Mark and Ethan Attempt an Escape Room


  1. Cassie Shuler

    Cassie Shuler3 時間 前

    words of the vid uncle jeb

  2. Kaptain Marvel

    Kaptain Marvel4 時間 前

    Mark and Ethan: “Pee?” Mark: “Blood?” Mark: “Semen” Me: “WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY????????????” Also me: “OMG YES, PERFECT”

  3. Hazardously dumb

    Hazardously dumb5 時間 前

    “My life’s in the hands of an idiot?!” “No no no two idiots

  4. Fangirl Lyrics

    Fangirl Lyrics7 時間 前

    I’ve re-watched this video three times

  5. Fangirl Lyrics

    Fangirl Lyrics8 時間 前

    Pee? Blood? SEMEN😱

  6. Annamay Veta

    Annamay Veta9 時間 前

    "my life is in the hands of an idiot!?" "No no no no, two idiots"

  7. ArisaBunni

    ArisaBunni10 時間 前

    M E M E N T O M O R I

  8. Isaac Gallaher

    Isaac Gallaher10 時間 前


  9. Laura Nelson

    Laura Nelson12 時間 前

    This was so funny plz do another one, you guys are so funny!!!

  10. Dark Diamond

    Dark Diamond12 時間 前

    “Or I’ll release the hounds!” Mark: Puppies!

  11. Pinocchio the real boy

    Pinocchio the real boy13 時間 前

    Mark can be a psychopath if he wants to be

  12. Zackary W

    Zackary W14 時間 前

    You were supposed to do something with the liquour cabinet.

  13. OG# NATE

    OG# NATE14 時間 前

    She's your girlfriend?? I'll come back later then.

  14. Famous Infamous

    Famous Infamous14 時間 前


  15. Dakady GT

    Dakady GT14 時間 前

    At the end I tought Ethan will sit on Mark's lap cuz of the dogs

  16. _.addilyn._

    _.addilyn._14 時間 前

    Quinn: where did you find that head?? Mark: in a fridge *I dont think it was working....*

  17. Renegade Tekoe

    Renegade Tekoe14 時間 前

    That actress kinda hot

  18. aminthemar

    aminthemar15 時間 前

    6:51 Whoa! Whoa! Resident Evil 7 flashbacks...

  19. AGENT Leo

    AGENT Leo16 時間 前

    this is on a next level

  20. brian wilkinson

    brian wilkinson18 時間 前


  21. hottox _

    hottox _18 時間 前

    Such a good actor tho. Having these fucking idiots but still managing to stick to the script

  22. Ady Black

    Ady Black18 時間 前

    Do you know how hard it must have been to stay serious around those two? That girl needs a freaking raise

  23. Themillerman Plus

    Themillerman Plus19 時間 前

    Quinn probably thinks you guys are just stupid and is trying not laugh

  24. Ethan Taylor

    Ethan Taylor19 時間 前

    I'd watch these guy do more of this

  25. RussellSprout

    RussellSprout21 時間 前

    The hardest I laugh is always with Mark

  26. DrCuriensapprentice

    DrCuriensapprentice23 時間 前

    Two girls in Poland die in an escape room EU: all escape rooms MUST have emergency escape protocols USA: if you die in there oh well

  27. Morferr

    Morferr23 時間 前

    I just realized Unnus Annus is ‘One Year’ in Latin!

  28. kexard

    kexard日 前

    I would just love if you lost, and they just released like 12 corgis into the basement XD

  29. Hangry

    Hangry日 前

    I still wonder to this day how she deals with 2 idiots trying to escape

  30. NoCommentaryGames Main

    NoCommentaryGames Main日 前

    Is that gluskin?

  31. Milkychan Memenade

    Milkychan Memenade日 前

    *Pinky Promise*

  32. hecc mcgee

    hecc mcgee日 前

    Lmao as soon as they zoomed in on that clap of the hands I knew they were getting ready to slay her ass for that blood

  33. Taffy

    Taffy日 前

    6:19, whos that in the background?

