Markiplier Makes: NAIL ART


  1. Leisha

    Leisha時間 前

    tyler is my life honestly such a mood

  2. ItsMeCelina

    ItsMeCelina5 時間 前

    Markiplier makes Cupcaaakeeessss??????????

  3. Lol Rekt

    Lol Rekt6 時間 前

    Was anyone else just watching ethan flipping the nail scratcher thingy When the other 2 were fighting

  4. Gmario Gaming

    Gmario Gaming9 時間 前

    10:33 Ethan look like he went brain dead

  5. CasualDylan

    CasualDylan11 時間 前

    Why does Ethan sound like a gay 9 year old when he drops a roast?

  6. Bell's

    Bell's12 時間 前

    4:11 me at my physics test

  7. King Whyvern Dragoon

    King Whyvern Dragoon12 時間 前

    It’s keratin, the stuff your hair is made of, basically you have colored nails all over your body.

  8. Jaybird540

    Jaybird54012 時間 前

    Mark should do a Markiplier Makes with Jacksepticeye

  9. Stephanie Berry

    Stephanie Berry12 時間 前

    I painted my nails while watching this... I think I won.

  10. Elyssa Shingle

    Elyssa Shingle13 時間 前

    Tyler: *Blinks* Mark: "DISQUALIFIED!"

  11. Spxcevibes

    Spxcevibes13 時間 前

    The way mark apologized to Amy every time he made a joke lol

  12. Gruvia Lover

    Gruvia Lover13 時間 前

    Love this video so very much!

  13. Princess Kenny

    Princess Kenny13 時間 前

    Markiplier Makes: Cookies

  14. Tony Lanauze V

    Tony Lanauze V16 時間 前


  15. Ella Gorrell

    Ella Gorrell18 時間 前

    ok did anyone notice mark’s face at 10:37

  16. Rebecca O' S

    Rebecca O' S19 時間 前

    Ethan is such a perfect smol bean

  17. Content Snac

    Content Snac21 時間 前

    Ethan paints nails better than i do XD

  18. GamerLuna

    GamerLuna22 時間 前

    Terrifying thumbnail.

  19. Anaiah Allen

    Anaiah Allen22 時間 前

    Amy: you need to do multiple colors mark Mark: mimics *instant regret Mark: im sorry I'm so sorry

  20. Mikaila Gomez

    Mikaila Gomez日 前

    Tyler is so bullheaded I love it

  21. somebodysgamin

    somebodysgamin日 前

    11:55 hand simulator IRL LOL

  22. Kynidy S.

    Kynidy S.日 前

    I was eating breakfast when I watched this and I choked on my bagel 😂

  23. Gamer's Respekt

    Gamer's Respekt日 前

    Markiplier Makes: Makeup

  24. Izzynana

    Izzynana日 前

    They should make bathbombs!

  25. ArcticWolf

    ArcticWolf日 前

    Ethan NAILED it..heh..I'm sorry

  26. Teresa Shafer

    Teresa Shafer日 前


  27. Trevinatot Gaming

    Trevinatot Gaming日 前

    I mean mixed handedness is different than being ambidextrous, but nobody cares about my opinion

  28. Golden Freddy 22

    Golden Freddy 22日 前

    0:09 you good Mark?

  29. loveThem

    loveThem日 前

    Nobody: Absolutely no one: Not a single soul: Mark: WHAT IS THIS?!?! Mark: I'm gonna do the marbling... Amy: You need to do multiple colors, Mark Mark: yOu NeEd To Do MuLtIplE cOlOrS! Mark, not even 5 seconds later: I think to marble you need more than one color...

  30. loveThem

    loveThem日 前

    you guys don't even know how many times i've rewatched mark's videos just to see the subtitles lmao

  31. Hannah Lueken

    Hannah Lueken日 前

    As a Nail Artist, watching this just made me laugh 😂👍

  32. Hannah Lueken

    Hannah Lueken日 前

    I was eating and when Mark called Ethan Ether I choked on my food from laughing

  33. Alice Parker

    Alice Parker日 前

    My favorite line is “AWHO MAI GAWD YOU HIT MY ELBOW!!!!”

