Maurice Ravel: Bolero / Gustavo Dudamel conducts the Wiener Philharmoniker at Lucerne Festival 2010


  1. Guta Cabral

    Guta Cabral9 時間 前

    Maravilhosos!!!!! Wonderful!!!!

  2. Sarah Cruz

    Sarah Cruz14 時間 前

    can someone please help me name at least 4 of the different instruments that the soloists played!? I need it for a project.

  3. Roberto Espinagosa

    Roberto Espinagosa14 時間 前

    Well, the most interesting guy is the one sitting behind the flute and beside the clarinets... looks like he does literally nothing but looking around...

  4. RSC RSC

    RSC RSC15 時間 前

    Perfeito! Emocionante! Músicos deveriam ser imortais!

  5. Dooglass Dorénal

    Dooglass Dorénal16 時間 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="233">3:53</a> He looks so annoyed by his pizzicatos...

  6. ron doucette

    ron doucette19 時間 前

    Amazing bravo :)

  7. mitch rawles

    mitch rawles日 前

    love Bolero

  8. CaliforniaCup Cakes

    CaliforniaCup Cakes日 前

    Wow, this is beautiful. I'm not a musician or knowledgable on the subject, though I do love to listen to it. When listening to this images of playful little children or cherubs getting into trouble go through my mind. To me the melody has a childlike innocence that kind that gets kids in to trouble all the time. This melody took me back to when I was younger and go caught sneaking ice cream into my room late at night by my mom, I'd giggle at here amd we would end up eating icecream and watching Disney movies late into the night. Beautiful....simply true happyness in this, filled with innocence, mistakes that one learns from and concurring fears and taking chances.

  9. Lancel0t

    Lancel0t日 前

    Me: *Has 17 minutes and change left to live* Also Me: "Honey search ravel bolero on youtube and click on the second result."

  10. Peter Cunnius

    Peter Cunnius日 前

    WOW! What a drummer!

  11. Antony L T G

    Antony L T G日 前

  12. Hedi K

    Hedi K日 前

    göttlich...devine...wonderful.. heart opening... pure joy...

  13. Skywalker

    Skywalker日 前

    I understand the down votes, this style isn't for everyone and for me repeating the same melody gets very tiresome.

  14. Yulitza Peraza

    Yulitza Peraza日 前

    El Dude Dudamel, extraordinary Venezuelan talent. Too bad he did not defend the students in Venezuela from unimaginable torture and dead at the hands of the narco regime of Nicolas Maduro. Too comfortable in his music, this omission will follow him for life. #ProhibidoOlvidar

  15. thesupermau thesupermau

    thesupermau thesupermau日 前


  16. Roberto Carlos Elías Silva

    Roberto Carlos Elías Silva日 前

    Maravilloso!!!! 👏 👏 👏...

  17. Tevhid Sanat

    Tevhid Sanat日 前

    Its obvious he loves what's he is doing so by that he is doing it well

  18. Vicenç Gramunt Furió

    Vicenç Gramunt Furió日 前

    Bravo Gustavo,gran interpretacion

  19. Jorge Blanco

    Jorge Blanco日 前

    Cerdo chavista de porquería.

  20. Maxim 2016

    Maxim 20162 日 前

    This makes me think of Bo Derek! 😋

  21. Cody Lee

    Cody Lee2 日 前

    I've had the honor of preforming this a few years ago as a violinist in a fantastic orchestra, one of my fondest memories, but dear GAWD as much as i LOVE this piece playing it requires concentration and discipline on a whole other level when we had to count bars for about 9 - 10 minuets before the full string section gets rolling. but this performance is one of my favorite recordings and Gustavo Dudamel is a joy to watch on the podium, loved his recording on Danzón No. 2 by Marquez as well (another piece i preformed as well during the same concert as the Bolero too lol)

  22. QuantumAlt

    QuantumAlt2 日 前

    Anyone who thinks the drum has the hardest part in this piece is an unbelievable stupid idiot who clearly knows nothing about music.

  23. Alberto Cho

    Alberto Cho2 日 前


  24. eug enio

    eug enio2 日 前

    Охуеть, отстучать без малого 18 минут эту ёбаную барабанную дробь, это я вам скажу....! Круто!