  34. C4_567

    C4_567日 前

    That Quin lady must have had to try SO hard not to laugh

  35. James Myers

    James Myers日 前

    man she was pretty convincing! Like she's actually been locked in a cage before and she channeled that pain.

  36. C4_567

    C4_567日 前

    16:36 was the funniest part of this whole thing XD

  37. Collette Barrington

    Collette Barrington日 前

    This gives me a Resident Evil 7 vibe.

  38. animugeek 53

    animugeek 53日 前

    Quinn: please i dont want to die here! Help! Mark: Have you ever thought that death is inevitable and will claim us all eventually? hey do you know this head?

  39. where are the fruit snacks

    where are the fruit snacks日 前

    Anus Unnus

  40. Wilgen Brown

    Wilgen Brown日 前

    The best characters in these videos are the dirt and grime.

  41. cream cheese bagel

    cream cheese bagel日 前

    Quinn: So my life is in the hands of an idiot Ethan: Ahh no two idoits

  42. TheKillerOf Games

    TheKillerOf Games日 前

    Now I wanna go to an escape room with my friend and just be truthful and honest (in the most mean way) to the people that are working there

  43. GhostCity Gore

    GhostCity Gore日 前

    anyone know the background song at 22:30 ? thanks

  44. Terrence team Spin Master of everything bro

    Terrence team Spin Master of everything bro日 前

    Damn being swole does have its advantages but but going through a hole in a fridge is just too hard Trini the little skinny guy you know

  45. Red Hot

    Red Hot日 前

    Quin: MY LIFE IS IN THE HANDS OF AN IDIOT?! Ethan: no, two idiots!

  46. The Successful Destroyer

    The Successful Destroyer日 前

    I feel so bad for the actors lol, imagine how hard it would be to stay in character

  47. Puppet Master

    Puppet Master日 前

    poor quinn. her acting is soooo goood thoooo

  48. JessieCakes

    JessieCakes日 前

    For the love of god you two, please do this again, I want to see how it’s supposed to end!!

  49. DaniDraws

    DaniDraws日 前

    R.I.P Mark Ethan And most importantly... Quinn.. at least Mark gave her cocaine.

  50. IndigoIceDragon

    IndigoIceDragon日 前

    If I were Quinn and wouldn’t be able to stop laughing. 😂 this is why I can’t act. I would just keep laughing 😂

  51. Halle Irwin

    Halle Irwin日 前

    do u guys know what happened after?

  52. Kioko Rose

    Kioko Rose日 前

    Ethan: I'm so sorry that we're so dumb Me everyday 😂

  53. Ella Olender

    Ella Olender日 前

    Quinn: my life is in the hands of an idiot! Ethan: nonononono! Two idiots :3 Same tho

  54. Farbod Heisenberg

    Farbod Heisenberg日 前

    Mark:is edward big The cop:he is six foot one Mark and Ethan : oh thats to big

  55. I’m-resilient

    I’m-resilient日 前

    Do another escape room

  56. Harriet Cartw

    Harriet Cartw日 前

    10:00 ethan: i think these are for you mark: aw youLL FIND LOVE AGAIN

  57. OnyxFox09

    OnyxFox09日 前

    Quinn: wait, is that from lily? Ethan: Do you want to read it? Quinn: no, no Ethan: I feel like you should read it

  58. This is what noobs do

    This is what noobs do日 前

    2 idiots are better than one.

  59. Brianna Kirkland

    Brianna Kirkland日 前

    What is with the time thing at the begging

  60. RattlyNebula

    RattlyNebula日 前

    im a cop im a cop im a cop im a cop im a cop im a cop im a cop im a cop im a cop im a cop im a cop im a cop im a cop im a cop im a cop im a cop im a cop im a cop im a cop im a cop