Marshmello was alone on the streets but too afraid to ask for help.


  1. River Orr

    River Orr日 前

    I love to watch these videos; they have a happy ending, it warms my heart to see some people still have a little bit of humanity to help helpless animals... great job..!!!

  2. T Zinot

    T Zinot日 前

    Such a doll

  3. Cupcake Dreams

    Cupcake Dreams日 前

    I have a pug in my home with a awful back story... he came to my house with his ribs basicly ripping out of his skin and scared to be around humans. We later thought that we should give him enough care to be friends with our other dog! we gave him mountains of food and we called him chubaca because the noises he made sounded like a chubaca! He is with us till this day but the complete oposite of when he came! he is now super chubby and lazy! and loves being around my family, I wanted to share this story because if your dog is suffering thre is always at least 1 way you can save it!

  4. Fluffy heart

    Fluffy heart2 日 前

    70% of the comments "poor dog" 20% comments "that dog was named after a DJ."

  5. Kpop is my religion Too

    Kpop is my religion Too3 日 前

    Marshmallow is so cute!!!!

  6. And thats Tea sis

    And thats Tea sis3 日 前

    I'm So AlOnE tRyInG tO fInD mY wAy BaCk HoMe To YoU!!! Get it marshmallow alone ;)

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    Can you name one dog Piper please i love your videos and im subscribed 🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾💜🐕🐕🐕

  9. Ulf Knudsen

    Ulf Knudsen3 日 前

    Caught by angels 😍

  10. gacha life party!

    gacha life party!4 日 前

    Marshmello is so cute! She looks so happy! I love seeing happy dogs! Like if u do to

  11. Sam Holder

    Sam Holder4 日 前

    you guys are just the absolute best.

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    Ronan Gray5 日 前

    sub to hope for paws please

  14. Simone Schomberg

    Simone Schomberg5 日 前

    All the monsters that do their thumbs down: they look at this because they want to see the suffering of a living being. They would rather see that they die a miserable death. But: Every animal has more right to live on this earth, than you!

  15. jj the victini

    jj the victini5 日 前

    MARSHMALLOW was ALONE... I see what you guys did there

  16. Juhm!r

    Juhm!r6 日 前

    The tactics y’all use to get her be on some call of duty shit!

  17. Darkprincesswolf UwU

    Darkprincesswolf UwU7 日 前

    My mom says when we move to our bigger house or apartment ( in a few months ) I can pick out a dog or puppy She said Should get a poor shelter dog but now I want to get a rescue from One of your guys Place

  18. Sridhar HS

    Sridhar HS7 日 前

    She is too cute thanks for saving her

  19. Ãria

    Ãria8 日 前

    you guys have the kindest souls!

  20. Izzy Winter Draws

    Izzy Winter Draws9 日 前

    screw the 123 people who disliked this video

  21. zen

    zen9 日 前

    If only videos of humans being saved were as popular as animals. I love animals as much as anyone, but a lot of people need saving also. Many vegans only seem to care about the lives of animals. How about we all care about all life instead? Every living creature on this earth was given life, and therefore deserves life.

  22. Pro efe gaming

    Pro efe gaming9 日 前

    im grown up but im still crying

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  24. ツMariWolff27

    ツMariWolff2711 日 前

    "Marshmello" "alone" was that on purpose?

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  26. pro agent

    pro agent11 日 前

    i will never turn away a dogs they have my heart.

  27. Gacha Bro's

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    It's the dog from happeier

  28. Anarina TV

    Anarina TV12 日 前

    That was a good rescue guys :)

  29. Matt Basford

    Matt Basford13 日 前

    Sometimes I wonder if they ask permission to enter people's property. They may. If they don't then rescuing animals is no excuse for trespassing.

  30. Sian Petro

    Sian Petro13 日 前

    She’s beautiful ❤️

  31. */gachagirl/*

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    You guys are so nice to earth ı really admire you because ı like people who makes happy the other creatures❤❤

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  33. Melissa Shead

    Melissa Shead15 日 前

    I am a big fan of your channel

  34. Joshua Grundler

    Joshua Grundler15 日 前

    I always saving dogs

  35. Richard Chong

    Richard Chong15 日 前

    this is a very nice thing to do and I cant donate but this will be good for a reminder:)

  36. Dino Dino

    Dino Dino15 日 前

    It crazy how there is more and more animals that and beterayed by there own owners right like why???

