Making Hamburger Sized Skittles


  1. The ultimate Footballer & gamer

    The ultimate Footballer & gamer11 分 前

    Freeze dry these skittles

  2. Hemant Shah

    Hemant Shah日 前

    Kid: Mom can I have skittles? Mom: Fine, but only 5. Kid:

  3. Brenda Thomas

    Brenda Thomas日 前

    who waching in quarantine

  4. Eli Wolfe

    Eli Wolfe日 前

    Does any one else notice that tkor Often records at like midnight

  5. Sirfartthesecond .

    Sirfartthesecond .2 日 前

    Why is It always lit mobile and mattresses

  6. Jeff Murphy

    Jeff Murphy2 日 前

    *me knowing green skittles are apple flavored in Canada* Why are none of the other comments addressing this

  7. Dillon Lazer

    Dillon Lazer2 日 前


  8. alex salsman

    alex salsman2 日 前

    love claire

  9. Z. Lapu

    Z. Lapu3 日 前

    im from hungary and if i would make my way into a candy store well i would have diabetes and no teeth at all

  10. Dog lover

    Dog lover4 日 前

    😮 my heaven 😂😂😂

  11. Karma Whitewolf

    Karma Whitewolf4 日 前

    i am curious what would happen if you made a hamburger size M&Ms

  12. Sekharan Joy

    Sekharan Joy5 日 前

    U should change u r name into king and queen of random

  13. Derpy Duck

    Derpy Duck5 日 前

    *when they took a bite of the giant skittle* *Every dentist in the world gets scared*

  14. Jade Woodward

    Jade Woodward5 日 前

    I want that

  15. fathia fatai

    fathia fatai6 日 前

    diabetes: knock knock 😊😋

  16. Monsterhandler Nate YT

    Monsterhandler Nate YT6 日 前

    My name is Nate as well

  17. SparkelEye Studios

    SparkelEye Studios6 日 前

    Who else likes to swish two together and see what it tastes like?

  18. evo sagara

    evo sagara6 日 前

    Now make skittles sized hamburger

  19. Nathan Zylbermann

    Nathan Zylbermann7 日 前


  20. Ada Gao

    Ada Gao7 日 前

    I like looking at it

  21. SuperDuckie TV

    SuperDuckie TV7 日 前

    Pls do more of this puffed candy

  22. Cobra48

    Cobra488 日 前

    Now i am very hungry

  23. Cobra48

    Cobra488 日 前

    My friend said that the outer shell of skittles is made of beetle shells

  24. The Owner Of The Factory.

    The Owner Of The Factory.8 日 前

    Diabetes galore

  25. Gremlin

    Gremlin8 日 前

    I’m surprised how these people don’t have diabetes yet

  26. Robert Kieffer

    Robert Kieffer8 日 前


  27. Layla Vossoughi

    Layla Vossoughi9 日 前

    Instead of scooping out the inside of skittles why don't you just set them in water let them soften and then squish them all together and there you go you have a giant skittle.

  28. Antonio Fiamengo

    Antonio Fiamengo9 日 前

    No that’s diabetes in a can

  29. SilverGalaxy728

    SilverGalaxy7289 日 前

    Try this with a m&m?

  30. shy guy films

    shy guy films9 日 前

    You must have some freaking giant hamburgers

  31. Jake Isitt

    Jake Isitt10 日 前

    You guys making skittles reminds me of something a friend said her partner worked in a skittle Factory and she said the skittles shells are all flavoured the same and that they had to watch out for the powered sugar as it has been know to explode 😳

  32. MrCrazyMan Games

    MrCrazyMan Games10 日 前

    Why though?

  33. Rickypol 007

    Rickypol 00710 日 前

    Where are skitles sizes hamburgers

  34. Artistic Mistake

    Artistic Mistake10 日 前

    Bruh <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="602">10:02</a>

  35. Cotton Sylveon

    Cotton Sylveon10 日 前

    Little did they know all skittles taste the same but the scent tricks you

  36. Freddy Frostbear

    Freddy Frostbear10 日 前

    I love candy

  37. justPlainOl'CommonSense

    justPlainOl'CommonSense10 日 前

    Nate, Cali, what would you do differently next time to make them taste better?

  38. justPlainOl'CommonSense

    justPlainOl'CommonSense10 日 前

    I would TOTALLY buy giant Skittles! I already buy giant Sweet Tarts!

  39. Kyndurr01

    Kyndurr0110 日 前

    Now for the real test, can they freeze dry it?

