Making Hamburger Sized Skittles


  1. MagicatForest 12579

    MagicatForest 12579時間 前

    Me: * Eats raw shell of giant skittle * Also me: ITS ONLY CORN STARCH!!!!!!!!

  2. Je'Miya Jenkins

    Je'Miya Jenkins3 時間 前

    You know the inside of skittles are white right?

  3. gijs

    gijs18 時間 前

    Everyone loves Claire!

  4. JoshuaDDales

    JoshuaDDales日 前

    So, can this work with M&Ms?

  5. Gabe Hastings

    Gabe Hastings日 前

    lol, how many o ring lights do you need?

  6. RC adventure's / other's

    RC adventure's / other's日 前

    Make a pool full of oobleck

  7. Bladers blade haters hate

    Bladers blade haters hate日 前

    You need to make a queen of random shirt

  8. Raquel Rogers

    Raquel Rogers日 前

    Plz freeze dry theme

  9. Peyton Young

    Peyton Young日 前

    10:01 hahaha some of it fell

  10. piper_gacha_life _55

    piper_gacha_life _55日 前

    There is another youtuber that made a giant skittles with his brother and their names are collins key and devan key and the youtube channels name is collins key.

  11. Bunnie Playz

    Bunnie Playz日 前

    But inside of skittles are white.......

  12. Ayyan Shazib

    Ayyan Shazib日 前

    Man simple melt some original skittles and then make a mould of large skittles

  13. Lyssa Pb

    Lyssa Pb日 前

    Lilly Singh wants to know your location

  14. Bri S

    Bri S日 前

    Wait the inside is white lol.

  15. Ava Lang

    Ava Lang日 前


  16. Taylar Bradley

    Taylar Bradley日 前

    Can you try making giant nerds next

  17. Kgamer 2100

    Kgamer 2100日 前

    Some uhh edible shine

  18. Claire Jasmine

    Claire Jasmine日 前

    My teeth and myself wont survive if I actually ate one of those

  19. zif lion gaming

    zif lion gaming日 前


  20. Ryan _

    Ryan _2 日 前

    K but why?

  21. Janice Snelson

    Janice Snelson2 日 前

    Freeze dry a giant Skittle

  22. QuickSwaggyBonnie 8183

    QuickSwaggyBonnie 81832 日 前

    Check out Collins Key they also made huge skittles! 🍬

  23. Alexa

    Alexa2 日 前

    Omg I love Claire :(

  24. Diego Jimenez Caldera

    Diego Jimenez Caldera2 日 前

    Tasty: *Ok*

  25. William Christensen

    William Christensen2 日 前

    And the magical Diabetes shows up

  26. James Aseltine II

    James Aseltine II2 日 前

    Now that's an idea

  27. Matthew’s Memes

    Matthew’s Memes2 日 前

    11.56 it is 1257

  28. Emilie Karlsen

    Emilie Karlsen2 日 前

    You should put a giant skittles in the dry freezer 😄

  29. punpkin-314-pi

    punpkin-314-pi2 日 前

    i got so confused when you said grape because i’m british so i’m used to blackcurrant skittles for the purple


    SUPER N0VA BLOOPER 642 日 前

    4:43 Dude you know kids watch this Right Srsly tho alot of kids watch this And i mean ALOT

  31. Brianna

    Brianna2 日 前

    Can you try to make candies they no longer make. Like sour Altoids or creme savers.

  32. ise channel

    ise channel2 日 前

    It looks more like a giant M&M

  33. kitten pup

    kitten pup2 日 前

    I can eat a lime

  34. Graceful As Always

    Graceful As Always2 日 前

    You should freeze dry a giant skittle and see if you get the same reaction as the regular ones.

  35. Alana G4ming

    Alana G4ming3 日 前

    Are you gone eat all that?

  36. Stephen Plays

    Stephen Plays3 日 前

    Make a giant twizler

  37. Seth Arvila

    Seth Arvila3 日 前

    What about a canoe made of chocolate

  38. Elijah the Gamer

    Elijah the Gamer3 日 前

    Freeze dry them!

  39. Paul Maynard

    Paul Maynard3 日 前

    Isn’t the middle of a skittle white?


    COOL KID TV3 日 前

    9:20 who walked passed?

  41. James Will

    James Will3 日 前

    Get two put them between you fingers and crush them

  42. Vorel Ozia

    Vorel Ozia3 日 前

    Now freeze dry your 1.5 lbs skittle !!

  43. Austeja Rauktyte

    Austeja Rauktyte3 日 前

    Thanks, now I want skittles😐🔫💯

  44. Tabitha Johnswood

    Tabitha Johnswood3 日 前

    Hi wish u could do give always with those 😭

  45. Itz Julia

    Itz Julia3 日 前

    Make a skittle sized hamburger 😂🍔!

  46. Reece Yee

    Reece Yee3 日 前

    *Now freeze dry it*

  47. HollyDay104

    HollyDay1043 日 前


  48. LoganOV Plays

    LoganOV Plays4 日 前

    Who else is looking for Clares comment?

  49. Sophia Cilano

    Sophia Cilano4 日 前

    Can you guys make a giant starburst or giant cotton candy/candy floss

  50. Phoenyx Salter

    Phoenyx Salter4 日 前

    Take the hamburger sized skittle and freeze dry it

  51. Tommy Bowers

    Tommy Bowers4 日 前

    Because why not.

  52. Mayday Deathday

    Mayday Deathday4 日 前

    Try this one , my mom seems to think that vinegar solves alot of problems around the house. Maybe try out some experiments like a simulation of an upset stomach or a cleaner.

  53. Mayday Deathday

    Mayday Deathday4 日 前

    OMG I LOVE CLAIRE 🤣 I LOVE THOSE EPISODES! I think my fav was the pocky one.

  54. Unbelievable Rider14

    Unbelievable Rider144 日 前

    Can you do a skittle the size of a birthday cake?

  55. Kian Editing

    Kian Editing4 日 前

    The green ones are green apple, not lime 😐

  56. ღFαntasiα Blíssღ

    ღFαntasiα Blíssღ4 日 前

    O O ll . ll ll ll ll ll

  57. Jack F

    Jack F4 日 前

    The inside of a real skittles are white so the inside being purple is not a big deal

  58. Hannah Montannah

    Hannah Montannah4 日 前

    If I was there, eitherthe purple or the red one would be gone. Or the green Or maybe just all of them

  59. Keith Connell

    Keith Connell4 日 前

    7:00 "Let's talk about that".. What YT universe colliding sorcery is this??

  60. Keith Connell

    Keith Connell4 日 前

    That the frack is with the hillbilly music? xD