  37. Luke Ashton Ford

    Luke Ashton Ford15 日 前

    Thanks for saving marshmallow so happy she is off the streets and in a loving home❤️

  38. rainbow li

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    "Good girl"-Now Famous Quote

  39. Blackrivals -

    Blackrivals -16 日 前

    Our dog already have babies

  40. Otto Palomo

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    So oooo sad

  41. The Vales

    The Vales17 日 前

    I have cats and Dogs running around my neighborhood but they're other peoples cats or dogs,Theirs a dog thats been running around my neighborhood for the past few days it even has a collar!

  42. Katie OddsBodikins

    Katie OddsBodikins17 日 前

    It never ceases to amaze me what a difference a little love and security can make in a dog's personality. I absolutely love these videos, every single one of you people are an inspiration.

  43. Julia Milford

    Julia Milford17 日 前

    You guys are a great team, fantastic rescue effort! Just curious, do you ever get attitude from people when you technically trespass on their property to get to a rescue?

  44. Tobiah Worrell

    Tobiah Worrell18 日 前

    How did you guys pick the name “marshmello” for the dog? Was it because she was alone and marshmello, a famous american d.j., created a song named “alone”? Nice name. You guys r the best.

  45. Olga maria lopez

    Olga maria lopez18 日 前

    thank you so much ! for saving her ! you guys are absolutely amazing !❤️❤️🥰👏🏼👏🏼

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    Søde dyr jeg håber i får et godt liv

  47. RobbiesGaming

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    Tak fordi rider hele det er smukke dyr der er det er rigtig godt for at alle mis for tyrkerne fik det er de rigtig sød og alt det der men 1000 tak fordi eller jeg tror bare at kysse mig tak ja rigtig rigtig meget hvis i tror bare ellers så må jeg jo undskyld hvis jeg sagde det

  48. Tryfex

    Tryfex18 日 前

    Never seen so sad eyes ☹️

  49. Izzy Gordon

    Izzy Gordon18 日 前

    I have a question, when you go on someones property to rescue a dog do you let the owners know so they don’t come out and give the dog a possible escape?

  50. Imran Ashraf

    Imran Ashraf19 日 前

    I really appreciate u r doing good job

  51. Juliet Yumol

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    I hope she is okay in the streets

  52. Queen V

    Queen V19 日 前

    We need more amazing people in this world.

  53. Superu Chic

    Superu Chic19 日 前

    I love loretta she has such a calming sweet disposition to her - look how the dogs just submit to her and trust her. Eldad - u are an angel for what u do. כל הכבוד!! מלאך אתה!

  54. Richard Hutchison

    Richard Hutchison20 日 前

    💕💕💕💕😍 God bless you Eldad and Loreta!

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  57. Lexsliey 25

    Lexsliey 2520 日 前

    One word to describe hope for paws rescue videos.... Heartwarming

  58. Kaitlyn Lange

    Kaitlyn Lange20 日 前

    Marshmello is a gorgeous dog! Her eyes are amazing! Ily guys so much! Thank you for your love and patience to rescue these innocent animals!

  59. uniwolf_yt

    uniwolf_yt21 日 前

    aww shes such a pretty little angle i can imagen what she went threw poor baby im glad you guys saved her :3

  60. SolJapão

    SolJapão21 日 前

    I love Hope For Paws.

  61. Transfer man

    Transfer man21 日 前

    Sometimes I laugh when animals fall or something like that but this is a sad channel of pets getting saved by these nice ppl

  62. Rick Danner

    Rick Danner22 日 前

    im in love with Loretta

  63. Cynthia Hawkins

    Cynthia Hawkins22 日 前

    Occasionally, you have to use a 'trank dart", or drop a net. This is all done, with the loving intention of getting an animal safely confined, so they can be cared for and treated. Probably for the first time in their life - with kindness...Go HFP. We are proud NY sponsors and urge others to get on board...

  64. Alena Voronka

    Alena Voronka23 日 前

    I feel so awful and heartbreakingly 😭i can't donate anything, because i live in Russia( as i understand that's a reason, because of remote location) in my country your site where i can donate doesn't open, i don't know why, but i will try all ways to help your. Your are my heros, you make a large help to homeless animals, i very love your, animals love your too💖💖💖

  65. Susanne Hansen

    Susanne Hansen23 日 前

    So sweet❤️

  66. Galladeツ

    Galladeツ23 日 前

    You called the dog Marshmello? It's becouse Marshmello helping you?

  67. Alivahedi Alivahedi

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    Thank you donate.

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    Who would adopt her?

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    Name her "GOTCHA"

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  71. SassyBish 99

    SassyBish 9924 日 前

    My dog passed away, she was a tea cup chihuahua and she had a heart attack and after that heart failure. She struggled to stay alive and she never showed any signs of that till a few days before we had to take her to the vet... she wasn't a one dog person and she never barked and never bit anyone. She only barked at cows 😂😭😭😭. These videos remind me of how much I miss her and that if I see any animal or person in need I should call someone and ask for help.

