Luffy's INSANE Bounty: Does He Deserve It? - One Piece Chapter 903 | Chp 904+


  1. chicken bilog

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    yes he does deserve it its beacause of the brid reporter

  2. TheOriginalLuffy

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    I agree with you

  4. BigRiddimMonsta

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    Luffys popularity and effect on the WG is yonko lvl but his power isn't.....yet

  5. Ben baller did the chain

    Ben baller did the chain2 年 前

    IF the right hand commander of most emperors of the sea such as jack katakuri ben beckman are over a bil bounty at least. luffy HAS to surpass that to be called a yonko (goko whatever). the thing is the world goverment and morgans or whoever is behind plotting ranks of the one piece sea has decided to label luffy as that big of a threat due to many reasons such as potential, name of the D family , influences, family heritage. the bounty of 1.5bil has to make sense u cant put a 900mil bounty and consider luffy a emperor at the same time. in terms of power level 1.5bil maybe a little much but we have to factor in many consideration its has even been a year in the new world and look what chaos and disruption luffy is causing in the NW. the potential of luffy is what is scaring the goverment. nobody is underestimating luffy. even blackbeard said it was too early. but if we're looking on a story perspective and one piece as a whole. the story HAS to progress. and it has started. this is where the main story line should progress. there is too much world building and side agendas that we've already forgotten what one piece's main story is about. the jump has to happen and if u were to say okay lets give him the insane bounty after defeating kaido. so what, from 500mil . to defeating kaido to having 3 road poneglyph. there isnt any 'building' in his influence across the world. this had to happen. we've been fixated on thinking that there are always 4 emporers at any given point. same with shichibukais. always 7. but there are times in the story where it was 5/6 or even 8 schibukais. the addition of a 5th emperor doesnt change anything these are the pirates that are the closest to becoming pirate king. if the government or anyone even knew luffy have already 2 road ponyglephs. he would easily be knowned to be one of the closest among any other pirate to be pirate king. at the end of the day i dont think the power level matters. he is still very young. we all assume that stronger= higher bounty. never once has oda said this. take sengoku for example. he was the fleet admiral but can anyone safely say that he is stronger than any 3 of the admirals at that time? you see there are other aspects to be taken in the one piece world because it isnt a typical shonen. it has some realism across this. luffy has just too many allies across the one piece world right now. he IS a danger. if luffy were to be captured and hanged the war to save him would probably be greater than ace himself. then theres the facts such as shanks to be known as somewhat his 'uncle' like figure. dragon as his father. kingdomS that would swear on the life to protect him. when need be. his influence is immense and no other pirate in the worst generation could compare. whats more important that he is LEADING. and not joining forces to be subordinates.

  6. Ben baller did the chain

    Ben baller did the chain2 年 前

    on that note. in proportion to bounties in the series. i think we can safely say if luffy is 1.5billion and no offical bounty for yonko has been shown. be prepared to be shellshocked to see bounties such as kaido and shanks. i think the proportion when u see their posters would be understood in the massive difference in the crews eg shanks 10bil luffy 1.5bil.

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  8. Slinky

    Slinky2 年 前

    well he beat someone with a 1 Billion Bounty + with his Fleet and attacking big Mum init self I'd say yes but I think the world government did it for the purpose and push it as high as it is hoping other pirates and bounty hunter to try kill Luffy.

  9. SuperGiantRobot Rocket

    SuperGiantRobot Rocket2 年 前

    i think it shouldve been 1 billion 50 million & morgans shouldve said "has a 5th yonko emerged?" instead of stating it like a fact like teach said its too soon for luffy

  10. Phong Vu

    Phong Vu2 年 前

    I already know luffy's bountry will rise to the max and will be king of the pirate but he will die like gold roger. His body can no longer support him from all the damage he took from the pass years(same as gold roger)

  11. Vedat Cetin

    Vedat Cetin2 年 前

    Yo shit ppl shouldn’t forget that luffy caused alot of ruckus that the WG cleaned up after him so the whole world didnt hear of it. Enel? Alabasta? Moriah? Doflamingo? Must i say more? I think 1,5 B is the bounty he deserves!!

  12. Eclipseslayer98

    Eclipseslayer982 年 前

    My answer is that he doesn't deserve it... but that's the point. Better to overhype someone so they get taken out by a bunch of fodder than having to deal with them yourselves.

  13. maximal99334

    maximal993342 年 前

    What people don't seem to understand is that his new bounty doesn't just come from the stuff that happened in Whole Cake it's a lot of stuff from the past as well that was previously covered up by the WG, but is now brought up as big factors for his new bounty.

