1. RC

    RC年 前

    Should someone start a one piece channel? If all they want is a voice in the community.

  2. TheRedforcePodcast

    TheRedforcePodcast年 前

    Yes they should but it takes work and learning JPreporter , we will go indepth on tomorrows show

  3. Rhys DQ

    Rhys DQ2 年 前

    Keep up the good content guys, you earnt a sub!

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    TheRedforcePodcast2 年 前

    Thanks man , welcome

  5. Ian-Devon Lewis

    Ian-Devon Lewis2 年 前

    I find it hilarious that no one is mentioning anything about how the World Gov't is sculpting Luffy's journey.

  6. TheRedforcePodcast

    TheRedforcePodcast2 年 前

    ye, we address this at some point, my take is that dragon and luffy will ally at some point to take on the world gov.

  7. Ian-Devon Lewis

    Ian-Devon Lewis2 年 前

    i mean, to the extent that Luffy is going to be the only way for the World Gov't to get Dragon out in open. thats when things of the shit variety, is going to hit the fan. the world gov't is not even on luffy's to do list, even after the death of ace. we all know, he has to address them eventually. alot of clever deterrence on Oda's part.

  8. TheRedforcePodcast

    TheRedforcePodcast2 年 前

    we kinda touche on it, we have talked about it throughout the history of the podcast. We just feel like it's a given point, but perhaps we need to talk more about it. cheers man.

  9. Rox & Scotch

    Rox & Scotch2 年 前

    Calling it right now: Luffy and Shanks VS Kaido.

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    TheRedforcePodcast2 年 前

    yeah I tried XD

  12. McDudes

    McDudes2 年 前

    oh :( also I don't know if you can edit these google hangout chats but if so you can always balance the audio volumes in editing.

  13. TheRedforcePodcast

    TheRedforcePodcast2 年 前

    McDudes trust me my man I tried to fix it, had tech issues with the mic

  14. Vamshi Krishna

    Vamshi Krishna2 年 前

    Is kid stronger than luffy? If he is that makes Time Skip and Reileigh's training pointless.

  15. cant think of a name :/

    cant think of a name :/2 年 前

    question : is brulee the doctor of the big mom pirates

  16. Darcy Allan

    Darcy Allan2 年 前

    Great podcast and interview with bravo guys. There is a question at the bottom here so you can skip to that if you want even though it was supremely entertaining to watch christian read through an entire essay. Really encouraging to get a big name on the show and to help get the name out there, it would be amazing if this could continue even if its not big name JPreporterrs. It brings a nice change of pace that feels fresh. I really appreciate that you guys enjoy the question corner so much, it shows that you care about the input of the community and that makes me like you guys and your content more. I have a question for you boys, top 3 favourite characters in the verse who are NOT shanks and why?

  17. TheRedforcePodcast

    TheRedforcePodcast2 年 前

    thanks for the kind words mate, we will be answering the question on this weeks episode. I gonna try and get a guest once a month .

  18. Jeko Ddragon

    Jeko Ddragon2 年 前

    Wapol could eat Wapol Metal and things made from it. That's a lot of defense and offense possibly.

  19. Jeko Ddragon

    Jeko Ddragon2 年 前

    TheRedforcePodcast Yeah but Wapol could tank "a lot" or deal plenty of damage nonetheless. Franky uses Wapol Metal, it's pretty powerful. (Wapop is still low tier though)

  20. TheRedforcePodcast

    TheRedforcePodcast2 年 前

    interesting take, wapol is still a joke with poor combat skill XD

  21. Jeko Ddragon

    Jeko Ddragon2 年 前

    We're going to Emerald City sometime after Wano. You know, the city Bellamy mentioned in his speech about the city of gold and One Piece. And don't forget about the magic chapters 816 and 818 with Raizo and the path to Raftel.

  22. Jeko Ddragon

    Jeko Ddragon2 年 前

    TheRedforcePodcast people can say whatever they want but it was NOT confirmed. And the lost road poneglyph might be there

  23. TheRedforcePodcast

    TheRedforcePodcast2 年 前

    OH shit man I forgot about the emerald city, some say green bit was the Emerald city but I doubt it. and hell yeah those chapters where good.

