Marlon Wayans on Eddie Murphy Visiting Him in the Projects and Finally Making Him Laugh


  1. Van's Best Friend

    Van's Best Friend18 時間 前

    Did he really say that Eddie Murphy was the biggest movie star of all time? Now THAT was funny! 😂😂😂😂

  2. LionHeart

    LionHeart日 前

    Yo...outtie bellybutton on point omfg I’m dead.

  3. Megan Torres

    Megan Torres日 前

    i watched it at midnight

  4. pr0ject25o1

    pr0ject25o12 日 前

    The kid w the outtie. There’s only one cherry in the whole can. IM DYING!!!!

  5. wallstreet bailey

    wallstreet bailey4 日 前

    Marlon is crazy lol

  6. Chi-Chi Proud 2 Be Igbo

    Chi-Chi Proud 2 Be Igbo6 日 前

    Jimmy Fallon was laughing to be polite because this dude is not funny and never has been.

  7. Pzo lino

    Pzo lino7 日 前

    Redd Foxx is the goat .. He opened the door for Richard Pryor and Eddie Murphy.. Nobody gives Redd Foxx his props .. Jamie Foxx changed his last name because of Redd Foxx !!..

  8. rt rat

    rt rat9 日 前

    If the wayans was white there family would be treated as royalty . The wayans are legendary . If eddy Murphy really did go to the projects to meet him I bet there was some good jokes told !!!!

  9. Mark Sibley

    Mark Sibley14 日 前

    He should take a little less cocaine before he goes on air

  10. GhostRider

    GhostRider14 日 前

    Black bro comparing his dance moves to JT? Mad respect to JT! I love it!

  11. PurpleUnicorn 601

    PurpleUnicorn 60114 日 前

    @2:3o jimmy fallon smelling his bad breath

  12. DoggieNYC

    DoggieNYC17 日 前

    Peace to the "Elliot Chelsea Houses"

  13. truth light

    truth light22 日 前

    Fake ass laughes. So fake jimmy.

  14. Barbara Chieppo

    Barbara Chieppo22 日 前

    Norbit is a great movie

  15. C P

    C P23 日 前

    The Wayans Brothers, The Jamie Fox Show and Martin were my favorite shows growing up. I miss the way used to make TV. ❤️

  16. John Delaney

    John Delaney23 日 前

    Marlon you ate my favourite comedian 1st

  17. Victor H

    Victor H24 日 前

    when is the next season of his netflix show

  18. Courtney Hayes

    Courtney Hayes24 日 前

    He’s amazing!!!

  19. GetRich Followme

    GetRich Followme24 日 前

    My daughter has one.....Bad as hell

  20. Chad Tep

    Chad Tep24 日 前

    Is it just me or are both these guys high af on coke?

  21. Brian Pitt

    Brian Pitt25 日 前

    Marlon Wayans!!💯💯🙌🏾

  22. Wissam Jean Charles

    Wissam Jean Charles26 日 前

    What’s the name of the movie? 🤷‍♂️

  23. Ricquella McCallum

    Ricquella McCallum22 日 前

    Sextuplets on Netflix

  24. Keyser Soze

    Keyser Soze26 日 前

    Y do these dudes come off as feminine. They sit like my Aunties and wear pants tight as stretch pants.

  25. RockStar *

    RockStar *27 日 前

    So fake! NiggA confirmed he touches sugar candy!!!!🤦🏽‍♀️...Do u MARLON!


    ANTARTIC P27 日 前

    This movie was great funniest movie I’ve seen in a long time I laughed so hard so much thru this movie I ain’t done that since prob since the Dave Chappell show


    ANTARTIC P27 日 前

    The movie def deserved a big screen release!

  28. Ana G

    Ana G28 日 前

    So handsome, bubbly & hilarious! What a great combo in a man❤

  29. C C

    C C29 日 前

    Ppl like Eddie and Richard get called goats...but for a born in the 80s raised in the 90s kid...the Wayans are goats..hell theyre the ones who put Jim F'n Carey on...and sextuplets was hilarious

  30. LixZ

    LixZ29 日 前

    This is a grown dc young fly

  31. C C

    C C29 日 前

    The roots too black to answer that question...but its true😆😆😆

  32. Derrick Miller

    Derrick Millerヶ月 前

    That dance was funny as f

  33. Le Compton

    Le Comptonヶ月 前

    Keeping it real and funny! Breaks through the unnecessary bullshit sensitivity of society nowadays.