  34. Kënnëdy Hårrëll

    Kënnëdy Hårrëll日 前

    Tyler: * exist* Mark: DiSqUaLiFiEd

  35. Bayleigh Westra

    Bayleigh Westra日 前

    I hope you know I’m actually getting the thumbnail done on my nails thanks for helping me pick it out

  36. blu.

    blu.日 前

    was was there holo

  37. Blake Robb

    Blake Robb日 前

    I feel Ethan when he's filing his nails😂😂 I hate the feeling of it also😂😂

  38. BluWolf17

    BluWolf17日 前

    Ethan is Holosexual confirmed

  39. Angie! At the Disco

    Angie! At the Disco日 前

    4:43 ...Cristine??

  40. JohngamerYT

    JohngamerYT日 前

    Mark Charles

  41. Lil Skrimp

    Lil Skrimp2 日 前

    Mark really "Nailed" it on round two

  42. Armoni Hollywood

    Armoni Hollywood2 日 前

    5:16 Markiplier: WHAT IS THIS Me: caca 💩💩💩💩

  43. Akuma Chrisenth

    Akuma Chrisenth2 日 前


  44. Katherine Coster

    Katherine Coster2 日 前

    Markiplier Makes a Song / Markiplier Makes a Music Video

  45. nerdygirl 1980

    nerdygirl 19802 日 前

    oh no

  46. Maeve Cox

    Maeve Cox2 日 前


  47. Bree Kelly

    Bree Kelly2 日 前

    To be honest you guys suck at nail art lol this is why god put women on this earth

  48. Bella E

    Bella E2 日 前

    Marks TOTAL “what” counter(in this vid): 22

  49. Mckenzie White

    Mckenzie White2 日 前

    You should make donuts !!!!!

  50. •ØreøKitKat•

    •ØreøKitKat•2 日 前

    I love how in every single one of these videos, Tyler is always doing his own thing. lol

  51. Sunshade

    Sunshade2 日 前

    My favorite line in this is “YOU CHANGED THE RULES BITCH! No changing rules I front of my mules.”


    CALEB BACON2 日 前

    Mark, drops paint brush in bottle: "Oh well that lives in there now" Me: dies laughing.

  53. vee is a bee

    vee is a bee2 日 前

    someone call cristene oh wait

  54. Aquarius Chan

    Aquarius Chan2 日 前

    Simply Nailogical..JUST SIMPLY NAILOGIAL

  55. randal wooster

    randal wooster2 日 前

    don't use the nail file like that it hurts your skin around your nails

  56. Bacon Soup

    Bacon Soup2 日 前

    I'm doing my nails while watching this and pressing Y to shame

  57. Saturn Flytrap

    Saturn Flytrap2 日 前

    Make Crêpes!

  58. Coffee Creamer

    Coffee Creamer2 日 前

    Is it just me, or did Heapass come out when Ethan started yelling at Tyler?

  59. Linnea Soderberg

    Linnea Soderberg2 日 前

    watching them perfect their first attempt after the 10 were up made my day! they were so determined and enjoying themselves

  60. happilytinychaos chaos

    happilytinychaos chaos2 日 前

    ethan : fails at every other challenge ethan, at nails : a liTERAL GOD💅

  61. Scarecrow Ksr

    Scarecrow Ksr3 日 前

    To have Freedom is to invite Chaos, To limit Freedom is to have Order Tyler saying democracy could be a failed government system

  62. Splitonium

    Splitonium3 日 前

    Nails are made of alpha-keratin--a protein made of dead cells. This is the reason why it does not hurt it is cut with a nail clipper. Nails are practically modified hair because the protein found in nails is also found in the hair. Please get it right. --> 0:45 to 1:01.

  63. Xoxo Luv

    Xoxo Luv3 日 前

    2:26 , don’t look at his face, WTH IS GOING ON IN THE BACKGROUND

  64. Audi the Weird

    Audi the Weird3 日 前

    "What. The. Heck? What the..? Oh.. Okay... I get it..." - Markiplier 2019

  65. Prince Yocker

    Prince Yocker3 日 前

    nobody: ethan: “HE EW”

  66. Audrey Nielsen

    Audrey Nielsen3 日 前

    We need Sophia Nygard here

  67. Violet Eastman

    Violet Eastman3 日 前

    ether 0:10

  68. xXGrace Xx

    xXGrace Xx3 日 前

    *Tony Stark has entered the chat.* *Peter Parker has entered the chat.* Ethan/Ether: And Pablos said "Ai, dios mio!" 'cause he's spanish..? Mark: [Legit just looks at him] Ethan/Ether: [Looks at Mark too] Mark: dOn'T lOoK aT mE fOr CoNfIrMiNaTiOn! *Peter Parker has left the chat* Tony: *Ay dios mio...*

  69. Random Internet Potato

    Random Internet Potato3 日 前

    6:04 “This is the Gospel for the fallen ones, locked away in permanent slumber.”