  40. DnA Slasher

    DnA Slasher10 日 前

    What happened to the other king of random guy

  41. joel mccann

    joel mccann11 日 前

    This shows you how much Americans don’t won’t to use the metric system

  42. UseCodeSmooth

    UseCodeSmooth11 日 前

    Now I realize that they made the yogurt skittles 😂😂😂😂

  43. Blissfull Wulf

    Blissfull Wulf11 日 前

    Skittles are the worst way to find out you have a cavity.

  44. vdevastated

    vdevastated11 日 前

    Hamburger size diabetes

  45. ice pea

    ice pea11 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="304">5:04</a> flashback to the gushers

  46. Fernando Ochoa Jr

    Fernando Ochoa Jr11 日 前

    when you realize you're awake at 12 a.m.

  47. holly schouw

    holly schouw12 日 前

    I feel like Callie likes Nate......

  48. Dplayz

    Dplayz12 日 前

    Freeze dry one of them

  49. FBRT gaming

    FBRT gaming12 日 前

    "bonne appétitte"

  50. LEO DO

    LEO DO13 日 前

    it looks so hard to eat

  51. bobby hall

    bobby hall13 日 前

    I can't imagine those would be easy to eat.

  52. BuyRCSP 2

    BuyRCSP 213 日 前

    Now we need Skittle size hamburger

  53. anrifl plays

    anrifl plays13 日 前

    Yoooooooooo sup

  54. Hunter Dennison

    Hunter Dennison14 日 前

    Imagine they comment on this video

  55. blaine montgomery

    blaine montgomery14 日 前

    If I ever meet them they will become my new best friends😂😂😂

  56. Canelli Mather

    Canelli Mather14 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="646">10:46</a> Nate:eats the yellow skittle Also Nates face: shrivels up in to a grape

  57. Theron Sniper

    Theron Sniper14 日 前

    Fun fact about artificial grape: there are grapes that naturally taste like that, they are just slightly tart.

  58. ElecShadow27

    ElecShadow2715 日 前

    Who elses mouth was watering the entire time?

  59. Leanna Serik

    Leanna Serik15 日 前

    make me one

  60. If Mations

    If Mations16 日 前

    Now freeze dry it

  61. Ethan Lapointe

    Ethan Lapointe16 日 前


  62. Wendellyn Ritz

    Wendellyn Ritz18 日 前

    frreze dry the hmburger sized skittles

  63. Wendellyn Ritz

    Wendellyn Ritz14 日 前


  64. Wendellyn Ritz

    Wendellyn Ritz15 日 前


  65. kaykayes Jr

    kaykayes Jr17 日 前

    are you bored in quarantine

  66. Miss_ Daisy

    Miss_ Daisy19 日 前

    What if you freeze dry the giant skittle?

  67. Nostalgic

    Nostalgic20 日 前

    Make a gummy bear sized a car

  68. Breanna Louise

    Breanna Louise21 日 前

    What if you freeze dry a giant skittles

  69. Dawn Draws

    Dawn Draws21 日 前

    You've heard of the NORMAL skittles... Now get ready for... Instant diabetes, the new and HUGE skittles!

  70. Roblox Life

    Roblox Life22 日 前

  71. Sample

    Sample22 日 前

    Oh this is how to get diabetes B)

  72. Jessica Hinojosa

    Jessica Hinojosa22 日 前

    Anyone here form 2020 thinking of the tiktok reference “when worlds collide” when he mentioned bon appetite

  73. Sechii

    Sechii22 日 前

    *Freeze dry it*

  74. SpinyLordship

    SpinyLordship22 日 前

    i highkey wanna hydraulic press those lol

  75. Jaquelynn Young

    Jaquelynn Young23 日 前

    sit on it!!

  76. Izzy Swerdlove

    Izzy Swerdlove24 日 前

    All your videos make me want candy

  77. Azarias West

    Azarias West24 日 前

    yeah true

  78. JJ Mas Gaming

    JJ Mas Gaming24 日 前

    Nice shirt Nate

  79. Jack Plays14

    Jack Plays1425 日 前


  80. CrazyGamerGames

    CrazyGamerGames27 日 前

    T A S T E T H E R A I N B O W

  81. Laith Ngatai-Iti

    Laith Ngatai-Iti27 日 前


  82. Gassen

    Gassen27 日 前

    hamburger hamburger

  83. KAERTA1231

    KAERTA123128 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="516">8:36</a> is that for shrek ?