[M/V] SEVENTEEN(세븐틴) - 독 : Fear


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    31 953

  4. Sandra Elizabeth Cuateco Pérez

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    This MV is full of killing parts

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    951.035. last remaining ours of fear era

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    Instead of searching up Seventeen Fear, I Searched up Seventeen the way I love

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    Carats please check his out⬇️⬇️⬇️ Its about voting for Seventeen twitter.com/legendofsebong/status/1269211765591572480?s=19

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    I'm running out of things to comment ahaha

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    _D-15kst till SEVENTEEN'S Comeback and D-3kst till uri Junnie birthday_ I'm fearful of the next comeback!!! KKKK let's all practice str17ming together and be regular in our voting apps!! [REMINDER] Str17m uri Myunghu's falling down. Str17m uri Dino's dancelogy. Str17m uri Jun Down in sandbar cover too And do watch HIT THE ROAD episodes and cry regularly. Str17m SNAPSHOOT. Do download the voting apps!! Hwaiting lovely fam-

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    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="763">12:43</a>pm kst 31 938 435

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    güzelim şarkının değerini bilen yok yazık valla

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    Me Vibing in quarantine everyday be like

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    31 935 127 +21k since my last comment 65k more to go fam we can do this Fighting!! Remember to stay strong and healthy Caratdeul!!! And Also Stay Safe Fam

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    omg i cant stop watching this mv for a few times- funny is thst im still under age;)

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    Annyeong carat!! I'm an army, but i really like this song and other song too

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    Thank you:)

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    Thank You :)) Fighting Hwaiting fam;)

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    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="579">9:39</a>pm kst 31 934 062

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    @Aisyah Azkiyah it's 11:41pm in korean standard time now

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    Now 9:39 pm WIB

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    Carats! keep on streaming

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    Pledis, where's the teaser T_T

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    STREAM FEAR!!!!!

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    Let's get to 35 M before comeback !!! Fighting Carat

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    그들의 춤은 아름다운 예술이다. Their dance is a beautiful art. 他们的舞蹈是一门美丽的艺术.

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    75k to 32M!!!! ^♡^

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  33. Alejandra Martín Peiró

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    My streaming this month all of mv Seventeen.. Fighting!!! Let's stream this song up to 100 this year...

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    Stan talent not popularity

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    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="165">2:45</a> WHO THIS MAN?

  37. Helma Firawanti

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    @Wonwoo Noona thank you

  38. Wonwoo Noona

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    @Helma Firawanti the one with smoke? It's Mingyu

  39. Helma Firawanti

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    @Wonwoo Noona how about the one at 2:44?

  40. Wonwoo Noona

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    The blonde one? It's Jeonghan ^^

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    someone tell me what should i do?!

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    Imagine: Home Oh My! Thanks Mansae Hit Fear Will hit 100 million v!3w$ in unison because the v!3w$ of these MV's are close to one another. I'm just imagining it. I'm just hoping. Okay, I'm just hoping. But I know We-Carats will reach this. I'm sure. I really trust this wonderful and best fandom.

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    32M soon~

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    *10M in 24hrs for the comeback*

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    31,916... Keep str3aming hwaiting guys!!!

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    Mmm soy nuevo por eso no los puedo diferensiar

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    Me pasaba también pero viéndolos seguido comienzas a ver quién es quién y te da cuenta que tienen rostros muy distintos en realidad. Bienvenida!!

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    What has Seventeen prepared for their comeback? Coming soon

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    31 914 191 +14k since my last comment We can do this fam if we keep str34ming we will be able to get 32M before Monday Fighting We got this fam let's go Hwaiting!! ♡

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    @Nina Maxwell Heyy It's ok, nice you're here too now before their comeback! Yes I'm good thank u

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    @Evi Min Hey Evi :)) Was very busy the past two months but I'm back now;) Fighting fam!! Great to back and see you all again missed you all♡ Hope your doing good :D

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    Woah I missed you carat, I wondered where were you in the comments hha Hwaiting ♡

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    31 914 122

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    please donate to charities more often! people dont have beds to sleep on so they be sleeping on seventeen

  62. Astroha

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    First time i am hearing this group song so can anyone suggest me some song? & what's their fandom called?

