Maroon 5 - Memories


  1. みなとだよ

    みなとだよ2 時間 前


  2. mikmik damn

    mikmik damn2 時間 前

    Salute me familia Here's to us

  3. na ruhina

    na ruhina2 時間 前

    Why the fuck it seems adam is next in line in the deathrow here?

  4. Arie Fadly

    Arie Fadly3 時間 前

    Like lionel messi

  5. Jeremi Tran

    Jeremi Tran3 時間 前

    bruh this is just Johann Pachelbel's Canon in D, ever heard it at weddings

  6. Banu Bwi

    Banu Bwi3 時間 前

    Enak banget lagunya...mau ikut nyanyi belibet banget yak 😂🤣😂🤣

  7. Angela Abramov

    Angela Abramov3 時間 前

    The people that dislike or don’t sub are crazy boyz (girls too)

  8. Tendy Firmansyah

    Tendy Firmansyah3 時間 前

    still listen

  9. Madz Media Production

    Madz Media Production3 時間 前

    wow so cool ...

  10. Harry Schroder

    Harry Schroder3 時間 前

    Aw, a touching tribute 😭😍

  11. Sten Liqour

    Sten Liqour3 時間 前

    Hey you I love you..❤ #Memories❤

  12. Yaipha Keisham

    Yaipha Keisham3 時間 前

    I love this song very much 😊😊😊👌👍👏😋😊😊👌👍👏😍🤗👏👌👌😊👍👏😍🤗👏👌👌😋👍👏🤗🤗👍👌😊😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋👏😍🤗👏👌😊😊😋😋😋😊

  13. ghostfire23

    ghostfire233 時間 前

    Sounds like Canon

  14. Alit Pradita

    Alit Pradita3 時間 前

    Like Canon 😂

  15. Graciel Hizon

    Graciel Hizon3 時間 前

    This reminds me of Canon in D minor

  16. Romark Evangelista II

    Romark Evangelista II3 時間 前

    There's 83k comments here if you find this you're still virgin :-D

  17. ichal campiace

    ichal campiace3 時間 前

    It hurt's,,, if memories bring back you...

  18. Wannabe

    Wannabe3 時間 前

    This Song is so very stupid my ear drums are broke listening in this song also Chocolae Factory is the one who composed this song

  19. rashed ahmed

    rashed ahmed3 時間 前

    Every time i play this song , it feels like i have passed some important and cutest part of my life .Thank you Maroon 5 for pleasing with us such a great song.

  20. Riste Astardziev

    Riste Astardziev3 時間 前

    I can hear this for all night long...

  21. RosePetals

    RosePetals3 時間 前

    am i the only one that thinks that this sounds like freaks from jordan clarke?

  22. muhd. aiman

    muhd. aiman3 時間 前

    is it just me or adam look like kratos from GoW ?

  23. James Fisher

    James Fisher3 時間 前

    can anyone name a song by maroon 5 that isn't a wedding song?

  24. Henz Gn'Te

    Henz Gn'Te3 時間 前

    This song will suit when it is the last day of school

  25. Wil bert

    Wil bert3 時間 前


  26. Kendra & Trinity

    Kendra & Trinity3 時間 前

    Ayo no-shave-November

  27. Kamaya KYt

    Kamaya KYt3 時間 前

    Hello to the person in 2029 or before or after? How’s life? 11:20 Monday November 18th 2018 🙂❤️

  28. Steve Kohan

    Steve Kohan3 時間 前

    I started to cry as soon as the music started because it brought one scary memory about my dad he didn’t want me to be born so he would hit my mom and my older brother this was before I was born so when I heard this I got really bad depression and soon after got some help with it because my mom didn’t want me to try and hurt my self I will never forget all the love and support that my mom and my older brother gave me

  29. Red Bike

    Red Bike4 時間 前

    it's the goddam Canon in D Major by J. Pachelbel, haaaa

  30. Emotions _.

    Emotions _.4 時間 前

    Doesn’t this sound like canon

  31. Denzel

    Denzel4 時間 前

    didn't know baldur could sing

  32. Yokier

    Yokier4 時間 前

    He looks like that one guy from the God of war

  33. Joel Fernandez

    Joel Fernandez4 時間 前

    Best song ever in the world

  34. สหัสวรรษ งามเหลา

    สหัสวรรษ งามเหลา4 時間 前


  35. Marsha Astrid

    Marsha Astrid4 時間 前


  36. Rafael Soto Jr

    Rafael Soto Jr4 時間 前

    drinks bring back all the memories .......CHEERS

  37. Nhan Phuong

    Nhan Phuong4 時間 前

    Mery Christmas ❄🎄

  38. Panthom Orion

    Panthom Orion4 時間 前

    Wow, I didn't expect that. KRATOS now is a singer......😃😁🌹💐 Are you agree... 👇👍✌👌

  39. Hafizh Hakiim

    Hafizh Hakiim4 時間 前

    Mirip kratos anjaayyy wkwk

  40. Justine Desmidt

    Justine Desmidt4 時間 前

    Why does it has to be so close up in the begging?

  41. Justine Desmidt

    Justine Desmidt4 時間 前


  42. Subhan Budiman

    Subhan Budiman4 時間 前

    Cover by kratos :v

  43. Dewi Vale

    Dewi Vale4 時間 前

    Nice song 😍😍😍

  44. Ana Paula

    Ana Paula4 時間 前

    Bring Ragnar back

  45. Rylee Curcio

    Rylee Curcio4 時間 前

    Hw looks so old with the beard! 🧔🏻

  46. Lip Sync

    Lip Sync4 時間 前

    That is a beautiful man..right there

  47. Andrew

    Andrew5 時間 前

    Хорошо что купола всебя не взгразграздил!

  48. R-12 Fhusilat

    R-12 Fhusilat5 時間 前

    Indonesia like dong

  49. Super Poulet

    Super Poulet5 時間 前

    The best song

  50. MegaAndrew79

    MegaAndrew795 時間 前

    Does anyone hear "Pachelbel - Canon In D Major" in this beautiful song? :)

  51. Tom Thompson

    Tom Thompson5 時間 前

    Peaches mama

  52. Rio Natan

    Rio Natan5 時間 前


  53. Tom Thompson

    Tom Thompson5 時間 前

    Joe mama

  54. Danu Gufta Tri Surya

    Danu Gufta Tri Surya5 時間 前

    Hay me in future. I leave our memories here.

  55. Froilan Collado

    Froilan Collado5 時間 前

    I've been wondering..... I want to hear the other band members sing as well. 🤔🤔😏😏

  56. Bryan Yang

    Bryan Yang5 時間 前

    canon in d cough cough

  57. Ingrid Ayyarah Quijano

    Ingrid Ayyarah Quijano5 時間 前

    I Love You 3000 ADAM.

  58. Lorna Tero

    Lorna Tero5 時間 前

    Fuck you

  59. Chandra Umboh

    Chandra Umboh5 時間 前

    late.. Sorry😅

  60. Naufal Alfarrel

    Naufal Alfarrel5 時間 前

    This songs make me remember canon in d...

  61. ghevy ardilla

    ghevy ardilla6 時間 前

    Suka banget sama lagu & pembawaan orangnya..🥰😍 # from indonesia