Marvel Studios' Avengers: Endgame - Official Trailer


  1. The Joker

    The Joker49 分 前

    marvel has brought the best ironman the best captain america the best thor the best black widow And their result is endgame!

  2. ahmed osama

    ahmed osama50 分 前

    I am waiting for this film more than my wedding day

  3. Wizard Gamer 187

    Wizard Gamer 18752 分 前

    It is the endgame now

  4. Lois Angela

    Lois Angela52 分 前

    can marvel stfu and let my babies live

  5. i am groot

    i am groot57 分 前

    im groot 😍

  6. Ninja

    Ninja57 分 前

    1 month ...

  7. NerdClown 11

    NerdClown 1158 分 前

    Cleveland Cavs: Whatever it Takes!

  8. Queen JEONGYEON

    Queen JEONGYEON58 分 前

    me watching this trailer the 107th time just so i can listen to peggy's voice again.

  9. Disney fever

    Disney fever時間 前

    Ohh god it gave me goosebumps

  10. Devil Omi

    Devil Omi時間 前

    Isn't it the hammer in the last scene?? Wow it's back 😍😍

  11. Iron Spider

    Iron Spider59 分 前

    No it isnt..its stormbreaker

  12. Dizzy Blu

    Dizzy Blu時間 前

    This seems like a fan-made trailer. Disappointed

  13. Rosario

    Rosario時間 前

    Nice video

  14. Mall Gaming

    Mall Gaming時間 前

    Need subcribe

  15. MaskedYandere

    MaskedYandere時間 前

    DC should just accept that they cant defeat MARVEL even with their new movie Shazam. Endgame would beat it easily

  16. Hyram101564Gaming

    Hyram101564Gaming時間 前


  17. J

    J時間 前

    Thats how you do a trailer. Dont reveal the whole plot otherwise i feel like ive already seen it

  18. Melodic Boi

    Melodic Boi時間 前

    They can just cut the hands of Thanos and then run away with all the stones.

  19. Fun Tarian

    Fun Tarian時間 前

    extremely waiting for this!!!! what happen next!

  20. subesh shanmugam

    subesh shanmugam時間 前

    Some will watch the movie once But not us .

  21. PIN Pyro

    PIN Pyro時間 前

    Whom is villain

  22. AspectSettings

    AspectSettings時間 前

    This is not much of a trailer, more like a flashback of the other movies by Marvel Studios.

  23. trya mukna

    trya mukna時間 前

    Turn on caption, on 00:29 "Peggy Carter: The world has changed. None of us can go back... " --- timetravel ?

  24. SaMo

    SaMo時間 前


  25. Matrix Pulse

    Matrix Pulse時間 前

    1:57 Iron man and nebula are back on earth

  26. Anurag

    Anurag時間 前

    Black Widow :- Pulls out pistol Thanos :- Am I a joke to you?

  27. Shamsul Islam

    Shamsul Islam時間 前


  28. Iron Spider

    Iron Spider58 分 前

    No .its stormbreaker

  29. Aryan Daga

    Aryan Daga時間 前

    We will watch this movie.........WHATEVER IT TAKES👈

  30. Mithun Kumar

    Mithun Kumar時間 前

    Some saw End game during Infinity war(doctor strange) But not us

  31. Arthur Williams

    Arthur Williams時間 前

    Cant wait to see this!! 🔥🔥R.I.P STAN LEE LEGEND

  32. DerpySoldier 272

    DerpySoldier 272時間 前

    Iron Mans helmet is still Alexer

  33. Hari Sankar

    Hari Sankar時間 前

    After watching endgame.. The next week or month or even an year is going to feel meaningless.. 😔

  34. Jua Rez

    Jua Rez時間 前

    Everyone:Whatever it takes Thanos:Half of universe he takes

  35. Pawan Thakur

    Pawan Thakur時間 前

    Iron man in Earth. Modi hai to Mumkin hai.



    How lucky was dr.strange, He watched endgame when we were watching infinity war.☹️☹️☹️

  37. Knight Rider

    Knight Rider時間 前

    some people will watch it downloading some people will stream it online some people will wait for it to watch on tv not us

  38. malove thakkar

    malove thakkar時間 前

    I m gonna pay the ticket price. Whatever it takes😂😂

  39. Shannen Granger

    Shannen Granger時間 前

    The comments are killing me

  40. killerdude75

    killerdude75時間 前

    1 week ago this released 😭 come on guys let’s keep rewatching and make it get to 100 million views, hype is getting real!!!