  72. Vera Alfred

    Vera Alfred24 日 前

    Now I just wanna go pet my dog! ♥🐶




  74. Allison Gonzalez

    Allison Gonzalez24 日 前

    1 like =100,000 kicks and slaps to ppl who abandon pets like can’t they send them to an adoption center

  75. the three musketeers - funny dog videos and tribulations

    the three musketeers - funny dog videos and tribulations24 日 前

    I love that you guys never give up on a rescue 💕

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    Luigidoge 200724 日 前

    How could someone freaking dislike this!?!! It's so heartwarming!!!

  77. Florence Thompson

    Florence Thompson24 日 前

    Do you guys have a number just in case anybody's dog gets lost?

  78. Paige Clark

    Paige Clark24 日 前

    I love watching your videos but im not getting them🤔 today is the first one I've gotten in a month i hope its that im just not getting them because when i wasnt getting them i had some thoughts about if you guys stop doing your videos.😢 I hope it was i just wasnt getting them. Thank you for saving all the animals you save Thank you very much.🤗

  79. Diana Quintana

    Diana Quintana24 日 前

    Im so happy you saved her sad to think that we save them and they live for years but somedays dogs dont always stay alive forever

  80. Amber Welch

    Amber Welch24 日 前

    I thought that the DJ marshmellow was afraid of dogs lol

  81. GachaLuna Playz

    GachaLuna Playz24 日 前

    i wish i can adopt some dogs and donate but im from philippines and im just a kid

  82. Patrick Robinson

    Patrick Robinson24 日 前

    Is anyone else impressed that Eldad saves all these dogs and figures out how to record most of it. All those who can donate money try to set some aside for this amazing organization. If you can’t then share these videos with friends and family. Show the world that we do have heroes in this world.

  83. Sundincubus

    Sundincubus25 日 前

    funny how he keeps saying, "that's a good girl....that's a good girl'' but the dog keeps running away. LOL

  84. *Star Pøtatø*

    *Star Pøtatø*25 日 前

    You need to go to Israel there is a lot of stray and lost cats! And once we found a baby kitten all alone!

  85. Anna P

    Anna P25 日 前

    Hi! I just wanted to say that I LOVE watching your videos! They make me cry and they make me laugh, and I just feel like I need to do something great like you guys after watching your videos. Last week I went to an island called Curaçao and the whole time I was thinking of you guys! There were so many sick, hurt and abandoned dogs that I knew you guys would be able to help. Keep on doing what your doing and maybe visit the island to relax and help some dogs that could soon have a loving family!

  86. nct slut

    nct slut25 日 前

    What makes me cry is that they are the same person who has been rescuing dog and puppy from eight years ago or more. Esp. the man one. Please stay healthy. May god bless you always

  87. Sarah Bella

    Sarah Bella25 日 前

    marshmallows soo cute i wish if i could have adopted her ( :

  88. Temyee

    Temyee25 日 前

    Marshmello is going to be fine. She is a loyal dog, I would tell the owner if she’s ever lost and alone... She will always try to find her way back home 2 u :p

  89. Bria Mills

    Bria Mills26 日 前

    I always have tears of joy when I watch you! I hope to be an Animal Rescuer when im older!

  90. Shakeel Ansari

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    Motherfckers and gays dislike the videos

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    I just wanna say thank you so much for helping them

  92. van biak

    van biak26 日 前

    Hope for paws this is reqlly serious because i just found a dog in a road and i think hes lost because every cars just skiped her or he

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    so cute pls give me one!😍😭

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    🤗💞😘🐕There is a love that you can not buy with money in this video❣️💞 from Okinawa🌴😃

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    Wait did they just break in to the gate?

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    Thank you guys sooo much soo kind of you❤️

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    Why just why would people dislike this

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    Real Marshmello !

  99. {{Emma gacheπ :4}}

    {{Emma gacheπ :4}}27 日 前

    traducciones al español 0:21 Durante semanas, el perro no permitiría que nadie se acercara a ella. 0:38 Loreta Frankonyte Intenté ganarme la confianza del perro con una hamburguesa con queso maloliente. 0:50 El perro estaba demasiado asustado y después de una hora decidió abandonar el área. 1:05 Ella trató de esconderse de nosotros, pero nos dimos cuenta de que había ido a esta propiedad. 1:37 Inspeccioné el patio para asegurarme de que no había forma de escapar.

  100. Brevyn Kellepouris

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