Making Custom Nail Polish Colors feat. Simply Nailogical


  1. Safiya Nygaard

    Safiya Nygaard11 日 前

    HELLO FRIENDS!! so sorry for the delay here, we're in the last couple of weeks before our wedding and i am quite literally running around like a chicken with its head cut off. hope you enjoy this lil video!! which polish color would you wear?? xoxo, saf

  2. Jessica Stehbens

    Jessica Stehbens6 日 前


  3. DragonWithCoffee

    DragonWithCoffee8 日 前


  4. ShadowSan

    ShadowSan10 日 前

    I did it

  5. spasmpotato

    spasmpotato6 時間 前

    "I like to Mauve it Mauve it"

  6. Mouse Bones

    Mouse Bones6 時間 前

    I'm going to have to take my bridesmaids here! Would be a wonderful momento to have custom colors long after the wedding. Also Mauve Unknown is gorgeous.

  7. artsy craftsy

    artsy craftsy6 時間 前

    Franken Mauve

  8. Jana Hossam

    Jana Hossam6 時間 前

    I would call it "one of each"

  9. Addie Guerrero

    Addie Guerrero7 時間 前

    I love both of you guys ❤️❤️❤️

  10. onequartercanadian

    onequartercanadian7 時間 前

    Jenna has the “too much” gene Safiya has the “must mix everything” gene 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  11. onequartercanadian

    onequartercanadian7 時間 前

    Rocking that black lipstick!!

  12. Gacha Friends

    Gacha Friends7 時間 前

    Orly Mc Mauve

  13. Theoddishoneout

    Theoddishoneout7 時間 前

    I like the polish mixing lady, she sounds like I feel

  14. Ayesha

    Ayesha7 時間 前

    the thumbnail is technically a tide pod

  15. teia hindeleh the cat & gacha girl owo

    teia hindeleh the cat & gacha girl owo8 時間 前

    You can name it (franken mauve)

  16. GullieMot

    GullieMot8 時間 前

    Motivation is a nice name

  17. Lara Jade

    Lara Jade8 時間 前

    Call it, midnight mauve-luscious

  18. AxelleC

    AxelleC8 時間 前

    Let's Mauve!

  19. SmellMyFart REE

    SmellMyFart REE9 時間 前

    Call it the "franken polish" 🦐

  20. CyberVo1f

    CyberVo1f10 時間 前


  21. Teal s

    Teal s10 時間 前

    JPreporter video: hello friends! Me: holo

  22. Phantom Studios

    Phantom Studios11 時間 前

    Mauverstein idk. I like it though

  23. Gale Hart

    Gale Hart11 時間 前

    man seeing how far safiya has come it doesn't even sound real that she got her start at buzzfeed. like, i legit had to google to make sure she actually was ever a part of it. she's done so well for herself im strangely proud

  24. Cupcake Kittenz

    Cupcake Kittenz11 時間 前

    I'd calling it Jonathan

  25. sophie cusack

    sophie cusack11 時間 前

    Mauve over

  26. Chloe corbett

    Chloe corbett11 時間 前

    I would call it frankenorly

  27. Ciara Mckenna

    Ciara Mckenna12 時間 前


  28. jara van zeijst

    jara van zeijst12 時間 前 you have to try these furry mittens

  29. Jaymee K

    Jaymee K13 時間 前

    I think it should be ‘Franken nail’

  30. Tonina Galea

    Tonina Galea13 時間 前

    Shimmer berries

  31. Katora Jonas

    Katora Jonas13 時間 前


  32. TAZtalks

    TAZtalks14 時間 前

    Fraken Mauve it

  33. KitKat Walker

    KitKat Walker15 時間 前

    Franken Mauve?

  34. Lovefrom Evax

    Lovefrom Evax15 時間 前

    Name . I don't know what i am doing

  35. Aislin Kageno

    Aislin Kageno15 時間 前

    Three things, Saf: One, the teal is gorgeous and my personal favorite of the three. Two, I suggest "Bride of Frankenphora" for the mauve. Three, CONGRATS on the impending wedding, I can't believe it's already happening!!!

  36. Charli King

    Charli King16 時間 前

    Berry kisses

  37. Little Luna

    Little Luna16 時間 前

    Frankenstein MAUVE over

  38. Laura Larsson Djupedal

    Laura Larsson Djupedal16 時間 前

    Mixning time!

  39. Spookay T'is Me

    Spookay T'is Me16 時間 前


  40. Rhea Mariam

    Rhea Mariam16 時間 前


  41. Raptor and T-Rex 101

    Raptor and T-Rex 10117 時間 前

    I have an idea for the next video. YOU. HAVE. TO. *NOT.* WEAR. BLACK. For 2 weeks, you also have to use more colors!!!!!

  42. Artistic Prince

    Artistic Prince17 時間 前

    “Franken-mauve” is the name of the Franken polish

  43. Randy Chavez

    Randy Chavez17 時間 前

    Mauvin on Up Frankenbeans Berry Quiet

  44. Lillian TheWitch

    Lillian TheWitch17 時間 前

    Frankenmauve XD

  45. Emily Plummer

    Emily Plummer17 時間 前

    Laurdiy recently did another d.i.y. ing yt merch featuring your merch!

  46. Phoebe Rofail

    Phoebe Rofail17 時間 前


  47. Vivian

    Vivian18 時間 前

    I think something like “MAUVE BISH! GET OUT THE WAY” and yes I’m all caps😂 or “a mauve in the right direction”

  48. Mak Lafreniere

    Mak Lafreniere18 時間 前

    Mauve she wrote

  49. Cassie

    Cassie18 時間 前

    I like the way you Mauve

  50. maddy andersen

    maddy andersen18 時間 前

    mauve bitch get out the way

  51. Mel&Val Vlogs

    Mel&Val Vlogs18 時間 前

    Is it bad i got the banna joke of ben im not in high school yet 😑

  52. Eleena Jackson

    Eleena Jackson18 時間 前


  53. Sewshi Games

    Sewshi Games19 時間 前

    Franklin polish

  54. Rainbow Kat

    Rainbow Kat19 時間 前

    Name idea "this is mauveible" you know like possible? eh... sounded better in my head :I .......... :3

  55. Serena Helton

    Serena Helton19 時間 前


  56. Natalie Taylor

    Natalie Taylor19 時間 前

    dont franken mauve

  57. alexa may

    alexa may19 時間 前

    **buzfeed has enter the chat**

  58. Madison Ly

    Madison Ly19 時間 前

    name: no not mauvember

  59. Flowery Vlogs

    Flowery Vlogs19 時間 前

    YOU CAN NAME IT (Frankin mauve)

  60. Layne

    Layne19 時間 前

    does anyone know where Safiya's top is from?

  61. Flowery Vlogs

    Flowery Vlogs19 時間 前

    You'll mauve me

  62. Amy Duong

    Amy Duong19 時間 前

    Tbh I dont get the point of the shop. What's the point in taking the test? Sorry 😂😂

  63. Chomper -Gaming

    Chomper -Gaming19 時間 前

    Mauve outa my way