Marvel’s Avengers: A-Day | Official Trailer E3 2019


  1. Sean W

    Sean W2 時間 前

    Please have spiderman in this

  2. Crystal Puppet

    Crystal Puppet3 時間 前

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  3. FuturisticHub

    FuturisticHub3 時間 前

    Thanos really did snap the Avengers out of existence... I don't see a single one here

  4. Incredible World

    Incredible World3 時間 前

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  5. Michael Zhu

    Michael Zhu4 時間 前

    They should have combined avengers with the spiderman ps4, i mean they already reference the avengers a few times

  6. Christian Jimenez

    Christian Jimenez6 時間 前

    The black winds begin to howl

  7. Katrick Z

    Katrick Z6 時間 前

    Hawkeye: exists Square enix: I aM aBoUt To EnD tHiS wHoLe MaN's CaReEr

  8. Dandy

    Dandy7 時間 前


  9. FamineX

    FamineX7 時間 前

    Why is it that i think Captain America will be like "SURPRISE B*****S IM BACK" Edit why are so many people bitching, this looks good

  10. jonathan

    jonathan8 時間 前

    Deus ex had to die for this and i dont know how to feel

  11. Biller Beemstar

    Biller Beemstar8 時間 前

    This game looks so terrible, the voice accords sound so incorrect, the characters don’t even look like the actual characters. Iron man sounds like nolan north. this game looks trash they spent more money on graphics instead of story.

  12. Daniel Sanchez

    Daniel Sanchez9 時間 前

    hawkeye brainwashed again somewhere

  13. Daniel Herrera

    Daniel Herrera9 時間 前

    Is it me or Bruce Banner looks like Todd Howard?

  14. Vectir Gamer

    Vectir Gamer9 時間 前

    Is exclusive for PS4?

  15. 新Unusual

    新Unusual10 時間 前

    Thanos dlc

  16. Shxtsui

    Shxtsui10 時間 前

    Pero si murio iron man :v

  17. TheLastPaperCup

    TheLastPaperCup10 時間 前

    I accidenatlly looked this up meant for endgame BUNT WHAT

  18. Lip Sco

    Lip Sco11 時間 前

    is cap dead???

  19. Richard Mind your own name

    Richard Mind your own name12 時間 前

    Looks wonky

  20. Tony Stark

    Tony Stark12 時間 前

    The Avengers with Hawkeye: Win Avengers AOU with Hawkeye: Win Infinity War without Hawkeye: Lose This Game without Hawkeye: Lose

  21. Try to say Dick Cheese without laughing

    Try to say Dick Cheese without laughing12 時間 前

    wheres the collab with fortnite

  22. EliteRocks !

    EliteRocks !13 時間 前

    sooo bad.... is this for wii u?

  23. Logicew

    Logicew14 時間 前

    Anyone remember HeroUp (Super Hero Squad Online). That game was epic

  24. suppu Shan

    suppu Shan15 時間 前

    This was in next level

  25. Čertík99

    Čertík9915 時間 前

    not bad

  26. KraftDinnerKid

    KraftDinnerKid16 時間 前

    No One: absolutely no one: Me when I saw that Captain America dies: *screaming intensifies*

  27. amin ka

    amin ka17 時間 前

    I don’t like this😖

  28. Shaikh Mohammad Oais

    Shaikh Mohammad Oais17 時間 前


  29. George thethird

    George thethird17 時間 前

    How bad does it suck that Marvel wont throw an extra quarter to the game to make them look like the Avengers.....

  30. GM

    GM17 時間 前

    CAYDE! Wtf are you doing! Hurry up and resurrect back in Destiny damnit!

  31. Amit Arora

    Amit Arora17 時間 前

    Please make this game available for Xbox 360

  32. Simeon batara

    Simeon batara18 時間 前

    2:46 do you guys thinking what i thinking?

  33. Locke Jawe

    Locke Jawe18 時間 前

    Black Widow looks like Ginger Panther here...

  34. Paolo Gnazzo

    Paolo Gnazzo18 時間 前

    Looks like a cheap ripoff

  35. LIGHT of the East

    LIGHT of the East20 時間 前

    So disappoint for first impression 😢 about heroes face, outfit and playable characters. hope we just wrong...