  63. Evi Min

    Evi Min20 時間 前

    Oh hi thank you for coming..I recommend Fallin' flower, Getting closer,Good to me, Snap shoot( where it's all of them) and Second life, Check in, Shh, Can't see the end

  64. Thisa Vidya

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    If you like concerts SEVENTEEN ideal cut jpreporter.net/v/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-7_F9fY5MlOE.html SEVENTEEN ode to you jpreporter.net/v/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-E4kWj_otZUY.html

  65. Thisa Vidya

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    Home,Falling flower,Call call,Happy ending, Gettig closer, Oh my, Our dawn is hotter than day, good to me, Bring it,Snap shoot,Trauma,If i,Clap,Pinwheel,Lilili yabbay,mansae,Habit

  66. Carat17Army7

    Carat17Army7日 前

    Fandom Name: Carat, Seventeen are the diamonds and the more Carats a diamond has the more it's Worth These are all their songs. You can check out whichever you want 😉 Don't Wanna Cry (title) Very Nice (title) Getting Closer (title) Clap (title) Hit(title) Home (title) Thanks (title) Pretty U (title) Boom Boom (title) Mansae (title) Adore U (title) Oh my (title) Call Call Call (japanese) Happy Ending (japanese) Fallin Flower (japanese) Shining Diamonds (pre debut) Trauma (Hip Hop Unit) Pinwheel (Vocal Unit) Highlight (Performance Unit) Healing Love Letter Smile Flower ( crying flower) Without U Campfire Lie Again Thinking about U Run To You (anime Opening) Our dawn is hotter than day A-teen (OST) 9-Teen (OST season2) Sweetest thing (another OST) Habit (Vocal Unit) Come to me (Vocal Unit) Hello Hug (Vocal unit) We gonna make it Shine (Vocal Unit) 20 (Vocal Unit) Still Lonely Holiday Network Love (Foreign Line) Beautiful Good To me Snap Shoot Chuck Rock Fast Pace (sexy) Let Me hear You say Fronting Flower Lucky Crazy in Love Hit Song/Popular song I don't know Drift Away 247 (PerformanceUnit) Back It Up (Hip Hop unit) No Fun Second Life (Vocal Unit) My I (China line) Just for fun Shhh (Performance Unit) Falling For U (Devil Brothers) Say Yes (2/3 Gag Trio) Rocket (America Line) Bring It (Power couple) Can You Sit By My Side (Jun) Simple (Woozi) Dreams Come True (The8) Zero (Dino ) What Kind Of Future (Woozi) The real Thing (Dino) Change Up (Leader Unit) Just Do It (BooSeokSoon, aka Gag Trio) Check in (Hip Hop Unit) Chilli (Hip Hop Unit) What's Good (Hip Hop Unit) Monday To Saturday (Hip Hop Unit) Lotto (Hip Hop Unit) Un haeng Il Chi (Hip Hop Unit) If I (Hip Hop Unit) Lean On me (Hip Hop Unit) Ah Yeah (Hip Hop Unit) Can't See the end (Hip Hop Unit +Dk) When I Grow Up (Vocal Unit) Don't Listen in Secret (Vocal Unit) Chocolate (Vocal Unit) Lilili Yabbay (Performance Unit) Moonwalker (performance unit) Swimming Fool (Performance Unit) OMG (Performance Unit) Jam Jam (Performance Unit) Who (Performance Unit) Q&A (+ Ailee)

  67. fina faizah

    fina faizah日 前

    You can check another song in this channel. Try to 'hit' and 'home'

  68. Garden Vampire

    Garden Vampire日 前

    So, i scrolled down one article about their comeback then there's one girl said svt is talentless bc their highest mv vi3ws is just 100m+ i-

