Markiplier Makes: NAIL ART


  1. Stef Castagna

    Stef Castagna4 時間 前

    In my opinion, Ethan won. Mark came second and sorry Tyler😞😋

  2. Oliver M

    Oliver M3 日 前


  3. Magic products :3

    Magic products :33 日 前

    Tyler has a transformers shirt!!!!!!

  4. TheSonic_Arrow01

    TheSonic_Arrow013 日 前

    Is it weird that I thought of Jack from the nightmare before Christmas and his "what's this, what's this?" When Mark said what is this

  5. Rhea Alex

    Rhea Alex4 日 前

    I'm calling it now, at 9:40 This is the one Ethan's going to win.

  6. Fundipper

    Fundipper4 日 前

    Someone watched simply nailogicsl before this

  7. couldn't think of a good name

    couldn't think of a good name7 日 前


  8. sub panda

    sub panda8 日 前

    markiplier makes: ice cream

  9. DinoSnosh

    DinoSnosh8 日 前

    I am joined by Ethernet

  10. cactai _mejhh

    cactai _mejhh9 日 前

    HoLo WhAt?????? Let me see EXCUSE ME THAT AINT HOLO simplynailogical holo fam Who's watching this now

  11. Cindie Grace

    Cindie Grace10 日 前

    Make Macarons or Hamburgers from scratch

  12. Mika CookieGaming

    Mika CookieGaming10 日 前

    "I'm here joined by _Ether-"_ mY SIDES-

  13. Oliver Spoopydroopsnoot

    Oliver Spoopydroopsnoot12 日 前

    The sound effects in Mark's videos are my kink.

  14. Queenie

    Queenie12 日 前

    Mark: And thank you, me, for having the patience and grace to deal with these two idiots beside me. Me: *Literally watches any multiplayer game* 🤔

  15. Jill Koch

    Jill Koch12 日 前

    Ambidextrous: whatever they can do with there left hand, they can do with their right hand, you can use both for all tasks Mix handed: a person will favor one hand for some tasks and the other for different ones Yes it is different😂😊

  16. Jezzabel Miller-Gilbert

    Jezzabel Miller-Gilbert12 日 前

    I can't tell if at the end of Tyler's explanation Mark was quoting Thomas Sanders or if they both did different versions of the same saying because I'm sure Roman said something similar in one episode of Sander Sides

  17. HoppStone Central

    HoppStone Central12 日 前

    Next, you should do Markiplire makes: Cookies, or Pottery

  18. Indyprattapus

    Indyprattapus8 日 前

    HoppStone Central well Tyler’s mum unfortunately passed away quite recently so he probably won’t be appearing in videos for a while which is very understandable.

  19. wolfy boy

    wolfy boy15 日 前

    3:32 the subtitles say "ELEPHANT-like roar"! has that person never watched godzilla?! or jurrasic park?! XD

  20. Danger Duckinator

    Danger Duckinator15 日 前

    1900 guys: *hunting and manlyness* 2000 guys: *doing their nails*

  21. Lia S

    Lia S16 日 前

    All the art history majors are cringing and crying

  22. TaintedRainbowLove

    TaintedRainbowLove17 日 前

    I laughed so hard the moment mark dropped the thing in the nail polish remover and there was a scream. xD

  23. Elksin_93

    Elksin_9317 日 前

    Mixed handed refers to the idea that one hand is dominant for some tasks while the other hand is dominant for others. ... So potentially, one can be right handed, left handed, cross dominant (mixed handed), or truly ambidextrous. (Thanks Google)

  24. Maryellen Hagberg

    Maryellen Hagberg18 日 前

    Markiplier should make biscuits

  25. Creepy Pasta Girl Rockz 101

    Creepy Pasta Girl Rockz 10119 日 前

    Who bites there Nails No? Just me?

  26. Kia Not The Car

    Kia Not The Car20 日 前

    When Ethan said "I hate that, it tastes bad" when he was buffing his nails? I felt that.

  27. Ashes Remain

    Ashes Remain20 日 前

    Ethan actually did a fairly good job wtf he did better than I do and I'm a girl

  28. Olimpia Morawska

    Olimpia Morawska21 日 前

    'what is this' counter?