  36. The nextinline

    The nextinline20 時間 前

    We want Marvel Heroes back! NOW!

  37. Corporal Slip-TiT

    Corporal Slip-TiT21 時間 前

    This gonna b the reason to own a ps6 fo sho dawgs🙃✊🤡

  38. snow fox

    snow fox22 時間 前

    Why do they make every super hero game super childish and lame looking and that dialog sucks I mean come on look at Batman arkem knight if you need help

  39. Rye

    Rye日 前

    just do another tomb raider game square enix and crystal dynamics, nobody wants an avengers game

  40. Parmeshwaran Gounder

    Parmeshwaran Gounder11 時間 前

    Agree with you, these MCU fanboys are too salty. Don’t even appreciate a game.

  41. MrPainBro

    MrPainBro日 前

    Wish they looked like the movie characters... but other then that, THIS LOOKS WICKED!

  42. Dj Starlight

    Dj Starlight日 前

    DC is better. It came out first and marvel have just copied them. If u don’t notice that then ure crazy.

  43. AluTheHungryGhost

    AluTheHungryGhost10 時間 前

    Eh, both would just use same people to make stories. Nothing wrong with Fantastic Four stealing Challengers of Unknown look since both were created by Jack Kirby.

  44. Mrashiaap -Creative Destruction

    Mrashiaap -Creative Destruction日 前

    Rip peoples that died in the bridge

  45. LavaDuck

    LavaDuck日 前

    They shod have been voiced by the real actors

  46. hit like

    hit like日 前

    I love Tony Stark 3000 times

  47. Dylan Wilhelm

    Dylan Wilhelm日 前

    90% of the people before clicking : OMG A NEW MOVIE

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    Incredible World日 前

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  49. Rs Yadav

    Rs Yadav日 前

    You have t make a movie on thanos

  50. Trevor McCormick

    Trevor McCormick日 前

    The main antagonists might be the organization known as A.I.M. because Taskmaster and Abomination have worked for A.I.M. before. Ultimo is the big robot at the end.

  51. Marco Andrade

    Marco Andrade日 前

    1:37 Taskmaster?!

  52. Jmoney Beats

    Jmoney Beats日 前

    You guys better pull it off

  53. Hudson

    Hudson日 前

    Why does tony sound like cayde-6

  54. TheOrangeCreeper

    TheOrangeCreeper日 前

    And of course it's only going to be on PS4 first.

  55. Incredible World

    Incredible World日 前

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  56. Gordon Tubbs

    Gordon Tubbs日 前

    These characters look more like their comic book versions.

  57. 300 likes with no vids challenge

    300 likes with no vids challenge日 前

    I'm hoping there will be thanos

  58. EndyRambar ‘

    EndyRambar ‘日 前

    Am I the only one who gets ow vibes here? “Some called them murderers” “They even called us criminals” They get back together years after a devastating loss (Venice incident) Even the soundtracks

  59. Grimbozo- San

    Grimbozo- San日 前

    I like it to be honest!

  60. Rayna Pelletier

    Rayna Pelletier日 前


  61. tyrekd2004 d

    tyrekd2004 d日 前

    Black widow is a man

  62. G0at Fate

    G0at Fate日 前

    Where is the gameplay marvel?

  63. Get To 10k Subscribers Without Any Content

    Get To 10k Subscribers Without Any Content日 前

    Looks at cap die IM FUDGING *TRIGGERED*

  64. Aaron R.

    Aaron R.日 前

    Hulk planet :(

  65. Giffica

    Giffica日 前

    This looks horrible, who thought this looked good for release? This is going to be an absolute train-wreck.

  66. Ritwik Srivastava

    Ritwik Srivastava日 前

    I just don't want to watch this anymore..but I don't think I can

  67. nemsis turboverdirve

    nemsis turboverdirve日 前

    Why is dead pool-nathin drake voicing iron man. We already have a preferct iron man voice actor eric loomis did he just quiet being iron man or did square just forgot about him for easy noticeable voice actor that could just re use over and over

  68. He Who

    He Who日 前

    I’m so excited

  69. Electryboy

    Electryboy日 前

    in the 2:58 reminds me a part of the soundtrack from civil war

  70. Jvlio Cesar

    Jvlio Cesar日 前

    Marvel Future Fight all cinematics is better!!!