  14. maximal99334

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    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="380">6:20</a> Really? I really enjoyed it!

  15. maximal99334

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    Ruffy defeated 3 Shishibukai, destroyed Enies Lobby and invaded Impel Down. These 3 things alone would be enough to justify this bounty in my opinion. It seems that the WG doesn't want to underestimate and downplay/ cover up Ruffy and what he has done any longer but instead now seem to view him as a big threat that needs to be dealt with.

  16. God of Bacon

    God of Bacon2 年 前

    oda makes the best fake news ever in one piece

  17. Mitchell Shaw

    Mitchell Shaw2 年 前

    He only invaded a yonkos territory defeated two of her commanders with one having a bounty over a billion berries got germa 66 firetank and the sun pirates to fight for him essentially

  18. erlikprime

    erlikprime2 年 前

    i wonder what Zoro, Sanji, and Jinbe are going to be known as after this. anyone have any ideas?

  19. Neo Xiao Long

    Neo Xiao Long2 年 前

    Yes he does deserve it the world government have hid shit he has done

  20. Jojob541

    Jojob5412 年 前

    I think it is perfectly reasonable. He defeated Someone with a 1,056 billion bounty, has a fleet which poses a threat and looks like he was the leader in the plan to kill big mom (bege and jinbe protected him, he attacked the big mom pirates first and Morgan probably thought the tamate box explosion was connected to luffy as well, he was on fishman island before after all)

  21. Diety Of Valor

    Diety Of Valor2 年 前

    Also everyone is overlooking the fact that he took territory from big mom (fishman island) the new world is ruled by 4 great pirates and he too land from big mom and he is on the way to take another(wano)

  22. Chrisfragger1

    Chrisfragger12 年 前

    Nope, not really. I love Luffy but he'd still get trucked by any Yonko. "Luffy has a significant lack of intelligence." It works. If Big Mom opened the Tamate box, as one opens a present, would it have killed her?

  23. Lag Seeing

    Lag Seeing2 年 前

    man i actually got someone piece flash back from watching your video(which wasn't supposed to happen until my death bed), i don't know how never saw your channel before. Good content and for that i'm here to stay.

  24. Grandpatrollzki

    Grandpatrollzki2 年 前

    Cant wait to see the reactions from Dragon, Sabo, the other Supernovas, Smoker, Garp, and Rayleigh. Hopefully Oda continues this in the next chapter, oh ya, and the rest of the Grand Fleet!

  25. Chrisfragger1

    Chrisfragger12 年 前

    Buggy... Imagine the apoplectic rage when Buggy see's the story/bounty?

  26. Grandpatrollzki

    Grandpatrollzki2 年 前

    oh, I forgot, but Zoro's reactin will be priceless, as well as Law's. I wanna see jaws hitting the floor, lol

  27. Grandpatrollzki

    Grandpatrollzki2 年 前

    Personally, I always thought Luffy's bounty was way too low, so Im hyped for this new bounty

  28. Grandpatrollzki

    Grandpatrollzki2 年 前

    I do think people are overhyping the "Fifth Emperor" title a little bit. I hope its true, but since we barely got the info this chapter, I think we (as a community) should wait and see what plays out next before we solidly give him the title. Luffy definitely deserves it, but we dont know whats going to happen next still. I try not to jump to any conclusions just based off of one chapter, when theres still so much Oda has to show us.

  29. Aura

    Aura2 年 前

    No he doesn't deserve it

  30. Im2 Hype

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    Just subscribed not to long ago glad to see you have same views as I do

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  32. Ali V

    Ali V2 年 前

    If they knew about the poneglyphs the Bounty would be higher I think. Stussy was there to verify any claims Morgans made. The bounties are posted based off threat to the WG and partially strength(including affiliation and crew). Everyone is looking at Morgans because he is hype, but Stussy must have evaluated his threat and reported accordingly. For navy/wg point of reference clashing with a yonko is equal to Marineford. So this is probably how the World would view Luffy's threat.

  33. Mr Bennett

    Mr Bennett2 年 前

    Kaido 10th nakama

  34. Ken Frenzy

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    I'll be waiting.

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    This video is lit

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    Shout out to brago bring in the heat! Brago your bounty just raised

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    And I see you got the waves instrumental in the back at the end. Question is are you hip to Joey Bada$$ or J. Cole? Depending n the answer, I might fuck wit this channel.

  38. Heru Jr. of Kemet

    Heru Jr. of Kemet2 年 前

    Am I the only who thought the other worst generation never had a chance? I'm more surprised at Urogue and Bege's strength more than their lack thereof. got this bias because of their cowardice on sabaody archipelago.

