Mac Pro and Pro Display XDR Unboxing!


  1. Joshua Mrugalski

    Joshua Mrugalski22 時間 前

    this is why i love apple

  2. Adam the Lightning

    Adam the Lightning23 時間 前

    I masturbated on this girl

  3. Adam the Lightning

    Adam the Lightning23 時間 前

    you spend 50000$$ dollar on this peace of shit if you give this money make for you dream setup and more for 100 years and this peace of shit can not bear more than 2 years

  4. trilok singh

    trilok singh日 前

    You are soooo hot 💓💓💓💓💓

  5. Erfan Vhd

    Erfan Vhd日 前

    I downloaded this video in 8k resolution. It cost me a lot of internet. But its worth it. I haven't seen anything like that in my life. But I watched it in a 1080p TV, I think I need your 8k TV for that. Would you give it to me for a day? Thank you. 👍❤️😉

  6. NML Wright

    NML Wright日 前

    Mac Pro can cost up to 52,000 dollars

  7. NML Wright

    NML Wright日 前

    Reasonably priced computer of the week

  8. Aristide BAUCHART

    Aristide BAUCHART日 前

    Apple : LCD on 2019

  9. Captain Corsair

    Captain Corsair日 前

    Is it just me or does the side look like a cheese grater

  10. راكان - Rakan

    راكان - Rakan日 前

    we are poor 😭💔

  11. 21 scriptwriter

    21 scriptwriter日 前

    Seriously OMG you guys shoot videos on red camera 😱

  12. Ser Humano

    Ser Humano日 前

    “This thing is so in there” giggity

  13. Tom Daniels

    Tom Daniels日 前


  14. Corban Thenoob

    Corban Thenoob日 前

    Ok I gotta admit apple products look good but the back of that XDR looks like blades someone would use to torcher prisoners

  15. Corban Thenoob

    Corban Thenoob日 前

    When a stand cost as much as ur PC

  16. Corban Thenoob

    Corban Thenoob日 前

    I swear Justine is like the queen of editing But she bought 2 1000$ stands

  17. ZIM Zack Gaming

    ZIM Zack Gaming日 前

    14:20 listen to it with your airpods

  18. Albab Yahya

    Albab Yahya日 前

    i love her reaction every time she does an unboxing videos even we’re knew she’s hella rich but her reaction was so pure

  19. Ryan Tran

    Ryan Tran日 前

    How is she so rich

  20. Tgairy

    Tgairy日 前

    stop flirting with monitors

  21. Chloé Smith

    Chloé Smith2 日 前

    Just a casual cup of £100+ apple pens lying around 😂

  22. MKORO

    MKORO2 日 前


  23. Alan Klement

    Alan Klement2 日 前

    To those complaining about her spend on this... This is a business expense for her. Part of her business is to produce these videos. So far, this has almost 3M views. So she's already made back her money.

  24. PALUTEN Junior

    PALUTEN Junior2 日 前

    Its crazy im watching this on my mac pro 2009

  25. Ziharudeen Arjudeen

    Ziharudeen Arjudeen2 日 前

    I can only Watch the videos. Never ever come to my hand 🖐 😥

  26. Canal Advento

    Canal Advento2 日 前

    Everybody knows that you cant edit on internal, especially when you use RED CAMERA files.. My setup is if I have a computer as you have is, External Enclosure 4 bay with 4x2tb SSD in Raid 0 gives a speed about 1500 read and write. a very good speed for RED super heavy files.

  27. Canal Advento

    Canal Advento2 日 前

    Like this guys here

  28. Alfonso Gómez Seca

    Alfonso Gómez Seca2 日 前


  29. 이눈

    이눈2 日 前

    just buy mount and arm..

  30. meg.

    meg.2 日 前

    im just tryna be like to afford all this.

  31. Cjay Gapuz

    Cjay Gapuz2 日 前


  32. Nic Lopez

    Nic Lopez2 日 前

    "It's working!" It better be!

  33. Hayden Gibby

    Hayden Gibby2 日 前

    Where did you that mug?

  34. Sheira Laron

    Sheira Laron2 日 前

    Where can I buy these? BOXES

  35. bluecali4na

    bluecali4na3 日 前

    I just don’t trust technology and batteries these days. Just because it looks new and nice doesn’t make it reliable. I’m just sticking to simple in this economy.