  69. Oghabe Montaghed

    Oghabe Montaghed7 時間 前

    @Blackpink Lisa If you mean the other group "NU'EST", we have to say that Peldis Company easily denies all its artists. I remember that the "NU'EST" in 2012 was one of the best and most famous K-pop bands. But what happened? Became more famous? No. Pladys ruined them. The "NU'EST" was brutally deported to Japan and China for further profitability. The "NU'EST" was deprived of seeing its family. They were not allowed to leave the room and were imprisoned for days and weeks. They put so much pressure on Baekho that he had to have surgery on his larynx. Why do you think the "NU'EST" is in a better position? No. This has never been the case. I am a supporter of both the "Seventeenth" Group and the "NU'EST". We should not be skeptical of other brother groups. None of them were in good shape. The "NU'EST" and the "Seventeen" have a wonderful and pure talent. But Peldis has never been a good supporter (not in the past and now).

  70. Blackpink Lisa

    Blackpink Lisa10 時間 前

    @Appreciate Dino everyone!! I think it has to do more on the issues going on right now,Is the reason carat's are not voting. I just seen a lot of carat's,Talk about Kpop is not important right now,Hopefully things will change,Once they drop teaser's for Seventeen. Its probably not the first time,Pledis sabatoged Seventeen. I don't get Pledis, Seventeen,Who is their biggest money maker and no shade to their brother group,But they have better promotions in my opinion,Then Seventeen does

  71. Garden Vampire

    Garden Vampire16 時間 前

    @Appreciate Dino everyone!! let's wait and wish them the best

  72. Appreciate Dino everyone!!

    Appreciate Dino everyone!!18 時間 前

    @Garden Vampire I guess we'll just wait for tomorrow or maybe tonight.. I'm honestly too worried.. There are already votings happening and it's really not that good because there are only few carats who participated on it imagine if it's already the time when seventeen is already nominated.. Even on the str3aming..

  73. Garden Vampire

    Garden Vampire18 時間 前

    @Appreciate Dino everyone!! it does look like pledis sabotaging them actually. Other groups already started posting teasers but we still got nothing. Even the news of their cb is so sudden

  74. fina faizah

    fina faizah日 前

    32 m before Sunday. Last htr and they'll drop something

  75. Jijy Wils

    Jijy Wils日 前

    Ya I hope and yes we can do this fighting

  76. Valentina Prima Ballerina

    Valentina Prima Ballerina日 前

    WEEKEND STR3AMING CARATS :D Rip to my phone but at least the last thing it heard was seventeens FEAR... :')

  77. Nina Maxwell

    Nina Maxwell日 前

    Happy str34ming ;) Fighting Hwaiting!! XD

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  79. Nina Maxwell

    Nina Maxwell日 前

    31 900 319 100k more needed for 32M let's get it before their next comeback :)) Caratdeul Fighting Hwaiting :D

  80. remnim

    remnim日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="121">2:01</a> all I need is that on 1hour loop T°T

  81. baby b00

    baby b00日 前

    all of em are visual ,can't deny no more

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  83. Suin Boo Noeul

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    _D-16kst till SEVENTEEN'S Comeback_ 32million v17w soon!! Caratdeuls let's all stream and practice voting together!! I don't have much mb left to str17m tonight lol Let's make the next comeback fearful for other groups!!! [REMINDER] Str17m uri Myunghu's falling down. Str17m uri Dino's dancelogy. Str17m uri Jun Down in sandbar cover too And do watch HIT THE ROAD episodes and cry regularly. Str17m SNAPSHOOT. Do download the voting apps!! Hwaiting lovely fam-

  84. Suin Boo Noeul

    Suin Boo Noeul10 時間 前

    @Thisa Vidya Yo!!

  85. Suin Boo Noeul

    Suin Boo Noeul10 時間 前

    @wzjii_fctry Of course fam!!