  29. blah blah

    blah blah21 日 前

    The rules were " this time we'll have 20 mins" " you have to start over" Then Amy said "right hand" and mark said "right hand" too Tyler immediately said no but was outvoted (even if we count the "me" instead of 'nae') therefore He's disqualified on marks rules but since he started over and the other could have done that too if the really wanted I think it's just Tyler being resourceful

  30. MooMoostardust

    MooMoostardust22 日 前

    This is men in their habitat tying to understand women things

  31. Jill Sutton

    Jill Sutton22 日 前

    SImplY cAnt CompAre

  32. Steve_The_Llama

    Steve_The_Llama23 日 前

    Markiplier makes: Icecream

  33. angewomon143

    angewomon14323 日 前

    I wonder when the next one is

  34. TheWhite Lioness

    TheWhite Lioness23 日 前

    when my sister kicks me out of her room because I hit her once in Minecraft Me: 14:01 - 14:21

  35. Jay Oakwood

    Jay Oakwood24 日 前


  36. Talia Sizemore

    Talia Sizemore25 日 前

    Make lasagna!

  37. Two Hatchets

    Two Hatchets25 日 前

    You should do a Halloween themed markiplier makes. Something like Costumes or decorations.

  38. Chara Dreemurr

    Chara Dreemurr25 日 前

    Slow 6:16 to 0.25×

  39. Desire Sunday

    Desire Sunday26 日 前

    Should try to make sushi

  40. Ajcoolgirl21

    Ajcoolgirl2126 日 前

    Markiplier should make friendship bracelets

  41. Tus Nua

    Tus Nua26 日 前

    Tyler: Democracy is a failure as a government! About 31% of America: LEAVE.

  42. Orangatang

    Orangatang26 日 前

    I guess he nail-ed it

  43. Amelia Hamilton

    Amelia Hamilton27 日 前

    Waiter: how would you like your steak? Me: 12:12

  44. Jamiela Naidoo

    Jamiela Naidoo27 日 前


  45. Luna Eclipse

    Luna Eclipse27 日 前

    Ethan : the nothing , my nails are always gross 😂😂😂

  46. yehet that kermit

    yehet that kermit27 日 前

    they always argue with poor tyler

  47. Lori Milinazzo

    Lori Milinazzo27 日 前

    3:49 Did anyone look at Marks face??? It just made my day! You should make Eggs Benedict Me: *thinks of Fnaf Sister Location* Me: MAKE SURE TO USE EXOTIC BUTTERS!!

  48. Ariana Vass

    Ariana Vass29 日 前

    mark: no one is as outraged as me ethan: i'll be outraged u changed the rules bitch!!

  49. Jay Waton

    Jay Waton29 日 前

    hey amy you should find a hammer and a huge red dress and dye your hair pink and say hi my name is amy rose

  50. •Itz Llamas•

    •Itz Llamas•29 日 前

    Mark not being able to talk be like EEEEEEEEEEEEEEETTTTTHEHEHEHEHHEHEGETE

  51. SwagxxXxvmomo22 Peterson

    SwagxxXxvmomo22 Peterson29 日 前

    For the next markiplier makes you could do french fries. it might be a short video though

  52. Koneko Productions

    Koneko Productions29 日 前

    So I was just going through all of markiplier makes and I realized that this video came out on my birthday :D

  53. Sollus Markis

    Sollus Markis29 日 前

    They did not use the right "si". It's not important, but I thought you, the viewer, should know

  54. Sollus Markis

    Sollus Markis29 日 前

    How often does Mark change houses? I feel like he's lived three different places since Markiplier Makes started

  55. MaddieIsATurtle

    MaddieIsATurtle29 日 前

    I fucking love Ethan


    CREEPY CRIER29 日 前

    Markiplier makes POT PIE!

  57. H E N T A I

    H E N T A I29 日 前

    don’t worry Tyler, I know the struggle. I’m mixed handed too :D

  58. Luna Wolf 175

    Luna Wolf 17529 日 前

    * Simplynailoligical has joined the chat *

  59. Ømņı Ķîňģ

    Ømņı Ķîňģヶ月 前

    1:37 best of Ethan

  60. Anna Thebeast

    Anna Thebeastヶ月 前

    Oh no ethan is so cringy 😂😂😂 love it 😂🌚

  61. ThePurpleAnon

    ThePurpleAnonヶ月 前

    Man, I loved that part where Mark VERY CLEARLY SAID that Tyler had to use his OTHER HAND yet literally nobody listened well enough to him in his own video to know that. This video was super stressful to watch and honestly I kinda regret watching it