MC Mom Tears It Up - Key & Peele


  1. ocean master

    ocean master11 時間 前

    Six crispy socks

  2. Alexander Jin

    Alexander Jin11 時間 前

    1:00 hold up are those john wayne gayce's clown portraits hanging on the wall?

  3. Brendan Baird

    Brendan Baird13 時間 前

    This was out a year ago

  4. T. Samuels

    T. Samuels20 時間 前

    I was there when "pussy on the chainwax" became a thing

  5. Mike Smith

    Mike Smith23 時間 前

    Crispy socks here and crispy socks there. d e d

  6. Mark Youneva

    Mark Youneva2 日 前

    that boob grab tho

  7. Moppitukka 3

    Moppitukka 32 日 前

    Just take some time and think about the fact that king bach has made several skits with key & peele yet his own production is literal garbage

  8. Mon Mon

    Mon Mon3 日 前

    What's with crispy socks?

  9. Marzmon 15

    Marzmon 153 日 前

    MC mom should be on wild n out

  10. Skinny Legend

    Skinny Legend3 日 前

    *_You Can Clean Up Your Own Jizz_* *_-Nigga-_*

  11. Justin Jakobson

    Justin Jakobson3 日 前

    Can I get this on Spotify?

  12. 蔡艾庭

    蔡艾庭3 日 前

    I like the way mc mom says peace !!! the verse is lit

  13. anotherblackboy

    anotherblackboy3 日 前

    a classic

  14. Precog FaKe0utFlash

    Precog FaKe0utFlash3 日 前


  15. wildbarron

    wildbarron4 日 前


  16. Cha Nel

    Cha Nel4 日 前

    The preview still: MC Mom is lookin back atcha - so too is that sport illustrated model

  17. A C

    A C4 日 前


  18. Mr. Anonymous

    Mr. Anonymous5 日 前

    "u can clean up ur own jiz nigga"

  19. RICHEY099

    RICHEY0995 日 前

    0:52 rappin for jesus reference

  20. Lesly Rodriguez

    Lesly Rodriguez5 日 前

    This one, this is the best rap videos ever

  21. game shocker 2.0

    game shocker 2.05 日 前

    1:33 "I spilled a soda" bro biggest lie in the book

  22. Kim Desai

    Kim Desai5 日 前

    Tejas tore it up 😊

  23. fanfare100

    fanfare1005 日 前

    all those "crispy socks" 😂😂😂

  24. tykel graham

    tykel graham5 日 前


  25. Michael Gaynor

    Michael Gaynor5 日 前

    Crispy socks!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣I will be singing it in my head for days, and smiling!

  26. Shannon Blake

    Shannon Blake5 日 前

    But can she beat Kyle Exum's Mom in a rap battle tho?

  27. Big Johnson

    Big Johnson5 日 前

    Bro... Who uses more than one sock?

  28. ???????????????

    ???????????????6 日 前

    best mom

  29. Inside The Dog-World

    Inside The Dog-World6 日 前

    This is years old, why a reupload? Not Mad tho, enjoyed watching in for the 101 time

  30. Jesse Hernandez

    Jesse Hernandez6 日 前

    Is it me or was that king Bach ?

  31. Wu tan Clan

    Wu tan Clan6 日 前

    Why couldn’t he open the swim suit magazine 😏😉🤣

  32. The Stan Man

    The Stan Man4 日 前

    Cause he busted a fat nut

  33. Matt Sharpe

    Matt Sharpe6 日 前

    Oh nooo

  34. Ngân Thiểm Phong

    Ngân Thiểm Phong7 日 前

    Well this is original :v

  35. Minnie

    Minnie7 日 前

    I wish I could super-like this

  36. Clarence Chang

    Clarence Chang7 日 前

    We need more of MC MOM

  37. Isaiah Gonzales

    Isaiah Gonzales7 日 前

    Is nobody talking about how this was uploaded months ago does nobody else remember this tf

  38. Tee Rex

    Tee Rex7 日 前

    MC Mom put the pussy on the chainwax!

  39. Mark McElroy

    Mark McElroy7 日 前

    Why so many clowns though? Also I am a white man could someone please explain what pussy on the chainwax means? Thanks in advance fellas!

  40. Potatotus Epic Gamer

    Potatotus Epic Gamer7 日 前

    I thought they did a sequel to the original MC Mom

  41. Lordy608

    Lordy6087 日 前

    Shorty went in at the end boy

  42. Colin Brown

    Colin Brown8 日 前

    Crispy socks like they be Krispy Kremes 🍩

  43. Guardrail Lover

    Guardrail Lover8 日 前

    i always gotta come back here

  44. Seriious ?

    Seriious ?8 日 前

    *crispy sock here, crispy sock there*

  45. Tom Wolf

    Tom Wolf8 日 前

    Is this a gay thing or what is this?

