Max Holloway breaks down his win over Calvin Kattar | UFC Fight Night Post Show | ESPN MMA


  1. Blaine Mathis

    Blaine Mathis3 日 前

    With what shots kattar landed look like they done some damage, cosmetically anyway😂

  2. Big Homie

    Big Homie11 日 前

    😂😂😂😂 bro what’s wrong wit his obsession with DC

  3. Emma H

    Emma Hヶ月 前

    Max “The Matrix” Holloway

  4. JK

    JKヶ月 前

    Anyone else kinda weirded out a few minutes in that max is still in just his trunks whilst the rest are in suits.

  5. Leopoldo Torres

    Leopoldo Torresヶ月 前

    What a guy!

  6. Steven Allan

    Steven Allanヶ月 前


  7. Lucas Vaughan

    Lucas Vaughanヶ月 前

    Max is the 🐐 no question about it, best featherweight ever imo.

  8. Vegan Penguin

    Vegan Penguinヶ月 前

    Blessed train choochoo!!!

  9. Jonathan

    Jonathanヶ月 前

    Max is hilarious.

  10. Rock girl

    Rock girlヶ月 前

    stop sparring every one, take zoom classes

  11. Morgan Rees-Pearson

    Morgan Rees-Pearsonヶ月 前

    Max is something else

  12. Ori Tzuberi

    Ori Tzuberiヶ月 前

    He's the ugliest guy on the ufc

  13. Danny Rodger

    Danny Rodgerヶ月 前

    Was never a holloway fan, but now he is 1 of my favorites. Feel bad that I never took the time to get to know him. He's an amazing athlete and so so funny, what a great all-rounder guy

  14. Rock girl

    Rock girlヶ月 前

    you already punked at the press conference, don't no one want to see that, you know you beat them already that's the easy fight, you want that real sh*t right here." -Nate Diaz

  15. hoiy vinosa

    hoiy vinosaヶ月 前

    against Ortega!

  16. James Proudstar

    James Proudstarヶ月 前

    OMG... "DC! You're eating everything I'm working for!" Blessed is the best! Thank you Mr. Holloway.

  17. NAPU2

    NAPU2ヶ月 前

    🤙🏾waianae Hawaii, we live different out there!! 🤙🏾

  18. miko foin

    miko foinヶ月 前

    This was fun!

  19. chipper442

    chipper442ヶ月 前

    How sad the place wasn’t packed to the roof for this fight. Max deserves that.

  20. A-A RON

    A-A RONヶ月 前

    blows my mind how far mma has come in 20 years.. fights like this remind you, Incredible

  21. Lycanz Dukpa

    Lycanz Dukpaヶ月 前

    The real reason DC retired 😂😂😂

  22. Devon the Legend

    Devon the Legendヶ月 前

    Max Holloway now gonna go for 1k

  23. James McKay

    James McKayヶ月 前

    At one point during the fight I thought Max said "stop trying to hit me and hit me!"

  24. miko foin

    miko foinヶ月 前

    A very powerful video

  25. fadlallah Omar

    fadlallah Omarヶ月 前

    what a great man. he just realised the greatest performance of this year and he's promoting other guys fights

  26. Rakeem Walker

    Rakeem Walkerヶ月 前

    Home of the brave 92 RED&BLUE killa fight max 🥊

  27. ACR Clayton

    ACR Claytonヶ月 前

    Max is a gift to this sport.

  28. Paul Paulivinski

    Paul Paulivinskiヶ月 前

    He ain’t lying tho, Hawaii in general is full of warriors, we surf, hunt, fish and fight for fun.

  29. Paul Paulivinski

    Paul Paulivinskiヶ月 前

    Max “ i tink” Holloway

  30. terry lewis

    terry lewisヶ月 前

    4:40 XD "Conor mcgregor! you're taking everything I work for MOFO and I will fight your A*s, you know what's the real fight what's real money fight... it's me not these clowns that you already punked at the press conference, don't no one want to see that, you know you beat them already that's the easy fight, you want that real sh*t right here." -Nate Diaz

  31. theomega616

    theomega616ヶ月 前

    Let my man put some pants on lmao

  32. Reese Sanchez

    Reese Sanchezヶ月 前

    What a chad

  33. misuyy fong

    misuyy fongヶ月 前

    stop sparring every one, take zoom classes

  34. Steve Wilds

    Steve Wildsヶ月 前

    Us islanders are just built different 💪

  35. ntwtransam

    ntwtransamヶ月 前

    Came here just to see if there was a DC call out. Wasn’t disappointed

  36. misuyy fong

    misuyy fongヶ月 前

    Let my man put some pants on lmao

  37. misolou fout

    misolou foutヶ月 前

    Appreciate this dude while he’s around

  38. Sagid Saleh

    Sagid Salehヶ月 前

    Love max but why do they keep coming up with new “first ever ___” kinda meaningless isn’t it

  39. Ryno

    Rynoヶ月 前

    Holloway is an absolute stud. Always loved him for his punches in bunches, but he has recently ascended to another level. At only 29, I am truly excited to see what the future has in store for him!

