Mark and Ethan Attempt an Escape Room


  1. Anna Rose

    Anna Rose時間 前

    Cop in cage: hi pls get me out Mark: hiiii

  2. TheeRavagerr

    TheeRavagerr時間 前

    "No no no no no... 2 idiots" I died 😂😂😂

  3. Paula Pugh

    Paula Pugh2 時間 前

    is this fake?????

  4. HonestlyIdkImAMess

    HonestlyIdkImAMess2 時間 前

    Quinn: my girlfrie- Me: haha no need to finish the sentence, I'm starved of representation and already thrilled.

  5. Brenan Huitz

    Brenan Huitz2 時間 前

    57 seconds someone need to make this a gif or a meme

  6. Leah Marcum

    Leah Marcum2 時間 前

    I think it would be hilarious if they brought out puppies when you failed the escape room. Like sorry you failed, here’s some happy dogs that love you.

  7. JustKaleb4

    JustKaleb43 時間 前

    Bruh tf wrong wit me i started teari g up when she dies

  8. Yeet Yeet

    Yeet Yeet3 時間 前

    Like what would happen if the time runs out do you diy or just go home

  9. Yeet Yeet

    Yeet Yeet4 時間 前

    What happens if the time runs out

  10. GiddyTuberGaming

    GiddyTuberGaming5 時間 前

    I need to go here. How do I go here.

  11. xX_moonlight 67

    xX_moonlight 676 時間 前

    oh god did she really die...?

  12. clmeraki

    clmeraki8 時間 前

    god everything about this video is perfection

  13. clmeraki

    clmeraki8 時間 前

    11:38 - 11:53 had me on the floor laughing omg

  14. Cristal

    Cristal10 時間 前


  15. Cristal

    Cristal10 時間 前

    me hearing the voice: that shuu?

  16. sxftwaifu !

    sxftwaifu !10 時間 前

    Ethan: aRe yOu chiLl wItH dYinG Quinn: my life is in the hands of an idiot Ethan: no no no TWO IDIOTS.

  17. Black Jack

    Black Jack11 時間 前

    Who else hella behind and catching up

  18. Nadia Martinez

    Nadia Martinez11 時間 前

    this will always be my favorite unus annus video

  19. Izzy H

    Izzy H12 時間 前

    I would’ve died laughing if I was that actress she deserves an Oscar

  20. Yxd

    Yxd12 時間 前

    the actor(not quinn):hinting at them needing to kill her to move on mark:N0

  21. Ashey Brown

    Ashey Brown17 時間 前

    ArE yOu ChIlL wItH dYiNg

  22. Egg is an egg

    Egg is an egg17 時間 前

    I wonder what would happen if you had the same name as one of the characters... my names lily and uh

  23. JackontheBoxx

    JackontheBoxx17 時間 前

    She is the best actor ever

  24. GabrielTheAngel7 YT

    GabrielTheAngel7 YT17 時間 前

    And sadly Ethan and Mark, were licked to death. May their souls rest in peace.

  25. Clayton Jackson

    Clayton Jackson19 時間 前

    I don't know why, but I love the fact that Mark puts such an emphasis on "Thicc" when referring to him self.

  26. Itz_ Pris

    Itz_ Pris日 前

    Who’s Uncle Jeb?😂

  27. Oscar Liu

    Oscar Liu日 前

    How does the actor resist bursting into laughter from their questions ?

  28. Dio Brando

    Dio Brando日 前

    Watching from the future! I am liking and commenting every video!

  29. ZARR yt

    ZARR yt日 前

    An escape room ok lets see what they have here

  30. b r u h

    b r u h日 前

    Does anyone know what the "special place' is? Maybe why they had to bleep it out?

  31. Celtic Dreamer

    Celtic Dreamer日 前

    so people who wanna do the escape room wont get spoiled

  32. ItsOscar_Ok?

    ItsOscar_Ok?日 前

    Quinn: stuck crying and screaming in cage Kids across fence: *heheheheheee ahahahahahaa*

  33. Liam Tennant

    Liam Tennant日 前

    Dear god this is literally my DnD group in a ‘serious type adventure’

  34. summer

    summer日 前

    "My lifes in the hands of an idiot!?" "n-n-no! two idiots!"