  41. Fahrezy Channel

    Fahrezy Channel時間 前


  42. Akhil Sharma

    Akhil Sharma時間 前

    I hope Dr strange had seen the correct outcome😂😂😂

  43. Dragonball Antiverse

    Dragonball Antiverse時間 前

    I truly do miss you stan lee and i Will miss these actors playing these roles😥😭

  44. Amru Naavy

    Amru Naavy時間 前

    did ant man just get inside of thanos bec it sure look liked it

  45. Aryan Wadhawan

    Aryan Wadhawan時間 前

    Can Thanos snap and half the total population again?!!

  46. king khan

    king khan時間 前

    Amazing are you agree hit like and comments

  47. Nithish Kumar

    Nithish Kumar時間 前

    Sema trailer

  48. Thunder Guy

    Thunder Guy時間 前

    Captain Marvel: i'm not gonna fight your war i'm gonna end it Thanos: Oh SNAP !!

  49. Kunalan jack

    Kunalan jack時間 前

    Waiting for tickets goes on sale

  50. Skye Gacus channel

    Skye Gacus channel時間 前

    Nice trailer back mong kasanga sa tGumpay mo intay kita za bahay KO para I was parusa lam m n un salamt

  51. Umadosh Pari

    Umadosh Pari時間 前

    Stark is on earth. ..... ....☝

  52. Maria DebiayuP

    Maria DebiayuP時間 前

    Dannnn entah keberapa kali nonton ini HUHUHUHU :((

  53. micah tablante

    micah tablante時間 前

    Thanks to star lord that thanos is not dead yet and there is a another movie ughh...

  54. abdi

    abdi時間 前

    Fake trailer :(

  55. muhammad farrel

    muhammad farrel時間 前

    Kebanyakan ericko lim sih lu

  56. lee thomas

    lee thomas2 時間 前

    hawkeye , black widow captain and ironman also said whatever it takes , just please don't tell me they all are dead at the end

  57. Re_ Siege010

    Re_ Siege0102 時間 前

    Tony 1000% clapped nebulas cheeks while he was in space

  58. Megah Ciell

    Megah Ciell2 時間 前


  59. Aditya Maindolia

    Aditya Maindolia2 時間 前

    Haters gonna say that Batman is not in the trailer 😂😂

  60. amirul amirul

    amirul amirul2 時間 前

    who here the big fans avenger start first avenger ✋ 👇

  61. Nymo

    Nymo2 時間 前

    I bet you $ 13456324567 dollars you didn't read that number. You just skipped right over it. You didn't even realize I put a letter in it. No I didn't but you went back and looked. I want my like😂😂

  62. MP Fann

    MP Fann2 時間 前

    Today’s the day Marvel got its characters back from FOX. I am HOPING the end credit scene is something as cool as Professor X’s wheelchair rolling into frame. SOMETHING to show the new characters have arrived.

  63. Vinayak Saurabh

    Vinayak Saurabh2 時間 前

    *MJÖLNIR!!* O.O

  64. Iron Spider

    Iron Spider57 分 前

    No.. its stormbreaker

  65. Awesome 321

    Awesome 3212 時間 前

    Why did thanos wipe Dr strange? He didn't want spoilers

  66. Gaster master

    Gaster master2 時間 前

    where's deadpool

  67. Gladin Guna

    Gladin Guna2 時間 前

    not in trending but got 72M VIEWS ...............

  68. Akshaj Chander

    Akshaj Chander2 時間 前

    Iron man

  69. Dylan aka Plas

    Dylan aka Plas2 時間 前

    thor is in the same outfit from the first trailer when he talks to carol. Interesting... also steve attends therapy after carol coming to help?

  70. Guru Prasaath

    Guru Prasaath2 時間 前

    who thinks captain america will kill thanos like here

  71. Ami Vyas

    Ami Vyas2 時間 前

    How lucky Doctor Strange is!! He saw Endgame while we were watching Infinity War.

  72. iTz W01F

    iTz W01F2 時間 前

    ᏚᏢᎾᏆᏞᎬᎡ: Small Ant man goes into Thanos’s @$$ and becomes big ant man.

  73. Saurav Paul

    Saurav Paul2 時間 前


  74. Marcus Bacon

    Marcus Bacon2 時間 前

    Which is better Like:marvel Reply:DC

  75. Tonu Morium

    Tonu Morium2 時間 前

    We will see *Fantastic four* on this *Movie*

  76. Dark Blader

    Dark Blader2 時間 前

    Wait a minute..Why did Thor’s weapon changed to mjolnir it was the stormbreaker right?????

