Mac Pro and Pro Display XDR Unboxing!


  1. Ellis A

    Ellis A時間 前

    Me watching this on my nana’s 25year old 1 ton laptop

  2. Spencer Gibson

    Spencer Gibson2 時間 前

    Is the heart shaped power socket on the back of the pro XDR display intentional? Technically that’s ❤️ Pro XDR display, when not plugged in. Just saying

  3. Scott Gadaleta

    Scott Gadaleta9 時間 前

    Imagine paying $48K for a computer and the mouse and keyboard are sold seperatley

  4. Mansi Kishnani

    Mansi Kishnani11 時間 前

    which kind of Mac Pro does Justine have rack or tower ??????

  5. Jesse Petrone

    Jesse Petrone15 時間 前

    How many 4:22 are there on this thread?

  6. Reetram Gangwar

    Reetram Gangwar16 時間 前

    Which editing software do you use

  7. Edito HD

    Edito HD17 時間 前

    Am I the only one who hasn't even owned a single apple product?

  8. ImaSillyGoose10 XBL

    ImaSillyGoose10 XBL17 時間 前

    That display is bigger than her

  9. Kid with issues

    Kid with issues18 時間 前

    I was murdered

  10. Stay Toasty

    Stay Toasty22 時間 前

    4:22 Me when I been going ham on my girl for 10 minutes

  11. iReeview

    iReeview日 前

    This video made me feel so broke asf. Whyy

  12. Molly Liu

    Molly Liu日 前

    what you like about the video? Me: the poodle!! So cute!

  13. MorliX

    MorliX日 前

    dobra buy mac pro just buy not apple pc for 19293i2817273636718182930 Times cheaper

  14. LOL with me Bryson G

    LOL with me Bryson G日 前

    y dont they make a Apple Photoshop???

  15. Vidul Seneviratne

    Vidul Seneviratne日 前

    Did she just pay $53k for this thing?!

  16. ObeyNinjas

    ObeyNinjas日 前

    yooooooo I was cool until she said it was 1k for the monitor..... bruh much rather have airpods and a apple watch myguy

  17. doomtomb3

    doomtomb3日 前

    That is one expensive bitch

  18. Junhai Yang

    Junhai Yang日 前

    Wait, so if you don't pay that 1000 dollars, the monitor doesn't include a stand? Also, why not get that fancy new wheels for the Mac Pro?

  19. karthick raja

    karthick raja2 日 前


  20. Magnolia Queen

    Magnolia Queen2 日 前

    Im watching this in 2020 and I wonder if she still has all this equipment. Or has she upgraded again.

  21. Josh Childers

    Josh Childers2 日 前

    "Don't let anyone tell you you're not worth a thousand dollars" she says to the $30 stand

  22. Lachie

    Lachie2 日 前

    Who else likes the apple cheese grater

  23. יצחק

    יצחק2 日 前


  24. Julian Boverhof

    Julian Boverhof3 日 前

    These are really for Apple fans who can't use anything different or Something i mean what normal people would buy this

  25. Kartik Parihar

    Kartik Parihar3 日 前

    when I saw the thumbnail i was like money money ik well done job love ur videos

  26. Tribal Crew123

    Tribal Crew1233 日 前

    I don't know why I'm happy when you unbox

  27. Taochi xx

    Taochi xx3 日 前

    Ohhh god it will be a dream to buy this . Hallelujah

  28. Lekshmi Nair

    Lekshmi Nair3 日 前

    Unbox the Samsung note ten star wars edition pls

  29. Cooper Smith

    Cooper Smith3 日 前

    I'm sorry... 12:34 16 FREAKIN 4K MONITORS?????

  30. Aakarsh Anand

    Aakarsh Anand4 日 前

    Santa Monica - it looks just like a location in GTA - V

  31. MelonGaming

    MelonGaming4 日 前

    Was that taran recording that "LOLII"

  32. Darshan Gowda

    Darshan Gowda4 日 前

    she is amad girl mad

  33. Moet Nge

    Moet Nge4 日 前

    i want i pad pro

  34. Mr. Baby Pineapple

    Mr. Baby Pineapple4 日 前

    im just looking at the apple cup with the three apple pencils

  35. Myree

    Myree5 日 前

    dassa tv😂😂

  36. V i b e z

    V i b e z5 日 前

    And people say that money doesn’t buy happiness...