  39. ParadoxAttax

    ParadoxAttax2 年 前

    My fucking problem with this dumb ass bounty is that now everyone's going to think luffys the leader of the worst generation and I hate that and people are going to say luffy stomps kid solely because of the bounty unless kid gets a 1 bill 600 mill bounty no one in the world is going to think of the worst gen as luffys rivals and I would fucking hate that if luffy stands above everyone else right now then it would be boring as fuck.

  40. Kevin Castro

    Kevin Castro2 年 前

    Sanji saved Germa and vise versa so he assumed they were allies

  41. Yo Yo

    Yo Yo2 年 前

    We No he is going te be the king

  42. no bankai

    no bankai2 年 前

    he never got credit for enel or crocodile if i remember correctly. so this could equal it out a little. luffy deserves a billion flat imo.

  43. D. Rhythm

    D. Rhythm2 年 前

    I think the bounty is legit... even the big mom pirates took Luffy and crew serious... the whole cake citizens were even surprised saying "really??? all this for a handful of pirates?"

  44. Will Brobeck

    Will Brobeck2 年 前

    It doesnt matter whether or not luffy deserves this bounty lol. Luffy's bounty is so big because Morgans embellished what actually went down in Whole Cake Island; it is not an accurate indicator of his strength, intelligence, or leadership ability. Oda made it crystal clear that he's not yonko level yet, but that's what's being reported in the news. Can someone explain to me why theyre actually upset by this?

  45. Mr Bungle

    Mr Bungle2 年 前

    does the world gov freeze bounty when a pirate becomes emperor? or is that just the next teir up. If it does get froze then it doesn't make sense that he is an emperor at same time his bounty goes up

  46. blahzay

    blahzay2 年 前

    this was well detailed and explained.

  47. kishock03

    kishock032 年 前

    He doesn't deserve that big of an increase. Let's be honest with ourselves. Bounties are not an indicator of power, but there is some correlation between the two. The way luffy wins these fights is just plain pathetic. Oda rarely lets luffy win 1 vs 1's, there always seems to be some kind of interference or plot whole that gives luffy an advantage. So we have to step back and ask ourselves why Oda does that. I feel its because he wants to make sure that we don't over evaluate luffy and think that he is stronger than he actually is. Luffy right now is prob at the 1st commander level, and we all should know by now how big of a gap between the first commander and yonko really is. Oda has to be careful, he is trying to power up luffy and his crew (ex: Nami getting zeus) really quickly and it could come back to bite him in the ass. Also one last thing, from reading the last chapter (903) I read it as them saying that luffy COULD BE the 5th emperor. As in he isn't right now but is on his way and is the closest to becoming one. However, I'm reading these comments and people are actually saying that he IS one already. Did I miss something? Luffy's territory and fleet aren't large enough for him to be a yonko, so I think people are mistaken. What do you guys think?

  48. Mills

    Mills2 年 前

    He beat 2 Yonkou Commanders, beat an Army, crashed the wedding, and also he tried to hurt her something no one has ever done before, not to mention he beat Hody and Caesar and let’s not forget he broke out of all 3 Major government facilities and his involvement in he impel down breakout was hidden so in my opinion he deserves to be a Yonko not as equal in power but just like Blackbeard he needs time to grow into the position and solidify his positions but in terms of influence, accomplishment, and notoriety Yes he is.

  49. gawn fall

    gawn fall2 年 前

    This was a really good fucking review brago

  50. Edward Lewis

    Edward Lewis2 年 前

    By everyone's logic here mad monk deserves a 1 billion bounty. Gtfoh yall luffy dickriders think luffy could have beat katakuri if he wasn't rooting for him? The nigga let him transform, he only has one island under his territory and that was not even considered in how much his bounty should be raised. sure he has a 5000 man fleet but that was taken in consideration from his last bounty so it should not be considered from this one. Even still 5000 is not that much compared to a yonko's. Luffy does not have the fighting ability, nor enough allies, nor the territory to be considered over 1 billion let alone a fucking yonko. Tall got luffy sick 12 inches Dow your throats.

  51. Teddy/DarkMugiwara

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    Another amazing drop Brago. I agree with everything you said!!! It’s a shame I’m taking a break from One Piece

  52. McDudes

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    I agree with about everything you said! Really well made arguments and great video!

  53. Hunter

    Hunter2 年 前

    Brago D. Ace i totally agree this he has earned the reputation and has plenty of allies when they become apparent it will go up more especially if shirahoshi is on his side as an ancient weapon.