  25. Roh Tati

    Roh Tati2 日 前


  26. Renato Zorete

    Renato Zorete2 日 前


  27. LuInsabato

    LuInsabato2 日 前


  28. IgT

    IgT2 日 前

    Where is Pope ?

  29. His Majesty

    His Majesty2 日 前

    Anyone else come here after watching Nodame Cantabile? 😂

  30. Loganuck

    Loganuck2 日 前

    Do you ever just <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1010">16:50</a>

  31. Dave Cordes

    Dave Cordes2 日 前

    I listen to the Ads before the piece begins. . . and you still interrupt the music just before it is ending. Why?????

  32. Spyros

    Spyros3 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="557">9:17</a> did someone split their note, or is it just me that hears it ?

  33. Michael Pan

    Michael Pan19 時間 前

    yup i heard it too

  34. RetroTopía

    RetroTopía3 日 前


  35. Manuel Hancco

    Manuel Hancco3 日 前

    La inspiración del compositor define una pasión al versó, una tranquilidad única transmite al oyente. Fija una compostura bailable en la escena del interprete, un suigeneris al momento de oírlo. De pronto me trae recuerdos de los films, y los dibujos animados, que más quieres que te diga! Unete al sueño de la cultura de los instrumentos, en esta época del COVID19, arma tu concierto con grandes como: Maurice Ravel y su orquesta. Un abrazó para el mundo!

  36. Fernando Adrián Pedernera

    Fernando Adrián Pedernera3 日 前

    Dudamel is so damn nice to watch

  37. Osvaldo Junior

    Osvaldo Junior3 日 前


  38. David Dyer

    David Dyer3 日 前

    One of my absolute favourite pieces; it is completely hypnotic. Dudamel is no Gergiev, but he is still an amazing conductor.

  39. John Korsmo

    John Korsmo3 日 前

    When you get to the great part (all right, it's all great), and they give you an ad. Well played, JPreporter.

  40. bravaLiz

    bravaLiz4 日 前

    something tells me that all of those hours practicing snare drum in his parents' basement, PAID OFF. This performance is seriously OUTstanding! EVERYONE here magnificent.

  41. José Ángel Morales

    José Ángel Morales4 日 前

    Tram-tram tram tarara tram


    DASE SHADOW4 日 前

    Like si ses ta maîtresse qui ta dit de voir sa

  43. Гадский Папа

    Гадский Папа5 日 前

    потрясающее исполнение

  44. immigrant

    immigrant5 日 前

    Its amazing! So beautiful! Thank you!

  45. Roberto Torres Correa

    Roberto Torres Correa5 日 前

    Me encanta muy completo en todos sentidos...

  46. Guido Declercq

    Guido Declercq5 日 前

    This is no music but sex

  47. Michael Petrick

    Michael Petrick5 日 前

    Maybe I don' know what the Wiener Philharmoniker, but are here no women at all in this orchestra?

  48. Oli Omphalos

    Oli Omphalos2 日 前

    That's how it's been, unfortunately. They did start to accept women into the orchestra in recent years, but I believe the overwhelming majority are still men.

  49. Jade Othen

    Jade Othen5 日 前

    spot the woman! ;-)

  50. Helberto L. Hurtado Rojas

    Helberto L. Hurtado Rojas5 日 前

    Me encanta esta versión. Recuerdo que al comprar una radiola estéreo por allá a finales de los 60, obsequiaban un acetato con esta melodía, para que se probara el sonído que se producía en los dos parlantes, como pasaba de uno a otro y luego se envolvía todo el ambiente con los acordes a lo máximo.

  51. samirsito08

    samirsito085 日 前

    que musica de mierda

  52. ALZIN xl

    ALZIN xl5 日 前

    I love

  53. Thilak Hettiarachchi

    Thilak Hettiarachchi6 日 前

    Follow me on instagram @thinira_walker

  54. Philsos Shep

    Philsos Shep6 日 前

    Original drummer must have read the music and thought oh come on I want overtime pay here 😄 but beautiful anyhow and always reminds me of my mother doing the ironing but that's a different story

  55. BAKSIU

    BAKSIU6 日 前


  56. Batibot étoile

    Batibot étoile6 日 前

    john bonham will be bored if he's the drummer.