  34. MrGedeon94

    MrGedeon94ヶ月 前

    This dude on coke

  35. Lambochaser

    Lambochaserヶ月 前

    Tell Damon My Wife and Kids could've went an extra 2 seasons maybe even 3. Sheesh.

  36. TeezyF Official

    TeezyF Officialヶ月 前

    He is genius and so calculated 🔥 my idol

  37. Aaron Lyon

    Aaron Lyonヶ月 前

    Lmao 😂 classic

  38. Chuck's poke

    Chuck's pokeヶ月 前

    Does he age ever???

  39. WeRPopp'N

    WeRPopp'Nヶ月 前

    That movie is so damn funny

  40. Bria Diamond

    Bria Diamondヶ月 前

    He does look dominican 🤣🤣🤣

  41. Danny D

    Danny Dヶ月 前


  42. Hasade O

    Hasade Oヶ月 前

    Marlon: "Ask the black folks over there" Black Thought: 😐

  43. Baba Loo

    Baba Looヶ月 前

    His shit so tight you can see how much money is in his wallet

  44. Heaven Dreamer

    Heaven Dreamerヶ月 前

    Damon and Marlon are awsum , I mean I like all the Wayans but for me those two have done the most. I never thought to put damon up there with Eddie but if he was my big brother I know for a fact I'd have him up there. Respect

  45. Persy54

    Persy54ヶ月 前

    Eddie Murphy was the biggest movie star in the world??? yeah

  46. Tiffany DeGree

    Tiffany DeGreeヶ月 前

    He ain’t lyin!!!🤣🤣🤣

  47. manuel david

    manuel davidヶ月 前

    There's Only One Cherry

  48. EnRico vs World

    EnRico vs Worldヶ月 前

    Outie belly buttons and silver caps on their teeth. Bad ass crumb snatchers lol

  49. timhoward5

    timhoward5ヶ月 前

    747 this dude is the people person with no cameras, literally

  50. JWTJR

    JWTJRヶ月 前


  51. ammsterdam718

    ammsterdam718ヶ月 前

    Big up marlon!!!

  52. Don Juan Escobar

    Don Juan Escobarヶ月 前

    As always Jimmy Fallon exaggerating those fake laughs

  53. Sharon Walker

    Sharon Walkerヶ月 前

    If his sister Kim says that his movie is funny than his movie must be funny.

  54. Tothineown Selfbetrue

    Tothineown Selfbetrueヶ月 前

    Wasn't saying Homogenized at 8 years old....

  55. Stacy B

    Stacy Bヶ月 前

    How do you know? Were you there?

  56. BookieLover Q

    BookieLover Qヶ月 前

    Marlins haircut looks like Stevie wonder cut it 😂 😂

  57. Tanya Brown

    Tanya Brownヶ月 前

    I'm still waiting for Norbit 2

  58. EightySix

    EightySixヶ月 前

    Jimmy was laughing at the bellybutton joke with (likely) zero content, but the look on Quest's face was "damn... this mufucka is right!"

  59. jaacк шayиё мacy

    jaacк шayиё мacyヶ月 前

    why I saw 21 savage in the thumnail

  60. ADCO Research

    ADCO Researchヶ月 前

    Marlon is awesome, loc dog

  61. sulimed

    sulimedヶ月 前

    An outie belly button and silver teeth😂😂😂😂😂

  62. topdhen

    topdhenヶ月 前

    My cousin had a outty belly button, he got shot climbing a fence

  63. James Clipper

    James Clipperヶ月 前

    I had a outty belly button I got stuck on a fence at South High School 8yrs old in Akron Oh . A older guy named Anthony Blackwell got me down. Thanks for the Memories it's been at least 30 years since I thought about that and I'm 58 Dec 3,2019...

  64. Hulk Papa TV

    Hulk Papa TVヶ月 前


  65. Half-Pint Paris

    Half-Pint Parisヶ月 前

    Marlon 🥰