  70. Alyssa Frantz

    Alyssa Frantz3 日 前

    I think of 8:30 randomly during the day and it probably doesn't help my reputation when I start chuckling to myself randomly

  71. sweetheart explosion

    sweetheart explosion3 日 前

    13:58 look at my profile pic and imagine the green bean related to my profile pic saying what ethan just said

  72. Sage James

    Sage James3 日 前

    Markiplier Makes People Happy? It’s where you would go on the streets of LA and just compliment people

  73. TheDUDERulez1

    TheDUDERulez13 日 前

    Mark: Hi, mom! How are you- Momiplier: (SLAP!) saw the nail video, huh?

  74. S.J.A.S

    S.J.A.S3 日 前


  75. ZillaXXX tracy

    ZillaXXX tracy3 日 前

    At 6:16 i died laughing bruh 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  76. racabon motion

    racabon motion3 日 前

    i watched the tye die video right before this lol

  77. Alexa Acosta/BTS Army

    Alexa Acosta/BTS Army3 日 前

    Tyler from wildcat? O.o

  78. 《greentea》

    《greentea》3 日 前

    "Ohh-" "I dont" *"it tastes bad-"* -ethan nestor 2019, while doing nail art

  79. Carson Squires

    Carson Squires4 日 前

    Markiplier makes: Crack Cocaine, lets see it!

  80. Jocelyn Collins

    Jocelyn Collins4 日 前

    8:39 I CanT sEe mY eyEs bUrn sOmeOne caLl thE poLiCe OmFg im laughing too hard im going to piss omfg mark if i piss my bed im going to sue you holy fuckshitfucker omg im crying someone heLp Edit: 10:36 HolY shIt i Cant bReaTh

  81. LaizyGAME

    LaizyGAME4 日 前

    I love Ethan’s shirt! 😋

  82. The Spinning Wheel Of Gay

    The Spinning Wheel Of Gay4 日 前

    Anyone else getting Darling In The Franxx vibes from Marks second nails?

  83. Orpy

    Orpy4 日 前

    Ethan looks like a idiot wait that’s not nice ☹️



    Ethan no that’s not holo😭😭😂and speaking of it WhErE iS tHe HoLo ?¿💿🚫😭😭😭😿☕️

  85. n o s t a l g i c___b o i

    n o s t a l g i c___b o i4 日 前


  86. n o s t a l g i c___b o i

    n o s t a l g i c___b o i4 日 前


  87. jodie Bartlett

    jodie Bartlett4 日 前

    I agree with mark, Tyler shouldn't change the rules cos we all have video proof that even Amy said they all had to use their other hand(their right) so yeah...

  88. arashi4dreams

    arashi4dreams4 日 前

    Halo spotted!!

  89. Kris Aebig

    Kris Aebig4 日 前

    Markiplier Makes Origami!!!

  90. Ciara Newberry

    Ciara Newberry4 日 前

    I think ethans gay...

  91. Ciara Newberry

    Ciara Newberry4 日 前

    @Sir Sassy omg 😂

  92. Sir Sassy

    Sir Sassy4 日 前

    Ciara Newberry your not James Charles

  93. James Montgomery

    James Montgomery4 日 前

    Where can I get the shirt markiplier is wearing?

  94. Ethan Lemieux

    Ethan Lemieux4 日 前

    You should make your own sausages next. Make a peanutbutter, maple blueberry sausage.

  95. Gill

    Gill4 日 前

    Would love to see some more cooking, *Markiplier Makes: Burgers*

  96. Monica Mcfalls

    Monica Mcfalls4 日 前


  97. Artistic Fur

    Artistic Fur5 日 前


  98. Emily Macleod

    Emily Macleod5 日 前

    Was it just me that noticed Ethan might have a bit of a crush on Mark???

  99. Amit Pinto

    Amit Pinto5 日 前

    do a markiplier makes ice popsicle

  100. DrMaxwell and MineCD DP

    DrMaxwell and MineCD DP5 日 前

    6:16 Ethan wheezes like an asthma attack

  101. Darkrose

    Darkrose5 日 前

    Mark:Not me i say “full steam ahead” A few seconds later Mark: oh that doesn’t look good at all Why is this me when I take a test then look at the grade later.

  102. Artistic Alex

    Artistic Alex5 日 前

    My last three brain cells when trying to get ready for literally anything: