Making More Soup


  1. Megz Love

    Megz Love8 時間 前

    She’s not affectionate toward him. It’s bothersome to watch. Like literally just roommates.

  2. The Artistsan2

    The Artistsan28 時間 前

    *the editing sucks, jenna told me to put this WHERE IS MY COOKIE*

  3. Vanni Reyes

    Vanni Reyes11 時間 前

    I am so happy that you two exist and met each other. I need your presence on my phone screen every week 😌

  4. Loo

    Loo11 時間 前

    Terrible editing, hate it, awful, worst thing i've ever seen

  5. anya

    anya11 時間 前

    i thought the title was making more soap and it didn’t click they were talking about soup until like 3 minutes in

  6. chance grey

    chance grey19 時間 前

    I just saw a recipe for chickpea noodle soup you guys could probably make super easy. Saw it on pinterest

  7. violet

    violet日 前

    Dude the editing is so bad

  8. Shea Hoagland

    Shea Hoagland日 前

    I’d pay money to hear ya nightly prater

  9. Elizabeth Ullrich

    Elizabeth Ullrich日 前

    I really thought the title said soap and I was like why the frik they calling soap making cooking

  10. kaylie marquez

    kaylie marquez日 前

    When Julien said at 13:31 "remember where you came from balls" I thought he said "remember when we came from balls" and I was about to be like "is everyone just going to ignore what he said oooorrrr?"😂😂😂

  11. Arnold Smith

    Arnold Smith日 前

    I’m sick and soup sounds bomb

  12. Kat Cam

    Kat Cam日 前

    Me: ugh. I went home sick today. I can’t hear all this food talk. Jenna: I know you’re sick. You need soup. Me: aw fuck.

  13. luke

    luke日 前

    JULIEN LOVES YOU SO MUCH I- y'all are perfect for each other my heart. Y'all are a great love story

  14. Nessahhh __

    Nessahhh __日 前

    Jenna should have had the fire or whatever that stove is on a very low setting and left the meatballs alone covered for at least ten minutes. Maybe less since she made them so small. Then once they’re uncovered, she could have moved them around until they’re browned. They wouldn’t have broken apart.

  15. LazyLozar

    LazyLozar日 前

    *has a beautiful gas stove top* *uses portable electric cooker* 🤦‍♀️

  16. Carly Nalitt

    Carly Nalitt日 前

    this was so comforting to watch

  17. precouislluvia bankston

    precouislluvia bankston日 前

    How did u know I had a cold, I'm sick asf

  18. Annabeth Chases

    Annabeth Chases日 前

    Yes, my life consists of watching Jenna and Julien make soup



    I didn’t know Jenna was older then Julian

  20. kate ardito

    kate ardito日 前

    Where did you get that hat I love it!!

  21. Hannah Weston

    Hannah Weston日 前

    All of Jenna's favorite foods are hearty and comforting and you can really tell she grew up in New York

  22. Hannah Weston

    Hannah Weston日 前

    "I'm being too rough with the baaaallllssss" "wot?"

  23. Vivian Guido

    Vivian Guido日 前

    Traditionally you don’t eat Italian wedding soup at wedding but it also depends on the part of italy you’re from. In the south and north no soup at weddings. It’s delicious though


    COUGH COUGH2 日 前

    Butternut squash=best soup

  25. Gracie Flood

    Gracie Flood2 日 前

    Wait shit italian wedding soup SLAPS but I haven't had it since going vegetarian!! Imma make this shit thx Jenna

  26. paragontethras

    paragontethras2 日 前

    You could have used a pasta machine to make strands and then chopped it up into smaller pieces

  27. Katia C

    Katia C2 日 前

    loved this collab 🙌 can always use a good making soup video

  28. • A N G E L A •

    • A N G E L A •2 日 前

    when are y’all getting married? and have kids and feed them soup?

  29. Ed Burdick

    Ed Burdick2 日 前


  30. Ed Burdick

    Ed Burdick2 日 前

    yo y’all be talking about gnocchi and I WANT TO HUG YOU BOTH

  31. Ed Burdick

    Ed Burdick2 日 前

    I am drunk and I WANT TO HUG YOU BOTH

  32. Sydney Allen

    Sydney Allen2 日 前

    I dont know if this is just me, but through like the whole beginning of the video I cant even concentrate on watching what's going on cause I'm just listening to the piano music in the background😂

  33. Skysong Martinez

    Skysong Martinez2 日 前

    Omg that soup looks absolutely delicious!! It made me crave soup and then my dad called to tell me to come downstairs he made soup like OMG!! Thanks Jenna!

  34. this is for rachel

    this is for rachel2 日 前

    0:58 the longer u stare at jennas hand the longer it gets

  35. moonbeam

    moonbeam2 日 前

    I thought the title said "making more soAp" and I got excited for a second but then 2 minutes in the video I was like "wait why r they talking about soup huh"

  36. Ingrid St Pierre

    Ingrid St Pierre2 日 前


  37. Suzy Newb

    Suzy Newb2 日 前

    Oooh pour over rice? Yaaaas!

  38. IM Trying

    IM Trying2 日 前

    Julien's Dad breathing is on another level these days. Peak Dad inhales.

  39. Alex pierron

    Alex pierron2 日 前

    13:01 👏🏼👏🏼

  40. Jennifer Carson Klubnik

    Jennifer Carson Klubnik2 日 前

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but it's not vegan if there is blood in there... 😂

  41. Angel Scotch

    Angel Scotch2 日 前

    "How can you be?" is like something out of a Bill Wurtz video

  42. Raechael W

    Raechael W2 日 前

    2:32 this kinda blew my mind because I’m watching this for the first time ever just now which is rare for Jenna’s videos and I’m sick right now so she fckn called me out

  43. pushup daisies

    pushup daisies3 日 前

    Editing is terrible

  44. Percy Grubbs

    Percy Grubbs3 日 前

    Lmao @ the beauty shots of the food 😂

  45. Kim R.

    Kim R.3 日 前

    "You Beech" 😞

  46. Lauren Hall

    Lauren Hall3 日 前

    Jenna: look at it I can taste all the love you put in these little tiny balls of pasta Julien: I put hate into them

  47. Vivica Torres

    Vivica Torres3 日 前

    Wow Jenna ur friend is a bad editor

  48. Maya Taylor (Student)

    Maya Taylor (Student)3 日 前

    The editing was fabulous Julien

  49. derik Bellanger

    derik Bellanger3 日 前

    Jenna at 9:20 trying not to laugh at Julien's joke when she's annoyed with him

  50. DJ Steezy

    DJ Steezy3 日 前

    17:55 - Adds cheese to his bowl for the 5th time then gives up and picks up container and adds rest of cheese is his bowl. For good measure dumps the container which has absolutely nothing in it to Jenna’s bowl. LEGEND!

  51. alyssa fuentes

    alyssa fuentes3 日 前

    how did you throw the salt like that

  52. София Вашкевич

    София Вашкевич3 日 前

    Не могу слушать Дженну без озвучки Камеди Стор😹😹

  53. Josh Davis

    Josh Davis3 日 前


  54. dailyliving

    dailyliving4 日 前

    Jenna, as a fellow old lady (I'm 28 lol) I strongly advise that you do more of these!! I was inspired, went and made soup and sat down to watch this lmao

  55. Churchmander ?!

    Churchmander ?!4 日 前

    I actually don’t like soup

  56. Sara Marie

    Sara Marie4 日 前


  57. Brylee Lambertus

    Brylee Lambertus4 日 前

    Jenna And I am not gonna bake because we aren’t married 😂😂😂

  58. kianna adelina

    kianna adelina4 日 前

    josh peck in disguise

  59. kittyfreiheit12

    kittyfreiheit124 日 前

    I love you Jenna. BUT I am Italian, I am not even 3 minutes in and I am TRIGGERED

  60. Harry The Ripper

    Harry The Ripper4 日 前

    Jenna talking about the two different soups..... My dinner was pure veggie soup. No pasta, no mea/meat substitute.