news came. Yall, dunno wuts up lol

  55. _-Bluē-_ _-PhÆntøm-_

    _-Bluē-_ _-PhÆntøm-_27 日 前

    Maybe Aliens are brains and we're all bronze so there's nothing to be afraid of aliens but their weapons

  56. A normal and non-suspicious box

    A normal and non-suspicious box24 日 前

    _-Sir-_ _-PlaysAlot-_ if anything humans oppose more threat to humans. If aliens were to exist they’d be more “civil” probably. Or they might just take our resources just like we do with animals

  57. _-Bluē-_ _-PhÆntøm-_

    _-Bluē-_ _-PhÆntøm-_27 日 前

    Maybe Aliens are brains and we're all bronze so there's nothing to be afraid of aliens but their weapons

  58. Graeme L

    Graeme L27 日 前

    I've seen a UFO but never flying bull semen!! Sounds like a load of bull (semen) to me!...

  59. Jason Peters

    Jason Peters28 日 前

    If u only knew how long FREE ENERGY has been around. 60 years or longer

  60. Speck235 827

    Speck235 82728 日 前

    This guys an idiot 🤦‍♂️

  61. Jakob Shamone

    Jakob Shamone29 日 前

    "ufo" have really always existed, its the aliens we are after tho

  62. David W

    David W29 日 前

    Joke’s on Stephen. He can’t control his own titled tv show, and if the bosses don’t want it featured; it’s briefly covered, mocked and moved on. And by bosses of course, that’s the deep state linked ownership structure of all the media.

  63. Harsh Singh

    Harsh Singhヶ月 前

    How is he funny? He is not half as funny as Conan.

  64. Robbie Ault

    Robbie Aultヶ月 前

    No we haven't made first contact but yes we are essentially saying aliens are real... Meanwhile there's a semen explosion on some ranch check that out its more important...

  65. inn news

    inn newsヶ月 前

    And Pentagon later confirmed footages of UFOs 7 months later in the mist of COVID-19 worldwide pandemic in 2020, again causing hardly a notice to the quarantined masses. Global conspiracy is real and always been a part of our secret society. The 0.1% rules and controls all.

  66. Happee Daze

    Happee Dazeヶ月 前

    Maybe that's really why were in lock down....something big is going down and they don't want us to see it.....maybe....

  67. mancebo7

    mancebo7ヶ月 前

    Another idiotic and demeaning approach to the extremely important issue of UFOs. When is the press going to start taking the phenomenon seriously? Will it take a UFO to land on the set of the show live...?

  68. giannis_a a

    giannis_a a29 日 前

    They are trying to make it not a big deal so we can forget it

  69. Adán Enrique Cardona Herrera

    Adán Enrique Cardona Herreraヶ月 前

    Im from México, and i see this in a simple way, it happens here every day: when the goverment wants to hide the mistakes commited on his administration, it drops to the people a "smoke curtain", in our sayings and proverbs we say: "bread and circus to the people". C'mon, when you people look to Latin America you always see in the goverments an image of dictatorships doing this and you can't imagine why the Goverment dropped this videos? Its a distraction.

  70. Brandon Harrold

    Brandon Harroldヶ月 前

    We're going to build a wall and the aliens are going to pay for it

  71. Brandon Harrold

    Brandon Harroldヶ月 前

    This is why I hate Stephen Colbert

  72. blake davis

    blake davisヶ月 前

    holy shit how does anyone watch this and enjoy it let alone laugh. jesus christ this is aweful what the fuxk

  73. Raymond Patricelli

    Raymond Patricelliヶ月 前

    Shit's serious he makes a joke about it

  74. EFH

    EFHヶ月 前


  75. Suri

    Suriヶ月 前

    Who's here after the Pentagon released those videos confirming the existence of UFO…?

  76. Alyssa Hubbell

    Alyssa Hubbellヶ月 前

    I think it’s safe to say Stephen hasn’t watched any interviews with Tom DeLonge about his legit work with the government.... It’s on JPreporter, y’all. He helps the government slowly release information. And for decades our government has manipulated information to make alien believers sound crazy when they’re not! It’s wild.

  77. S.A.M Daniels

    S.A.M Danielsヶ月 前

    Well that's 60 seconds I'll never get back

  78. Sébastien Chagnon-Jean

    Sébastien Chagnon-Jeanヶ月 前

    We are not alone.

  79. Eric Wang

    Eric Wangヶ月 前

    The problem is that we can’t see shit from the video instead a ball of gas like fart, so no body cares because we’ve seen plenty and it’s nothing new…

  80. Watogo

    Watogoヶ月 前

    So the Navy a branch of our government military has announced U F Os are real. Life goes on. What??? AHA moment where is the paradigm shift?

  81. Spectrum The Video Game

    Spectrum The Video Gameヶ月 前

    Wether or not these UFOs are from space or otherwise the government needs to have a serious conversation about any entity invading our airspace and our government not being able to stop them putting everyone at risk.

  82. _Radiation _

    _Radiation _ヶ月 前

    It's so stupid of him to ridicule the ufo report. This attitude spreads onto people making em look at it the same way . When it clearly is an important news which is to be taken seriously . But aliens and UFO's have always recieved ridicule ... "They" don't want people asking the real questions . Which will further make major businesses like religion to go bankrupt.

  83. Emerald Tablets

    Emerald Tabletsヶ月 前

    Go back to sleep America.

  84. nick coride

    nick corideヶ月 前

    Remember this guy’s paid to act like a clown & turn everything into a joke. If fighter pilots are confused by objects zipping across the sky & to a point that it went mainstream possibly ruining their credibility... What’s the motive, why would they have done that. I suspect a weather balloon was the culprit.

  85. sara

    saraヶ月 前

    i wanna see what the christians have to say about this... if god exists, does that mean he created “aliens”? that he made life on other planets? i thought the whole point of god was that man was his sole creation?