Meanwhile... Navy Confirms Existence Of UFOs


  1. kangawroon

    kangawroon9 時間 前

    This way of covering a confirmation of UFOs is really dumbing people down. Guess that is the point.

  2. Kenneth Knight

    Kenneth Knight12 時間 前

    In others news. Stephen Colbert is part of the international pedophilia ring that murdered Epstein.

  3. American Patriot

    American Patriot15 時間 前

    The DICKHEAD Left. Definitely a disease.

  4. American Patriot

    American Patriot15 時間 前

    It's all President Trump's fault.

  5. Carlos Mitchell

    Carlos Mitchell日 前

    I can’t stand this guy... and all the people clapping at his unfunny jokes.

  6. simon steck

    simon steck日 前

    This guy is always a DICK !

  7. Mister Physics

    Mister Physics日 前

    All UFO's are human made in secret by military using our tax dollars, it's not all bad news, it proves Antigrav is real. Socialist Physics guy Nikola Tesla was right, heat from air. Universe is fields (magnetic) not farticle-wave woo woo. You can see the donut, toroid, inverse is the figure-of-eight, hourglass shape, energy released as fields collapse, it's all about pressure mediation, path of least resistance, the right-hand rule.

  8. SharkFace MLG

    SharkFace MLG日 前

    UFOs confirmed American late night audience "deh blumpfhgg"

  9. soldatheero

    soldatheero日 前

    UFO's do not equal aliens and the probability they come from Earth is greatly higher. all it would takee is for someone to keep the technology to themselves and secret.

  10. Central Sterile Processing

    Central Sterile Processing2 日 前

    Stephen, This was not a UFO. It was Trump on his space ship, naked, colluding with Russia! Get your story straight.

  11. Priyansh Kumar

    Priyansh Kumar3 日 前

    I don't know why people don't taking the UFO topic seriously.They should understand that a contact with advance civilization will solve the problems of the earth weather it is pollution or disease or anything.

  12. Gerald Craddock

    Gerald Craddock3 日 前

    It’s the Created of Heaven & Earth is all! To Judge the Earth by His Word & to rid HIS earth of the men that changed His Laws is ALL! If your High Minded its your Ass He is looking for!

  13. Zing Z

    Zing Z3 日 前

    People, UFO is not funny. It's like a stranger is wondering around in your backyard.

  14. SharkFace MLG

    SharkFace MLG日 前

    Its worse than that, its like a strange figure stretching and contorting in your backyard, and people think its funny. These craft are doing things physical objects shouldn't be able to, with no exhausts or any other method of propulsion known, even scarier, its not just illusions, they have been tracked by radar and multiple cameras and pilots.

  15. Molly Spurgeon

    Molly Spurgeon5 日 前

    Why does everyone still make such a joke of improbability about aliens still?

  16. sirpicksalot_

    sirpicksalot_23 時間 前


  17. Spirit of the Wolf

    Spirit of the Wolf3 日 前

    I think it's how people cope with the idea. They laugh it off but they are scared.

  18. Barny Fraggles

    Barny Fraggles5 日 前

    Haha UFOs are real, we don't know where they're from or what their intentions are but they have a capability to run circles around the best fighter jets in the world, isn't it hilarious...

  19. EazyEvan Gamer10

    EazyEvan Gamer105 日 前

    Come to my channel and see this ufo giys idk what it is

  20. Michelle J

    Michelle J6 日 前

    They make it seem like it's a joke so people don't panic and think it's fake. ITS REAALLL!! Watch the documentary "Unacknowledged" on Netfilx or "Unidentified" on Hulu !!

  21. MrTruboy

    MrTruboy4 日 前

    lol there know aliens kid

  22. Taryn Great

    Taryn Great6 日 前

    Why is this not important to everyone? I saw people more excited about the year 2000 than this. Wtf is going on?

  23. Trump

    Trump6 日 前

    unidentified objects, that does not mean ufos, all it is secret aircraft or foreign aircraft from another country

  24. Big Dick

    Big Dick6 日 前

    Funny how this media ploy lies about where this story came from... 4 verified accounts via the same footage, from Navy Pilots, and multiple radar operators confirming the same thing, yet the media and the anchor spews lies.