  54. Darknight

    Darknight2 年 前

    Luffy: great plan Capone would be a shame if I take all the credits from u

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    Im gonna check out your other videos. Dope stuff

  56. Kia2wo9ine

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    You are soooo right!!! Awrsome video. You smart

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    Excellent Video. 100% Agreed!

  58. schaerthedank

    schaerthedank2 年 前

    Capone might not be following luffy but his wife was paying off a debt making capone and the crew listen 100%.. Paying off a debt from luffys past actions of luffy being luffy

  59. Jesus Burgess

    Jesus Burgess2 年 前

    Does he deserve it? No. Is it justified based on Big News Morgan's portrayal? Yes. I dont think its that much of a debate.

  60. Kyle Mays

    Kyle Mays2 年 前

    Great vid Brago 💯💪

  61. DankKurapika8

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    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="524">8:44</a> except lebron he never gets the blame lmaoooo

  62. Diamond Jirachi

    Diamond Jirachi2 年 前

    Technically Luffy IS leading another person of the worst generation: Zorro

  63. QuarterMike

    QuarterMike2 年 前

    Question at marineford did Blackbeard earn his yonko title? Even if he beat Marco I’m sure he wasn’t yonko level yet but we give it a pass as a yonko Because we have context to luffy’s fights so we pick him apart the most but if in this story the news works this way why do we assume less context assumes strength rather than just looking at it as blurry info? My argument is that essentially in the community vagueness equates to strength I.e Colby we assumed he would be VA but had no conceete reason to believe it other than our own speculation. We have only seen him stop inanimate objects and we think he’ll be an admiral. Just think we only use the context on luffy and never question info on other characters because of hype.

  64. kcidd12

    kcidd122 年 前

    If Dragon deserves the bounty that he has (even higher than a yonko)...I think it's safe to say that Luffy deserves it as well...regardless of his power level currently you can't deny how annoying he has been to the government over the past couple of years intentional/unintentional

  65. Steven Walton

    Steven Walton2 年 前

    Its a combo of all things I feel like, in time he will prove himself worth the bounty. Luffy has always been underplayed, so I think its time for him to be overplayed a little dont you think? I just hate how when he fights whatever opponent hes against he struggles time and time again, his fight with Katakuri made him grow in Haki strength, what he needs is to keep training and fighting strong opponents so he can prove his worth. His bounty is reflective of all his accomplishments thus far, maybe not yonkou tier, but definitely looked at as somebody you do not want to mess with in the New World. Anybody that thinks Luffy should be under a billion obviously hasnt been paying attention to anything. I absolutely hate the stigma, when bounty posters come up its always people complaining about how hes not ready yet, not ready yet, not ready yet, well when will he be ready? Seriously glad he has that high of a bounty now, being overplayed means he will fight even stronger opponents and get even stronger. I would not be surprised if he and his friends took down Kaidou, that his bount would at least be 2-3 billion easily, Luffys greatest strength is all of his allies.

  66. King_ Recon

    King_ Recon2 年 前

    Great video fam!

  67. Country Style

    Country Style2 年 前

    the bounty of Luffy is not just because of his strength, its also because of his influence, charisma and followers plus his relatives and what he's done against the Government

  68. DarKing131

    DarKing1312 年 前

    Great video Brago. Very informative.

  69. SetoSokotsu

    SetoSokotsu2 年 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="366">06:06</a> are u fucking kidding, XD!? They're STILL playing pirate in the New World, and its because of LUFFY'S laissez-faire "leadership"; half the crew should be dead right now, stemming from sanji's decision, which ultimately was only every allowed under what you're calling leadership. Or are u forgetting Water 7, are u forgetting Zhou, are u forgetting Jimbe having to reason out the alliance with the Firetank Pirates because Luffy was INCAPABLE of making an executive decision in a mature fashion. He's basically learned fuckall from anything he's been thru. How the fuck are you going to say he's any type of good leader when u read Kingdom!?

  70. SetoSokotsu

    SetoSokotsu2 年 前

    13:40 and what basis of comparison do we have, re: the Supernovas?......NONE! They're basically fluffers to make Luffy look hard as fuck, mere furniture. Ask yourself what we actually know about the Supernova group, next to nothing - journeys, backstories, none of that -> ultimately, "let's call a spade a spade", u just FEEL he's ready. There have been zero repercussions for his actions, the WG are yet to bite back, as matter of fact I'd go as far as saying he's had it easy! -> training gifted to him by the prev PK's right hand, (straight) handed a road poneglyph, even fighting Enel (pure happen-stance that Enel's DF was nullified, Enel was leagues above Luffy), etc. He had a real test and Oda gave him a fucking cheatsheet, and you're saying he's ready, smmfh...