  86. Thisa Vidya

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  87. wzjii_fctry

    wzjii_fctry日 前

    stream fallin' flower too

  88. Mohammed Hoq

    Mohammed Hoq日 前

    Be honest who wasn't sure about this song the first time they heard it but now they love it

  89. 168cmgurl

    168cmgurl9 時間 前

    Me XD

  90. Amni Mn

    Amni Mn日 前


  91. Suin Boo Noeul

    Suin Boo Noeul日 前

    @Amni Mn I'll come str17m really late tonight I only have small data left so I'll use twitter and after that with the remaining data I'll swim again with you all KKKK

  92. Amni Mn

    Amni Mn日 前

    Suin Boo Noeul 1432 suin!!

  93. Suin Boo Noeul

    Suin Boo Noeul日 前

    SEVENTEEN WORLD DOMINATION indeed!! 143 Amni!!

  94. bacteriadance

    bacteriadance日 前

    I was away for 2 weeks for a family issue and was unable to continue my weekly updates, so these numbers will reflect the several weeks worth of accomplishments. In light of recent events, there is no official #/CLAP100MILLION party today but fanbases hope to continue it starting next weekend. Comeback is 6/22 so get your voting things organized & keep practicing str34ming here on YT! *All song updates of **<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1380">23:00</a>**, 6/4 KST:* ^Lilili Yabbay: 30,828->11M ^Just Do It: 38,067->4M ^Highlight: 100,091->18M *FEAR: 104,415->32M* Getting Closer (SVT channel): 115,643->6M ^Trauma: 145,844->15M (the 2020 goal!) BOOMBOOM: 173,061->39M ^Check-In: 177,302->11M Oh My!: 351,141->46M Adore U: 409,131->32M ^Change Up: 470,236->20M (the 2020 goal!) ^My I (Korean): 481,603->8M Clap: 483,464->75M Happy Ending (SVT Japanese channel): 609,654->13M Don't Wanna Cry: 641,757->166M Fallin’ Flower: 652,852->13M Holiday: 671,097->9M HIT: 686,773->40M ^Pinwheel: 738,540->9M Mansae: 781,772->44M Snap Shoot: 852,330->3M Thanks: 939,790->47M Pretty U (SVT channel): 942,805->12M Home: 967,319->46M Aju Nice (1theK channel): 995,032->77M Call Call Call (SVT Japanese channel): 0->20M :D :D :D *Accomplishments since last update* Snap Shoot->2M (released 5/26/20) Holiday->8M Pretty U->11M Fallin’ Flower->12M *Fear->31M* Hit->39M Mansae->43M Home->45M Oh My!->45M Thanks->46M Clap->74M Aju Nice (1theK)->76M DWC->165M *MVs within ~20K of the next 100K likes* Check-In: 5,685->300K Holiday: 7,996->300K Change Up: 8,104->500K *Fear: 10.5K->900K* Highlight: 11.8K->400K Clap: 15.1K->1.3M Happy Ending: 17.1K->400K Fallin’ Flower: 18.4K->500K *Aju Nice (1theK) is 60.7K & Thanks is 76.7K from 1M likes* *2020 GOALS:* 5M Snap Shoot 15M All Unit/Non-OT13 MVs (marked with ^) 20M Call Call Call, Happy Ending, ^Highlight, ^Change Up, Pretty U, Holiday, Getting Closer, Fallin’ Flower 35M Adore U 50M Mansae, BOOMBOOM 70M Thanks, Oh My! *100M Home, Clap, Aju Nice (1theK), HIT, Fear* 200M DWC *Remember our goal is daesangs, we can do it together carats!*

  95. bacteriadance

    bacteriadance日 前

    @Amni Mn You're welcome!