  25. Jeff Tag

    Jeff Tag6 日 前

    Tom works with US DoD and the old Stephen Colbert (who i miss) sold out worse than Fyre Festival. FUNNY🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂 🤣its starting to get crazy. Enjoy the show everyone tic toc

  26. Mortac

    Mortac7 日 前

    This ridiculing of UFO videos is exactly what we DON'T need. The taboo surrounding this subject needs to go away. While there are a lot of lunatics and fake videos out there, if you do some deeper research, several of these unidentified flying objects have three things about them: 1) They are absolutely 100% vehicles and not natural phenomena. 2) They have speeds, maneuverability and properties that mankind simply do not have the technology for. 3) We have no idea what they are or where they come from. That is not something to ridicule, but rather something to seriously investigate, and is likely the most important discovery mankind has ever made right in front of your eyes. I advice anyone interested to listen to this interview with one of the US Navy's pilots. One of the men protecting America's skies on September 11th. It's a long interview, but watch and listen closely to the whole thing without skipping anything. It will open your eyes: ​ For those that do some actual research into this, there is a lot more evidence available than this.

  27. Motivation Is Here!

    Motivation Is Here!7 日 前

    How is this NOT 24 HOUR NEWS? Why are we making a joke about? Blink 182 Tom Delounge is a huge UFO activist! We ask every actor about politics.. But laugh at a dedicated person.. Who just happens to be an amazing musician?

  28. D Mur

    D Mur7 日 前

    The govts mission is accomplished. People are too desensitized to realize the magnitude to this tech we know nothing about. Gotta be aliens or some interdimensional beings.

  29. Trump

    Trump6 日 前

    @D Mur it can also be phenomenon does not mean its aliens

  30. D Mur

    D Mur6 日 前

    @Trump If a foreign nation has tech like that we are in big trouble.

  31. Trump

    Trump6 日 前

    or its just secret aircraft or foreign aircraft, unidentified does not mean its Ufos

  32. fglps

    fglps7 日 前

    Steven made a video without mentioning Trump?!? I must be dreaming

  33. John Connor

    John Connor8 日 前

    Meanwhile Colbert covers “bullsemen” en then “bullshit”.

  34. Jacob

    Jacob8 日 前


  35. Anth Ony

    Anth Ony9 日 前

    I'm all for hearing different explanations for what the unidentified flying objects are. But the weather balloon argument is so fucking dumb. I want to see a weather balloon that can travel faster than sound. I want to see a weather balloon that can go from 20,000 feet all the way up to 80,000 feet in less than a second. I want to see weather balloons that can travel faster than sound and then stop on a dime. I want to see a weather balloon that can make abrupt, sharp, precise right angle turns on a dime.

  36. Joseph DuPont

    Joseph DuPont9 日 前 Ufo sighting on flight from Newark to Nashville. Chrome orb about 15 ft in diameter and able to do u turn instantly and vanish going vertical into the clouds!

  37. Tabs T

    Tabs T9 日 前

    Theyre burying this alien story real hard.

  38. sirpicksalot_

    sirpicksalot_23 時間 前

    shockingly it's not even the government doing it this time. Too much to handle perhaps?

  39. Rita Risser

    Rita Risser9 日 前

    Traveled the 🌎 devastated the pearl .scene visions celestial .an extraterrestrial*€€€€€€€€€€€

  40. Anth Ony

    Anth Ony10 日 前

    Idk what's funny about this

  41. Brett_Kendrick

    Brett_Kendrick10 日 前

    Yeah make a joke out of people who choose to spend their lives finding and promoting the truth.

  42. Brett_Kendrick

    Brett_Kendrick10 日 前

    Its fine it's not like people have know and be saying for decades while the gov. continued to deny it.

  43. jswett13

    jswett1310 日 前

    Colbert's right ear could go at any moment

  44. Khiraas

    Khiraas10 日 前

    You are addressing it after bull semen story because you are a moron.

  45. tubertom

    tubertom11 日 前

    "I need a weapon" -John 117

  46. Allysa Quiroz

    Allysa Quiroz11 日 前


  47. Laudy Dorado

    Laudy Dorado12 日 前

    1:35 is where it starts. If you want to skip the "semen explosion news"...

  48. PooPooPeePee

    PooPooPeePee12 日 前

    Am I supposed to laugh?

  49. Joe Blow

    Joe Blow12 日 前

    Meanwhile.....Steve Colbert does all he can to help get Republicans to take over the house.

  50. Charli’s Channel

    Charli’s Channel12 日 前

    Remember when he was sweet and funny? Now he is cold and snarky and relies on Trump.