  57. Keith Naylor

    Keith Naylor6 日 前

    It takes you breath away!

  58. Azr.桜夜

    Azr.桜夜6 日 前

    授業の参考にこれ聞けって言われたw てか、日本人おる?

  59. 1919helio1919

    1919helio19194 日 前

    私もですw 綺麗な音楽!!

  60. carlos eduardo facanha antunes

    carlos eduardo facanha antunes7 日 前

    Como ele é bom 😀 . Eduardo 24 05 2020

  61. Saionara Oliveira

    Saionara Oliveira7 日 前


  62. ara198228

    ara1982287 日 前


  63. Poparita

    Poparita7 日 前

    Yo solo vine por tarea :))

  64. Doc strench

    Doc strench7 日 前


  65. Doƃƃo

    Doƃƃo7 日 前

    at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="264">4:24</a> the english horn player looks like he's constipated . and yes, i know how hard it is to play the oboe so don't judge meh

  66. Dasha Q Noble

    Dasha Q Noble7 日 前

    Thank you Q!!

  67. Жанболат Байгазин

    Жанболат Байгазин8 日 前

    Сунуть рекламу в этом видео на 14 минуте, это преступление.

  68. Josette Bergaud

    Josette Bergaud8 日 前

    tres jolie musique

  69. Muhammed Can ÜNAL

    Muhammed Can ÜNAL8 日 前

    23.05.2020 ''Limit Yayınları Jet Paragraf s. 259 23. test 15.soru'' şu ana kadar çözdüğüm en harika sorudur kendileri.......

  70. Robert Petrey

    Robert Petrey8 日 前

    Can't stop thinking of Dudley Moore and Bo Derek

  71. musahi koedo

    musahi koedo8 日 前


  72. Pindrop Events

    Pindrop Events8 日 前

    Brilliant. But dreadful. A militaristic interpretation. No dance, no joy. Too many males involved in this. IMO.

  73. danielemelfi

    danielemelfi8 日 前

    This shows all the power of the humans. This is the perfection.

  74. Trinidad Duarte Giménez

    Trinidad Duarte Giménez8 日 前

    Like si estás en 2020 y estás acá pq el profe de música te dio de tarea anotar q instrumentos aparecen XD

  75. Vladi Arauzo

    Vladi Arauzo8 日 前

    View this at 1.1 speed. It is much better.

  76. rodrigo sanchez

    rodrigo sanchez8 日 前

    I meet this song for Digimon!

  77. F Terry Smith

    F Terry Smith9 日 前

    Thanks for a great upload...

  78. James Chow

    James Chow9 日 前

    Every instrument has a chance to show off their skill. How cool is that?

  79. Suprachiasmatic Nucleus

    Suprachiasmatic Nucleus6 日 前

    I think the melody is (intentionally) too simple for showing skills, it could be intended to entertain with the different tones or maybe to picture a caravan/fanfarre passing by the listener.

  80. BAKSIU

    BAKSIU6 日 前

    It's not

  81. James Chow

    James Chow9 日 前

    Saxophone sound great in a orchestra

  82. panpan marie

    panpan marie9 日 前

    I grew up in the village where Maurice Ravel lived and and composed that piece (montfort l'amaury) our school was even named after him and i remember music lessons in elementary school playing the flute to the Bolero anyhow this brings power, joy, memories, chills and so on. Bravo Gustavo Dudamel 🖤

  83. Agustina Novo

    Agustina Novo9 日 前

    Hola!! ¿cómo estan todos?? La verdad es que yo soy más de el reggeton, el pop y el trap, pero mi profesor de música me puso una tarea con esta melodía. ¡¡¡Me gustó muchísimo!!!. Sigan así y los felicito. Saludos desde Uruguay!!

  84. Marika Szné

    Marika Szné9 日 前

    Annyira szeretem. Olyan gyönyörű!

  85. NewGriff

    NewGriff9 日 前

    Good. But Valery Gergiev is the best of the BEST (Maurice Ravel Bolero London Symphony Orchestra Valery Gergiev)