Marty's New Daily Enters The Battle


  1. anon

    anon14 時間 前

    Snag and sauce

  2. BastardSixx

    BastardSixx日 前

    We used to have an E85 servo in Tweed Heads but I think it was rarely used so they switched it out for regular E10...

  3. spoogie357

    spoogie3572 日 前

    So, at 7:47, am I seeing this correctly, $24.99 AUD for what appears to be a liter of Castrol Edge? I thought oil was getting pricey here in the US... and I know that exchange rates affect perception and all, but that''s... wow.

  4. Gasolinescream

    Gasolinescream4 日 前

    Nothing better than a trip to buy a car. I’m off on a mission tomorrow to buy a MK1 Seat Cupra 1.8 20v Turbo. Just hoping it’s worth the trip, fingers crossed 🤞

  5. Ryan Block

    Ryan Block8 日 前

    0w40 in an evo? 8:30

  6. Claudio Micallef

    Claudio Micallef9 日 前

    Congrats on the new Evo Marty but I gotta say it: I still prefer 2sexy anyday! It has it all!! The look, The story, The performance... Let 2sexy live on!!!

  7. The OldSchoolGamer

    The OldSchoolGamer16 日 前

    That's why I love my old mk4 diesel Golf...1000km in one tank

  8. King Regera

    King Regera16 日 前

    Who else noticed that gray Audi R8?

  9. Sakib Kamal

    Sakib Kamal18 日 前

    Marty you DID IT!! you did it man!! Congratulations! Love your Evo!!!

  10. Ali Toroganan

    Ali Toroganan18 日 前

    Wait 40 weight oil? Im using 60 on mine., will 40 last for 4-5mos folks?

  11. modscotsman

    modscotsman19 日 前

    wow meeting the previous owner!! thats mental

  12. Chalks October

    Chalks October19 日 前

    A flashing check engine light is not good at all, you'll feel the loss of power when accelerating and it'll kill your catalytic converter.

  13. The Adventures of Alvin and Riley

    The Adventures of Alvin and Riley19 日 前

    That’s a Bluuuuetiful color!!! Nice job Marty! Although I’ve had many nice cars, still, the Blue Evo is my dream car!

  14. celis281

    celis28120 日 前

    So what’ year is this last Evo 9

  15. TheBlade616

    TheBlade61620 日 前

    Moog, are you going to officially drop the peace of music for the Evo 9 part?

  16. Mohamed Sabih

    Mohamed Sabih20 日 前

    That car runs on e85 better then mine , I get 27L/100km

  17. 8-bit Potato

    8-bit Potato20 日 前

    This might be weird but i love to see new tires on a car.

  18. Mattinahat

    Mattinahat21 日 前

    Her shades must be really clean by now

  19. HazewinDog

    HazewinDog21 日 前

    Do you have uncut, raw footage of your road trip back? Maybe I'm weird but I enjoy those. The fact that you had a cam record all of it, really makes me want to experience it.

  20. Michael Marinakis

    Michael Marinakis21 日 前

    Where can I get my hands on the hoist used at MCM headquarters?

  21. FPS Dovah

    FPS Dovah23 日 前

    The thumbnail made it look like a Prius lol

  22. Brett Johnson

    Brett Johnson24 日 前

    Finally a cool car!

  23. Papa Smith

    Papa Smith24 日 前

    Papa Smith We at Papa Smith Custom recently just started selling those weds wheels, they are awesome and look spot on on that evo. We couldn't help but get a little excited when we saw a set going on Marty's Evolution 😀😍😎

  24. M.T. B.

    M.T. B.24 日 前

    Marty on the one hand im super jealous and on the other im so happy for you. Its great to see that joy in your face. Hope to get to afford this car in the future too. 🔥

  25. de_empty

    de_empty25 日 前

    GTT CALDINA ST215W MANUAL... its like u dont know it exists?

  26. n0ah26

    n0ah2626 日 前

    Are we just gonna act like they didn’t just tease an R8 at 13:10?

  27. Edward Doyon

    Edward Doyon26 日 前

    Ever tried Pedal Commander(throttle controller module)? I have with major noticeable improvements. Costs about $300USD and is the best mod I've experienced. 5 min install only.

  28. TheFlyinlow23

    TheFlyinlow2326 日 前

    Hot blonde Aussie car chicks just kicking around? God, I gotta move down under

  29. BuzzaB77

    BuzzaB7727 日 前

    is Aus like 15 years behind or does moog do all the music?

  30. fredbrackely

    fredbrackely27 日 前

    17.4 MPG for those of us living outside of AUS.

  31. saint5367

    saint536727 日 前

    Well bugger me , Marty bought an Evo, who would have thought. Bout time you bought a different car Marty, MCM is getting predictable

  32. Dr. Etzor

    Dr. Etzor27 日 前

    "It's just one lane each way with couple overtaking lanes" Welp, here we got nothing but one lane each way except in our capital pretty much.