  96. Amni Mn

    Amni Mn日 前

    Thank you for your hard works ♡

  97. Dianith Jhoany Davila Rivera

    Dianith Jhoany Davila Rivera日 前

    Y asi es como SEVENTEEN es igual a sexy ...... #SEVENTEEN=SEXY

  98. fina faizah

    fina faizah日 前

    Someone tell me what should I do

  99. fina faizah

    fina faizah日 前

    So i lie again

  100. Garden Vampire

    Garden Vampire日 前

    Guys, please report this acc instagram.com/sasaengsvt?igshid=19fbdla2xweq4

  101. Shua Joshua

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  102. Life is hamburger

    Life is hamburger日 前

    Seventeen deserves worldwide popularity. Seventeen produces amazing songs. They choreograph cool choreographs. All of seventeen members are basically main dancers. Seventeen are the best dancers in kpop . Seventeen is also one of the best vocalists in kpop even the main rappers can sing so well. Seventeen rappers can actually rap the rappers mostly writes their lyrics so basically they don't idol rap.Even the main vocalists can rap so well. *So for me* Seventeen are the most talented kpop group.

  103. 168cmgurl

    168cmgurl日 前

    Yess exactly



    Road to 35M

  105. Aissah Nindy Putri Krisdianto

    Aissah Nindy Putri Krisdianto日 前

    seventeen will have a comeback on june 22nd, let's stream at least 10M views in 24 hours, please i'm begging you guys.

  106. 168cmgurl

    168cmgurl日 前


  107. jmin 3sc

    jmin 3sc日 前

    SVT deserve more.

  108. Rawrr

    Rawrr日 前

    Remember, An Ode Album sold 822,265 copies last year. For their next comeback, our goals is to reach over 1M copies for the first week. Let’s do our best, CARATS! :)

  109. Iva Mijoč

    Iva Mijoč日 前

    @Yooo Jihoon really, did they say that?

  110. Yooo Jihoon

    Yooo Jihoon日 前

    I think we can reach 1m cuz armies will help us :)

  111. Amni Mn

    Amni Mn日 前

    Iva Mijoč ikr i've already prepared my money for their comeback

  112. Iva Mijoč

    Iva Mijoč日 前

    yea but preorders didnt start and for an ode they already start 18 days before

  113. Life is hamburger

    Life is hamburger日 前

    Reminder: Seventeen is 2nd best selling kpop group in 2019. Their album an ode ranked 1st in billboard as the album of the year. This all happened when Bighit wasn't a biggest shareholder of pledis.

  114. Shazia Khan

    Shazia Khan14 時間 前

    Big fact!!!

  115. Wonwoo Noona

    Wonwoo Noona日 前

    32M before june 22, anyone?? ^^

  116. Nina Maxwell

    Nina Maxwell日 前

    Fighting!! Let's get it :))

  117. Suin Boo Noeul

    Suin Boo Noeul日 前

    Hwaiting lovely fam!!

  118. jungwoo is a puppy ⁷ᵈʳᵉᵃᵐ↺

    jungwoo is a puppy ⁷ᵈʳᵉᵃᵐ↺日 前

    i love woozi's part so much the way he moves while singing is a blessing to experience ✨

  119. 17carat.min9yu_k

    17carat.min9yu_k日 前


  120. FeeCoups17

    FeeCoups17日 前

    I'm not ready to bid this era farewell

  121. puppy yujin

    puppy yujin日 前

    This is how I’ve become a Carat : One day I went to Cafe with my friends then one of my friend play the song “Don’t wanna cry”. I listened to it and I like it very much so I asked her what group are they and she told me that they’re SEVENTEEN. So when I came back home I searched it in JPreporter and It’s become one of my favorite Kpop song, but I didn’t become a Carat at that time, I just love the song. Then when they comeback with the song “Clap” I started to stan them. I try to listen all of their songs. They’re all good songs. I try to remember all their names and their faces. And now I remember all theirs name and faces. I’m a Carat and I’m Mingyu stan ♡︎

  122. Thisa Vidya

    Thisa Vidya21 時間 前

    You are so lucky !

  123. Lou-Ann Lou

    Lou-Ann Lou日 前


  124. 17carat.min9yu_k

    17carat.min9yu_k日 前


  125. Liz Huanca

    Liz Huanca日 前