  71. Rifki nasrukhin

    Rifki nasrukhin日 前

    please make movie cartoon ben 10 (teen) to real movie....

  72. Unicorn Vomit

    Unicorn Vomit日 前

    they really just killed him off in the trailer

  73. tiMSta

    tiMSta日 前

    so its the asian iron man or what

  74. Max Winkler

    Max Winkler日 前

    Imagine Thanos being in the game

  75. Max Winkler

    Max Winkler日 前

    Square Enix: Cap dies, Ironman lives Cap: Am I a joke to you?

  76. kimeikato

    kimeikato日 前

    LOL stan death all cry your grandma death no one cry XD 😂😂😂 and some people comand give 1 like to bring stan back why not give 1 like for your grandma back to life😂😂😂😂 fking funny

  77. Dontrel

    Dontrel日 前

    will this be on xbox

  78. elijah kawesa

    elijah kawesa日 前

    The thing that annoys me is the fact they didn't use the real actors

  79. Mr & Mrs khan

    Mr & Mrs khan日 前

    whats this..can anybody xplain me?

  80. NxahStevan -roblox&more

    NxahStevan -roblox&more日 前


  81. 日 前

    нубмастер69 потом всех выебет

  82. Sharky Playz

    Sharky Playz日 前

    They all look and sound soooooo bad

  83. Liam_701

    Liam_701日 前

    this better be on PC not just another PS4 exclusive

  84. Fortnite streamer Ok

    Fortnite streamer Ok日 前

    Endgame ending iron man died and Im mad

  85. Héctor .G.C

    Héctor .G.C2 日 前

    Someone likes the death of the cap

  86. Francisco Polanco

    Francisco Polanco2 日 前

    LOOOOOL 😂😂😂😂

  87. ZakoJ Gaming

    ZakoJ Gaming2 日 前


  88. NK Fireknight

    NK Fireknight2 日 前

    Where is hawkeye He is my fav

  89. lucas empressa

    lucas empressa2 日 前

    Did we deserve such avengers in 2020??

  90. MovieFanZ

    MovieFanZ2 日 前

    Action looks cool. Characters do not look good

  91. LYNX Swifty

    LYNX Swifty2 日 前

    Well, at least hulk looks good 😂

  92. emielaen

    emielaen2 日 前

    people are excited about this? I get that's Avengers is popular, but this looks pretty bland. Cliche dialogue, meh graphics (so far). The costumes being customizable (or so i read) is cool though

  93. tnt clasher

    tnt clasher2 日 前

    What kf noobmaster69 was all because of this 😒 😒

  94. ClarkGamingPlays

    ClarkGamingPlays2 日 前

    Guys, the characters don't look bad, they look nice, it's just that we are too used on how MCU characters look. This game made their own design for the characters, and didn't base the characters off the MCU. Also, like I said, this game isn't based on the MCU, and Hawkeye is not involved cuz they didn't intend this game to be The Avengers: Movie Video Game.

  95. caire heath

    caire heath2 日 前

    I like but dont like it why did the best avenger had to die captain america and weres Clint Hawkeye

  96. MONSTER743

    MONSTER7432 日 前

    If this is anything like like Marvel’s Spider-Man, this is gonna be epic.

  97. Do you remember Unlistedshredder

    Do you remember Unlistedshredder2 日 前

    Spider-Man DLC?

  98. Dustyn Proctor

    Dustyn Proctor2 日 前

    Who gives a crap if they don't look like the avengers in the movies it's a game about the avengers you should be excited about that not pissed off that the characters don't look like the ones from the movies.

  99. J'Hue Casey

    J'Hue Casey2 日 前

    That is probably the worst Captain America suit design I've ever seen.

  100. Epic Player Creator

    Epic Player Creator2 日 前

    Why does everyone keep reusing the same phrases in chat? It’s drying out the joke.

  101. ŠËVËÑ

    ŠËVËÑ2 日 前


  102. cloow gonzalez

    cloow gonzalez2 日 前