macOS Big Sur’s Big Secret


  1. Nebulium

    Nebulium35 分 前

    I wonder if they will bring macos support to ipads

  2. Bill Gardyne

    Bill Gardyne4 時間 前

    Another good analysis. Thank you. Maybe the roll out of the hardware has been constrained by COVID. Standby to standby.

  3. TheRg191

    TheRg1917 時間 前

    It makes sense on a MacBook but not on a desktop I can’t see any comfortable scenario where reaching at full stretch across a desk, the width and working height of a 27” or 32” display would ever be comfortable, not for 12 hour work days. I’d rather use a Wacom with a larger desktop display. Plus trying to retouch with ANY fingerprints on a screen is annoying as it stands I can’t begin to entertain the idea of working with a never ending layer of fingerprints and smudges all over the image I’m working on. Any time saved in navigation is negated by constantly having to clean the display.

  4. Etek Dav

    Etek Dav12 時間 前

    I've had a Windows laptop with a touchscreen since 2012. That is how far Apple is behind.

  5. Vaibhav Chauhan

    Vaibhav Chauhan16 時間 前

    Nice to see freenas ui used in at 3:52. I along with few other enjoyed developing it at ixsystems.

  6. DanTDMJace

    DanTDMJace17 時間 前

    I actually use iPadOS 14 and it is so cool I just updated today

  7. Joshua Lambert

    Joshua Lambert18 時間 前

    apple os is already bad windows is actually good

  8. Marcus Cordeiro

    Marcus Cordeiro18 時間 前

    Perfect observations

  9. Stunami

    Stunami19 時間 前

    Slippery slope. I love my apple pencil / ipad pro experience. But I would also like to run Procreate on Mac OS with an oversized trackpad that can accept apple pencil as a pen tablet. hmm.

  10. Mike Unsworth

    Mike Unsworth19 時間 前

    Who wants a dirty, greasy, finger printed screen? Crazy!

  11. sebastian

    sebastian日 前

    using touch screen macbooks with long fingernails would be almost impossible

  12. Aroo!

    Aroo!日 前

    This is boring... at 4:02, i have an asus ROG laptop with touch screen that i got back in 2016. Never liked the idea of using a combination of Keyboard-Mouse-Screen. It just really sucks. Why are you talking about this like apple is innovating? Cmon it’s just pathetic. Since Jobs died Apple is just an absurd joke.

  13. BeatZEl!te

    BeatZEl!te日 前

    Now wait a minute?

  14. Nathan Tankersley

    Nathan Tankersley日 前

    100 % iPad os and Mac will merge they may still say they are separate yet they will run on the same chips and have all apps work across both so it don’t matter if they call them something different if they are the same apps running on the same chips using the arm instructions and metal api that’s a merged os

  15. Andy Alias

    Andy Alias日 前

    I doubt they will make an existing Mac a touchscreen ..yet, but introduce a massive iPad or something new that runs macOS first

  16. meouishlycat

    meouishlycat日 前

    0:57 *releases ipad pro* edit: just realized this was in the video so yeah.

  17. John Solo

    John Solo日 前

    Why do you have trouble saying Big Sur? It's literally just pronounced "ser" like you said it when you were joking.

  18. MISTER

    MISTER2 日 前

    Lol lol lol you guys are getting the windows 8 treatment

  19. O_O

    O_O2 日 前

    apple is riping off for ages to come.

  20. Gladimir Savinon

    Gladimir Savinon2 日 前

    I think apple is gonna eventually hit us with a single board computer with really high specs that can run MacOS and IOS. The furture is docking.

  21. Michael Scharf

    Michael Scharf2 日 前

    Big Surface?

  22. Luis Eduardo HD

    Luis Eduardo HD2 日 前

    What is the game at 3:37 ?

  23. Christopher Anderson

    Christopher Anderson12 時間 前

    The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

  24. TheCrashCourse

    TheCrashCourse2 日 前

    Big Soor? Disliked....

  25. Frank Enga

    Frank Enga2 日 前

    bIg SuR bEtA

  26. Dumb Dumb

    Dumb Dumb2 日 前

    if they dont fix this then i wont update.

  27. Mason Batista

    Mason Batista3 日 前

    1:27 I thought he said “we love the mac because it’s expensive”

  28. Sample Grit

    Sample Grit3 日 前

    I absolutely hate my pointing device to obscure my view of my display for the majority of my tasks. Mouse/trackpad pointer > finger/hand/arm. I use professional music creation apps. Apple are about to kill off their professional user base if they go ARM and push IOS onto OSX.

  29. Paul T

    Paul T3 日 前

    Imagine if there was some next level marketing plot twist where the Pro Display XDR is revealed to be a touchscreen the whole time that just requires software activation. A man can dream.

  30. Nicolas Vedder

    Nicolas Vedder3 日 前

    Can you tell me please how to play Zelda on iPad?

  31. Colin Dabboy

    Colin Dabboy3 日 前

    If macs have touchscreen it is basically a iPad with a keyboard and is over 1000 not you MacBook Air sorry

  32. 50 Hz

    50 Hz4 日 前

    ive had a touch screen on my X1 carbon for 5 years and i haven't used it in 5 years.

  33. Ramin Amin

    Ramin Amin4 日 前

    I’ve been using the Mac book big sewer ...... I’m sorry

  34. Sand Sack

    Sand Sack4 日 前

    Jobs was less wrong than the Cock is and will be.

