Maroon 5 - Memories (Official Video)


  1. 좋은거있어눌러봐

    좋은거있어눌러봐2 分 前


  2. Dimitrije Rajčić

    Dimitrije Rajčić9 分 前

    The saddest part of life is knowing that the person who gave you the best memories is now making memories with someone else

  3. Islam jaber Al-khafagye

    Islam jaber Al-khafagye19 分 前

    You looks like captain price in call of duty 😂. Am i right?

  4. João Pedro Raiol Valim

    João Pedro Raiol Valim29 分 前

    dreams memoris

  5. mishalini tamilchelvan

    mishalini tamilchelvan31 分 前

    Maroon ur wife is lucky...

  6. David Suarez

    David Suarez42 分 前

    Soy el unico que habla Español? xD

  7. Heather Erickson

    Heather Erickson43 分 前

    I'm crying 😢

  8. STEW1E GR1FF1N0

    STEW1E GR1FF1N054 分 前

    The song went perfectly with a slideshow i made for my friends showing all the funny and fun times we've has together. It made them really emotional when i showed them it

  9. Faith Bougui

    Faith Bougui57 分 前

    The lesson is : never believe in forever , no one is staying forever

  10. Faith Bougui

    Faith Bougui59 分 前

    I am getting married but not with the one i love ... it's terrible when whenever u dispute with ur husband u think about u old love and the way he traited u and u start comparing 😿😿😿

  11. vinsmo

    vinsmo59 分 前

    the 🍷 brings back al the memories

  12. username

    username時間 前

    125K dislikes if ur not a bot, c'mere we need to talk buddies ! what is wrong with ya?

  13. IScare

    IScare時間 前

    The best subtitles a song could have

  14. rada panumphan

    rada panumphan時間 前

    This song hit hard 😞💔 Harder then i beat my grandma

  15. Viviana Ines Vier

    Viviana Ines Vier時間 前

    i love

  16. James white

    James white時間 前

    he looks like messi finally it bugging me for months

  17. Linda Docherty

    Linda Docherty時間 前

    So special memories in this song love it

  18. leemah

    leemah時間 前

  19. ƬψƬΩiiXinnex

    ƬψƬΩiiXinnex時間 前

    This song kinda sounds like reggae

  20. jose de la ciudad Era

    jose de la ciudad Era時間 前


  21. 장진태

    장진태時間 前

    삼가고인의 명복을...

  22. Cancelled channel

    Cancelled channel2 時間 前

    Since One Second Of Rugrats Season 4 is deleted.

  23. Illegal Panini bread

    Illegal Panini bread2 時間 前

    he looks like vsauce

  24. Mary Dela

    Mary Dela2 時間 前

    May our love ones live long ....and let's love one another whiles they are alive ... Don't wait until you loss them ..before you know their values

  25. Mees L

    Mees L2 時間 前

    I wish my head could remember everything and I could just rewatch everything I ever did...

  26. maría ortiz

    maría ortiz2 時間 前

    This sucks

  27. Carly’s world love and hope Lahaye

    Carly’s world love and hope Lahaye2 時間 前

    My fav song of 2020

  28. The three C`s

    The three C`s2 時間 前

    This is the song that was playing when my dog died it was a perfect song 😭😭😭😭

  29. neal fatheringham

    neal fatheringham2 時間 前

    I've never seen this much disrespect for Johann Pachelbel.

  30. Generic Goon

    Generic Goon2 時間 前


  31. Mayank Rai

    Mayank Rai3 時間 前

    Appreciate everything around you, Before moments turn into memories❤

  32. Angular Clout

    Angular Clout3 時間 前

    Fuck maroon 5

  33. Generic Goon

    Generic Goon2 時間 前

    That’s not very nice

  34. Luka 03

    Luka 033 時間 前

    It’s a cool song but I hear this shit literally ten times every freaking day on the radio.

  35. Rafael Arellano

    Rafael Arellano3 時間 前

    R.I.P #George Floyd and R.I.P author luthur king jr who said black and white lives matter why is it happening again? Black and white lives matter people why eould u kill a artist?

  36. Elixiar

    Elixiar3 時間 前

    This song makes me sad, because I just recently lost my cousin, and it reminds me of her.

  37. Jai Kapur

    Jai Kapur3 時間 前

    Nobody :- TikTokers :- _"share this video and see magic under the + button"_

  38. lorca zartosht

    lorca zartosht3 時間 前

    phantom of the opera

  39. Darshan Dhaduk

    Darshan Dhaduk3 時間 前

    When you had good memories and you hear this song you just feel good and nothing to worry about

  40. abelO12_

    abelO12_4 時間 前

    to George Floyd and every one who was killed by those fucks that we call cops

  41. Darshan Dhaduk

    Darshan Dhaduk4 時間 前

    Best song

  42. Darshan Dhaduk

    Darshan Dhaduk3 時間 前

    les locks de michou , yep

  43. les locks de michou

    les locks de michou3 時間 前

    After beliver for me

  44. Utvik 09

    Utvik 094 時間 前

    I lost my friends don’t because the virus, but they never wanted to be with me. I know they are not friends but i cried here. I don’t need likes, but i wanted to get it out. Stay save guys.