  24. Khalil Scott

    Khalil Scott2 年 前

    The only thing is that if dragon appear in the reverie place warn them that their on their a#^# lml it won't be a surprising because one piece theorists already have videos already and from what I heard allegedly from that oda doesn't really like how one piece theorists people are figuring out the aspect of the story going forward and oda crushing theories and stuff like that idk just gotta wait and see where the the story will go it's like in my view one peice theorists vs Oda

  25. Khalil Scott

    Khalil Scott2 年 前

    I think akoji is a line wolf in terms of his ideology but i think he working as a spy for akainu of blackbeard idk if you hurd of that theory before but it's a underrated theory to me and akainu is hiding that from the world government because he himself is little shaky of the CP agents and the gorsie of how they do things sometimes and also the mure respect he has for Akoji of his service of being a marine and stuff like that and see what akainu could do against blackbeard and blackbeard pirates in the near future but Aokji is definitely a wildcard in terms of connections and pointently connections

  26. TheRedforcePodcast

    TheRedforcePodcast2 年 前

    100% A wild card

  27. MrDragonkarp

    MrDragonkarp2 年 前

    Katakuri vs luffy the FAX 1 Katakuri dominated gear2 and 3 plus overcame and countered g4 bound/snakeman 2 Plot Devices/Oda Plot Armor: Merienda-Luffy gets first hit, Brulee-Luffy runs away, Flambe-Kat injures himself 3 Katakuri beat luffy for hours and fatally injured him is luffy immortal? Kat out hit luffy <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="601">10:1</a> Luffy won? 4 Katakuri showcased armament and observation plus awakening on another lvl being able to push gear 4 back 5 Kat impressed by luffys will never faltering under the situation allows him to leave so he and his crew have a chance to esccape. Kat knew stawhats plan to escape after12 on cacao

  28. TheRedforcePodcast

    TheRedforcePodcast2 年 前

    MrDragonkarp any thing can be spun in what ever suits your point of view may man , it's far more complex them 1s and 0s nothing is ever black and white .

  29. Monkey D Schyver

    Monkey D Schyver2 年 前

    I support everything bda

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    what was that lil clip playing on repeat??

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    oh that is Brago's profile image on google hand out might me hunter hunter? idk man

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    naww that video thing in the centre of the screen..shows a dude doin some crazy punch or something it looks cool

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    are you taking about a sound? my man

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    hell yeah, about time i found a new good one piece podcast

  35. Vamshi Krishna

    Vamshi Krishna2 年 前

    Do you guys think 🥕 will join strawhats ? I love her she is soo adorable.Is she a strawhat material?

  36. Vamshi Krishna

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  37. TheRedforcePodcast

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    we will answer in the next episode my man

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    TheRedforcePodcast2 年 前

    who , it's bugging out?

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    Poor Bloke as an Aussie hearing that you’ve been through 6 straights L’s it’s leaves only Carlton or Brisbane and either way that’s a brutal path

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    haahhaa hope so XD

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    Thought so, Dw mate as an essendon fan right now its not much better. I reckon you'll probably beat us next week

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    Carlton mate

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    EPIC Channel! EPIC Stream!!!!! EPIC Brago!!!!!!! Subscribing twice to you guys! Freaking EPIC Content and Intro. YES!!!!!! EPIC!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!

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    hay, thanks man, welcome aboard

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    Definitely subbing to you guys. This was a really nice discussion, always nice to hear brago opinions too(without it derailing into a hate stream)

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    thanks man , that's why we made the channel =D

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    I hit the like button before the video even started




  50. TheRedforcePodcast

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    interesting, but the 4th road pony will be where Oda wants the straw hats to go to justify the arch/island

  51. Brandon Arnold

    Brandon Arnold2 年 前

    The thing that really separates good one piece youtubers from the rest is this right here. One Piece is a conversation. It's not yelling back and forth over power scaling or complete head cannon without logical points. Awesome stream love my man Brago he always has an answer.

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    Enjoyed and pleasured to Meet redforce podcast longside the Goat BDA

  53. JdDubb04

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    Could the lurking legend be Dr. Vegapunk? We haven’t actually seen him/her (would be cool if it was a chick) and Oda put em in the chapter on the newspaper. Why else would Oda have Dr. Vegapunk hint to him? Just a thought

  54. TheRedforcePodcast

    TheRedforcePodcast2 年 前

    interesting thought my man, it's a possibility.

  55. Dario Bejo

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    Nice stream but the low audio volume of the host bothered me a lot . Most of the time i had to lower the volume when Brago was speaking and increase it when the host was speaking .

  56. Dario Bejo

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    It happens, its just that i just subscribed after watching this stream and it was bothering me a little plus i havent watched any of your previous stream so far anyways keep it up mate hope you grow a lot more because making stream 2 plus hours long takes a lot of fk commitment not everyone can do it .

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    sorry man we had tech issues, I tried to fix it.