  71. SetoSokotsu

    SetoSokotsu2 年 前

    +SetoSokotsu 10:51 then what exactly do you think the Reverie is for?!....XD, why do I fucking bother...

  72. SetoSokotsu

    SetoSokotsu2 年 前

    09:27 I don't know why you're framing it as a debate; there is none. Again, he only walked away from the fight because he's the main character, and Oda doesn't have to balls to take a chance...

  73. Suyash Gairola

    Suyash Gairola2 年 前

    What if it is stussy who hyped luffy....we see morgans recognizing the entire worst generation however in the papers luffy is getting all the credit......Just think about it if all the credit was rightfully distributed then more pirates making big feats would have been the case...This would mean that the world government is failing to keep the situation under control....However if it is just one pirate instead of the rest it is much better for the government as they can advertise that everything is good...Just one or two problems....Also stussy made it clear that she will be the one editing the news articles. .....So isn't it possible that stussy to save the government's face gave luffy all the credit

  74. MadaraLimbu

    MadaraLimbu2 年 前

    I feel like it’s being rushed. For example, 1billion bounty jump before it used to be +100mill and now 1 billion? does bounty just jump now? Also, Morgan’s said that one of the rookies will be the pirate king and at this rate, it’s going to be Luffy no question asked. Is that a good storytelling? How in the world are other rookies like captain kid, law .... going to compete with Luffy? They should stand no chance as Luffy is next to Yonko now. Rookies don’t stand a chance against him and don’t give me that bullshit of “but we haven’t seen anything about caption kid and other rookies” that’s exactly the problem right now. Not being rude to Oda but right now to me he has messed up some things and I think he needs a break from one piece for that greatness again. Currently, its mehhhh and slowly losing intrest :(.

  75. Quietly Loud

    Quietly Loud2 年 前

    I think he deserves that bounty hes a big threat to the World. Luffy will do whatever he wants and thats a scary thing

  76. Trolly McTrollface

    Trolly McTrollface2 年 前

    also, if you ever captured luffy like ace was captured, you would have shanks, jinbe, boa hancock, law, Rayleigh, sabo, maybe dragon and maybe even mihawk if shanks twists his arm come to try and save him

  77. getFloki

    getFloki2 年 前

    wasnt here for a while... nice new intro brago !

  78. Stephen Lucas

    Stephen Lucas2 年 前

    Now that I think back to the manga, Jinbei's speech about being scared of a mere Yonku and saying out loud Luffy's going to be the new pirate King says a lot in front of Morgans. Even Bege called Pedro and Jinbei over to help him protect Luffy. Those statements in front of Morgan make it true about his newspaper article in his eyes. He knew nothing about the alliance yet he heard enough from the statements in front of him. Taking in to account his alliance with Law from the Duffy pirates destruction, his fleet, and the other things stated in the newspaper, I would give him a leg up on all other supernova. 1.5 Billion maybe to low after thinking about it all and the Mink,Ninja,Law, alliance wasn't even known yet. And I believe that and alliance between Jewel Bonney, Urouge, Gang Bege, and Hawkins will take down Big Mom causing a rift about the Yonku's 5th candidate.

  79. Neal Angelo Lazado

    Neal Angelo Lazado2 年 前

    What a dope intro. Worth 1.5B berri

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  81. Marcus

    Marcus2 年 前

    even if u left a couple things out u broke it down perfecrly for the nae sayers ..... he personally might not be strong enough but his assets are .... i got a question .... if u challenge the straw hats with a fleet then how many ships survive with gao cannon ?

  82. Larry Skells

    Larry Skells2 年 前

    People have shit backwards. Marine HQ determines the Bounty for all Pirates. His bounty only solidifies Morgan's claim of the 5th coming of an Emperor.

  83. Obadyah Ince

    Obadyah Ince2 年 前

    Love the intro

  84. Revujo

    Revujo2 年 前

    It's not the first time Luffy's bounty has multiplied by 3. It's no that weird. It went from 30>100, 100>300 and now 500>1500. The weird ones were when it increased just by 100. Bit of course all this was cause Morgan is a troll.

  85. Mountaga Tall

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    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="178">2:58</a> oh man that old school Kaido wanted poster XDDDDDDD

  86. Silvers R

    Silvers R2 年 前

    Hey remember what Mihawk said Luffys true power is it’s not his fighting it’s his ability to make Allies anywhere he goes. Mihawk said that made him the most dangerous.

  87. Instigatorv2

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    (the vs 4 yonko saga/ the rise of a new legend huh i wonder who that could be) btw i like how you said if he has such a high bounty this is the time he needs to prove his worth