  36. Chascal Jarvis

    Chascal Jarvis3 日 前

    Yes, its in!!!

  37. Tango Barcelona

    Tango Barcelona3 日 前

    Сколько это все стоит?

  38. ii7moudi _

    ii7moudi _3 日 前

    Why u buy this pc is very bad i can buy a pc 10000 dollars id battle this mac pro is 50000 the stand its exxprind my pc my pc its 700 dollars

  39. Suyogya Bhandari

    Suyogya Bhandari3 日 前

    No one: @iJustine: 10:23 matty, that's old tech. don"t look at it. . . . . . them someone comes like me...

  40. no trouble plz

    no trouble plz3 日 前

    She is hot

  41. no trouble plz

    no trouble plz3 日 前

    When she said "grilled cheese sandwich"

  42. Daniel Lemozy

    Daniel Lemozy3 日 前

    Absolutely unbelievable Stupidity...

  43. Sonam L. Tsering

    Sonam L. Tsering3 日 前

    Human desires are unlimited the more we have the more we want.... but real happiness comes from within and material are short term happiness.

  44. kouji yamada

    kouji yamada3 日 前

    l want it but l ca n t change it

  45. Colby Hodges

    Colby Hodges3 日 前

    This chick SUCKS....

  46. Rubikkk

    Rubikkk3 日 前

    Nobody gonna talk about the pink and black meme houses 💀

  47. Ry Neth

    Ry Neth3 日 前

    Can you see it okay? Are we okay? Is everything okay? Is everyone okay? Am I okay? A : Remove all emotion, and you'll doing just fine. "Mr.Robot''

  48. Bintang Fadjrul Fallah

    Bintang Fadjrul Fallah4 日 前

    I am not very good at English and I also translate this sentence using Google Translate. I want to ask, at what price did she buy it?

  49. ur Bad

    ur Bad4 日 前

    Goodbye bank account

  50. flip frog

    flip frog4 日 前

    unbox me

  51. Guliberson Studios

    Guliberson Studios4 日 前

    *Are we going to ignore the fact that she spent 2.000 dollars on monitor stands?*

  52. Deepak Kumar

    Deepak Kumar4 日 前

    ijustin nice

  53. Sujoy Sarkar

    Sujoy Sarkar4 日 前

    Can anybody tell me which song it is at 13:28 ?

  54. Sk

    Sk4 日 前

    Killer of Chrometophobia Chrometophobia is a people who afraid of points

  55. nt4hx

    nt4hx4 日 前

    How old is she? 40 ish? - I know there's a lot of acting and editing in this video. Why she always exaggerate the impressions and everything in this video - I had to look away for few seconds when she does that.. I was here just to see the techs.. nice to see a lot of expensive and cool rigs / cameras / gears.

  56. Meowcrosoft

    Meowcrosoft4 日 前

    i didn't know u lived in GTA 5 iJustine.

  57. Юрец Кузнецов

    Юрец Кузнецов4 日 前

    Умереть не встать

  58. Brandon Ungaro

    Brandon Ungaro4 日 前

    Why not just ask to Barrow linux's red cameras.

  59. YosiFN

    YosiFN4 日 前

    I thought iMacs were laptops.. someone will hate me for saying that

  60. Lord Maximillius

    Lord Maximillius4 日 前

    The question why? Why would you spend that much money on that? I mean I get it you have the money but damn

  61. Ballard Mayes

    Ballard Mayes4 日 前

    Can we just talk about of good of an editor Justine is?

  62. michael Bishop

    michael Bishop4 日 前

    Just getting into PC gaming at 64. Disabled and unfortunately got ran over on my Harley on Christmas Eve. But, after watching you with Linus and watching you unbox the new Mac Pro... I find your personality to be just as amazing as your knowledge (and your amazing looks...WOW). Regardless, I am waiting on delivery of an HP Omen 17.3" laptop with i7- 9750H CPU, GTX 1660ti GPU and can't wait 'till it arrives. ( I'm like tracking the thing every 30 minutes to see how close it is). After watching your shootout (video editing) with one of Linus's editors, I am really intrigued and would love to learn more about how to get into video editing. Would love to hear your suggestions on how to get into video editing on a budget. (Disability does not pay a lot). You really inspire me and you seem to have so much fun! Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Please send your thoughts to me via Again, you are a hoot to watch. Wish I had discovered you sooner.