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    Just found this channel from Brago, glad I decided to watched this, really like this channel.

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    I want dat intro, it is so damn good!!!

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    TheRedforcePodcast what is your name on the discord, i would love to talk about that intro?

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    I created it

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    thanks man

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    WE LIT 🔥🔥🔥🔥

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    BDA pirates!!

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    The segment with Brago was great, but the audio difference is jarring. Brago is too loud (technically normal), but Eric's audio is so faint. You should up the audio next time and for the podcast in general.

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    WhiteBearBepo Love your AMVs man

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    I tried to fix it my man

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    LMAO brago be on team no sleep, cool dude tho

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    lol whats good bro

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    As much as I was looking forward to you guys going over some East Blue stuff, I think discussing Alabasta next week would make the most sense with the Reverie on the horizon. Question: At what point in the story were you first hooked? When did One Piece go from something you were casually giving a chance to something you were passionate about?

  74. Christopher Alford

    Christopher Alford2 年 前

    RETURNTHESLAB The pre Skypiea arc.

  75. André Vila Franca

    André Vila Franca2 年 前

    Cool episode guys! Nice to have Brago D. Ace with us this week. I agree with the power scaling. And i agree we need a Coby fight. Hopefully Oda-sensei will do it. If you're gonna review ONE PIECE why don't start from chapter 1? Let's go! After playing the new GOD OF WAR (great game by the way) i kept thinking how Oda will aproach the norse mythology. There's so many things he can tackle and it got me really excited for Elbaf. Question: Will Elbaf be the time for Usopp to have the biggest moment of his life and be remembered as a great warrior of the sea? Also, do you think the Straw Hats will face the giants or the Big Mom Pirates? Do you think we'll get a Katakuri rematch? Keep up the passion !! \(^0^)/

  76. Ozay

    Ozay2 年 前

    I loved how Eric made Chris read that huge wall of text, and in the end it wasn't even a question, ahahah I have a question for u guys; What would u guys like to see more of in One piece? I would like to see more random pirates, for example in marineford the Whitebeard pirates have 16 commanders, but we also see 40+ Allied Captains with their crews. I wish Oda would introduce more of those pirates from previous generations, previous supernovas etc, and have them skirmish with the straw hats, nothing too deep in terms of storytelling, 10-15 chapters in between big arcs. It would be a good way to slowly increase lowest bounties, and help the idea of them all getting stronger with "train"/skirmish encounters. PS: You guys should add ur social media links, twitter, iTunes and stuff on the video description, and ur site as well, and keep the different segment timestamp!

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    Heyyyy awesome good for you guys deserve many more subscribers.

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    cheers man!

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    WOW I have to say INSTANT SUBSCRIPTION. A few weeks ago I found Mr Morji and now this channel too. It's been years since I saw REAL REVIEWERS that talk about this manga on youtube. Hopefully more youtubers follow in your footsteps and sanity prevails over the "TRASHHHH!!! HEADCANON! THIS CHARACTER TOOK AN L AND IS TRASH" vocal-diarrhea that is predominant on this website. Also Christian is hilarious "Who is Tobi? It turned out to be Obito! And it was shit no one cared" looool 10/10 channel keep going!

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    thanks mate, welcome aboard .

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    Cant wait for Doflamingo to laugh in their faces regarding his speech.

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    I like these dudes, I hit the subsribe button, I like the collab with the homie Brago.

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    yoooo brago lol.

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    It's always interesting hearing about the pre-marine ford and post-marineford fan base because there's a lot of truth to what Brago was saying. There's trust and understanding that's cultivated when you rock with any art, story, or person for a long time. I jumped into One Piece pre-marine ford and the world felt as massive as the dream to be pirate king. Readers who've been rocking with One Piece for a long time saw the Strawhats gradually make the world smaller through their exploits and achievements. So that sense of wonder, adventure, and scale was always with us. When you discover a long running series after a character is already established, that scale is diminished. The growth and time understanding and internalizing a protagonist's journey as it unfolds doesn't feel as significant and becomes the expectation. Some people discovered Luffy with a 300 mil bounty and someone who was becoming world renowned instead of in a barrel linking up with Coby. Always interesting to hear others verbalize thoughts like this.

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    also great vid

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    10 mins in... it's been great so far. Even with just two other people in the stream, Brago is still hesitant to jump in and talk freely. You don't need to worry Brago, Ty the boogie man isn't here to cut you off mid sentence to say "hol on...hold on...Katakuri was giving mad head." Lol. I'm loving this though.

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