  37. Rishabh Shukla

    Rishabh Shukla5 日 前

    Some robber is going to be very happy one day

  38. Kıvanç Göktuğ ŞAHAR

    Kıvanç Göktuğ ŞAHAR5 日 前

    Girl:Is it in?... Guy:That’s what she said 😄

  39. Final Fantasy

    Final Fantasy5 日 前


  40. Justin Siegfried

    Justin Siegfried5 日 前

    I really wish I knew what those lamps in the corners were called!!!

  41. Scalapoulus Elmiosist

    Scalapoulus Elmiosist5 日 前

    Jus a theory here, she actually most definitely, got turned ONNN by this.

  42. Nalini Devi

    Nalini Devi5 日 前

    2 Mac Pro xdr's . I can't even afford 1 celeron laptop Damn it

  43. Jigar Shah

    Jigar Shah5 日 前

    Who is here from tg family

  44. Mark Magana

    Mark Magana5 日 前

    her spending a bank loan for this mac pro me spending 3000 dollars on a windows pc thats way better then it and it actually has a ssd

  45. carlie fan

    carlie fan5 日 前

    Her buying a 6k$ computer and wile there's me and my poor a$$ lol

  46. Leo Madzer

    Leo Madzer5 日 前

    She started to getting old...and all that money can’t do anything about that

  47. Ana Kamyle

    Ana Kamyle5 日 前

    Mds milionária kkkkkkkk Jesus

  48. dallion 435

    dallion 4355 日 前

    So your telling me this costs more than my toyota prius

  49. George Meadows

    George Meadows6 日 前

    Dogs can see most Colours

  50. Daniel Alves

    Daniel Alves6 日 前

    sou do Brasil, e gostei muito do seu video

  51. Tanzeeh Nishal

    Tanzeeh Nishal6 日 前

    They gave you black stickers Justine

  52. Raghav Singhal

    Raghav Singhal6 日 前

    She is so hot

  53. Jimmel kimmy

    Jimmel kimmy6 日 前

    I could sell anything she has in this video and I could afford to get out of poverty

  54. Anthony Parisi

    Anthony Parisi6 日 前

    Based off the specs that she rattled off, this is a $28k computer... that just blows my mind... and I see she upgrades the RAM to 1.5TB in another video and also gets the wheels which is like another $20k total... so all in this Mac Pro was round $48k.... I mean holy shit.... that is a lot of scratch for a computer... God Bless!

  55. Miguel Rodriguez

    Miguel Rodriguez6 日 前

    This video is so crispy clear in quality

  56. Miguel Rodriguez

    Miguel Rodriguez6 日 前

    I barely have it on 480p 😭😭

  57. Charlie Hopkins

    Charlie Hopkins6 日 前

    Jesus christ it's just a box lol

  58. Baldi

    Baldi7 日 前

    imagine there is a 7.8 earthquake

  59. Mythiccaal

    Mythiccaal7 日 前

    after looking back at this, justine just buy apple products to smell. ._.



    5:57 name the music

  61. Karl wensel Rodriguez

    Karl wensel Rodriguez7 日 前

    Me: Ok you have lots of apple stuff... She: a lot.... Me: WHAT Me: YOU ARE RICH!!!

  62. Karl wensel Rodriguez

    Karl wensel Rodriguez7 日 前


  63. Daniel Porcedda

    Daniel Porcedda7 日 前

    Rents 3 8K red camera's. Put's the video in 1080p on JPreporter! 😂 Oooh you influencing tech head you. That's cute.

  64. ApolloGaming22

    ApolloGaming227 日 前

    What Apple products ?? I only see bags of cash !?

  65. snappEDup06

    snappEDup068 日 前

    S T U P I D H O!

  66. SIDDANTH Rolli

    SIDDANTH Rolli8 日 前

    She's a lucky BITCH.