  35. Thomas Scripts

    Thomas Scripts日 前

    This one might be my favorite

  36. Elise Coady

    Elise Coady日 前

    Ok but the lady in the cage deserves a raise because *cage lady* “how did you get here?” *ethan* “uhh, we drove.” COULD NOT HAVE BEEN AN ANSWER SHE WAS EXPECTING

  37. Lou Lou

    Lou Lou日 前

    Unus Annus

  38. Amy Miller

    Amy Miller日 前

    Imagine they were in a real life crisis and they just laughed the whole time

  39. slippicy

    slippicy日 前

    The actor in the cage: *Acts crazy* I LIKE THIS ONE! Ethan: So I think she's high

  40. Peppa

    Peppa日 前

    Me : **Drinks tea** Mark and Ethan: Pee? Me: **almost spit tea on my computer** Mark: *SEMEN?* Me: **Spit out all the tea i had in my mouth**

  41. X

    X日 前

    Actress, frantically: How did you get here, Ethan? Ethan: uhhhhh *_we drove here_* I laughed harder than i should have

  42. midori gurinu

    midori gurinu日 前


  43. Themysteryrobloxian

    Themysteryrobloxian日 前

    Girl: My life is in the hands of an idiot Ethan: No no no, *two idiots!*

  44. rafferty bucke

    rafferty bucke日 前

    Did anyone else get Jigsaw themes here?

  45. Deminize Lopez

    Deminize Lopez日 前

    That girls acting was AMAZING

  46. Tarkello

    Tarkello日 前

    Ethan can’t be real

  47. Moku Tolenoa

    Moku Tolenoa日 前

    Why did the narrator guys the “I’m gonna release the hounds” guy sound like someone who would be in black butler

  48. 「quiitex」

    「quiitex」日 前

    what do the puppies look like (≧∇≦)

  49. devi8690 devi8690

    devi8690 devi8690日 前

    Even the questions Mark and Ethan ask Quinn confuse her

  50. Kenna-Covers

    Kenna-Covers日 前

    bro i would be giggling so much with quinn. her: hes a SICK SICK MAN me: *giggle* her: o_o WHY ARE YOU LAUGHING????

  51. Dominator

    Dominator日 前

    Mark sounds like the earth movie narrator

  52. Dane Films

    Dane Films日 前

    Ethan: He's an idiot but he is better at this than me. Quinn: My life is in the hands of an idiot. :( Ethan: No... *2 Idiots*

  53. hendrix turbyne

    hendrix turbyne日 前


  54. hendrix turbyne

    hendrix turbyne日 前

    im dumb it jeb

  55. ツXkookiesx

    ツXkookiesx日 前

    "I'm to thicccc"

  56. zombieplayer 1079

    zombieplayer 1079日 前

    *UnCLE JEb???*

  57. Thatunknown _user

    Thatunknown _user日 前

    Whenever they do a PP (Pinkie promise) I always think of like the, DAREN YOU SON OF A BEACH! (arm wrestling pose) but with pinkies.

  58. RainedRoses

    RainedRoses2 日 前

    Do u know how cool it would be to be an actor in an escape room

  59. Xander 175

    Xander 1752 日 前

    16:10. i died.. ive come back everyday since this video was released just for this XD

  60. Ya Boy

    Ya Boy2 日 前

    I kinda missed the referrence ._. 22:09

  61. Lemursity

    Lemursity2 日 前

    5:26 yeah Mark that was my uncle 15 years ago

  62. Jeigh Tee

    Jeigh Tee2 日 前

    Quinn: "My life is in the hands of an idiot?!" Ethan: "No no no no no no" Me: ok, he's comforting her. Ethan: " *TWO* idiots" Me: oh...

  63. sam hundt

    sam hundt2 日 前

    Ethan: where did you hear the psst- Mark:IM DOING IT

  64. Millie Saiii

    Millie Saiii2 日 前

    quinns actor has the most patience i’ve ever seen in a live actor wowie

  65. J. Rabbit

    J. Rabbit2 日 前

    15:12 Try burpees 😂

  66. Zoe Addis

    Zoe Addis2 日 前

    who is subscribed to this channel? 👇

  67. 1000 subscribers with no content

    1000 subscribers with no content2 日 前

    “What is that”,cop”that’s my heart” mark” that’s actually a machine”

  68. X- Virus

    X- Virus2 日 前

    5:15 "UnCLe JeB...?" 7:56 She's a lesbian? Cool!! 9:54 "I don't think the fridge was working.." 16:14 "My life's in the hands of an idiot!" "No,no,no! Two idiots!"