  40. misolou fout

    misolou foutヶ月 前

    Max is the best. Fun interview!

  41. Rasta Gideon

    Rasta Gideonヶ月 前

    WAIANAE 96792

  42. S Logh

    S Loghヶ月 前

    Most overrated fighter in the ufc.

  43. Sassy Kozak

    Sassy Kozakヶ月 前


  44. Evan Wheeler

    Evan Wheelerヶ月 前

    Give Ryan Hall a Fight pls

  45. Rusty D

    Rusty Dヶ月 前

    Max is a solid charismatic guy. I don’t trust people who gives this man any slander

  46. Jeedi Ginjal

    Jeedi Ginjalヶ月 前

    Everybody loves DC!

  47. laskin riubn

    laskin riubnヶ月 前

    Hello, Humans. "Between stimulus and response, there is a space where we choose our response."-Stephen Covey TERRANCE OUT

  48. WeAgainstTheWorld

    WeAgainstTheWorldヶ月 前

    UFC Legend !!

  49. laskin riubn

    laskin riubnヶ月 前

    Total domination 🔥🔥

  50. cqvio doli

    cqvio doliヶ月 前

    wow , you get punched and after the job you still got to do interviews.

  51. Alexis Bernadac

    Alexis Bernadacヶ月 前

    Wait I like the ufc again. And it's warm at my house. Your letting me be my self Peter voice haha

  52. palestine389

    palestine389ヶ月 前

    Max Holloway the ugliest UFC fighter ever 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  53. Anreta Mettao

    Anreta Mettaoヶ月 前

    Yessah waianae

  54. Vampiro71Pisa

    Vampiro71Pisaヶ月 前

    Is this guy on doping??????

  55. Jay Kline

    Jay Klineヶ月 前

    I love this man

  56. Christian Hardwick

    Christian Hardwickヶ月 前

    Max Holloway breaks down broken and windows and smokes em ! Foos gone wild !

  57. Richard hobin

    Richard hobinヶ月 前

    Max is the best. Fun interview!

  58. long hair dont care

    long hair dont careヶ月 前

    Max is still punching kattar in his face

  59. Samplelord

    Samplelordヶ月 前

    To The Max...all the way

  60. Mark Kravitz

    Mark Kravitzヶ月 前

    Ariel and DC let the real KINGS fight it out @evenkingsfall (insta) VS @thenotoriousmma (insta) PLEASE! 😃

  61. drttyu liqm

    drttyu liqmヶ月 前

    against Ortega!

  62. drttyu liqm

    drttyu liqmヶ月 前

    against Ortega!

  63. Internet knowledge

    Internet knowledgeヶ月 前

    Total domination 🔥🔥

  64. T-Virus Terrance

    T-Virus Terranceヶ月 前

    Hello, Humans. "Between stimulus and response, there is a space where we choose our response."-Stephen Covey TERRANCE OUT

  65. drttyu liqm

    drttyu liqmヶ月 前

    god bless this man

  66. bigboysalmon 55

    bigboysalmon 55ヶ月 前

    Literally sick and tired of DC ducking max. Fans wanna see it, dc needs to stop weaselin and come fight for that daddest man. on the planet belt

  67. Graham Smith

    Graham Smithヶ月 前

    Still going at DC. Love it

  68. Piotr Jakub

    Piotr Jakubヶ月 前

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  69. artjwill 07

    artjwill 07ヶ月 前


  70. glowing

    glowingヶ月 前

    I'm too old to fight but I need a car maybe I could go and see you when you fight

  71. D-BLOCK Diaz

    D-BLOCK Diazヶ月 前

    The Best is Blessed baby, Max really is Blessed Win Lose or Draw he still has Hands 💯💪🏽💪🏽

  72. Flat Lander

    Flat Landerヶ月 前

    Don’t forget when Poirier made Holloway look the same way..