  77. Iron Spider

    Iron Spider56 分 前

    +Lena Kataeva yea i don't know why half of the people in these comments dont see it..they think stormbreaker is a full axe

  78. Lena Kataeva

    Lena Kataeva2 時間 前

    It still is stormbreaker

  79. Sharky101

    Sharky1012 時間 前

    Even the trailers got an after credit

  80. giocoby

    giocoby2 時間 前

    Some people when they watch this movie are not using adult diapers...... But not US NOT US!!!

  81. Joseph Joanna joanna

    Joseph Joanna joanna2 時間 前

    Any Indians watching?

  82. MitchyBoi

    MitchyBoi2 時間 前


  83. Ushal Bhowmick

    Ushal Bhowmick2 時間 前

    Starlord sacrificed himself fr another blockbuster movie.

  84. Ferguson

    Ferguson2 時間 前

    i love marvel movie

  85. Riquelme is Mad

    Riquelme is Mad2 時間 前

    I’m watching this in my birthaday

  86. Lena Kataeva

    Lena Kataeva2 時間 前

    Happy Birthday)

  87. 杰 张

    杰 张2 時間 前

  88. No videos 1 Million Subs?

    No videos 1 Million Subs?2 時間 前

    Thanos is Hawkeye!! No thanos = Hawkeye. No Hawkeye = Thanos. Or Hawkeye scared him away

  89. Ushal Bhowmick

    Ushal Bhowmick2 時間 前

    Iron Man is dying 😭 😭 . There must be some significance of red in the trailer.

  90. Seven SyachRane

    Seven SyachRane2 時間 前

    26 april 2019 is my 17th birthday 😂😂

  91. Mani Batala

    Mani Batala2 時間 前

    I watch this everyday.

  92. Leo Travey Casper

    Leo Travey Casper2 時間 前

    No sign of hulk

  93. asad pc

    asad pc2 時間 前

    We are going to watch first day first show. WHATEVER IT TAKES..

  94. Sub Fire

    Sub Fire2 時間 前

    If captain marvel is super powerful in the movie “Captain Marvel” imagine her, 16 years later! Captain marvel took place in 2005

  95. michael dwiputra

    michael dwiputra2 時間 前

    where is jean grey? 🤔🤔🤔

  96. Franki Santos

    Franki Santos2 時間 前

    Just saw Captain Marvel today...VERY GOOD. Go see it. You won't be disappointed.

  97. Xerezl theQuantum

    Xerezl theQuantum2 時間 前

    Who would win? A life being came from one of Saturn's Moons that is considered to be tall, a madman and a strong being achieving it's goal with the help of 6 Infinity Stones some dudes and women with costumes

  98. Gyllti Hanskinn

    Gyllti Hanskinn2 時間 前

    Its hard taking Paul Rudd serious in this trailer xD

  99. Sexy Girl

    Sexy Girl2 時間 前


  100. Habbab Ar

    Habbab Ar2 時間 前

    I am addicted the music....😇😇

  101. asghar 021

    asghar 0212 時間 前

    If Thanos did so much to them then I cant even imagine what will the Justice League will do

  102. Nerdly Reviews

    Nerdly Reviews2 時間 前

    The Avengers need some Jedi on their team. The force and swords that cut through almost everything. Also I think it would be cool

  103. Bloodninja 019

    Bloodninja 0193 時間 前

    Black widow is trying...

  104. Gowtham Muthusamy

    Gowtham Muthusamy3 時間 前

    John Cena is in the movie But you can't see him

  105. Ahmed Salehen

    Ahmed Salehen3 時間 前

    Black widow will kill Thanos with her 9 mm gun ... @1.40

  106. TheStrangerNoob

    TheStrangerNoob3 時間 前

    Ahmed Salehen maybe

  107. Call_me_kev

    Call_me_kev3 時間 前

    All we need is Goose the flerken to eat Thanos

  108. Ashin Eldo

    Ashin Eldo3 時間 前

    I want deadpool in AVENGERS END GAME......Who else want it😁😜....Deadpool teleports from Quantum Realm to meet Thanos..... 👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹 Lol!!!!! Just kidding😂😂......

  109. Grosky Ram

    Grosky Ram3 時間 前

    why thor and captian marvel aren't in white suits