  69. Peachy Keen

    Peachy Keen2 日 前

    Nobody: Quinn: *iM A COP-*

  70. Ramon Aviles

    Ramon Aviles2 日 前

    I like how they are not leting the actor act how she is suposed to

  71. • bubble._.teax.x •

    • bubble._.teax.x •2 日 前

    Lily and quinn *our lesbian queens.*

  72. Kaylee Fall

    Kaylee Fall2 日 前

    Quinn: like what if deaths inevitable and the only way for you to Move forward to kill me Mark: NOO!!

  73. Brendan Lloyd

    Brendan Lloyd2 日 前

    I like how mark is holding the head almost the entire time

  74. trysten leng

    trysten leng2 日 前

    If ur head can fit u can fit

  75. Elmo On Ipad

    Elmo On Ipad2 日 前

    The girl cop looked real i thought i was watching a movie with Mark breaking the 4th wall

  76. Multo Gaming

    Multo Gaming2 日 前

    I know ethan and mark wanna make her laugh😂 Sorry im not good at english🥺

  77. Lily Wojceichowski

    Lily Wojceichowski2 日 前

    my name is Lily-

  78. Declined

    Declined2 日 前

    Ethan: imma die ;-; Mark: *UNCLE JEB?*

  79. Shawn McCollum

    Shawn McCollum2 日 前

    This could be a movie

  80. Gaming Wolf

    Gaming Wolf2 日 前

    Hang on is anyone else going to point out why the fuck mark is carrying a damn separate head

  81. jieyanni

    jieyanni3 日 前

    Her: *Fucking dying* Mark: Get her to calm down Ethan: Ethan: Just calm down!

  82. Fluffy Toast

    Fluffy Toast3 日 前

    Ethan: he's and idiot but- Quinn: *sobbing* My life is in the hand of an idiot?!? Ethan: No, no no- TWO idiots! I-

  83. Ya Boy

    Ya Boy3 日 前

    15:52 XD

  84. Josh Koines

    Josh Koines3 日 前

    This is like scare PewDiePie, but scare Ethan and mark

  85. ThatOneGirlOnYoutube edited

    ThatOneGirlOnYoutube edited3 日 前


  86. Joey Fernandez

    Joey Fernandez3 日 前

    *Quinn dies* Ethan: *points at Mark* ...YOU DID THIS

  87. ThatOneGirlOnYoutube edited

    ThatOneGirlOnYoutube edited3 日 前

    __________________ /. \ |. | |. | | | |_____________________________________________| |. | |_____________________________________________| |. | |. | \____________________________________________/

  88. ThatOneGirlOnYoutube edited

    ThatOneGirlOnYoutube edited3 日 前

    The person talking sounds like Metteton

  89. mo jang

    mo jang3 日 前

    Unus aynis

  90. TyghnanBrey

    TyghnanBrey3 日 前

    “My life is in the hands of an idiot!” “No no no no no no! Two idiots!”

  91. PriscillaGirl

    PriscillaGirl3 日 前

    *U N C L E J E B ?*

  92. Rose M

    Rose M3 日 前

    Ethan: "If we die, we die." Talker guy: " Yeah yeah, awsome."

  93. Eroll. M

    Eroll. M3 日 前

    Quinn acting: Ethan: Are u chill with dieing?

  94. Nilator453

    Nilator4533 日 前

    *the basement*

  95. Ms Mixy

    Ms Mixy3 日 前

    If Mark and Ethan where in a crime sceen thay would be so dumb and no one would of thought thay killed whoever

  96. timthe12yr0ld

    timthe12yr0ld3 日 前

    This is suppose to be scary

  97. Proto PlaysGames!

    Proto PlaysGames!3 日 前

    Mark: “Ashes To Ashes, Dust To Dust” My FNAF Addicted Brain: *”You’re Gonna Burn With The Rest Of Us.*

  98. Mega Rayquaza

    Mega Rayquaza日 前

    Glad to see a Person from the FNAF community, keep em alive will ya?

  99. -waffles-

    -waffles-3 日 前

    Who’s just scrolling in the comments?

  100. -.-LokiOfAsgard -.-

    -.-LokiOfAsgard -.-3 日 前

    Me lamo xD



    this was very unus annus their should be a movie like this i mean almost exactly like this cant go without metioning the movie escape room

  102. Freak Lightning

    Freak Lightning3 日 前

    Mark is literally just having a conversation with a lady stuck in a cage😂 So casual

  103. MaddiexMae Gacha

    MaddiexMae Gacha3 日 前

    the guy in the beginning sounds like klaus hargreeves- edit: the one on the loudspeakers when they go in the room

  104. Alison Burgurmeister

    Alison Burgurmeister3 日 前

    My favorite video on this channel.