  67. 1000 subscribers with 0 videos power

    1000 subscribers with 0 videos power8 日 前

    My poor ass could never

  68. cristo aceves

    cristo aceves8 日 前

    Overpriced pile of crap

  69. WhyAmIHere4

    WhyAmIHere48 日 前

    Nigga. Why?


    ADV SURAN8 日 前

    seeing an apple add in i justine in 2020

  71. Aidan Patel

    Aidan Patel8 日 前

    11:24 anyone notice she keeps a cup of apple pencils like they are regular pencils

  72. Francy Star

    Francy Star8 日 前

    mi sento povero, molto povero... mi sento un barbone a codesto mac pro

  73. Maaz Asad

    Maaz Asad9 日 前

    i saved for a mac setup, instead i bought a equivalent pc and a car

  74. Baby Yoda

    Baby Yoda9 日 前

    Next video: my new 10,000 apple shoelaces

  75. Micsss Gaming

    Micsss Gaming9 日 前

    Naol may pambile

  76. Tosia M

    Tosia M9 日 前

    I am saving money for Macbook Air lol😂

  77. benjamin pastrana

    benjamin pastrana9 日 前

    Where i can buy the mac posters with the smiley mac??

  78. benjamin pastrana

    benjamin pastrana9 日 前

    Not one but TWO monitor$🤦🏻‍♂️

  79. Ordinary Class

    Ordinary Class9 日 前

    Come here windows fans, show them our power!

  80. Jackz

    Jackz9 日 前

    Why did she spend 14k- -Pro Stand 1k (QUANITY TWO) -Mac Pro 9k -Monitor 5k

  81. Patricia Skarllet

    Patricia Skarllet9 日 前

    👆😉👇Boa noite pessoal, eu tô tentando crescer no JPreporter. você pode assistir um vídeo no meu canal e me dizer o que eu posso melhorar, pra trazer um conteúdo melhor.👆✌️🍂🍂🍂🍂

  82. solomon luis

    solomon luis10 日 前

    She inspires me that one day, I'm going to have all that, just one day, and soon, you will too, maybe even more, 🙂🙂

  83. akshat singh

    akshat singh10 日 前

    13:08 thats gta 5

  84. Faheem

    Faheem10 日 前

    Can we build a better system than the Mac Pro Reply to this comment

  85. ADR Hindi Gaming

    ADR Hindi Gaming10 日 前

    Amd and Intel left chat and start laughing....

  86. icyx.

    icyx.10 日 前

    gta pier lets go


    TTV STEEZY10 日 前

    13:14 the guy in the back 😂😂😂😂

  88. Moon Light

    Moon Light10 日 前

    What is the Mac Pro for

  89. Aleska Pinos :3

    Aleska Pinos :310 日 前

    Ohhhh Los angeles, xd GTA :D

  90. Adrian Olatise

    Adrian Olatise10 日 前

    Justine you just bought a mac pro which is overprice bah you should've built a PC

  91. Cassius Cartland

    Cassius Cartland11 日 前

    i want one of them

  92. Cassius Cartland

    Cassius Cartland11 日 前

    tooooo expensive

  93. Cassius Cartland

    Cassius Cartland11 日 前

    Can i win your dog? After all, dogs are fun!



    The dog is questioning her sanity. I bet you.

  95. Chem Sovannrith

    Chem Sovannrith11 日 前

    1 set huw much?

  96. Skoppai

    Skoppai11 日 前

    1803 damn, the Mac Pro is so small!

  97. Sppedy gamer

    Sppedy gamer11 日 前

    I love to watch that things i can't afford

  98. Jm Pablio

    Jm Pablio11 日 前


  99. Procreategoodnotes tingzz

    Procreategoodnotes tingzz11 日 前

    Her cameramen might be pissed off bc of Justine FLEXING HARD

  100. José Manuel

    José Manuel11 日 前


  101. Joey Aguilar

    Joey Aguilar11 日 前

    Editing... wel it's a mac. Everything else, no thanks, I rather buy another tesla.

  102. Augustine Sullivan

    Augustine Sullivan11 日 前

    $1,000 that’s just for the plug try $5,000 or $6,000