  46. The Stan Man

    The Stan Man4 日 前

    Gay thing? It's called comedy.

  47. Dis my Wafflez

    Dis my Wafflez8 日 前

    What the heck is a crispy sock

  48. The Stan Man

    The Stan Man4 日 前

    He busted a fat one in his sock.

  49. philip japitana

    philip japitana8 日 前

    Daamn mom rap was very good when the beat change.

  50. ghostdude111

    ghostdude1118 日 前

    Minecraft mom

  51. Christopher Teo

    Christopher Teo8 日 前

    Trying to rap along but its hard to keep a straight face

  52. Isaiah Gonzales

    Isaiah Gonzales8 日 前

    Was this not already uploaded way long ago

  53. Daniel Moore

    Daniel Moore8 日 前

    Pussy on the chain wax!!!!!!

  54. Raja Ashakir

    Raja Ashakir8 日 前

    Plot twist, MC Mom is Megan

  55. Jeffrey Larsen

    Jeffrey Larsen9 日 前

    I think we can all agree Jordan Peele should be in drag 24/7

  56. Deborah Hearns

    Deborah Hearns3 日 前

    Lol He should though. He's that good at it.

  57. Victor Geronimo

    Victor Geronimo9 日 前

    So are these reuploads from comedy central or are these new?

  58. Nelson

    Nelson9 日 前

    The last part of the video is gold

  59. Brandon White

    Brandon White9 日 前

    Jordan can become any gender

  60. Poison Island

    Poison Island9 日 前

    Am I the only one who thinks this sounds like Makonen when the beat changed?

  61. Toasted Kidd

    Toasted Kidd9 日 前

    11 - 12 crispy socks

  62. Yongama Sifuba

    Yongama Sifuba9 日 前

    You can clean your own jizz hitta

  63. The DJ Yonder

    The DJ Yonder9 日 前

    C R I S P Y S O C K

  64. Perry H

    Perry H9 日 前


  65. blawruk

    blawruk10 日 前

    pussy on the chainwax- 😂🤣😂🤣 bringing that saying back had me rollin'!!!!

  66. David Alvarez

    David Alvarez10 日 前

    Why do these keep getting re uploaded

  67. Mr_ Last5000

    Mr_ Last500010 日 前

    "You can clean up your jizz nibba"😂😂

  68. King Kyri

    King Kyri10 日 前

    CRISPY SOCKS 💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀


    TTH TREMBLEZ10 日 前


  70. The Jack of Realms

    The Jack of Realms10 日 前

    crispy socks here crispy socks there ahahaa

  71. v 2.0

    v 2.010 日 前

    So we gonna ignore the full box noodles by the TV?

  72. Mark McElroy

    Mark McElroy7 日 前

    Why not, we're already ignoring the clown pictures.

  73. Tyler Ciballos

    Tyler Ciballos10 日 前

    Bruh I remember when this first came out years ago 🔥🔥🔥

  74. Galaxxyss

    Galaxxyss11 日 前

    *_mom found the poop sock_*

  75. Rusty  Shaprone

    Rusty Shaprone11 日 前

    I don't get it ,why'd you guys upload it again?somehow it's not as good as the first upload, I think it's the sound quality and it looks different too ,like you guys changed the brightness or something.

  76. Benjamin Carmine

    Benjamin Carmine11 日 前

    We found an opponent worthy of a battle against eminem.

  77. Roldan Avila

    Roldan Avila11 日 前

    I counted 12 crispy socks lol

  78. Your Own Destinee

    Your Own Destinee11 日 前


  79. Cody J

    Cody J11 日 前

    Imagine going to the club with no 1's, just crispy socks.

  80. Jessica Winter

    Jessica Winter11 日 前

    I can't stop watching this! Lmfao!!! "You could clean up ya own jizz n*@@$."🤣🤣🤣

  81. Armani aka hops 90,s man smith

    Armani aka hops 90,s man smith11 日 前

    Old skool always wins😂😂

  82. SkittlezWRLD

    SkittlezWRLD11 日 前

    "Look at the sweater" 😂😂

  83. WolfHugsIsSatan

    WolfHugsIsSatan12 日 前

    *Crispy socks with some mystery hair*

  84. Jarnes John

    Jarnes John12 日 前

    They really repost this😂

  85. Oh yeah yeah

    Oh yeah yeah12 日 前