  33. Elias Shersy

    Elias Shersy27 日 前

    Song name called at 9:40 to 9:49

  34. MG´s DIY Place

    MG´s DIY Place28 日 前

    Use bose noise canceling headphones. I need them too in my Micra on roadtrips xD They filter every uncomfy sound and its just quite and enjoying + music quality is awesome!

  35. Collin Manning

    Collin Manning28 日 前

    Your need of earmuffs shows weakness

  36. James Caley

    James Caley28 日 前

    Fair play lads. Your efforts are paying off 👍👍👍

  37. Kristauff Ramdatt

    Kristauff Ramdatt28 日 前

    loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee the new car!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! evos rock!!!!!!!!!!

  38. Harley

    Harley28 日 前

    What car jack is marty using near the end? id love one

  39. Gert

    Gert24 日 前

    I think they are called quickjack

  40. TheRealJavahead

    TheRealJavahead28 日 前

    LOL. Marty: "I can actually say Evo now." Nothing has stopped Marty from saying Evo before!

  41. Curtis Kruckenberg

    Curtis Kruckenberg28 日 前

    Wow only 14.47 MPG.

  42. GhostShock

    GhostShock28 日 前

    "I can actually say Evo now." Says EVO constantly in all videos.

  43. XcrissRS13

    XcrissRS1329 日 前

    You know you bought the right car when shit like that happens to you on the way home :D

  44. Serenity in silence

    Serenity in silence29 日 前

    Are these the Bridgestone potenza re003 tires?

  45. Bob Pegram

    Bob Pegram29 日 前

    Correct me if I'm wrong but when we first saw Too Sexy it was beating Moog in HIS EVO by handling better and being faster. I can believe it handled better with a lot less weight on the front tires. Of course, the next thing we knew, it blew its engine. I am confused as to why I remember Moog selling off the EVO. In fact, I confuse that with Marty selling off a car of his. Straighten me and the rest of us out on this please.

  46. Owen McKee

    Owen McKee29 日 前


  47. Kai_sers

    Kai_sersヶ月 前

    Marty I want your sunglasses

  48. William Webster

    William Websterヶ月 前

    6 minutes in, are all australian women hot?

  49. wackomanx

    wackomanxヶ月 前

    I'm going to guess before I watch on the cause of the CEL. I'm going to guess it's throwing a code for an O2 sensor from not running a catalytic converter?

  50. Harley de beer

    Harley de beerヶ月 前

    Marty I love your new car,but love 2sexy more because it's been apart of our lives and the transformations she's taken and journey that you brought us along on,please can the EVOlution of 2sexy continue on to things like a shed build AWD conversion vs the real deal evo kinda thing?either way,a big fan of the show and your guys new cars are sweet!

  51. Marc Ostman

    Marc Ostmanヶ月 前

    Coming over to Australia in September. Watched your videos since you started. Have you got any meets or anything? Videos are the best on JPreporter.

  52. jason allen

    jason allenヶ月 前

    3 different tires are a sign neglect for a awd car :(

  53. Ty Bentley

    Ty Bentleyヶ月 前

    Aus delivered evo 9s are the same as us delivered evo 8s with evo 9 front end where as us delivered evo 9s have different rear bar, different radio surround and different seats

  54. SL

    SLヶ月 前

    26L* 160km x 100 = 16.25L per 100km. 160km* 26L = 6.1km per litre.

  55. AyCarrumba

    AyCarrumba29 日 前

    Ooof. I had a 3.8L Pajero that wasn't as bad as that when towing!

  56. Jasper

    Jasperヶ月 前

    I thinkt bis the sjadow in the thumpnail its a prius

  57. Paul Taylor

    Paul Taylorヶ月 前

    Where is that car lift from? Make/model if possible as I’m in the UK. Thanks

  58. Kolin Stallman

    Kolin Stallmanヶ月 前

    Dump the VW. That entire brand is just disgusting.... Slave labour, cheating emissions, gassing animals.

  59. Ryan Driedger

    Ryan Driedgerヶ月 前

    I know Marty's pain I have 6" shotgun stacks on my truck and it's painful on the highway for more then a hour.

  60. Alasdair JCW

    Alasdair JCWヶ月 前

    Brilliant! Can't wait for Moog's retaliation.

  61. MrBigolive

    MrBigoliveヶ月 前

    do a sickcunt ya burnout!!

  62. C J

    C Jヶ月 前

    BOUT DAMN TIME! since i can remember watching this channel I've been wanting an evo on it so bad!!!

  63. sam hua

    sam huaヶ月 前

    Is any one like me , thinking :oh no -common cannot wait for next video!

  64. Nick Lohr

    Nick Lohrヶ月 前

    lmfao 375hp with ethonal? that's horribly slow. Moog buy a bmw 335i, stock engines can handle over 800whp (600kw) with a stock block! make sure its a 07 or 08 tho. Or get a 135i! Plus you can tune them in 10 mins from your android with the MHD app.

  65. Addison0526

    Addison0526ヶ月 前

    7:35 the guy with the Mustang is staring lol

  66. Dropsy

    Dropsyヶ月 前

    Evo way better than vw any day.