  35. Sinan Akkoyun

    Sinan Akkoyun4 日 前

    Vertical touchscreens are really not ideal. Steve Jobs was very right in almost anything, it is sad that Apple started selling sh1t for gold after he died.

  36. Sinan Akkoyun

    Sinan Akkoyun4 日 前


  37. Alex Zavala

    Alex Zavala5 日 前

    Plot twist: Apple says they won't do Touch screen Macs just to make it seem amazing when they finally do. Lower expectations to put minimal effort in impressing.

  38. Peter Payne

    Peter Payne5 日 前

    Always love your coverage!

  39. Alpaca Male

    Alpaca Male6 日 前

    How is W10 crap?

  40. GyanPrakash

    GyanPrakash6 日 前

    Apple Bitches are gonna introduce a Touch Scree Mac Soon. Or they're gonna run MacOS on IPad.

  41. シ ᴘ ɪ ɴ ᴋ ʀ O̸ s ᴇ

    シ ᴘ ɪ ɴ ᴋ ʀ O̸ s ᴇ7 日 前


  42. Mime without a Box

    Mime without a Box7 日 前

    Ironic since Apple stole the first mouse patent from Xerox to use for MacOS for the first mouse on a personal computer.

  43. Cat Teenager

    Cat Teenager7 日 前

    they wont make arm macs, their not better than x86 and will require porting and will be a crappy mixed os

  44. Douglas Dutton

    Douglas Dutton7 日 前

    I have a touch screen win10 laptop and I find myself often preferring touching the screen to using a mouse. I feel that it is because we humans prefer to to things than move a mouse. Apple would gain many new users if a ARM touch mac comes out. The streamlineness of the MAC OS paired with giving users the choice of touch would be awesome.



    I think mac os is actually coming to iPad

  46. Dr Heggarty

    Dr Heggarty8 日 前

    Wait a minute, did you happen to forget... OH

  47. Rohan Green

    Rohan Green8 日 前

    I think they should release an ipad pro that runs MacOS. That would be awesome.

  48. Zane Carratala

    Zane Carratala8 日 前

    I just installed beta 3 on my new macbook air

  49. Rift

    Rift10 日 前

    It would destroy iPad sales, seriously. Not gonna happen.

  50. Ziv Qin

    Ziv Qin10 日 前

    macOS’s Big Surprise

  51. DorianPlayerOne

    DorianPlayerOne10 日 前

    *epicly uses ipad pro as computer on ios*

  52. Laggmonstret

    Laggmonstret11 日 前

    Jobs was not wrong about touchscreens on a laptop, it's just that people for some reason thinks it's awesome to smear thair greasy fingers over the screen. A mouse gets the job done better and with a laptop you can get into a comfortable position with it in your knees or on a traintable without worrying of your ipad to fall down. imho

  53. Mariocool13

    Mariocool1311 日 前

    Your sounds very annoying. You sound very cocky man.

  54. Wouter

    Wouter12 日 前

    This is batshit insane reasoning. Apple is NOT going to add a subpar experience to fix lazy conversion of iPad apps. They want developers to invest in the platform, not divest. WRONG: The iPad getting mouse support makes it LESS likely that macs get touch support. How do you not get this? WRONG: The keyboard folio does allow for a mouse input. It is also meant for TYPING. For when that is 99% of what you do. Steve wasn't wrong. WRONG: Cursor input has been available for YEARS. It hasn't just been introduced, it just got better. WRONG: You use the touchbar as an example that apple does split their lineup by feature, and then you show that this wasn't smart. What argument does that make? WRONG: You make the case for lowest common denominator....not against it. WRONG: The touch-like control center interface on Mac.....PROOFS....... touch friendly UI's don't work on the Mac, and this is the WRONG direction. WRONG: Size of ui-elements doesn't matter.....when you can change how big ui-elements are. WRONG: iPad apps being available by default does NOT warrant the inclusion of a touch screen. Two wrongs don't make a right. WRONG: Having the Mac eat into the iPad sales is insane. People will be disappointed with the Mac, and be less likely to buy an iPad with such a subpar touch experience. WRONG: All macs support multi touch. You can use multi touch on a trackpad AND apple mouse. Ever actually used a Mac?

  55. Spawn

    Spawn12 日 前

    Apple could produce touchscreen products both desktop and laptop for use. But they should add a simple option to give end user switch between touchable and untouchable OS. That's simple as it is.

  56. CLems

    CLems12 日 前

    If it happens that will make the

  57. Andy K H Lee

    Andy K H Lee12 日 前

    Hi there I am very enjoying your youtube videos that gave me very good idea about the product And when it comes to buying decision your videos helps me more than any. And now i have one small request for you. Can you get a hand on apple silicon mac mini and compare that to intel based mac mini 2020. When you compare that tgose twon machines then we(youtube viewers) will have more clear understanding about apple silicon macs in the future. And that will help me to buy intel macs now or wait little long for apple macs. Thank you in adavnce

  58. Abraham Clayton

    Abraham Clayton12 日 前

    Lol this dude blocked me on Twitter for calling him immature

  59. Nicholas Bellisario

    Nicholas Bellisario12 日 前

    Snazzy: Makes fun of how we pronounce Big Sur Me: “Why are you booing me, I’m right?!”

  60. Juan Delgado

    Juan Delgado13 日 前

    They might as well put Big Sur on the iPad

  61. VacuumThief

    VacuumThief13 日 前

    why am i watching this i don't even use apple