  45. Utvik 09

    Utvik 094 時間 前

    Memories brings back for sure.

  46. Rahul Murmu

    Rahul Murmu4 時間 前

    There's a time that I remember When I did not know no pain When I believed in forever And everything would stay the same

  47. Maddiline Vincent

    Maddiline Vincent4 時間 前

    I love this song, and cuz of covid-19 Im thinking of all my best frineds and when I play this song I feel like a lot better, im thinking of my old memories and I know that this song can be sad I know that but Lets think of the good things. Thanks for taking ur time and reading what I said! stay safe and stay healthy! if you agree *like* what I said!

  48. Sebastian Lightcap

    Sebastian Lightcap4 時間 前

    This is literally just Canon in D. Fuck this song

  49. Jack Sparrow

    Jack Sparrow4 時間 前

    For people who are feeling like they have heard this somewhere before, the notes are same as canon in d in the beginning.

  50. WadeKarma

    WadeKarma4 時間 前

    He looks a tiny bit like ryan Reynolds with a beard

  51. आर आर

    आर आर4 時間 前

    it brings back beautiful memories

  52. Gill is live

    Gill is live4 時間 前

    Did he saying Chodu lol😂

  53. BA MM

    BA MM4 時間 前

    This song have copyright???

  54. carolin spthr

    carolin spthr4 時間 前

    This song for u my dearest sista #MagdalenaItaTriasAmiranti #RIP

  55. colton kid

    colton kid4 時間 前


  56. Kai Sage

    Kai Sage4 時間 前

    The theme song of 2020 because of all of the quarantine shit as well as the George Floyd event✊🏿🙏#blacklivesmatter

  57. Meh It's 2020

    Meh It's 20205 時間 前

    Everyone talking about how much 2020 sucks. I agree but it's the year where everything is exposed, from businesses to being grateful for the small things in life. Showing who is important and who isn't.

  58. govind narasimman

    govind narasimman5 時間 前

    Unfortunately I liked the Trump version more.

  59. Issac Sollano

    Issac Sollano5 時間 前

    RIP George Floyd and Kobe Bryant and Gianna Bryant deepest condolences

  60. Kevin Kece987

    Kevin Kece9875 時間 前


  61. Ankit Ray

    Ankit Ray5 時間 前

    This song brings back all the memories that I had with my deceased granfather

  62. Parzival Esc

    Parzival Esc5 時間 前

    Eu sou o comentário brasileiro que vc procura 😜

  63. Ahmet Unal

    Ahmet Unal5 時間 前

    Canon rock !

  64. Tichaona Jeck

    Tichaona Jeck5 時間 前

    😢 l always cry wth this song

  65. Cheryl Christella Aritonang 1661072

    Cheryl Christella Aritonang 16610725 時間 前

    This is one of the best songs I've ever heard. Not only because his voice but also the meaning of this song

  66. Henry Schimming

    Henry Schimming5 時間 前

    Wait, hold on, I think that Pachelbel might have ripped off Maroon 5.

  67. venkata praveen

    venkata praveen5 時間 前

  68. KFG scorpion

    KFG scorpion5 時間 前

    Bruh I'm not a hater but this beard is in he's neck

  69. karol salas peraza

    karol salas peraza5 時間 前

    Me encanta la canción que levante la mano el que a la español

  70. Daniel Berrio

    Daniel Berrio5 時間 前

    It is similar to kratos :v Good song

  71. Rei Vitor braga

    Rei Vitor braga5 時間 前

    The music is perfect

  72. Andy Jimenez

    Andy Jimenez5 時間 前

    Qué linda canción

  73. S .H

    S .H5 時間 前


  74. Jerry L.

    Jerry L.5 時間 前

    I'm against this kind of propaganda . Doe this mean I hate minority's? No it doesn't Fuck this generation.

  75. Kris

    Kris5 時間 前

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for this song. Can't put into words just how much I feel it. ❤

  76. Daauud Garaad

    Daauud Garaad5 時間 前

    If you enter and see my comment touch.... 👇👇.. Thanks for 👍

  77. Melek Guhkan

    Melek Guhkan6 時間 前


  78. Melek Guhkan

    Melek Guhkan6 時間 前

    Turkıs 💋

  79. Aditya Jhingta

    Aditya Jhingta6 時間 前

    That's the way cannon in d should be played!!! Along with the lyrics, that is :)

  80. Elena MB

    Elena MB6 時間 前

    like si ves esta cancion pero eres español

  81. Victor Duarte

    Victor Duarte6 時間 前

    This song reminded me of when my father and mother were not yet divorced respect😭😭😭😭😭😭🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  82. Ali beast

    Ali beast6 時間 前

    This remindes me when i was little

  83. Matha Gorom

    Matha Gorom6 時間 前


  84. prakash puthiyandi

    prakash puthiyandi6 時間 前


  85. Durpy Zombie

    Durpy Zombie6 時間 前

    Why is captain price singing memories

  86. Benjamín Araya

    Benjamín Araya6 時間 前

    The song of the year,is epic and cute