  67. Toby599

    Toby599ヶ月 前

    @6:04 26 litres to do 160km 6.15km per litre, or 14.4mpg US (17.3 mpg UK)

  68. Pete B

    Pete Bヶ月 前

    What a tease! 'Grats on getting a real EVO though!

  69. I.H.2000

    I.H.2000ヶ月 前

    Don't sell THIS EVO, you promised that guy bruvs.

  70. ilj5000

    ilj5000ヶ月 前

    Well done on the awesome video! Really enjoyed it!!

  71. fetB

    fetBヶ月 前

    13:50 song?

  72. Russell Palmer

    Russell Palmerヶ月 前

    Great video..look forward to more content of the evo love the colour👌🏻

  73. PzYchosis Hollow

    PzYchosis Hollowヶ月 前

    guy with the mustang at 7:35 has just realized he made the wrong choice.

  74. Romain Sandt

    Romain Sandtヶ月 前

    I know I follow a lot of channels, but youtube didn't suggest me any of your videos for over a year. Missed my Aussie.

  75. mitch6500

    mitch6500ヶ月 前

    i spent to long trying to figure out that was a element shirt. love it!!!

  76. Shankmeyster

    Shankmeysterヶ月 前

    Speedo not working as well. NOICE!

  77. George Hitchborn

    George Hitchbornヶ月 前

    ive had those wheels on my evo8 for years. awesome choice!

  78. Tony Brown-Haysom

    Tony Brown-Haysomヶ月 前

    That evo exhaust note is unmistakeable

  79. Vern M

    Vern Mヶ月 前

    The Car took you there to say good bye to her and say I'm in good hands lol

  80. kickeranibal

    kickeranibalヶ月 前

    Dude did u get a # from that one cool girl....

  81. Akel Mc Donald

    Akel Mc Donaldヶ月 前

    I want a evo 9 so bad😣😣

  82. Ragnarok 1978

    Ragnarok 1978ヶ月 前

    Turns out your not the smartest. Because there are two servos just over the border in Tweed heads NSW.

  83. Michael Magsino

    Michael Magsinoヶ月 前

    Can someone sponsor Marty some Rogaine!!! we don't want are MCM hero go baldy! 😅

  84. blahblah jumpswing

    blahblah jumpswingヶ月 前

    Everyone should just show the chains and guns around a person's neck. And then kill each other, and then abandoned each other over 15 years and act like you really cared. Then when your laughing to yourselves run the car over a bridge. Then blame another. Or something like that. Maybe a head game or two

  85. J024

    J024ヶ月 前

    Lol how random to run into a previous owner!

  86. Edgars Lacis-S

    Edgars Lacis-Sヶ月 前

    the only thing I hate about the evo9 is the rear taillights, they are hideous!

  87. 8605 SB

    8605 SBヶ月 前

    Good choice!

  88. blipbeep

    blipbeepヶ月 前

    Love the love you gave to tooevo!

  89. Paul B

    Paul Bヶ月 前

    6:15 she didnt polish her lenses enough hehe. Thats pretty awesome to by chance run into a previous owner though! Finally a car that isnt a nugget! well not completely haha

  90. L.$ gangstar

    L.$ gangstarヶ月 前

    make 2sexy vs Lance Evo 9

  91. pgeeking

    pgeekingヶ月 前


  92. dfpguitar

    dfpguitarヶ月 前

    too small tires actually perform better than correctly sized ones. It's probably not very noticeable on cars but is massively on a (pedal) bike. It creates a much better tyre profile (ie NOT pear shaped), with a tyre that weighs much less and most importantly won't roll/deform under high cornering loads.

  93. Tyler Dowd

    Tyler Dowdヶ月 前

    "The drone is gone!" "'s not even running.." lol

  94. Morrison Reid

    Morrison Reidヶ月 前

    Marty the Evo Pilot

  95. Tyler Dowd

    Tyler Dowdヶ月 前


  96. Power to the Sheeple

    Power to the Sheepleヶ月 前

    5:58 -That's 6.15 kpl or 14.46 mpg. For a modified EVO 9 on ethanol, that doesn't seem too bad.

  97. Captainmakis 952

    Captainmakis 952ヶ月 前

    Power to the Sheeple GREAT! I was looking for someone to do this it’s unfair you didn’t get likes

  98. gracilism

    gracilismヶ月 前

    Flashing check engine is a misfire. Not exactly what you want during a road trip.

  99. RaInZo MoDz

    RaInZo MoDzヶ月 前


  100. trevor freeman

    trevor freemanヶ月 前

    One time i bought an accord and 1 of the old owners moved in next to me

  101. silver falcon

    silver falconヶ月 前

    So now that we know there were all there at the same day where is 2sexy 2wisted v real evo

  102. ABBOZZ ZZ

    ABBOZZ ZZヶ月 前

    11:33 that wrx tho

  103. Michael Burke

    Michael Burkeヶ月 前

    Sure, it's an Evo. But an Evo gets you totty.