  51. Tom Sezt

    Tom Sezt13 日 前

    The JPreporter series “the arrivals” came out around 2007 said that through propaganda, more and more people will believe in aliens until they blame something massive on an alien attack, although it is really military technologies. DONT BE FOOLED THEY SAID THIS IN 2007!!!!!! Link to the arrivals^

  52. Tom Sezt

    Tom Sezt9 日 前

    Marlon Quintana-Nieto search “the arrivals” on JPreporter there should be an original version with some episodes deleted because JPreporter keeps taking them down and they took down the original upload. It is around 50 episodes and they are jaw-dropping if you get the blessing of understanding it to the fullest. Afterwards, the creators made another series. ^ called phase 3 but definitely watch the arrivals first. They can explain one thing only after they explain other things first so something in the 5th episode will tie to the 20th so pay attention! And good luck in uncovering the lies... I think their names are noreaga and akchernakr I’m butchering the spelling forgive me.... Link to the arrivals ^^

  53. Marlon Quintana-Nieto

    Marlon Quintana-Nieto9 日 前

    Can you provide source. Would like to investigate this. Thanks.

  54. Lally Toots

    Lally Toots14 日 前

    So seth Meyers......not

  55. Ufo World [Nasar engineer technology ]

    Ufo World [Nasar engineer technology ]14 日 前

  56. Yorgan Yog

    Yorgan Yog14 日 前

    All right people, look at this little light in this device in my hand. Now... that thing flying was a pokemon. You all can go home now. Done.

  57. Christo Roppolo

    Christo Roppolo14 日 前

    Too bad. 😕Peace Christo

  58. Vince Christian

    Vince Christian14 日 前

    colbert is a jackass its not the first time hes gonna eat his words

  59. Steve m

    Steve m14 日 前

    Last winter up here in the Sierra's I was driving down a dark foggy road and when all of a sudden I looked in my rearview mirror and saw 3 Aliens in the back of my truck .It frighten me to death I panic and slammed on the brakes as i got out they seemed to be trying to communicate with me I yelled at them ( immigration) they ran off into the woods.

  60. Disciple Of Christ

    Disciple Of Christ14 日 前

    ITS APART OF SATANS GREAT DECEPTION & LL GOVERNMENTS ARE IN ON IT! THIS HAS BEEN PROVEN DO YOUR RESEARCH Biblically if your a holy spirit filled Christan & read the scriptures often & do a lot of bible studies it would be revealed to you. What you are seeing are Fallen Angel's. We are indeed living in the end of days & the 2nd coming of our Lord & Savior is about to happen a lot sooner than 99.9% of most people beleive however this has been revealed to THOUSANDS of people via the Holy Spirit. Jesus said we will k ow when his 2nd coming is near as we will notice the signs of the times such as weird weather & movement in the skies. Not to mention the uprise of the LGBTQ community's all over as the bible also states we will become like Sodom & Gomora. So when people tell others that they need to pick up the bible & build that 1-on-1 relationship with Christ Jesus please dont take it lightly as 99.99999% of people do & will. God woke me up about 5 months ago & every since then the holy spirit has revealed so much to me that it is unreal how bad this world has become. It is 100,000 times worse than what most people even know because most people are to tied up in the worldly things instead of giving it all up & living in the spirit for Christ Jesus.

  61. Xxj0sue3xX 17

    Xxj0sue3xX 1714 日 前

    Disciple Of Christ I agree

  62. mBabe

    mBabe15 日 前

    "A massive semen explosion" is great porn title.

  63. Ed Whalen

    Ed Whalen15 日 前

    there are billions of planets just in our galaxy, honestly its silly to even think we are the only life forms in the universe

  64. Nightwing

    Nightwing15 日 前

    The X-Files really paid off now

  65. Natural Magick

    Natural Magick15 日 前


  66. skank hunt42

    skank hunt4215 日 前

    Sorry tom but it ain't no meteor it's big ol froze chunk of shit..

  67. dan mayne

    dan mayne15 日 前

    somebody claimed steven was a comedian.....I dont see it

  68. Andrian & Adryan

    Andrian & Adryan15 日 前

    It’s pretty clear... UFO’s are and always have been of Asian origin. Why? Super advanced tech years ahead of it’s time and super tiny drivers that change direction like they’re the only person on the road... I mean sky... only person in the sky.

  69. Ibux

    Ibux15 日 前

    The facts are in our face, open your mind to outer space!

  70. jkama

    jkama15 日 前

    The Colbert repore?

  71. 2007zodiac

    2007zodiac15 日 前

    I hope this prick/God lover, is still alive when first contact is made, oh how his bible will become shit-paper!!!