Marlon Wayans on Eddie Murphy Visiting Him in the Projects and Finally Making Him Laugh


  1. corderojoaquin16

    corderojoaquin1620 時間 前

    I'm also a jehova witness

  2. Darryl Shepherd

    Darryl Shepherd20 時間 前

    The fuck is with jimmy and him waving his hand like hes on menopause

  3. arthur workman

    arthur workman日 前

    that little dude in the corner 5:25 I'm sorry that is a splitting image of Tommy Davidson. That could be little Tommy himself - lol HA HA HA HA HA HA HA.

  4. Learn&teach2Learn

    Learn&teach2Learn日 前

    In my opinion this guy is As funny as Kevin Hart. But don't know why Kevin Hart is making more than he is

  5. entertainment vidz

    entertainment vidz日 前

    He has me dying when he say they be hiding from they daddy cause he jehova witnesses 🤣

  6. A

    A2 日 前

    Love you Marlon.... Respect! ✊ From India

  7. Ilene Carroll

    Ilene Carroll2 日 前

    Marlon can not, Not Be Funny 😂😂😂


    JOE RUSSH2 日 前

    Hes not funny kind of cringy ..he looks dirty too lmao .. Bernie mac , Kat Williams, Cedric, Dave Chappelle


    JOE RUSSH2 日 前

    Marlon on the down low?

  10. Joanna B.

    Joanna B.2 日 前

    What a great & fun interview!!! Wow about Eddie Murphy!

  11. anileb100

    anileb1002 日 前

    Marlon Wayon is too funny

  12. Paul Richardson

    Paul Richardson3 日 前

    An that movie was corny af smh

  13. Paul Richardson

    Paul Richardson3 日 前

    Fallon is so horrible at fake laugh it’s just horrible

  14. Ricky Baldwin

    Ricky Baldwin3 日 前

    dizamn...I DID NOT LAUGH...NUFF SAID

  15. Eldon Man

    Eldon Man3 日 前

    The outie belly button is so real

  16. Liebe Happy

    Liebe Happy3 日 前

    Norbit is my movie!!!!

  17. Frank Fuentes

    Frank Fuentes3 日 前

    Oh sorry I forgot...the double standard

  18. Frank Fuentes

    Frank Fuentes3 日 前

    Moron fool idiot. Puerto Rican is not a race. Don't stereotype people stupid ass. You don't like it , Puerto Ricans don't like it either fool.

  19. ZEALION Tha Issue

    ZEALION Tha Issue3 日 前

    Marlon Wayans is legendary.

  20. Boski Woski

    Boski Woski3 日 前

    Marlon Wayans always funny af. But Jimmy Fallon has the fakest laugh eva.

  21. Lee Lee

    Lee Lee3 日 前

    Frfr.. Damon really is hilarious

  22. Nicco DiRenzi

    Nicco DiRenzi3 日 前

    Bwahahahahahahajjaajahahaa 😂😂😂😂

  23. Eddie Coleman

    Eddie Coleman4 日 前

    ?uestLove’s face when Marlon talks about the bad kids with outie bellybuttons. 🤣🤣🤣

  24. Alfred Naigulevu

    Alfred Naigulevu4 日 前

    Great movie! Enjoyed it very much.

  25. bkonezloc

    bkonezloc4 日 前

    That movie was crazy

  26. Joy Jenkins

    Joy Jenkins4 日 前

    His standup show will leave you in stiches

  27. Míchele Cobré

    Míchele Cobré4 日 前

    That nigga Marlon funny (lol)

  28. fernando camacho

    fernando camacho4 日 前

    Fallon is such a geek.. the guest always save his show...

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    malone phyllis4 日 前

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  33. Carlos Pezzotti

    Carlos Pezzotti4 日 前

    I look Dominican with no socks on. Marlon could definitely get stupid lmao

  34. dianegron

    dianegron4 日 前

    He’s funnier.

  35. Mike s

    Mike s4 日 前

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  36. bufflow souljah

    bufflow souljah5 日 前

    There's no way he's not bi sexual....or pan

  37. Enigma Unresolved

    Enigma Unresolved5 日 前

    I hate Fallon's fake laugh and fakeness overall.

  38. octoberfire13

    octoberfire135 日 前

    His movie, SEXTUPLETS, is awesome hahahahahahahaha - I just saw it on Netflix

  39. CPA

    CPA5 日 前

    Ahahahahh now i want to watch it!!

  40. CPA

    CPA5 日 前

    I can see a box of cigars his back pocket

  41. Lafania Rolling

    Lafania Rolling6 日 前

    Looks wonderful so handsome

  42. Mr Ottawa1

    Mr Ottawa16 日 前

    How come the crowds laughing always synchronized ?

  43. Nicklas Brady

    Nicklas Brady6 日 前


  44. Joe Mack

    Joe Mack6 日 前

    I like the movie. Should have went to the big screen but thanks for putting it on Netflix

  45. Z.I.N. Goddess

    Z.I.N. Goddess6 日 前

    Fallon over Kimmel...... Period

  46. jay Elgringo

    jay Elgringo7 日 前

    Jimmy damnnn stop your fucking fake laugh.... I cant anymore

  47. Vrajam

    Vrajam7 日 前

    Fallon's gotta be the fakest most annoying interviewer of them all. Fake laugh, fake attitude and terrible jokes.

  48. FREEWILL 724

    FREEWILL 7247 日 前

    I was taz the tazmain devil

  49. Brian.

    Brian.7 日 前


  50. Judy McGaugh

    Judy McGaugh7 日 前

    Oh, come on Jimmy, he isn't that funny, he sounds like he's trying too hard, to be funny, instead of being natural..

  51. Brian Burton

    Brian Burton7 日 前

    I like the Wayans movies. Just don't think he is funny when he tries to tell jokes. But that outtie belly button thing is true!

  52. Ramon Alzate

    Ramon Alzate7 日 前

    There was a kid named pj i used to rock with he got in a lot of fights at school and he told me he took something from my house a little car that would shoot out and he had a OUTIE belly button he was only maybe 11 when he did it though his mom died and he had to move away feel bad hope hes good now

  53. Topha WYNTR

    Topha WYNTR7 日 前

    Do white ppl actually understand that outtie belly button joke ? 😅

  54. mike

    mike7 日 前

    He's hilarious but Hollywood isn't trying to boost his career

  55. Unique

    Unique8 日 前

    I loved it!

  56. xzyle1000

    xzyle10008 日 前

    Look it up from raw u know Eddie Murphy RAW u digg look up the writer's credit u will see Robert Townsend and Keene ivory wayans now go figure that's y he said Eddie Murphy was n da projects fool! Where u At? Cream of the crop!

  57. CalixLuv

    CalixLuv8 日 前

    lmao Marlon's fucking hilarious

  58. Miss D

    Miss D8 日 前

    His movie Sexptuplets was hilarious!!

  59. David David

    David David8 日 前

    I made the same exact face as questlove cuz that was sooooo fucking true. Ive never heard anyone say that before, EVER, but now that its pointed out, its absolutely TRUE! mind blown! Its one of those things youve known your whole life but never thought about it until it is just put that bluntly. thats possibly one of the best observational humor jokes that has ever been told.

  60. Mental Music B Sides

    Mental Music B Sides9 日 前

    Great interview. 😆 😆 😆