  73. hyj hyu

    hyj hyuヶ月 前

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  74. Nick Freeman

    Nick Freemanヶ月 前

    I will not watch any fights with this guy because he doesn't have enough tattoos. LOL

  75. iFlyMania

    iFlyManiaヶ月 前

    Close your eyes And all you'll hear is Aziz Ansari 😅

  76. laskin riubn

    laskin riubnヶ月 前

    Holloway is the 145 🐐 its not even close. Dominance

  77. Senor Penguin

    Senor Penguinヶ月 前

    Max looks big next to Dan Hardy, who of course was a longtime welterweight; crazy how that works out. I'd like to see Max (at fighting size) stand next to someone like GSP or Stephen "Wonderboy" Thompson. Although we likely won't see Max fight at a weight class bigger than lightweight anytime soon, it would still be an interesting comparison.

  78. eclecticontent

    eclecticontentヶ月 前

    I'm pretty sure Holloway is gonna fight Oliveira next

  79. laskin riubn

    laskin riubnヶ月 前

    I'm now officially the biggest Max Holloway fan. Already liked him but what a performance and attitude the man is born to be champion.

  80. CEO GEFF

    CEO GEFFヶ月 前

    Literally 99% won’t see this but god bless you and stay safe I’m struggling to get 5k with noti my goal.📈🖤

  81. Bkas Rai

    Bkas Raiヶ月 前

    Let's not Forget Max Have a toughest chin he ate all the hardest shot without being stunned at all.

  82. Dilina Sasmitha

    Dilina Sasmithaヶ月 前

    god bless this man

  83. Pana Biate

    Pana Biateヶ月 前

    Give calvin some respect, he is a tough guy he survived all those strikes

  84. Pana Biate

    Pana Biateヶ月 前

    Max is soo cool


    ROCK-SOLIDヶ月 前


  86. councilmandoug808

    councilmandoug808ヶ月 前

    He ain't lying about people from Waianae being a little different.




  88. Give Me Money

    Give Me Moneyヶ月 前

    Max is annoying

  89. Follow 0siris

    Follow 0sirisヶ月 前

    This was one fight where I didn’t want a finish. I could watch that all night long

  90. MSM

    MSMヶ月 前


  91. Josh Medrano

    Josh Medranoヶ月 前

    If he's after money fights now, his new name should be "Stax Dollaway"

  92. Karabo Molele

    Karabo Moleleヶ月 前

    Still busting DC's chops

  93. Chris Castillo

    Chris Castilloヶ月 前

    Felder has no fluidity when it comes to commentary he seems to stumble on his words , often maybe the cte setting in

  94. 19ECO0033 Kenosa Neikha

    19ECO0033 Kenosa Neikhaヶ月 前

    I think Hollaway should fight Zabit next since Volkanoski and Ortega are fighting for the belt.Hollaway vs Zabit would be one spectacular fight. What do you guys think?

  95. harenk

    harenkヶ月 前

    I'm now officially the biggest Max Holloway fan. Already liked him but what a performance and attitude the man is born to be champion.

  96. M.A.I.A !!

    M.A.I.A !!ヶ月 前

    Giving an interview after fighting...your body starts cooling down and body pain kicks in..he keeps touching his nose..his face hurts like a mother$!##

  97. Paranormal Nightmare TV Series

    Paranormal Nightmare TV Seriesヶ月 前

  98. TLOU 4 LIFE

    TLOU 4 LIFEヶ月 前

    You know its a good fight when the guy who won 50-42 still looks like he got hit by a truck.😂😂

  99. Born Blessed

    Born Blessedヶ月 前

    The best is blessed

  100. J Greenseed

    J Greenseedヶ月 前

    Nice of max to dress up.

  101. Usideme Williams

    Usideme Williamsヶ月 前

    Calculated aggression

  102. MrPizzaslice

    MrPizzasliceヶ月 前

    his face is an anti-ufc psa

  103. ChrisDanceMusic

    ChrisDanceMusicヶ月 前

    Beautiful style, should already be champ

  104. ChrisDanceMusic

    ChrisDanceMusicヶ月 前

    Hes top notch. Shouldve been stopped in the 4th in my eyes

  105. Kak Danial

    Kak Danialヶ月 前

    Nice dude

  106. SCheco3

    SCheco3ヶ月 前

    I'll never miss a Max Holloway fight. Blessed express baby




  108. Anthony Fulton

    Anthony Fultonヶ月 前

    Where are the masks?

  109. Opening GT

    Opening GTヶ月 前

    They are inside a safe bubble